Sabdes 50m Superyacht

The newest SABDES design comes in the form of a 50 metre (164′) Superyacht that goes against the ‘bigger is more impressive’ yacht trend, instead focusing on producing an exciting, stylish, advanced luxury yacht, efficient in fuel and emissions, with an intent to be environmentally sensitive in both the vessel’s building and cruising life. Read [...]

The World’s First Gigayacht

Larry Ellison (the founder of Oracle) has a “yacht” so big that he has to dock it where they dock the big ocean liners. He can no longer cruise into the Harbor at Cannes or Monte Carlo – he’s off in the area where the freighters and tankers are. To cope with this issue, the [...]

WallyIsland is a gigayacht

Monaco-based Wally Yachts has designed the ultimate in luxury yachts; the WallyIsland a 99 meter (325 feet) “gigayacht”. This super cool waterbaby can be fitted with pools, tennis courts, mini soccer fields, or the gardens and have space to house 40 crew members and 24 guests. A helipad and two 45-foot speedboats are deployed at [...]

Scott Storch’s Yacht on eBay

Whenever a celebrity tries to sell something expensive on eBay there’s always speculation as to motives, but here’s a case where it’s pretty obvious what the deal is: music producer Scott Storch is short on cash. He’s selling his yacht, called “Tiffany,” on eBay for well under its $20 million value (per Rolling Stone magazine) [...]

CRN’s Emerald Star for Ferretti

A leading builder and of luxury yachts in aluminium and steel since 1963, CRN shipyard also produces yachts in composite materials.One of its two lines of semi-custom vessels in composite materials is the Ferretti Group’s Emerald Star. No deviant from distinction, the Emerald Star bears the characteristic bow of CRN yachts and signature sumptuous details [...]

Mumbai International Boat Show 2008

The rich and famous of Mumbai have discovered a new hobby, and the success of the second International Boat Show goes to show that this port city’s marina front will soon be undergoing a transformation. The three-day event was held in a closed hall as well as the marina front where many international players showed [...]

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