Video: Hermes’ New Scent Inspires Travel

Hermés are releasing their new perfume, Voyage D´Hermés, in April. It’s one of their Romans fragrances, a line designed to reinterpret the brand’s essence.

Created by in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, Voyage d’Hermès is an accentuated composition of fresh wood and musk.

The bottle, designed by Philippe Mouquet, is modeled after a portable vintage magnifying glass, its aluminum part swings on an axis to cover the atomizer.

But it is the film and advertising campaign that takes the fantasy of travel and Hermès’s style to their most beautiful extreme.

Captured by National Geographic photographer Eric Valli, the ad follows a galloping horse and white bird through breathtaking terrain, from the cobblestone streets of Paris to canyons, ice floes, and oceans.

“I entered photography through the world of travel,” said Valli. “So the theme of Voyage d’Hermès is perfect for me. I wanted to make something that goes from classic to unbridled—something a little bit crazy.”

But like the objects made by Hermès, the ad was meant to resonate on a deeper level than pure desire.

“You should never lose sight of the story you’re telling, of the emotion,” he said. “It’s with emotion that you reach people, not with perfect shots.

Source: Vanitifair – Photo: Mimifroufrou