Amex reveals 2013 trends for US travelers

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American Express has revealed the top travel trends for US citizens in 2013, with Brazil proving the most popular overseas destination.

The findings in the American Express consumer travel report are based on a recent American Express Spending & Saving Tracker survey.

In total 50% of Americans have already booked, or plan to book, a trip in the coming year and 87% of these people with travel plans intend to spend the same or more than last year on their vacations.

According to Amex the most popular international destinations of 2013 are Brazil, New Zealand, Morocco, Scotland and Banff National Park in Canada. Domestically Americans intend to travel to Seattle, Washington; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Nashville, Tennessee; Denver, CO; and Palm Springs, CA.

The report also discovered that those in the US are returning to the rails with train travel becoming more popular.

US travelers are also going to diverse locations such as Borneo to observe exotic wildlife and booking cruises to the Asia-Pacific region, while cycling getaways through French wine country or the Rocky Mountains are increasingly popular.

Banff National Park