New Mini convertible campaign

Mini has launched an advertising campaign with some funny video and the slogan “always open” for the new Mini Convertible model. Enjoy these two videos: the first one is about a duel between two different Mini colours, blue and yellow, … and the second one shows a drive through history, from the Roman Ages, through [...]


Lamborghini Murcielago SuperVeloce Promo Video

Lamborghini has released the first Lamborghini Murcielago SuperVeloce promotional video. The short film was shot in a hangar in Hamburg, Germany and shows the supercar drifting in a cloud of smoke with a light that underlines its aggressive line and elegant design.


Film – I Have Everything – Roberto cavalli Card

“The Cavalli Card” starring supermodel Milla Jovovich: this is the short film, for an Internet-only ad campaign, called “I Have Everything”, nothing else. A beautiful woman that play with her dresses and accessories and she does it out of vanity, she dreams, she wants everything and she has got everything because the iridescent Cavalli card [...]


Short Film РSmart Herm̬s Fortwo ̩dition Toile

Hermès dressed the Smart fortwo issuing a special edition of the diminutive city car. The interior is made of high-quality leather and special canvas called Toile H. Two unique textures cover everything from the seats to the car’s tridion safety cell. For the inside, you can choose the Hermes signature orange or nine others colors [...]


Microsoft Office Labs 2019: what’s the future?

Microsofts Business Division president Stephen Elop unveiled the latest production from Microsoft Office Labs called Office “Labs 2019” at the Wharton Business Technology Conference, starring stock photo men, women and children playing with the next-generation of communication, collaboration and production technologies. This 5-minutes impressing video shows what Microsoft means for future. It starts with a [...]

50 short listed for world’s “best job”

50 lucky people are now on a short list to become caretaker of a tropical Australian island — dubbed the “Best Job in the World.” Officials with the tourism department of Australia’s Queensland state on Tuesday revealed the 50 finalists from a pool of nearly 35,000 applicants for the job – a 150,000 Australian dollar [...]

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