Timekeeping, an inherent part of Chinese Heritage


The Hong Kong Maison has truly created a stunning watch! The Chinese Timekeeper, Date Automatic – CTK02 allies the modernity of a full black PVD case with a bewitching navy blue dial with sunray finishing. Simply mesmerising.

It has a power reserve of 36 hours, a water-resistance of five atmospheres and a dial protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

A piece with an identity of its own, a piece of exclusivity, one of only 38 pieces …

We journey back in time, to discover the origins of The Chinese Timekeeper, in the cradle of the Chinese Renaissance, during the Song Dynasty.

It was in November 1086 that Zhe Zhong, the seventh Emperor of the Song Dynasty, ordered the creation of the most advanced astronomical device possible.

This bold request was made in order to assert his astrological knowledge, his divine power, and etch his name in time.

After 6 years, Su Song finished Kaifeng’s renowned clock tower. Incorporating an endless drive-chain & water-driven escapement it was the fusion of the best of all previous Chinese innovations.

In the words of renown historian Joseph Needham: “…the great Chinese clocks constitute an unsuspected missing link between the early water-clocks and later mechanical clocks found in the West”.

CTK watch Quater Side

Yi Xing (683–727) a Buddhist monk around whom many legends have grown is credited with the invention of the first water driven escapement.

In mechanical watches and clocks, an escapement is a device, which converts continuous rotational motion into an oscillating or back and forth motion. Without this device, there would be no mechanical clock.

The Chinese Timekeeper is daring nevertheless subtle, modern yet traditional, but above all an exceptional timepiece proudly crafted with utmost care by China’s finest watchmakers.

Official website and online boutique: www.thechinesetimekeeper.com