Rare 19Th century Baccarat Champagne Glasses

This is a call to all champagne lovers! Rarest 19Th century Baccarat Champagne Glasses are up for sale.

These are the extraordinarily rare pristine set of 12 Baccarat champagne glasses made in a pattern designed for the Imperial Russian court; slight variation on the Tsar pattern for the Russian Royal family’s exclusive use.

What makes these glasses so precious is that they are now only seen in museums and private collections. These have been authenticated by very experienced crystal specialists in both France and Italy but as Baccarat only started signing in 1934, there are no markings on the glasses.

However, it is said that only Baccarat made this size and design. The amazing glasses are 12 inches and the saucer that holds them is 4″ plus in diameter.
If you have the money, you would be delighted to know that you will have to spend 1400 euros ($2,000) for each Baccarat champagne glass. They can be purchased at malleries.com.

Now all you need to do is choose the right bubbly…