Wanderfly Inspires Travel Getaways

Travel suggestion site Wanderfly officially launched October 19, providing a new way for travelers to get trip suggestions when looking to plan their next holiday.

The site, which has already seen considerable praise from journalists and bloggers testing the service prior to launch, asks key questions about a trip to provide personalized recommendations of a destination.

Users must ask key questions about the amount that they want to spend, dates, holiday themes such as environmental credentials and nightlife and other preferences, before submitting their requirements.

The site then links up to over 20 other sites to provide a full recommendation, complete with destination, flight, hotels and what to do.

Other helpful features include an option to search for Facebook friends in the destination and a link to Twitter mentions, providing a real-time feed of what’s going on there.

Although Wanderfly will face some serious competition from growing “suggestion” features on travel websites such as TripAdvisor and Kayak, the site has tried to differentiate itself with a blend of sophisticated technology, rich media and handpicked content.

Citing a Google statistic that suggests travelers muse on their holidays for seven weeks and visit 25 different websites before they know exactly what they want, Wanderfly’s three founders Evan Schneyer, Christy Liu and Cezary Pietrzak say that their project is a solution to frustrations from their own experiences.

Other commentators seem familiar with the problem, and have been broadly positive of Wanderfly’s efforts to fix it.

Newsweek’s Sean O’Neill said in July that the site was “by far the slickest attempt yet at being a Magic 8-Ball for trip inspiration. It’s not perfect, for sure.

But this invitation-only site goes a long way to simplifying the hunt for affordable places that match your style.”

Travel blog Gadling described the site as “a nifty new tool” and PC Mag said that the site has a “lightning fast check out” and a “simple, beautiful layout”.

Source: AFPrelaxnews