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grape harvest vineyards chateau Haut-Brion

Booming China is number one Bordeaux importer

grape harvest vineyards chateau Haut-Brion

The booming Chinese mainland is now the largest importer of Bordeaux by volume, driving a jump in exports of the French wine, an industry body said.

Exports from the French winegrowing region rose 34 percent in value and 23 percent in volume between July 2010 and June 2011.

The boom was driven in part by iconic great estates, but the bulk came from little chateaux selling wines for less than 4.50 euros.
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Christian Vanneque

World’s most expensive white wine sold for £75,000

Christian Vanneque

A 200-year-old vintage from Bordeaux set a new world record for the most valuable bottle of white wine Tuesday when it was sold in Britain for £75,000 ($117,000).

The bottle of 1811 Chateau dYquem was bought by French private collector Christian Vanneque, for his new restaurant in Bali, Indonesia.

The standard-sized, 75 centilitre bottle of wine was sold at London’s Ritz hotel by rare wine specialists The Antique Wine Company.
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Claudia Eicke weekender

Luxury leather handbag for wine lovers

Claudia Eicke weekender

A designer has reinterpreted the concept of wine-in-a-bag for the sophisticated, female oenophile in the form of luxurious French goatskin and Swiss workmanship.

Claudia Eicke’s Weekender bag is for the wine-loving female who routinely carries a bottle of vino in addition to her lip gloss, smartphone and day planner.

Made from natural grain goatskin from France, bottles can be tucked securely in the “tunnel” portion at the bottom of the bag which were specificaly designed to be stiff to prevent the wine from budging out of place.
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Robert Parker

US wine critic finds Bordeaux prices hard to swallow

Robert Parker

Robert Parker – one of the world’s most influential wine critics – is alarmed by the high price of Bordeaux wine, saying the region risks hurting itself by focusing so much on the East Asian market.

“Bordeaux is the epicenter of the greatest wines,” he said. “I hate to see the image damaged by the fact people tend to think it’s too expensive.”

“Bordeaux is focused too much on the wealthy Asian market,” Parker said. “Despite the fact that China has so many wealthy people, it’s a very dangerous game if they raise prices, because the world economy is very, very fragile.”
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1945 Romainee-Conti

Most Expensive Bottle of Red Wine

1945 Romainee-Conti

One of 600 bottles of Romanée-Conti Wine from 1945 that were produced during the end of World War II, set a new world record price for a 750ml bottle of red burgundy at Christie’s auction sale in Geneva on May 17.

The legendary vintage of the bottle was estimated between $56,000 to $78,000, and was sold to a private U.S. collector for a whopping $123,919.
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Kluge estate

Trump wine coming to liquor store near you

Kluge estate

Want to wine and dine like Donald Trump? Sip on a glass of Trump Wine.

After ongoing negotiations, the real estate tycoon finalized the deal to buy the Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard outside Charlottesville in Virginia last week.

He paid the bargain price of $6.2 million for 800 acres in a bank auction, reported the Washington Post.
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Xu Lei Designs Mouton Rothschild’s Label

Mouton-Rothschild has asked a Beijing artist, Xu Lei, to design the label for its 2008 vintage, in the footsteps of Georges Braque, Salvador Dali or Joan Miro.

Kept under wraps until the last moment, the predominantly blue painting features a ram standing on a rock and was chosen by Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, owner of the French chateau and a patron of the arts.

The Baroness’ father Philippe first enlisted an artist to design Mouton’s label in 1924, and every label since 1945 has featured a new work of art.
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World’s oldest champagne uncorked

Wine experts Wednesday popped the corks of two bottles of champagne recently salvaged from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

They had lain in a sunken ship for nearly 200 years, 50 meters below the surface in the waters south of Aaland, a Finnish-controlled archipelago of 6,500 islands.

On stage, they eased the fragile corks from the dark brown bottles — one from the house of Veuve-Clicquot and the other from the now extinct house of Juglar.
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Most Expensive Bottle of Wine Ever Sold at Auction

Three bottles of Chateau Lafite’s 1869 vintage each sold for a record price of HK$1.8 million ($230,000) at a sale in Hong Kong last saturday.

All three were bought by the same Asian telephone bidder, said Sotheby’s, which offered almost 2,000 bottles of Lafite shipped directly from the cellars of the chateau in Pauillac, near Bordeaux.

The 1869s – the oldest bottles in a range of vintages that spanned 139 years – were each estimated to sell for between HK$40,000 and HK$60,000.
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India dreams of success with ‘chateau mango’

Researchers in India say they have developed a wine made from mangoes that they hope might one day compete with the traditional grape-based variety.

Scientists at the Central Institute of Subtropical Horticultural Research in Lucknow have produced wines using three types of mango native to the local state of Uttar Pradesh — the Dussehri, Langra, and Chausa.

India is the world’s largest mango producer and is home to nearly 1,000 varieties of the succulent and juicy fruit — something the researchers hope could be harnessed into a new drinks industry.
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Austrian Airlines top for business class wines

Austrian Airlines has topped a list of the best business class in-flight wines from US-based Global Traveler magazine.

It beat Qatar Airways by only 0.28 of a point to take the award, which the magazine said “was not dependent on one or two high-scoring blockbusters pulling the rest of its wines into the winner’s corner.”

Instead, the wines selected by Austrian’s 55 sommeliers scored consistantly highly across all categories, with its Champagne, both its white wines and one red wine all placed in the top ten lists for their respective categories.
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French Chateau Revives Old Shipping Method

Follow sailing ship the Bessie-Ellen online, as it transports 20,000 bottles of Château Smith Lafite and Château de Cayx Bordeaux to Montreal on July 21.

Château Smith Lafite and Château de Cayx are using a classic sailing ship to transport their vintages to North America.

The sailing ship being used, the 120-foot (36.5 meter) Bessie-Ellen was built in 1904 in Portsmouth, England, and is one of the last remaining vessels of its kind.
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Boucheron Reflet XL Chateau Latour Millesime 2005

The Boucheron Reflet XL Chateau Latour Millesime 2005 is a new watch made by Boucheron in partnership with Chateau Latour.

The dial is made of wood from barrels made of two hundread year old French oak in which Château Latour’s Grand Millesime 2005 vintage was aged.

The model has an automatic movement for Girard-Perregaux (caliber GP4000) with a power reserve of 40 hours.
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Fraud alert over Bordeaux wine futures

Concerns are growing in some wine industry circles that a few rogue Chinese wine traders may be mounting a wine scam, just as the 2009 Bordeaux futures sales are poised to begin, experts fear.

Fine wine merchant Bordeaux Index alleged that unscrupulous traders in Shanghai had hoodwinked private customers into ordering and paying for the 2009 vintage of legendary wines.
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Christie’s sued in counterfeit wine case

A Palm Beach billionaire has uncorked a suit charging Christie’s auction house is in cahoots with counterfeit wine sellers.

William Koch is still steaming about four bottles of wine supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson that he bought for more than $300,000, which allegedly turned out to be fakes.

He’s already sued the seller – and now he’s trained his sights on the auction house, claiming it knew the Bordeaux was bogus.
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bordeaux wine

China ousts US as Bordeaux’s top client

China‘s seemingly unquenchable thirst for wine has ousted America as Bordeaux’s number one client outside Europe, latest figures showed Friday.

With overall exports down a large 23 percent in 2009, vintners are now looking to the East to drain their cellars.

“China has become our first client outside the European Union,” said Alain Vironneau, president of the CIVB, Bordeaux’s wine trade body, in a press conference, hailing both Hong Kong and China as “dynamic”.

China’s buying power comes at a particularly opportune moment as France’s leading wine region struggles to survive the economic crisis.
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World’s biggest wine brand created in France

In the sun-drenched south of France, the world’s largest vineyard has launched a new, simplified brand called “Pays d’Oc”, creating the number one French wine export to compete against New World brands.

Languedoc-Roussillon covers 35 percent (or 260,200 hectares) of all French vineyards, making it the biggest producer worldwide.

As of the 2009 vintage, soon to hit store shelves, one-third of that production or 760 million bottles of wine will be sold by vintage and grape variety under the Pays d’Oc brand.

This will make them the world’s fifth largest exporter of varietal wine. And with 33 grape varieties in production in the region, the market potential is impressive.
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After luxury bags, counterfeit luxury wines

Petrus, Romanee-Conti, Chateau d’Yquem — wines coveted by connoisseurs, and targeted by counterfeiters.

According to French wine professionals, a handful of rare and fine wines face the same threat from fraud as luxury handbags and designer sunglasses.

Trafficking in fake wine has “always existed a little, but it’s definitely amplified with the rising prices of fine wines”.
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