New luxury watches brand, The Chinese Timekeeper


The Chinese Timekeeper (CTK), a new luxury watch brand, has launched its first collection of exclusive mechanical timepieces.

The Hong Kong luxury house carries on China’s fine watchmaking tradition with its unconventional timepieces crafted in China.

CTK draws inspiration from the ancient scholar Su Song’s work. Su Song was a renowned Chinese astronomer of the Song Dynasty.

CTK06 watch

It was during the Song Dynasty and upon Emperor Zhe Zhong’s request, that Su Song gave birth to a water-driven astronomical clock tower.

It employed the use of an early escapement mechanism and fitted a mechanically animated armillary sphere. The clock tower also featured the oldest known endless power-transmitting chain drive.

The renowned Kaifeng’s clock tower had the five-story pagoda from which bystanders could hear and see the display of time.

pagoda watch

Based on the architecture of an Ancient Chinese Pagoda, the case of a CTK is strikingly composed of four layers or rings made of stainless steel 316L.

They are held together by four large screws on the bezel and four smaller screws on the back case.

Audacious simplicity is a term that can only describe watches created by CTK. CTK01 has a case large of 44mm and made entirely of black PVD.

The dial elegantly displays the time with applied numerals in shiny gunpowder color, the ‘十’ applied in flamboyant red, offers a visual impact that will attract the attention of more than one watch enthusiasts…


Supplied with two black calf leather straps the CTK01 can either be worn to shine with the daring red stitching or more subtly with the tone on tone black stitching.

Regardless, the beautifully shaped buckle, representing one of the circles of Heavens of an armillary sphere, will constantly remind the wearer of the illustrious origins of our timepieces.

Its exclusivity being discreetly engraved on the back case, one of only 38 pieces … Official website and online boutique:

CTK Buckle