Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch Collection

Louis Vuitton has recently enriched its Tambour watch collection with the Louis Vuitton Tambour Forever black.

This Swiss-made Tambour Forever timepiece is made of round polished steel case with logo-etched sides and adorning the front is a diamond monogram flower and horns resting on a sun-ray effect charcoal gray face.

This background makes the monogram flower even more eye-catching. Within the flower are 122 0.56 carats brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Quartz movement, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and waterproof to 100m – Such excellent timepiece comes with a corresponding great price of $6,950.

pricey…but lovely !

Below are other great (and expensve!) watches from Tambour Watch Collection :

Tambour 18 Fizz – 6.45 Karat, 18K Platinum Diamond Wrist Watch, about $136,000

Tambour 18 Chamallow – 1.14 Karat, 18K Platinum Diamond Wrist Watch, about $24,000

Tambour 18 Berlingot – 18K Gold Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Wrist Watch, about $21,000

Tambour 18 Dragee – 18K Gold Wrist Watch, about $14,000

Tambour Forever LV 277 – Limited to 20 Worldwide – 6.73 Karat Diamond, 18K Platinum, Black Crocodile Skin Strap, about $75,000

Tambour Bijou Taipei – Limited to 88 Worldwide – 0.84 Karat Diamond, 0.31 Karat Pink/Sapphire Diamond Monogram Logo with Pink Mink Strap, about $8,000

Tambour Lovely Cup – 0.74 Karat Diamond, 18K Gold Wrist Watch, about $19,000