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Samsung to auction gold UHDTV for charity


A curved 78-inch ultra-high definition television set is already a rather rare and exclusive commodity. But this particular set has been gold-lacquer painted using the Ottchil technique, by celebrated artist Sung Yong Hong.

The one-of-a-kind TV will be on public display at Christie’s in Hong Kong before going under the hammer on November 20 as part of the Christie’s autumn action with all proceeds from the sale going to Orbis, a global NGO that is focused on improving access to high-quality eye health.


Ottchil is a traditional Korean lacquer technique that can be traced back to the Neolithic era. Historically, it was used to coat furniture, ornaments and other valuable objects because of its protective and decorative qualities.

In more recent times Korean artists have embraced and adapted the technique for use in their work.

Sung Yong Hong’s use of Ottchil on the TV was intended to give a modern twist on the ancient art, an attempt to preserve the moments and memories that television created.

The completed piece that covers the television’s rear is called “Memory of TV” and features iconic scenes and characters from television.


“The TV is the centerpiece of every home, and we are excited to share this work of art with the clients of Christie’s Hong Kong. TV is a part of all cultures and we hope that everyone can enjoy watching it.”

“We are also very proud to support Orbis, as they work towards the prevention and treatment of the causes of avoidable blindness,” said KK Park, Executive Vice President and head of Sales & Marketing, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics.


LG Swarovski OLED TV

LG’s New OLED TV Is Covered In Swarovski Crystals

LG Swarovski OLED TV

LG has partnered with Swarovski to create a one-off crystal-studded curved OLED TV, which is due to be unveiled at the IFA consumer technology show in Germany on September 5.

As well as incredible picture quality and a curved display that’s only 4mm thick, the television’s stand features 460 hand-applied luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals of three different sizes.

DON’T MISS: LG’S 105-INCH 4K TV COSTS $120,000

The resulting effect, according to LG, is “a subtle but elegant sparkling pattern that turns a cutting-edge television into a work of art.”

 is becoming the go-to company when manufacturers want to make their electronic devices that bit more desirable!

And, as well as this one-off television, a Swarovski crystal-encrusted strap for Samsung’s latest smartwatch will also be on display at this year’s IFA.

Samsung Bendable UHD TV

Samsung launches world’s first flexible TV

Samsung Bendable UHD TV

If you want an ultra-high-definition TV but can’t decide on a flat or curved screen, the  UN78S9B might be just the thing.

And that’s because its 78-inch screen goes from flat to concave curve, on command. Demonstrated for the first time at the 2014 International CES in January, the TV has gone from prototype party piece to actual product and will be going on sale in the company’s native South Korea on August 1.

The logic goes that curved-display TV screens, especially ones that boast four times the resolution of High Definition, offer a more immersive, cinematic experience — so great for watching movies and for gaming.

However, some things, like using smart TV apps or checking the weather or watching the news might be better on a flat screen.

The past several weeks have been very busy for Samsung’s TV business.

At the end of June it launched three new ranges of flat UHDTVs, including the frankly gigantic 105-inch curved screen UN105S9 UHD TV with its equally colossal $120,000 price tag.

There is currently no word as to how much Samsung’s bendable television will cost, or when it will be offered for sale beyond South Korea.

LG 105UC9

LG’s 105-Inch 4K TV Costs a Breathtaking $120,000

LG 105UC9

If you liked the look of Samsung’s living room-filling 105-inch curved screen HDTV set but were put off by its $120,000 asking price, there’s good news.

On Tuesday, LG launched its own equally curved, equally large and equally ultra-high definition TV, the LG 105UC9, and it will “only” cost $117,000.

Thanks to the sheer size of the screen it boasts 11 million pixels, so technically speaking it’s a 5K, not a 4K set (as it has five times the number of pixels found in a HD TV screen), something LG is very quick to point out.

It also comes with a specially designed sound system co-developed by premium audio brand Harman Kardon so the listening experience should be as immersive as the viewing — with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

LG Curved Ultra HDTV

“The vision behind LG’s 105-inch 21:9 Curved Ultra HD TV was to bring the movie theater into the living room,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV Division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

“Featuring a curved 5K CinemaScope screen and a 7.2 channel speaker system, the 105UC9 is LG’s most spectacular Ultra HD TV yet. This product pushes the envelope in home entertainment innovation and demonstrates what is possible when you bring today’s most advanced TV technologies together.”


However, not everything broadcast on television, available on cable or as a internet clip comes in the same aspect ratio as an effects-laden blockbuster.

So rather than stretch and distort the image in order to fill the screen, when something is in a more typical 16:9 aspect ratio, areas of the screen are left dark instead and can be used to display programming information or to access menus.

Like all televisions that market themselves as 4K UHD, the LG set can take SD and HD content, like a Blu-ray, and upscale it to UHD format.

Available to order now in South Korea for 120 million won, which works out at $117,000, LG says that it will be rolling out to other markets before the end of the year at which point it will announce international pricing.

world first curved UHD TV

Samsung introduces a 105″ curved UHDTV for $120,000

world first curved UHD TV

The television, which officially goes on sale in the US this week comes with a 105-inch curved screen and a $120,000 price tag.

Samsung describes the new set — currently the world’s largest curved-screen UHDTV — as offering the ultimate immersive experience and, with a 105-inch curved screen (2.67 metres), it’s not an exaggeration.

The ultra-high-definition TV offers four times the definition of a HD TV plus the ability to ‘upscale’ the resolution of existing high definition content.

It measures 2.5m x 1.46m (including its stand) and thanks to its admittedly stunning curved screen, will need to be set back at least 63cm from a wall.


Each customer can expect a visit from a Samsung expert who will personally demonstrate the TV’s myriad capabilities and make sure that you’re comfortable with them.

The price may seem outrageous but last year Samsung launched an even larger albeit flat-screen UHDTV, the 110-inch UN110S9 which came complete with a $150,000 price tag. Yet within 24 hours the company confirmed that it had already sold 10 of them to customers in the Middle East.

Polarized 3D system

Toshiba: “No demand for 3D TV”

Despite a concerted push by a number of companies at this year’s CES to promote the technology, Toshiba believes that consumers are not interested.

Polarized 3D system

Instead, TV buyers are interested in what they’ve always been interested in: the best resolution. “We went from VHS to DVD and then from DVD to 720p to 1080p to Blu-ray and now 4K is the next big thing.”

“I think that 3D still does great in the theatres just not so in a home theatre. If people do buy the 3D TVs, we found that they just weren’t using it that much,” a company spokesperson told Trusted Reviews.

Toshiba claims that this is partly due to a lack of content and partly because wearing the glasses is uncomfortable.

As such, Toshiba says it has not seen a huge demand for 3D and “we do not see that trend extending its lifeline much further.”

Toshiba’s disappointing words come only weeks after the 2014 International CES where glasses-free 3D technology was really being pushed.


Samsung UHD TV

World’s largest ultra-high definition TV

Update: Despite the fact that it comes with a $150000 price tag and has been on sale for less than 24 hours, Samsung has already received 10 orders for its latest monster television set.

Measuring 110 inches from corner to corner, Samsung’s latest ultra-high-definition television is the biggest of its kind and arrives just in time for the new year.

Samsung UHD TV

At the 2013 International CES back in January, Samsung promised that it would be launching a gargantuan 110-inch ultra-high-definition television and that it would be hitting the shelves before the end of the year. As it turns out, only just. The TV, which measures 2.6 x 1.8 meters, officially goes on sale in China, the Middle East and ‘select’ European territories on Monday, December 30.

Samsung has not confirmed pricing for the UN110S9 110-inch UHD TV, but its current flagship UHDTV, which at 85 inches was already pretty sizable, comes with a $40,000 price tag, making it the most expensive ‘standard’ TV on the market.

Samsung’s set doesn’t come with precious stones but it does have gesture controls, voice controls, and Samsung’s “Smart Hub,” which gives you access to online content, photos, video, music, and apps.

It also has a quad-core processor, and Samsung’s S-Recommendation service, which tracks your viewing habits and makes viewing recommendations over time.

Are we looking at the mirror of the future?


The iMirror looks like a normal full-length mirror, but behind the reflective panel is a touchscreen computer with voice commands and even facial recognition technology.

Its makers, Posh View, claim that the average adult spends over 168 hours a year in front of the mirror and that much of that time could be much more entertaining and productive. How about catching up on the latest cat videos while brushing your teeth or literally following a how-to guide when applying new makeup shades for the first time or attempting to tie a bow tie or Windsor knot?

Best thought of as an absolutely huge tablet, capable of running ‘full-length’ apps, the iMirror connects to a home’s wi-fi network and has a built-in camera which it uses to recognize who is staring into it.

Facial recognition means that it’s able of pre-loading favored apps or other settings based on the family member’s preferences — whether it’s CNN and the weather forecast, the inbox or, in the case of children, nothing other than their reflection, after all they spend far too much time in front of screens watching TV programs or playing video games.

As well as being equipped for multiple accounts, the iMirror is touch-sensitive meaning it can be navigated just like a tablet or smartphone but it also responds to voice commands, which is useful seeing as people are usually brushing their hair, shaving, dressing or brushing their teeth when using a mirror, meaning their hands are otherwise engaged.

The iMirror is still in its prototype stage (at the moment, each iMirror is built by hand in a workshop in Canada to customer specification), and in an attempt to bring the product to a mass market and streamline production before next summer, Posh View has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise $200,000, which, if successful will price the iMirror at $2,750.

However, even if the crowdfunding campaign fails to hit the target, Posh View still aims to bring iMirror to market in a number of sizes, but it will take just that little bit longer.


Is this the world’s most expensive TV?

Samsung UHD S9

South Korean technological giant Samsung has revealed a giant flagship ultra-high-definition range of TVs that will retail at $40,000.

At 85 inches from corner to corner, it is a huge screen for a huge price but Samsung has also confirmed that the UN85S9 is about to be joined by two bigger brothers — a 95-inch and a 110-inch model, both of which will be more expensive still.

Samsung claims thatthe UN85S9 is packed full of revolutionary new features, chief among which is the ability to take high definition content and upscale it seamlessly into ultra-high definition to fill the vast screen. It can also pump out 120 watts of sound for that cinema-like experience.

The UN85S9 is an ultra-high definition TV, meaning that it displays images at a resolution four times greater (measured horizontally) than existing high definition content — such as a Blu-ray disc.

Like many other companies that offer similarly technologically advanced TVs, Samsung’s range of UHD TVs can stretch and rescale HD content to fill the screen while boosting its native definition enough to enhance the viewing experience. However true ultra-high definition content is very difficult to come by at the moment. Netflix hopes that it can start streaming this type of content within the next two years, and Japan has set itself a deadline of the 2014 World Cup Final as its date for starting UHD broadcasts.

Samsung to an extent is brushing over this particular problem — who would buy a games console for which no games existed? — not simply by highlighting the set’s upscaling technology but by pointing to a myriad of other features the TV boasts. These include gesture and voice controls and access to Samsung Hub, a servive that allows users to access multimedia content from Samsung.

Still even with a price tag of $40,000 Samsung will probably find interest. In January, LG reported that its comparatively cheap $22,000 80-inch UHDTV had seen sharp sales of 300 units in South Korea.

Furthermore, Digitimes research suggests that by the end of 2014, global sales of UHDTVs could pass the 10 million mark, despite their high price tags, humongous screens and lack of native content.

Samsung ES9000 Smart LED TV

Samsung ES9000 75-inch smart TV

Samsung ES9000 Smart LED TV

Samsung has just launched its 75-inch (189-cm) ES9000 OLED TV in South Korea with a whopping price of 19.8 Million Won ($17,450).

It is the world’s largest super OLED TV and sports a gorgeous 7.9mm-thick bezel, while its 1GHz dual-core processor allows it to run multiple Smart TV application simultaneously.

The Samsung ES9000 features what the company calls a “Diamond Black Panel” which it claims improves the clearness, contrast and brightness of the display.
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Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10 32-inch HDTV

Bang & Olufsen just announced it has added a new, smaller model to its BeoVision 10 lineup with a 32-inch version.

The third in the series introduced this year sports the same edge LED-backlight, DVB-HD over-the-air TV tuning and two built-in speakers that are said to offer superior sound quality.

Said to be the slimmest TV the company has ever made, the edge-lit LCD design is less than 7cm deep complete with its wall-bracket.
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3D dream becomes in-home reality

Long the dream of television fans, the world’s first high-definition TV capable of projecting three-dimensional images will be released in Japan on April 23.

Home electronics companies have been focusing their recent efforts on creating a home-use 3D TV, but Panasonic has beaten its rivals to a launch date.

The 3D systems are based on the company’s existing Viera plasma display panels, enabling the company to keep the price increase down to just Y70,000.
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Philips’ Cinema 21:9 HDTV

The TV – which Philips claimed is the world’s first set able to offer a true cinematic display in your living room, thanks to its 21:9 aspect ratio – will hit UK shops in June.

But, as you’d probably have guessed, the set’s a wee bit more expensive than the average cinema ticket.

The 56-inch ultra-widescreen panel will run you €4,000 ($5,045).
Via Reghardware

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Bagtv is range of handbags featuring an integrated 7″ DVD/MP3 player and digital photo viewer. Available in range of colours and finishes, Bagtv ensures you’re never without stylish accompaniment and entertainment anywhere you go.

It has 2.5 hours of battery life and you can connect it to a PC for uploading your pics and videos or plug in an SD card and the screen is behind a a protective transparent shield (a flap covers the screen when it is not in use).

The bag sells for £295 ($430) and they do offer international shipping if you need to get your hands on one.

Philips’ Aurea Of Light

Philips’ luxury end of LED backlit LCD television sets the company calls Aurea, expands on its Ambilight technology.

While Ambilight is not something of a novelty, the new 42-inch Full HD TV sets not only have light emanating from the back onto the walls of your room, but the light also spills over onto the TV’s white casing.
The overall effect is a kaleidoscopic halo around your TV sets, which the company says, offers a more immersive cinematic viewing experience, and Philips even has many research papers from universities in Eindhoven, Munich and New York to back up their claims.
And while the TV is off or on standby mode, you can select from a few color palettes to create a loungy ambience in your living space. Otherwise, its specifications are comparable with models of other notable makers of LCD TVs. Price : US$5,760.

Sony Transparent TV

Sony Transparent TV

This “transparent” TV really exists, and it’s from Sony. Look at the screen, it’s like floating… and the speakers, freaking awesome!

Hats off to Sony for the magnificent idea of making a “Transparent TV” that is sooner or later going to revolutionize the meaning of a TV.
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