Bell & Ross launches argentium pocket watch

BR PW1 Argentium Minute Repeater

Bell & Ross launched the PW1 Argentium last year but has now updated the model with a minute repeater complication, called the PW1 Répétition Minutes. Alongside the tourbillon and perpetual calendar, the minute repeater is one of the three finest complications in watchmaking.

The Bell & Ross PW1 (pocket watch) minute repeater marks time like the clocks of the past: the hour is not read, it is heard.

The complicated caliber also indicates the hours and minutes musically on request — a low-pitched sound for each hour, followed by a series of double low-pitched and high-pitched sounds for every five minutes elapsed.

The PW1 Répétition Minutes has been designed in the tradition of period watches with a barleycorn guilloché caseback that opens to reveal the mechanism.