A Grand Cru nestled in an original Stradivarius case

Chateau Fombrauge magnum Stradivarius case

To celebrate its new status as a Grand Cru from Saint-Emilion, the domain Château Fombrauge, which overlooks France’s Dordogne valley, has decided to launch a limited edition of its 2008 magnum in an original Stradivarius case.

The owner of Château Fombrauge, Bernard Magrez, chose to present the 2008 magnum special edition in a vintage violin case. The edition is limited to five cases dating from the late 18th century which were altered to perfectly hold the bottles

A layer of oak leaf plating was added to to parts of the cases, and the gold details got an extra layer of 23 carat gold. The bottle itself comes nestled in vintage velvet repurposed from costumes used for the Venice Carnival.

The 5 numbered cases sell for €9,900 each on location at the Château Fombrauge.