Blancier creates watch from empty Nespresso cups

Grand Cru watch by Blancier

German boutique brand Blancier is now offering hand-wound mechanical timepieces whose dials are made from “upcycled” Nespresso capsules.

Declined in 11 different colors, the dials of these watches are all unique. Indeed, each dial is hand made from an aluminum crushed cap.

Blancier’s owner Willem Kamerman uses the term ‘upcycling’ rather than ‘recycling’ because, as he explains, “we don’t reuse the cups; we turn the waste into something more attractive and valuable. We move up the chain.”

The packaging takes the form of a booklet explaining the brand, complete with three Nespresso capsules. Available from € 495.

Grand Cru watch Blancier Nespresso