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5 Watches Bridging Art and Time

5 Watches Bridging Art and Time

The confluence between and art and time is obvious and fine watchmaking brands have certainly noticed. As we have written previously (we’ll get to it), this connection can feel forced when brands push the commercial angle too hard. Contemporary art and fine timepieces are both collectible and are regarded by auction houses and institutions such as Knight Frank as so-called investments of passion.

As Jerome De Witt, the founder of DeWitt, once told us, watches are not works of art because art is not produced for commercial reasons. Wise words and worth remembering but there are still valid links between timekeeping and art, even if there no houses of fine art the way there are houses of fine watchmaking! You might think that it is only high art and very expensive watches, perhaps limited to unique pieces, that truly share a stage but that is not quite right.

We were reminded of this when watchmaker Arbutus (whose timepieces are quite accessible) revealed a collaboration with artists for charity in Singapore. Each of these watches had hand-painted dials, making each one unique, and had a very modest price tag of S$1,800. Credit Arbutus Singapore distributor Crystal Time for this bold move.

Arbutus Of Passion and Imagination Limited Edition timepiece collection, by Lovage

Arbutus Of Passion and Imagination Limited Edition timepiece collection, by Lovage

In truth, art and mechanical timekeeping share a certain quality, the ability to transcend time itself, that is evident in the above example. On higher ground, it is also evident in the marketing campaign of the most rarefied of watchmaking names, Patek Philippe. If you’re not familiar with this campaign, well, Google it! The point is that timepieces, like art, survive makers and owners alike.

Here at Luxuo, we love watches and we also love art. With this in mind, we put together a selection of watches that tie watchmaking and art together in forms both pleasing and challenging. While we split it into five watches, there are actually six below. If you want to quibble, the inclusion of Arbutus above takes well beyond six!


Hermès Arceau Tigre Watch

On the metiers d’art front this year, Hermès has unveiled the stunning Hermès Arceau Tigre, created in partnership with the husband-and-wife team of Olivier and Dominique Vaucher. The timepiece marks the first time the shaded enamel (enamel ombrant) technique is used in watchmaking, and sports the motif of a tiger in the likeness of an illustration by Robert Dallet, an artist with whom Hermès collaborated in the 1980s.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Vincent van Gogh with a Reverso watch featuring an enamel miniature of "Self-Portrait as a Painter."

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso à Eclipse Vincent Van Gogh

Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre and its iconic Reverso model pay tribute to another unmistakable star, this one from the world of art: Vincent Van Gogh. As you can see, the watch features a miniature enamel reproduction of Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait as a Painter, painstakingly crafted by the manufacture’s artisans. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso à Eclipse features a shutter mechanism that can be opened to reveal the miniature reproduction.


MB&F LM1 Silberstein Watch

When you think about a timepiece like the MB&F LM1 Silberstein, concerns about instant gratification are rendered meaningless. The appeal here is so personal – and it really does grow on you – that we can’t imagine conventional marketing methods working well. Silberstein is a designer famed for bringing playful geometric designs to watchmaking, including three-dimensional elements such as pushers and crowns in square, triangular and round shapes.

5 Watches Bridging Art and Time Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Quaestor

Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Quaestor Watches

Parmigiani Fleurier has chosen to turn to the Land of the Rising Sun for ideas to create the two latest unique pieces in its Toric Quaestor line. The first piece features a scene dominated by the branches of a great pine tree, which is a symbol of power, vitality, and immortality in Japanese culture. The second features the dry, level landscapes of Japanese rock gardens, often simply called Zen gardens. All manner of traditional artisanal crafts were applied in the creation of these timepieces.

Richard Mille RM68-01 Kongo

Richard Mille RM68-01 Kongo Watch

The Richard Mille RM68-01 Kongo tourbillon wristwatch (top and above) marries fine watchmaking and graffiti, which is both amazing and unthinkable! Artists like Cyril ‘Kongo’ Phan are modern-day equivalents of muralists such as Diego Rivera so learning that one such artist managed to work on a canvas the size of a (large) stamp is remarkable. The entire mechanical movement has been decorated by Kongo, using specially developed paints and airbrushes.

6 Home Styles for Successful Gentlemen

As fashion and furniture continue to merge their ideals of beauty and form, homes can now dress to express their individual personalities – shaped and driven of course by the personalities and decisions of their owners. Basically, if you can sort of guess which brand is responsible for the look pictured top, you have the style chops to draw something useful from this story. So, leaving aside the admirable projects of refreshing your wardrobe or tricking out your vehicle, you might care for a bigger challenge this season. Our friends at Men’s Folio selected six different brand names to match six different personal styles. This is just the sort of thing magazine folks love to do and we thought we’d share it with you.

For an added sense of character (and better UX!), each of the suggestions is modeled on specific personalities.

The extravagant hedonistversace_home_les_etoiles_de_lamer_dining

Versace Home stays religiously true to its iconic over-style even as the lifestyle arm is brought in-house to complete the brand universe. Under the artistic direction of Donatella Versace, the ritzy collection fetes four brand new lines: Inspired by the Rosenthal-meets-Versace porcelain collection, Les Etoiles de la Mer commits to absolute opulence through precious materials such as Fiore di pesco marble, printed velvets and mercury wood, with prints awash in marine motifs; Vasmara evokes wildlife exoticism with leopard and zebra print decors; futuristic Gvardian is defined by clean lines and a neutral palette, with a carbon fibre table top conveying spacey visual and tactile effect; finally, the established Via Gesù Palazzo Empire range is expanded with a one-of-a-kind sky blue nubuck sofa shaped in the defining “V” of the brand. Standing out from the christened collections is the new climate-proof aluminum chair Mesedia. Crafted in the image of Versace’s unmistakable Medusa head, Mesedia is emblematic of the new Home collection and is available in five colours that remind of shifting skies: Haze, storm, cloud, purple sunset and sunrise.

Versace Home

The sensitive homebody_bcd5174-tissus-et-papiers-peints

They say home is where your heart is set in stone; is where you go when you’re alone (that there’s some catchy lyrics from Gabrielle Aplin’s 2013 hit single, “Home”). In any case, if home is truly where your heart lies, then no doubt you’ll be a fan of Hermès’ latest home collection inspired by the ideal of the home as shelter for body and mind. Under the aegis of artistic directors Charlotte Perelman and Alexis Fabry, the home is transformed into a refuge of relaxation with simple yet elegant touches. Different threads of the collection — ranging from the re-edited Oria chairs by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo to the showpiece Sellier sofa demonstrating the equestrian heritage of the Maison — collectively address the theme of balance, which Hermès believes thrives and reigns in enclosed spaces. This balancing act is also cleverly propagated in the Équilibre d’Hermès assembly of desk and decorative accessories, consisting of a harmonious blend of functional and whimsical pieces: A magazine rack in the form of a horse saddle, an icosahedron paperweight, a magnifying glass held in perfect equipoise atop a conical base.


The space rockerdiesel-living-at-salone-del-mobile-2016-3                                                                            

Imagine serving your favourite pasta on Venus, or scooping ice cream from moon craters — if you’re obsessed with astronomy and the stars, you’re in for a treat. For 2016, Diesel Living parades its latest collaboration with Italian design brand Seletti in its Cosmic Diner tableware line. Inspired by the universe, the heavenly (as close as it gets) collection comprises of porcelain plates representing the planets of the solar system, a Starman vase, salt and pepper grinders in the shape of rockets, as well as meteorite glasses to end the poetic set up. The collaboration with Seletti is among five ongoing projects that Diesel Living has going on, including Moroso for furniture, Foscarini for lighting, Iris Ceramica for ceramic tiling, and Scavolini for a new kitchen concept. The Moroso and Foscarini collections illustrate Diesel’s individualistic lifestyle with industrial design and rock styling, while the Diesel Open Workshop Kitchen with Scavolini celebrates the ethos of “Come in, we’re open!” with an open-concept social kitchen the builds on the brand’s creativity and free expression.

Diesel Living

The ethereal minimalistarmani-casa-store-in-corso-venezia-14_06-by-davide-lovatti

Unlike those of us who express our feelings through intense rituals — entire mornings spent painting, shouting out at open seas, retail therapy on useless junk — designer Giorgio Armani conveys his thoughts in a more refined manner. More often than not, he translates his obsessions into an elegant collection of timeless creations, and judging from his latest set for Armani/Casa, it’s pretty clear his current fixation is on light. The Time Of Lightness experiments with the notion of light and how its interplay (through shadows and reflections) can transform regular architecture into irregular elements, with Armani putting this sophistication into the perspective of minimalism and simplicity. The collection is gratifyingly considerate, keeping in mind all aspects of one’s lifestyle. It first offers a selection of tables — the Luna rotating table, Lewis oval table and Egidio low table, to name a few — then accompanies them with a complete tableware set. It also pieces together other home elements such as the Leonard buffet (two versions, with drawers and shelves or as a television unit) and Club bar cabinet, the latter a 50-piece limited edition hand-made with black straw marquetry and dramatized in an Ocean lacquer finish that calls to mind The Great Wave off Kanagawa by renowned Japanese artist Hokusai. These are topped off with resplendent Murano glass pieces and exquisite textiles by Rubelli.


The pop artistrock-valley-coffee-table_

Following last year’s series of ceramics-inspired leather bowls, Spanish luxury brand Loewe is back to win hearts with an entire bag of striking and eccentric designs crafted in leather marquetry. Conceived by creative director Jonathan Anderson, this latest collection of oak furniture is embellished with leather cut-outs in an array of shapes and colours pieced together to form mosaic drawings of flowers and landscapes. The project is partly inspired by the radical design ideas of pioneering artist-critic Roger Fry (furniture covered in bold, hand-painted patterns, for example), and the motifs are taken from silk prints found in Loewe’s archives, including a recurring carp adapted from a set of centuries-old Japanese wood screens Anderson found in Hong Kong. The end product is stunning, with six new creations, including a large wardrobe and two Baillie Scott chairs, along with lamps and cigar boxes as well as notebooks and leather pouches, all coated in fun to brighten up your living space.

Casa Loewe

The unrepentant gentlemanbottega-veneta-home-collection-bottega-veneta-via-borgospesso-home-boutique-3

Bronze tables surfaced in the signature intrecciato leather weave (an exclusive collaboration with Italian designer Osanna Visconti di Modrone), Murano lamps in new cigar and nero colorations, suede and leather drawers fitted with iconic bronzed handles — there’s nothing in Bottega Veneta’s home collection that doesn’t spell masculine decadence. When set against a backdrop of historic frescoes, coffered ceilings and stone walls found in a profound 18th century palazzo (Palazzo Gallarati Scotti in the heart of Milan, to be precise), the curated creations by creative director Tomas Maier even provide a taste of medieval excess. Apart from the aforementioned pieces, the collection boasts a suede seating set (club chair, foot rest, three-seat couch and day bed) named Rudi in collaboration with Poltrona Frau, a series of sterling silver collectible boxes each bearing semi-precious stones and planetary names, and a delicate hand-painted porcelain dining service. It’s a long list of complementary pieces that come together coherently to exude sophistication in the homes of those with discerning tastes.

Bottega Veneta

This article was first published in Men’s Folio.

Best Paid Television Actress 2016: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara tops the best-paid actress list in 2016, again, but the real news is how much more she’s making, plus newcomer Priyanka Chopra debut here. The Colombian-born Vergara has been crowned the best paid television actress by Forbes with her earnings of $43 million, a 66% rise over last year’s figure. Her role in Modern Family accounts for only a portion of her income, with endorsement and licensing deals helping her rake in nearly twice what runner-up Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory, makes. Cuoco earns $24.5 million and is paid $1 million per episode, the highest paying gig in all TV.

With the help of her mainstay role in the hit comedy series along with various endorsement and licensing deals, Vergara has held the top spot for five years in a row. She is also the highest paid actor overall, regardless of gender. Coming in third, is Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project who climbed five spots from 2015 with a total of $15 million. Tying for fourth place, is Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy and Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order SVU, with a total of $14.5 million each.

A new entry to the list, is Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra who is taking Hollywood by storm. Her role as FBI agent in the crime series Quantico earned her the eighth spot with $11 million. All told, the best-paid actresses made $208.5 million between June 1, 2015 and June 1, 2016. Find out the Best Paid Television Actresses below, as listed by Forbes:

  • 1. Sofia Vergara ($43 million)
  • 2. Kaley Cucuo ($24.5 million)
  • 3. Mindy Kaling ($15 million)
  • 4. Ellen Pompeo ($14.5 million)
  • 4. Mariska Hargitay ($14.5 million)
  • 6. Kerry Washington ($13.5 million)
  • 7. Stana Katic ($12 million)
  • 8. Priyanka Chopra ($11 million)
  • 9. Julianna Margulies ($10.5 million)
  • 10. Julie Bowen ($10 million)

5 Must-See Works at London Design Festival

An annual celebration of all things artsy, the London Design Festival sees a comprehensive program of exhibitions, events and installations that fans of design and decoration would love. The British capital will play host to the event for a week, from September 17 to 25. If nothing else, these are five must-see works you shouldn’t miss at the 2016 edition.

Celebrate the Ocean with Matthieu Lehanneur

“Liquid Marble” by Mathieu Lehanneur
© Mathieu Lehanneur

Titled “Liquid Marble”, the installation is an homage to the vast ocean. This concept might have already been explored to death, but Lehanneur offers a different perspective by using an unexpected material: marble. A single large piece of black marble is sculpted to represent the movement of the ocean in a static yet realistic way, and will be housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, in room 52 of the British Galleries.

“The piece doesn’t move, but the reflection of light on the polished marble makes it feel like a real sea. The idea is to bring a piece of the water to a place where there is none, to create a contemplative experience,” explains the designer.

Smile with Alison Brooks (main image)

If you were expecting a toothy grin, you’d be disappointed. The Canadian architect’s display is, instead, a huge wooden arc-shaped structure that you can walk in. Named “The Smile”, the unusual 34-meter long and 3-meter high pavilion sees open ends that flood the inside with light. Located in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground of the Chelsea College of Art and Design, we’re sure this offbeat installation will elicit a smile or two nonetheless.

Norwegian Love

“Una” by Domaas H+ at the 100% Norway exhibition
© gh from 100% Norway

The design festival isn’t a stranger to the distinctive design cues of the Nordic world. The 13th edition of the Norwegian Design Exhibition will showcase some of 100% Norway’s best works, while exploring the country’s role in influencing contemporary creations. Head over to the Old Truman Brewery at 26 Hanbury Street, E1 6QR for this purely Norwegian exhibit.

Step into an urban oasis

“Mini Living Forests” by Asif Khan
© Asif Khan Connect space

A three-part installation for the Mini brand’s Mini Living Project, British architect Asif Khan’s idea of an urban forest comprises of different interior landscapes and plants, which will be scattered in the busy streets of Shoreditch. Find these urban oases in Vince Court N1 6EA, Charles Square Gardens N1 6HS and at the corner of Pitfield Street and Charles Square EC1V 9EY.

Zuza Mengham’s sensory trip

Scents and aromas are manifested into physical sculptures in this unique display by the London artist. Each a unique combination of shape and color, the five sculptures are on display at the Conran Shop in Marylebone High Street, W1U 5HS.

Visit London Design Festival’s website for more details now.

Nobu Hotel Miami Beach

6 Luxury Hotels Opening 2016

With numerous hotels set to welcome guests as we venture into the tail end of 2016, we thought we would bring you up to date with a round up of six establishments everyone is anticipating, starting with the most obvious of course.

Trump International HotelTrump International Hotel, Washington DC

The Republican presidential candidate opened his latest hotel earlier this week in Washington DC. The Trump International Hotel sits on what was the Old Post Office Pavilion that is considered a historical landmark. The $200 million hotel is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is connected to the White House and the United States Capitol. While the hotel was originally slated to be completed in 2018, it seems that developers have been pushing the project ahead to be ready in time for the US election in November.

Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach

With actor Robert De Niro as his partner, chef Nobu Matsuhisa will open the doors to his third hotel later this week. Located at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort, the hotel was designed by David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group. Boasting 206 guest rooms and suites, the interior design was inspired by natural materials that bring to mind a Japanese beach house in the middle of Miami. Nobu Hospitality also operates Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Nobu Hotel City of Dreams in Manila, Philippines.

Four Seasons Hotel New York DowntownGuest room at the Four Seasons New York Downtown

This will be the second Four Seasons hotel in the Tribeca district and is dubbed the little sister to the flagship New York property in Midtown. The hotel will open in the Tribeca district, a short stroll from the new World Trade Center, Wall Street and the Soho neighborhood and serve as a dual residential and hotel property. The 185 rooms are designed by Yabu Pushelberg. Dinner will be served by Wolfgang Puck and his CUT steakhouse restaurant and bar.

L’Hotel Barrière Les Neiges Courchevel

The French hotel group is set to open a five-star ski chalet in the French Alps. Featuring 42 alpine-inspired rooms that are made of wood and stone, the accommodation promises luxury. Located in the heart of the Trois Vallées, the largest ski domain in the world, the hotel will also feature a cinema, spa and Fouquet’s brasserie, modeled after the iconic restaurant on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Fouquet’s is also part of the Barrière group.

Four Seasons Private Island Maldives at VoavahFour Seasons Private Island Maldives

Located on a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve in Baa Atoll, Maldives, this luxury hotel and resort is one for those who prefer an ultra-secluded and exclusive private island getaway. The reserve is home to one of the largest groups of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and to a globally significant biodiversity. The property, which opens at the end of this year, spans five acres and can accommodate just 22 people in the seven-bedroom beach house. It also comes with a dive center, spa and 62-foot superyacht.

Hilton Bali Resort

Bali is set to get a new sprawling luxury resort destination under the Hilton brand. Perched on a 40-meter high cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Hilton Bali Resort will feature 408 suites and villas, a secluded beach with designated surf area, spa and nail salon, seven restaurants including Japanese, Balinese and Italian cuisines, indoor tennis courts, and open-air amphitheater, gardens, conference centers and chapel for destination weddings.

10 Models Trending in Fashion Month Cindy Bruna

10 Models Trending in Fashion Month

Whatever your social media of choice, these days you don’t have to leave it to fashion magazines and news outfits to curate your favorite models for you. Except of course that social media is playing curator to you. From Snapchat and Twitter to Instagram, these social networks and their algorithms give models greater visibility by ‘deciding’ to place them in your feed, helping them raise their profiles and catch designers’ eyes.

The models also regularly treat online followers to a glimpse backstage at the biggest events in the fashion calendar, notably fashion week shows. Here’s a look at some of the models to follow on social media for a taste of life behind the scenes at the upcoming round of shows.

Whether thanks to their celebrity status or the sheer number of runway miles they clock up during Fashion Month, certain models are hot tips for fashion fans hoping for an exclusive look backstage. Kendall Jenner, for example, needs no introduction these days, with several tens of millions of followers on social media. As shown in the list of best paid models of 2016, she parlays this influence into dollars. But there are plenty of other models who are just as in-demand this Fashion Month and who are just as likely to be sharing exclusive snaps online.

10 Models Trending in Fashion Month Pauline Hoarau

French model Pauline Hoarau presents a creation for Valentino during the 2016 spring/summer Haute Couture collection on January 27, 2016 in Paris. © AFP PHOTO / MIGUEL MEDINA

French Trio

Cindy Bruna (top) is without a doubt France’s hottest rising star of the modeling business. She’s been on the up for several seasons and is as much in demand in Paris as she is in New York. Bruna has worked with the biggest names in the business, and is a regular on the Balmain runway. She followed up a hugely successful Paris Fashion Week in March 2016 with a week of haute couture shows for Zuhair Murad, Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab and Alexandre Vauthier. Her several hundred thousand online followers will no doubt enjoy her starring role in this season’s Fashion Month.

Pauline Hoarau is another upcoming French model who’s a hot tip for insider snaps, with dozens of shows scheduled in Paris, New York and Milan this Fashion Month. Similarly, Joséphine Le Tutour walks the runway for a host of prestigious fashion houses, from Chanel and Sonia Rykiel to Elie Saab and Balmain.

Models to follow:

  • Cindy Bruna: Instagram: @cindybruna – Twitter: @OfficialCindyB – Snapchat: @cindybruna
  • Pauline Hoarau: Instagram: @paulinehoarau – Twitter: @PaulineHoarau – Snapchat:@pauline.h
  • Joséphine Le Tutour: Instagram: @josephine_letutour – Twitter: @JosephineLT_

Famous Faces

The Hadid sisters, Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss are all famous faces on the Internet, but they’re also hot property in the fashion world, with designers keen to sign them up. The Misha Collection has already announced that Jourdan Dunn will be opening and closing its New York show, and Gigi Hadid is sure to take center stage in the Tommy Hilfiger show – also in New York – after co-creating a line for the label.

With 6.1 million and 5.3 million Instagram followers respectively, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss should also be putting in appearances this Fashion Month. Last season, Bella Hadid starred in shows for Miu Miu, Chanel and Givenchy, while Karlie Kloss modeled for Balmain, Versace and Ralph Lauren.

10 Models Trending in Fashion Month Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid walks the runway during the Tommy Hilfiger fall 2016 collection presented at New York Fashion Week in New York, September 9, 2016. © TREVOR COLLENS / AFP

Models to follow:

  • Gigi Hadid: Instagram: @gigihadid – Twitter: @GiGiHadid – Snapchat: @itsgigihadid
  • Bella Hadid: Instagram: @bellahadid – Twitter: @bellahadid – Snapchat: @babybels777
  • Jourdan Dunn: Instagram: @officialjdunn – Twitter: @missjourdandunn – Snapchat: @missjourdandunn
  • Karlie Kloss: Instagram: @karliekloss – Twitter: @karliekloss – Snapchat: @karliekloss

Models in Demand

Although the names Lineisy Montero, Maartje Verhoef and Greta Varlese may not mean much to the public at large, these three young models are among those who’ve appeared in the most runway shows this year.

For the fall/winter 2016 season, Lineisy Montero trod the catwalk for Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Chanel, Givenchy, Sacai, Nina Ricci, Elie Saab, Mugler, Dior and Balmain, to name just a few. Maartje Verhoef starred in shows for Chanel, Dior, Nina Ricci, Isabel Marant, Paco Rabanne, Lanvin and Chloé.

Greta Varlese has notched up a hundred or so runway shows in the space of a year, with appearances for Kenzo, Givenchy, Sonia Rykiel, Rochas, Missoni, Marni, Versace and Fendi.

10 Models Trending in Fashion Month Lineisy Montero

Lineisy Montero for Prada © AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACE

Models to follow:

  • Lineisy Montero: Instagram: @lineisymontero – Twitter: @LineisyMontero
  • Maartje Verhoef: Instagram: @maartjeverhoef – Twitter: @maartjeverhoef – Snapchat: @maartjeverhoef
  • Greta Varlese: Instagram: @greta_varlese – Snapchat: @gretavarlese

6 Key Trends: Maison & Objet Paris

Having concluded its Paris edition, Maison & Objet offered us a chance to latch onto a few key trends that are set to take the industry by storm. Well, in theory anyway because some of these are ongoing developments. We take a look at six trends spotted at the fair.

Color Me Pinkgrapy_pink_cott-254e7163234-h0

Having been named color of the year for 2016, it is no surprise that the shade made an appearance at the fair. Splashed out on various objects, pink was most commonly featured on rounded designs that featured soft lines.

Pastels Final Bow

The end is near for pastels, as its partner in crime Scandinavian style is on its way out. In its place, we expect to see stronger and bolder shades such as burgundy to reign supreme and gain more attention. Color us enthused!

Dark Blue Risinghyolyone_bleu_g-4e77d093524-h0

Supporting the notion that dark shades are set to dominate, Dark blue was seen in various designs, from velvet sofas, Hartô’s table (above) to the “Nuage” vases by the Bouroullec brothers.

Designers Go Crazy For Kidsnon_sans_raison-e333d084954-h0

This trend was already seen at the last Milan Furniture Fair, and was back in force at Maison & Objet. French china and ceramic designers Non Sans Raison outed a “Kids” collection, and Ionna Vautrin launched into the children’s market with a range of toys for Danish brand EO.

The 1980s Edge Out Scandi Style

Yes, Scandi style is being put out to pasture in favor of the 1980s, which if you remember the 80s might be troubling. The bright, bold colors, gold finishes and rainbow effects are making its way back to the worlf of interior design. The first signs of this upcoming trend were seen when pieces from the master of the Memphis movement, Ettore Sottsass, were rereleased. Pieces inspired by the decade spotted at Maison and Objet include cushions from Nomess Copenhagen.

Ongoing Trends3305_pebble_boa-76cb8110313-h0

Marble is here to stay (suck it haters!) as seen at Normann Copenhagen. While the brand featured the material in the form of a chopping board (above), others chose to showcase copper shades. An example was seen with Tim Dixon who added a few new pieces to his Tank collection. Cork is another trend that is still with us. Copenhagen used the material to create notebooks.

5 Beauty Looks From Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival saw the assembled thespians pull out all the stops. Decked in designer wear, the stars set the tone and feel for the beauty looks to come by. We take a look at five actresses who rocked the low-key yet flawless makeup look.

With a dreamy and luminous look, Emma Stone (above) set the tone for this at the screening of her new pic, La La Land. Using a highlighter and creamy textured blush, the lips are expected to be offset by a light coral lip gloss. A shimmer of silver shadow at the inner corners of the eyes drew the attention to her long lashes and echoed the twinkly star-shaped jewelry she accessorized with.

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander

The following day, Swedish star Alicia Vikander stepped out for the premiere of The Light Between Oceans sporting an even more pared-down look. A matte base, a set of discreet eyelashes, a hint of nude lipstick were all it took for the actress to achieve a pretty, polished and laid-back look, counterbalanced by a simple and somewhat severe chignon.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy Adams followed suit at the premiere of Nocturnal Animals, opting for a soft autumnal look based around earthy neutrals. A light brown smoky eye and a taupe lip gloss perfectly complemented her matte foundation and tumbling, relaxed waves.

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning chose a shimmery look to reference her mermaid-esque sequin dress, using highlighter liberally around her eye sockets and cheekbones for a youthful glow. She kept the rest of the look minimalistic, adding a touch of glamour with her slick, high ponytail that kept her face clear.

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse

British model and actress Suki Waterhouse suggested the trend for looking naturally pretty was in full bloom when she turned up for a photo call for her movie The Bad Batch sporting matte foundation and a strong creamy pink blush, teamed with a smudge of eyeliner and a pale pink lip. Discreet earrings and tousled hair completed the effect.

5 Highlights From Apple Media Event

Apple knows how to put on a good show— and orchestrate a media circus around it. You, like us, have probably been waiting for the Apple media event in San Francisco even if you care so little about Apple that you think a lightning connector is a kind of lightning rod. You can admit it even if you are an Android lover or if you just love to hate Apple (despite shrinking sales, the iPhone is still the best-selling smartphone in the world). Apart from rolling out the expected new generation of products, CEO Tim Cook is hoping these clever — and perhaps brave— introductions are set to jumpstart growth at the tech company. Here are five key things to note from the announcement, although really we are mainly interested in the Apple Watch, which is why that part has the most meat in this tale…

Water-resistant iPhones

The event saw Apple introduce two new upgraded versions of the flagship smartphone — but still at the same price. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which will be slightly larger, pretty much look the same as the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus. With a powerful processor called the A10 Fusion chip, improved camera technology and even water resistance, it is all set to lord it over other new models in the industry. Seriously, that A10 chip is a big deal, bringing more power to the table, without consuming more power, and calling attention once more to Apple’s proficiency with processors. For the selfie lovers, the new dual cameras will allow for pictures with better quality. The most controversial move, however, is the removal of the headphone jack. There is nothing in its place; the proprietary Apple “lightning” connector will function as a headphone jack, with the help of an adaptor. Apple however isn’t encouraging the use of the lightning connector for this purpose. Instead, Cook, Ive and co are inviting you to cut the cord…

Cutting the Cordairpods-apple

Forgoing the plug-in headsets that usually end up entangled, Apple has introduced a new pair of wireless headphones. Using a new wireless communication chip called the W1, the new AirPods (we recall the days Apple made another product called the AirPort — similar sounding but totally different — but we digress) can detect if a user is listening to music or not, staying ready for action in standby mode. The AirPods connect automatically to all devices linked to a user’s iCloud account. As you can see, the AirPods are tiny so you can expect to lose them frequently. Then again, Apple has never made the best headphones for its own products so this is merely par for the course. Also, they have a company that happens to make headphones, as you may have heard…

Super Mario on iPhonesuper-mario-apple

In collaboration with Nintendo, Apple announced the launch of “Super Mario Run” that was designed for mobile. The iconic game featuring everyone’s favorite plumber will be available on the App Store this year. Alongside SuperMario, Apple announced that users of the Apple Watch will be able to enjoy the popular game Pokémon Go later this month.

Apple Watch Series 2watch_nike_hero-93ec8182802-h0

Speaking of the Apple Watch, the brand will be introducing the upgraded Apple Watch, which boasts a water resistance of up to 50 meters. Fitness junkies will welcome the GPS that allows users to track their workouts without having to bring along a smartphone. Just so you know though, your watch needs to be water resistant to at least 100 meters before you can safely swim with it. Apple will also be introducing new designs in collaboration with Nike that will be targeted at runners. For those favoring something more fashionable, Apple is also working on new styles for its Hermes edition and here is where things get interesting because observers are not buying it. For the record, neither are we.

The Verge — and others — have noticed Apple’s nod in the direction of utility, meaning its dream of conquering the Swiss fine watchmaking business might be over, or at least on hold. Basically, there is only one watch brand that is truly for everyone, middle class and up: Rolex. The Apple watch was meant to be all things to all people, whatever their station, and that was probably foolish — at least for now. Even mighty Rolex did not arrive as the King of Watches overnight, though it was born with a crown. Well, Apple will have to content itself with being the world’s most valuable brand and largest publicly traded corporation (by market capitalization).

iOS 10 Release

The new mobile operating system is aimed at working with the new hardware, on September 13, including upgrades to its maps and news applications. A test version of the software, which helps accelerate Apple’s efforts in home automation, was released earlier this year.

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

10 Nominees for Designs of the Year 2016

We love great designs and we’re pretty sure you do too so covering the Beazley Designs of the Year 2016 nominees is a no-brainer. Ok so you might be scratching your head about that name but basically, this is the Design Museum in London’s world-famous Designs of the Year. Really, it is so famous the names are just the Design Museum and Designs of the Year, which is just awful for SEO (if anybody at the Museum is paying attention).

Now in its ninth year, Beazley Designs of the Year celebrates designs released over the last 12 months that “promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the spirit of the year,” as the Museum’s official message reads. The nominees will be on view at the Design Museum in London from November 24, 2016 – February 19, 2017, when the space reopens in its new headquarters in West London. Oh yes, about that name again. Beazley is not an effort to associate the awards with a name, just the name of the sponsor this year.

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

Fondazione Prada in Milan by OMA © Courtesy of Fondazione Prada, Photograph by Bas Princen

The nominees in six categories include architecture (from small-scale domestic to public parks), fashion (collections from student graduation shows to iconic fashion houses), graphics (beautiful packaging, books, magazines, branding, exhibition design, typefaces), products (furniture, toys, packaging, lighting, technology, homeware), plus digital projects and transport.

Standouts from this year’s architecture category include Herzog & de Meuron’s recently completed Tate Modern Switch House, the gold leaf-painted Fondazione Prada in Milan by Rem Koolhaas’s firm OMA, Bjarke Ingels’ sloped 600-apartment residential building in Manhattan with a silhouette reminiscent of a shark fin, and Beijing studio MAD Architects’ undulating Harbin Opera House featuring two concert halls and a public plaza.

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

Residential building in Manhattan by Bjarke Ingels Group © Photo by Nic Lehoux

Graphics nominees include the designers of Malaysia’s protest posters that demonstrators could access online, a clever first aid kit for refugees and the design of David Bowie’s final album cover. The Bowie album cover was released on the iconic musician’s birthday (and just days prior to his death). Its dark simplicity was intended to reflect the musician’s mortality, per graphic design collaborator Jonathan Barnbrook, who did five of Bowie’s album covers.

The product shortlist includes a Space Cup for astronauts, a sleek Kodak Super 8 camera, minimalist Muji kitchen appliances, and LEGO figures. Another candidate, Adidas x Parley running shoes, used existing footwear manufacturing processes but replaced the usual synthetics with yarns made from recycled gill net dredged from the sea.

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

First aid kit for refugees by Erwin k. Bauer, Anne Hoffman, Dasha Zaichanka, Katharina Holzl, Miriam S. Koller © Photo by buero bauer

Collections produced by Craig Green, Agi and Sam, and Richard Malone are highlighted in the fashion category. The transport category includes a digital compass for bicycles and a crowdfunded bicycle helmet. The digital category included OpenSurgery, a do-it-yourself surgery robot for an at-home laparoscopy.

A winner will be selected in each category, and one overall winner will be announced on January 26, 2017.

Previous winners have included Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Center (for the Republic of Azerbaijan) in 2014, and the 2015 prize went to a microdevice made to mimic complex tissue structures of the human body, designed by a duo at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute.

Here are the 10 designs that caught our eye this time. More images follow after the break.

  • 1. Harbin Opera House by MAD architects
  • 2. Fondazione Prada in Milan by OMA
  • 3. Residential building in Manhattan by Bjarke Ingels Group
  • 4. First aid kit for refugees by Erwin k. Bauer, Anne Hoffman, Dasha Zaichanka, Katharina Holzl, Miriam S. Koller
  • 5. Adidas x Parley running shoe by Adidas Sustainability Team, Adidas Design Team, Alexander Taylor, Parley for the Oceans, Sea Shepherd
  • 6. Tokyo Tribal by Nendo
  • 7. Precious Plastics by Dave Hakkens
  • 8. MUJI kitchen appliances by Naoto Fukasawa
  • 9. Kodak Super 8 Camera by Yves Behar, Ilgu Cha, Sarah Neurnberger, Steven Overman, Danielle Atkins
  • 10. Space cup by Mark Weislogel, Andrew Wollman, John Graf, Donald Pettit, Ryan Jenson
Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

Adidas x Parley running shoe by Adidas Sustainability Team, Adidas Design Team, Alexander Taylor, Parley for the Oceans, Sea Shepherd

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

Tokyo Tribal by Nendo. © Photo by Akihiro Yoshida

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

Precious Plastics by Dave Hakkens. © Photo by Dave Hakkens

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

MUJI kitchen appliances by Naoto Fukasawa.

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

Kodak Super 8 Camera by Yves Behar, Ilgu Cha, Sarah Neurnberger, Steven Overman, Danielle Atkins. © Photo by fuseproject

Designs of the Year 2016 Nominees

Space cup by Mark Weislogel, Andrew Wollman, John Graf, Donald Pettit, Ryan Jenson. © Photo by Samantha Cristoforetti (ESA NASA)

9 Asian Sailing Hotspots 2016

Sailing is not something new on the Asian sporting events calendar, and nor is recreational boating. The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club traces its history back to 1826, and the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club was founded in 1849. Today, sailing and yacht racing are well-developed sports in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Indonesia, the Philippines, China, South Korea and Taiwan can fairly be called ‘emerging’ when it comes to sailing.

In the 19th century, sailing was the exclusive preserve of the colonial expatriate communities of the big trading cities – principally Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Today’s sporting landscape is a great deal more cosmopolitan, with nationals as well as ‘foreigners’ filling the membership lists of the clubs, and government initiatives helping to drive the grass-roots development of sailing as a sport, starting with youth programs and going on right up to Olympic participation.

NEP13_0732At the bigger end of the scale – the ocean-capable racing boats – Asia boasts a plethora of regattas that together constitute an informal ‘circuit’ stretching from the west coast of Thailand all the way across to the Philippines, and attracting international competitors from all over the world – hardly surprising when ‘dressed for sailing’ in this part of the world usually means shorts and t-shirts rather than heavy duty foul weather clothing!

Most recently, Asia has played host to a number of the world’s most highly visible professional sailing events. The Volvo Ocean Race has visited Singapore and China, and will stop over in Hong Kong during its next iteration. Malaysia and South Korea have hosted World Match Racing Tour events, and the Clipper Around the World Race has been to Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Indonesia. And don’t forget the Olympic Regatta at Qingdao in 2008.

Among the Asian nations, China has made the biggest impact on the Olympic scene, with two gold medals in consecutive Games. Hong Kong boasts just one, and the rest of the roll call have none although Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are regular qualifiers. Predictably enough, different countries and places display different strengths when it comes to sailing.


Historically speaking, Hong Kong has long been the epicenter of sailing and yacht racing in Asia. The China Sea Race, Asia’s ‘blue water classic’ from Hong Kong to the Philippines, has been a fixture on the calendar for over 50 years, and the number of races organized by Hong Kong’s principal yacht clubs in the course of a year is counted in the thousands. ‘Class’ boats such as Flying Fifteens, Etchells and Dragons make up big numbers for racing in Victoria Harbour, along with many top-end racing yachts and a huge number of cruisers and cruiser-racers. Boats from all the yacht clubs are welcome at each other’s regattas, and the sailing season is practically year-round. Many racing boats head south and west each year to participate in major regattas and races in Thailand and Malaysia.

Hong Kong’s biggest operational problem is lack of moorings – all the existing marinas are fully occupied and have been for many years, and there are no viable plans for new marinas under consideration.

The principal sailing clubs are the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Hebe Haven Yacht Club, Aberdeen Boat Club, Tai Po Boat Club, Lantau Boat Club, Discovery Bay Boat Club and the HK Hobie Fleet. Sail training and learn-to-sail courses are offered by almost all the clubs, and also at Government-run sailing centers. The governing body for sailing is the Hong Kong Sailing Federation, the Member National Authority where the big ticket items such as the Olympics are concerned, and the national body for training sailing athletes is the Hong Kong Sports Institute which currently designates sailing as an ‘elite’ sport, meaning that national funding is available for the development of Olympic and World Championship campaigns.CCR14_1343

Club-organized regattas and racing series include the China Coast Regatta, Spring and Autumn Regattas and the Top Dog Trophy series of pursuit races, and the Hong Kong to Hainan Race, all run by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHYC). Hebe Haven Yacht Club’s principal event is the Typhoon Series run on alternate weekends throughout each summer, the Port Shelter Regatta and a number of Saturday-afternoon series’ all through the year. It also includes in its annual program a 24hr Charity Dinghy Race, and offers sail training courses throughout the year. The Aberdeen Boat Club (ABC) organizes racing on the south side of Hong Kong, including the Waglan Series, and both the ABC and RHKYC have substantial dinghy and sail training operations from their alternate clubhouses at Middle Island (Tong Po Chau). All the Clubs’ courses range from Beginner to Racing Clinics levels.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong Government operates five public watersports centres, offering a multitude of certification courses in dinghy sailing, windsurfing, dinghy racing and more.

Hong Kong is a fabulous place for sailing: it has an extensive and beautiful coastline, with sheltered waters as well as areas of feistier breeze. It’s hot in the summer, but never cold enough in the winter to stop the enthusiasts from getting out on the water. In fact, the only time that sailing gets shut down is when a T3 (or higher) typhoon signal keeps everyone ashore for reasons of safety and insurance.

In 2018 Hong Kong will welcome the Volvo Ocean Race to Victoria Harbour. With government backing, a visit from one of most important events in the sailing world will undoubtedly provide encouragement across the board for all sailors in Hong Kong, big and large alike.

Clubs, Marinas and Sailing Associations

• Hong Kong Sailing Federation www.sailing.org.hk

• Government Watersports Centres www.lcsd.gov.hk/watersport

• Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club www.rhkyc.org.hk

• Hebe Haven Yacht Club www.hhyc.org.hk

• Aberdeen Boat Club www.abclubhk.com

• Aberdeen Marina Club www.aberdeenmarinaclub.com

• Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club Marina www.cwbgolf.org

• Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club www.gcycc.com.hk

• Club Marina Cove www.clubmarinacove.com

• Discovery Bay Marina www.dbmarinaclub.com


The area around Phuket and Phang Nga Bay on the west coast of Thailand is one of the premier cruising areas of Asia, and is making concerted efforts to attract international superyacht traffic from Europe and beyond, with the intention of becoming both the hub of the charter industry in, and the gateway to, Asia.

Thais have long been enthusiastic sailors, mostly because the King of Thailand, His Majesty King Bhumiphol Adulyadej, was once a sailor. As a young man he built his own dinghies, sailed across the Gulf of Thailand, and won a sailing gold medal in the South East Asia Peninsula Games in 1967. His daughter came second.

On the west coast of Thailand, from Phuket to Langkawi (Malaysia), and a sprinkling of islands provides delightful cruising grounds, and Phang Nga Bay is world-famous for its spectacular karst islands and ‘hong’ formations. Think James Bond Island, in The Man with the Golden Gun. Further afield, Phuket constitutes a convenient jumping-off point for cruisers wishing to visit the Mergiu Archipelago (Burma), the Andaman Island and Nicobar Islands (India), the Similan Islands (Thailand) or the west coast of Sumatra (Indonesia) for some of the best and most secluded surfing on the planet.

On the other side of the Kra Peninsular, high spots in the Gulf of Thailand are Koh Samui and Koh Phangan and their surrounding marine sanctuary, the Royal Varuna Yacht Club and Ocean Marina Yacht Club at Pattaya and Jomtien Beach, respectively, and the tropical idylls of Koh Chang and Koh Kut down towards the border with Cambodia.PKC14_1094

Thailand presents five major international regattas each year:

• Phuket King’s Cup, held in December in celebration of His Majesty’s birthday

• Phuket Raceweek, a ‘green season’ regatta in July each year and intended to take advantage of the summer southwest monsoon winds

• Bay Regatta – “a party on the move” – in Phang Nga Bay

• Top of the Gulf Regatta at Na Jomtien, which includes the Thailand Optimist National Championships and the Coronation Cup (another Royal occasion)

• Koh Samui Regatta – complete with coconut trophies, Brazilian dancing girls, plenty of breeze, and the splashiest closing dinner of them all.

The majority of the big boats in Thailand are owned and raced by expatriates, but at the smaller end of the scale there is a hotbed of talent in the Optimist and dinghy classes just waiting to shine. Noppakorn Poonpat (THA) won the Optimist World Championships at 20, and there are plenty of successors waiting to step into her shoes. The Thai Optimist Nationals is one of the hardest-fought of the regional championships, with (this year) 140 entries.TOG14_0068

The national authority, the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand (YRAT), is largely the preserve of retired Admirals from the Royal Thai Navy (and the RTN turns out every year to take the salute at the Phuket King’s Cup Sail-Past). Phuket, Koh Samui, Ocean Marina and the naval base at Sattahip are the principal centers for teaching young sailors.

Little-known fact: the Platu 25, designed by Bruce Farr in the early 1990s, was created for the waters and weather conditions of the Gulf of Thailand. A syndicate of local sailors commissioned the ‘pla-tu’ which means ‘mackerel’ in Thai.

Clubs, Marinas and Sailing Associations

• Yacht Racing Association of Thailand www.yrat.or.th

• Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Chonburi, Pattaya www.varuna.org

• Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Chonburi, Pattaya www.oceanmarina.asia

• Yacht Haven Phuket www.yacht-haven-phuket.com

• Boat Lagoon Phuket www.phuketboatlagoon.com

• Phuket Cruising Yacht Club www.phuketcruisingyachtclub.org


Singapore is home to the oldest yacht club in Asia – the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC), formerly the Royal Singapore Yacht Club, and founded in 1826. Situated at the southern end of Malaysia, Singapore is said to preside over the busiest commercial waterway in the world, and this has become a matter of import in recent years.

RSYC has its own facilities and marina, and so does Raffles Marina and the Singapore Armed Forces Yacht Club (SAFYC). The last sailing center in Singapore is the Changi Sailing Club, seemingly always under some sort of threat of redevelopment, but still alive and kicking today.

In 1923 RSYC became the guardian of the Lipton Challenge Cup, awarded to the Club by Sir Thomas Lipton. In recent years this was awarded to the aggregate winner of the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta and the Singapore Straits Regatta. The latter event has fallen by the wayside as the Marine & Ports Authority of Singapore has imposed ever-more draconian restrictions on the operations of pleasure vessels, and particularly sailing yachts. Sadly, the Lipton Cup is now housed in the Singapore Sports Museum.Photo-By-Donovan-Ho-22

The top event in Singapore is now a mixed fleet regatta, the Western Circuit, organized by the Singapore Management University – a very active collection of students and alumni – and hosted by Raffles Marina. The Neptune Regatta is a small fleet that sails and races from Nongsa Point Marina in Batam to Pulau Sikeling in the Riau Archipelago. Technically this all takes place within Indonesia, but in reality it is a ‘Singapore’ event.

If big boats and club racing has waned in recent years, the activities of the government-supported Singapore Sailing Association goes from strength to strength. Sailing is a sport now on the school curriculum, and every year thousands of young people are introduced to the sport, sailing Optimist and Topper dinghies and maybe moving on to the 420 and Olympic 470 and Laser classes. Singapore has been a multiple medal winner at many sailing youth championships, and hosted the inaugural Youth Olympics in 2010. Eight Singaporeans have qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Unfortunately, the young sailors don’t seem to graduate to bigger boats. Governmental initiatives are geared towards producing junior champions and hopefully Olympic medals, and the grown-up version of racing sailing is not on the agenda.

Singapore, which hosted an event in the Extreme Sailing Series for five years, also entertained the Clipper Around the World Race and the Volvo Ocean Race. There are world-class facilities in the shape of ONE˚15 Marina at Sentosa Cove (home to Asia’s number one boat show, the Singapore Yacht Show) and Marina at Keppel Bay. Singapore has the facilities, but not the space in which to sail. A country that once fielded teams for the Admiral’s Cup, can do so no longer.

Clubs, Marinas and Sailing Associations

• Singapore Sailing Federation www.sailing.org.sg

• Changi Sailing Club www.csc.org.sg

• Raffles Marina www.rafflesmarina.com.sg

• Republic of Singapore Yacht Club www.rsyc.org.sg

• ONE˚15 Marina Club www.one15marina.com

• Marina at Keppel Bay www.marinakeppelbay.com


Malaysia boasts long coastlines on the west and the east of the country, peppered with historic towns and beautiful beaches, and sprinkled with jewel-like islands that make it a playground for the cruising sailor.

The west coast of Malaysia is 400nm from north to south, and includes the fabulous archipelago of Langkawi, historic Penang (“The Pearl of the Orient”), picturesque Pangkor and the beautiful old city of Malacca – which, along with Penang, is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Throw in a plethora of beautiful beaches, the blessing of equable tropical weather, and just ‘go sailing’. Pulau Tioman is the star of Malaysia’s east coast, and then the Anambas Islands if you are prepared to sail 130nm or so offshore.

Across the South China Sea there is the north coast of Borneo – the provinces of Sabah and Sarawak are Malaysia, too. This is known as ‘The Land Below the Wind’ on account of the lack of typhoons this far south, and here the attraction for sailors is not so much sandy beaches but history (Kuching), mountaineering (Mt Kinabalu) and the culture of the littoral Dayak tribes.

The national authority for sailing is the Malaysian Sailing Association (MSA), based in Kuala Lumpur, and operating a major dinghy training centre in Langkawi, which is popular with international visitors for training camps. The MSA also organizes the Liga Layar, a national match racing series.

Langkawi is very much the de facto center of sailing in Malaysia. It has three major marinas (Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Rebak Marina Resort and Telaga Harbour) and is close to the border with Thailand, making the island’s Duty Free status very attractive to passers-by heading north, and also to boats voyaging south from Phuket in order to stock up on everything from gin to fuel. The Youth World Sailing Championships were held in Langkawi in early 2016, based out of the MSA facility.RMR15_3338

The principal private clubs in Malaysia are the Royal Selangor Yacht Club at Port Klang, which organizes the annual Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta, and the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, home of the Royal Langkawi International Regatta (RLIR). Both events attract entries of around 30 big boats. The ‘Raja Muda’ is a peripatetic affair featuring both coastal passage and in-port racing, travelling from Port Klang to Langkawi. It is a difficult and exhausting event over the space of a week – the sailing can be tough, but you need additional stamina for the social side of the event! The RLIR is an in-port event conducted amongst the fairy tale islands of Langkawi, but it is a one-off yearly event – the only other time in a year that racing takes place is when the Raja Muda fleet arrives. There are yacht clubs at Kinabalu (Sabah) and Piasau (Sarawak), as well as Tawau and Sandakan on the east coast of Borneo, but these are places to visit rather than establishments that organise regattas and racing.

In common with other SE Asian countries, the governmental initiative in Malaysia is geared towards youth development, dinghy sailing, and the eternal search for an Olympic medal. The Optimist class is strong all round the country, and sends young competitors to international events, but in common with other Asian countries, that’s as far as it goes – most governments, with the possible exception of Thailand – have not yet woken up to the huge economic potential offered by the promotion of sailing, boating, marine tourism and the full development of a leisure marine industry. Sailing in Malaysia does however benefit from the active participation of the Royal Malaysian Navy which owns and runs two 47’ racing boats, and the cooperation of the Royal Malaysian Police who provides exceptional backup services and materiel for major international big boat events.

The big boats and the clubs and events that they visit are pretty much self-sufficient. Training programmes to IYT certification are offered by Sail Training Malaysia (Pulau Indah Marina, Port Klang), and Asian Yachting Ventures at Port Dickson signs off on Asian Coastal and Yachtmaster courses.

Clubs, Marinas and Sailing Associations

• Malaysian Sailing Association sailmalaysia.org

• Royal Selangor Yacht Club www.rsyc.com.my

• Sebana Cove Resort & Marina, Johor Bahru www.sebanacoveresort.com

• Royal Langkawi Yacht Club www.langkawiyachtclub.com

• Telaga Harbour Park & Marina, Langkawi www.telagaharbour.com

• Rebak Marina Resort, Langkawi www.rebakmarina.com

• Sutera Harbour Marina, Sabah www.suteraharbour.com


When China decides to get involved in something, they don’t do it by halves. In the case of sailing, that has meant an America’s Cup entry, a Volvo Ocean Race team, and any number of lavish-looking marinas constructed on the principle of “build it and they will come,” but more likely to be a marketing ‘hook’ for a surrounding property development. The encouragement of sailing often appears to be a ‘top down’ rather than a ‘bottom-up’ endeavour.

The most visible regatta in China is the China Cup International Regatta. This four-day event has a number of one-design divisions that includes a fleet of 30 Beneteau 40.7 yachts that can be chartered, as well as IRC racing divisions, but the top level Grand Prix boats are still missing. There are a number of other regattas, some on lakes and some on rivers, as well as a growing interest in match racing that is engaging sailors at the grass roots level. The China Club Challenge Cup is probably the most ‘genuine’ of the China regattas.

China still lacks a coherent, federal-scale, policy concerning leisure and pleasure boats. Until the day comes that you can confidently write “Private Yacht” on the registration application, and until you can sail out of Xiamen and back into Fujian knowing that the regulations are the same in both places, any development of a marine leisure culture will remain stalled, despite the excellent sporting example of two gold medals in successive Olympics.

The most visible yacht clubs in China do not necessarily have much to do with sailing.

Clubs and Sailing Associations

• China Yachting Association sailboarding.sport.org.cn

• Shanghai Boat and Yacht Club www.shanghaibyc.org

• Iron Rock Sailing Club, Xiamen www.ironrocksailing.com


Indonesia is practically the definition of ‘archipelago’, and is making itself felt in the luxury charter market as an exotic destination. Komodo dragons and the Spice Islands beckon. For divers there is the Coral Triangle and the Raja Ampat, the most biodiverse marine ecosystems on the planet, and the Wallace Line, separating the ecology of the old world from Australasia,cuts through the middle of the country.

Indonesia hosts the Sail Indonesia Rally each year, with boats coming up from Australia, passing through the archipelago east to west by a different route every time, and then moving on towards Malaysia.

The Neptune Regatta departs Nongsa Point (directly opposite Singapore) and does a sort of ‘racing adventure cruise’ to the Equator and back every year – on the chart it’s an Indonesian event, but it is all Singapore-organized. There’s very little local recreational sailing going on, with the exception of the famous Sandeq Race for the local fishing boats along the west coast of Sulawesi. The Indonesia Sailing Federation regularly manages to get a qualifier into the Olympics.

Clubs and Sailing Associations

• Indonesian Sailing Federation

• Jakarta Offshore Sailing Club

• Nongsa Point Marina, Batam www.nongsapointmarina.com

• Sail Indonesia www.sailindonesia.net


In the 1990s there was a flourishing sailing scene based around the Manila Yacht Club (MYC), Flying 15s, Dragons, and a fair collection of big boats. In 1994 the Philippine Easter Regatta attracted a 60-strong fleet that raced from Manila to Corregidor, and then on to Subic Bay. The MYC used to be the finish line for the China Sea Race, and many a salty tale was expanded over the bar on Roxas Boulevard. Glory days indeed.

Then the MYC stopped organizing races, the few remaining sailing members decamped to Subic Bay, and everything fizzled out by degrees. The biggest active club in the Philippines is now the Puerto Galera Yacht Club, which very deliberately does not take itself too seriously.

The Commodores’ Cup at Subic attracts 6-8 boats only, even when the China Sea fleet has just arrived – and departed. The Boracay Cup (preceded by the Subic-Boracay Race) should be the jewel in the glittering tropical crown, but rarely attracts more than a handful of entries

Clubs and Sailing Associations

• Philippines Sailing Association www.philsailing.com

• Puerto Galera Yacht Club www.pgyc.org

• Subic Sailing subicsailing.org


It is only recently that people in Taiwan have been allowed to set foot on a beach. Fishermen went fishing, but the coastline was off-limits to all non-military personnel. There has been an entirely successful sailing and motor yacht building industry in the Kaohsiung area for three decades, producing boats that were strictly for export. Only.

With the easing of coastal regulations, a couple of small regattas have sprung up, organized by the Taiwan Sailing Association. The Penghu Regatta takes place in the delightful Penghu Islands in the Taiwan Strait, a place with plenty of wind that has long been popular with windsurfers from all over the world. The inaugural Taiwan Boat Show was a sell-out, and the second one (in March) followed suit. Brokers report good business. Watch this space.

Clubs and Sailing Associations

• Taiwan Sailing Association www.taiwansail.org

• Chinese Taipei Sailing Association www.sail-clubs.com


The west coast provides challenging conditions for sailing – coastal mudflats for hundreds of miles when the 10m tide goes out. The east coast consists mostly of small squid-fishing villages. The south coast, from Mokpo to Busan via Jeju Island, is beautiful but with the exception of the Olympic Marina (1988) at Busan, ‘undeveloped’ in sailing terms.

Provincial authorities kick started the Korea International Boat Show in 2008, and inaugurated the WMRT Korea Match Cup in the same year. The Wangsan Marina near Incheon, was built for the 2014 Asian Games regatta, and was intended to become a public marina with amenities and services catering to domestic as well as international boaters.

A small number of races venture offshore: there’s one to Ulleung-do and Dok-do to the east of Korea, and one from Mokpo to Jeju if the weather permits. There’s an Admiral’s Cup regatta in Busan, and the Women’s International Match Racing Association has also been there.

‘Boating culture’ has been slow to develop in Korea, in spite of government initiatives to stimulate interest. Leisure time is a relatively new commodity in this hard-working country and, rather like China, Korea might do well to start at the bottom and work upwards, rather than the other way round.

Sailing Association

• Korea Sailing Federation www.ksaf.org


Greece Best Travel Destination 2016: Report

Despite the economic turmoil and migrant crisis that has plagued Greece in recent memory, the Mediterranean country has topped Condé Nast’s 2016 Readers’ Travel Awards as the best travel destination in the world.

With more than 60 untouched islands, stretches of idyllic beaches and historic sites that span millennia, it is little wonder that tourists remain enamored by Greece. In fact, the country’s tourism board is looking forward to a bumper year for 2016, with arrivals estimated to reach 25 million, or 27.5 million including cruise ship passengers. Yes, we recommended Greek holidays too!


According to Condé Nast, factors for the surge in popularity include fears of violence and unrest in neighboring Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt – once major resort destinations – which caused holidaymakers to divert their vacation plans to Greece. Italy and the U.S. follow closely behind on the list.


Maldives continues to reign as the top island retreat destination, followed by the Greek Islands and Balearic Islands in Spain. We couldn’t agree more. Readers of the UK-based magazine also revealed their selection of 5-star boutique hotel Eden Rock – St Barths as best hotel of the year. The Caribbean hotel – owned by Pippa Middleton’s new in-laws – is part of the Oetker Collection, which also boasts The Lanesborough in London and Le Bristol in Paris.

Here are the top 10 countries and islands that made it to Condé Nast’s Traveller’s online Readers’ Travel Awards 2016:

Top 10 countries:

1. Greece
2. Italy
3. USA
4. South Africa
5. France
6. Spain
7. India
8. Australia
9. Thailand
10. Mexico

Top 10 islands:

1. Maldives
2. Greek Islands
3. Balearic Islands
4. Sicily
5. Seychelles
6. St. Lucia
7. Bali
8. Koh Samui
9. Malta
10. St. Barth’s

Full results appear in the October issue of CN Traveller.


Iceland Tops List of Adventure Travel Destinations

According to international network luxury travel specialists Virtuoso, sales of adventure holidays have increased dramatically over the last 12 months, and things aren’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

Surprisingly, it is older travelers who are making the numbers; a full 41 percent of the adventure travelers are aged 50 to 65. They are in good health, have money to spend and want to realize their dream destinations while they still can.


The opportunity to reconnect with nature and spend quality time on multigenerational vacations also contributed to the growing popularity of experiential travel. The top 10 destinations list by Virtuoso prove this point – the wilderness of the southern hemisphere dominates the list, followed by the unspoiled frontiers of Antarctica and the Arctic. Iceland’s picturesque landscape of volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs landed it top spot as most sought-after adventure destination.

Here, the full list of top 10 destinations desired by wealthy adventure travelers:

1. Iceland
2. Galapagos Islands/Ecuador
3. Costa Rica and Chile/Patagonia (tie)
4. New Zealand
5. Peru
6. Cuba
7. Antarctica
8. Arctic/North Pole
9. South Africa
10. Australia

The top 10 activities:

1. Hiking/trekking
2. Biking
3. Kayaking
4. Small-ship expedition cruising
5. Food and wine
6. Safaris/wildlife viewing
7.  Walking
8. Photography
9. Scuba diving
10. Arts and culture

Highest paid models 2016 Gisele Bundchen

World’s Highest Paid Models 2016: Forbes

Professional modeling sees major changes in its 2016 top earners, even though Gisele Bundchen remains catwalk queen with $30.5 million in the bank. The big story is Kendall Jenner, who registered a 150% gain, year-on-year, to land at number three with $10 million. The story of how the 20-year-old managed this is also the story of this year’s top models (20 on the full Forbes list) and may reflect a new reality.

Jenner and newcomer to the list Gigi Hadid (number five with $9 million) are estimated to have made a large part of their incomes from their not inconsiderable Instagram followings (64.5 million and 22.1 million, respectively). Forbes says Jenner earned millions from Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein by virtue of her ability to influence her millions of followers. Hadid, 21, accomplishes the same with Maybeline and Tommy Hilfiger.

All told, the top 20 earned a total of $154 million and they boast close to 200 million Instagram followers (both stats were compiled between June 1, 2015 and June 1, 2016).

Kendall Jenner walking for Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2016.

Kendall Jenner walking for Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2016.

Adrianna Lima gives a Brazil 1-2 finish at the top with her $10.5 million earnings. Yes, the gap between Bundchen, 36, and Lima, 35, is $20 million, which just means Bundchen is in a league of her own.

Once you get to Jenner, the figures get closer and the race gets tighter. In fact, Jenner and Karlie Kloss are tied for third place, with just $500,000 less than Lima. Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are just behind with $9 million for a joint 5th place finish.

The Forbes list in full is below:

  • 1. Gisele Bundchen ($30.5 million)
  • 2. Adrianna Lima ($10.5 million)
  • 3. Kendall Jenner ($10 million)
  • 3. Karlie Kloss ($10 million)
  • 5. Gigi Hadid ($9 million)
  • 5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ($9 million)
  • 7. Cara Delevingne ($8.5 million)
  • 8. Candice Swanepoel ($7 million)
  • 8. Liu Wen ($7 million)
  • 10. Miranda Kerr ($6 million)
  • 11. Lara Stone ($5.5 million)
  • 11. Natalia Vodianova($5.5 million)
  • 13. Kate Moss ($5 million)
  • 13. Alessandra Ambrosio ($5 million)
  • 13. Doutzen Kroes ($5 million)
  • 16. Joan Smalls ($4.5 million)
  • 17. Lily Aldridge ($4 million)
  • 17. Taylor Hill ($4 million)
  • 17. Barbara Palvin ($4 million)
  • 17. Jasmine Tookes ($4 million)

HK Loses Luxury Watch Crown to USA

After years of being the official global luxury wristwatch sales leader, Hong Kong is relinquishing its crown to the US. In a statement last week, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) announced that exports to Hong Kong fell 33% to CHF174.8 million. Exports to the US also fell but only by 14.7%, which was enough for it to overtake Hong Kong, with CHF178.5 million. To put that in perspective, the global decline in Swiss watch exports is just 11.1% in the current year till end July. Incidentally, 2015 was the first year that Swiss luxury watch exports registered a contraction since the financial crisis of 2009.

It is the first time Hong Kong has fallen off the top spot in almost a decade (the last time was 2008). By way of contrast, bucking an overall slump affecting every country from Singapore to Japan, exports to the UK and Italy rose by 13% and 9.9%. Brexit has evidently been good for watch retailers, well, the retreating Sterling has anyway, while the Italians have always been reliable buyers of big ticket watches.

The top 10 countries that imported Swiss luxury watches (for the month of July 2016) are listed below, with data courtesy of the FH.

  • 1. USA (CHF178.5 million)
  • 2. Hong Kong (CHF174.8 million)
  • 3. Italy (CHF123.4 million)
  • 4. Japan (CHF112.8 million)
  • 5. France (CHF110.5 million)
  • 6. United Kingdom (CHF110.2 million)
  • 7. China (CHF107.1 million)
  • 8. Germany (CHF89.3 million)
  • 9. Singapore (CHF83.7 million)
  • 10. UAE (CHF70.6 million)

Singapore Airlines Best In-Flight Dining: Report

The results are in and the passengers have spoken: Singapore Airlines has been crowned the top international airline for in-flight dining by Travel + Leisure magazine. Following closely behind are none other than Emirates and Etihad Airways.

The ranking is part of the magazine’s annual World’s Best Awards, which saw readers vote for their favorite hotels, cruises and destinations amongst others. This is hardly the first time that Singapore’s national carrier has been awarded an accolade for its services. In 2015, the airline was named the best culinary airline by Saveur magazine. to see how the airline fared by other measures, see this year’s Skytrax awards.

For those wondering how the airline managed to secure its culinary position, well their secret lies in the talented people who develop its in-flight menus.

Enlisting the likes of Yoshihiro Murata from Japan, Georges Blanc from France and James Beard, the sample menu is created for passengers in first, business class and premium economy. The spread on board ranges from beef bourguignon, lobster Thermidor, Cantonese roast duck, sushi or rosemary beef brisket for the main course that can be selected 24 hours in advance. Before the dishes are rolled out to those lucky enough to savor the delicious flavors, they are tested for quality control. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, the meals are tested in a pressurized tasting room that stimulates the dining experience 30,000 feet in the air.

While the indulgent menu certainly sounds tempting, the carrier recently launched a new dining program that caters to the health-conscious flyer. Called “Deliciously Wholesome”, the menu features items such as salads, fish, tofu cheesecake and quinoa. Here are the top 10 international airlines for food, according to Travel + Leisure magazine:

  • 1. Singapore Airlines
  • 2. Emirates
  • 3. Etihad Airways
  • 4. Qatar Airways
  • 5. Cathay Pacific
  • 6. Turkish Airlines
  • 7. All Nippon Airways
  • 8. Japan Airlines
  • 9. Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • 10. Thai Airways International
future classic cars ending production 2016

9 Future Classic Cars Ending Production 2016

A classic car, if you go by the most rigid possible definition, was built prior to World War II but we of course recognize that modern classic are being made right now. What else are the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 but modern classics, after all? Both were built in limited numbers, by storied and important brands. Both have racing pedigree and certainly managed to create a strong emotional resonance with petrolheads of all types. According to the AFP RelaxNews, the definition of a classic car is a car you want to drive rather than need to drive. So with that in mind, here is a list of nine cars that are going out to pasture in 2016 that could well become the classics of tomorrow.

Dodge Viper

future classic cars ending production 2016

Dodge Viper 25th anniversary limited editions

The V10 engine Viper is all about going fast and little else. Over its 25-year history it has never sold in huge numbers – just 30,000 have ever been built – so it is rare and the 2017 model year will be the last ever. Dodge is marking the Viper’s demise with a host of limited edition models, and they all sold out in a matter of days.

All things Saab

future classic cars ending production 2016

The Saab 9-5 was the last production car from the now defunct brand.

Technically speaking, Saab hasn’t built a car for more than three years now. However, earlier this year it was ruled that the brand is legally defunct, meaning that it can never be resurrected again as a badge. That means that while there may be a New Saab, there will never again be a Saab. Completely over-engineered to ensure long-term reliability, Saabs are cool and have a dedicated following but now that they’re gone for good will more people see past the outer quirkiness to recognize their inner beauty?

Land Rover Defender

future classic cars ending production 2016

A trio of Limited Edition Land Rover Defenders

It is one of the very few modern cars in existence that can be kept on the road with a set of spanners, such is its engineering simplicity. It is also one of the most easily recognizable vehicles ever built, retaining the same exterior for more than 60 years. As part of Land Rover’s heritage program the company is sourcing old Defenders and restoring them to mint condition for collectors. They expected that 25 vehicles a year would be more than enough, but demand is so great that they’re doubling the number to 50.

Aston Martin DB9

future classic cars ending production 2016

Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition

When the DB9 debuted in 2003 it set a new standard for interior design – milled aluminum dials, crushed glass crystal for the ashtray and starter button and ditching the gear-shift altogether for a row of handmade buttons. It also set a new standard for exterior design and was universally considered the best looking car in the world. In July, after nearly 13 years in production, the DB9 is no more. In August it will be replaced by the all-new DB11.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

future classic cars ending production 2016

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition

The 10th generation Evo is the last and when every model is sold it’s not coming back. In fact, if Mitsubishi does ever revive the name, it says it will be for a potent SUV rather than a street-legal rally car. Like the Subaru Impreza, the Evo is one of the fastest ‘real-world’ cars money can buy and is a hugely popular model among the Japanese tuner fraternity.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé

future classic cars ending production 2016

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé

It was a very bold decision at the time, to take the chassis of the huge Phantom limousine and repurpose it as a GT coupé. The end result looked fabulous but it could have been better still. Rolls-Royce had intended to give the car a V16 engine but at the last minute chose to stick with 12. Now that the smaller, more powerful Wraith has been added to the range, Rolls-Royce has decided to call time on the Coupé altogether and the final models are being hand assembled now. Fast, comfortable and incredibly rare.


future classic cars ending production 2016

The BMW M5 Competition Edition

A classic car is meant to be fun to drive, and very little is as entertaining on the road or on the track as one of BMW’s ‘M’ cars. This year will be the final production year for the 5th-generation M5 and BMW is marking the occasion with a limited edition Competition model.

Porsche 911 R

future classic cars ending production 2016

The Porsche 911 R

This special driver-focused version of Porsche’s evergreen 911 is only about half-way through its 991-example production run. However every model is already spoken for and as a result, according to British supercar financing company Magnitude Finance, the 911 R is already changing hands for seven times its ticket price on the second-hand market.

Morgan EV3 UK 1909 edition

future classic cars ending production 2016

The Morgan UK 1909 Edition EV3

Could this be the first collectible modern electric car? The 1909 edition will be going on sale this October. Only 19 completely hand-built examples are planned and each will come with an equally bespoke driving kit designed by the likes of Belstaff and Alexander McQueen.

Sonia Rykiel Trends

5 Distinctive Sonia Rykiel Catwalk Looks

While the fashion world mourns the loss of designer Sonia Rykiel, it is only fitting that we honor her with a look back at visionary catwalk moments. As someone who broke onto the scene – and some would argue broke the scene – in the late 1960s, her designs shook up the French style. Rykiel brought quirky, artistic and seductive styles that captivated the city.

Sonia Rykiel Trends

Sonia Rykiel Men’s 2003-2004 fall-winter shows

Her witty aesthetic was something that she never failed to show off and was evident at a fashion show in March 1980, which saw her exuding a glamorously kitsch cabaret vibe. Before color blocking was made popular by numerous brands, Rykiel experimented with the trend — with success— and even featured stripy prints (above, although that is from a more recent season).

While she worked with palettes of blacks, whites, blues and charcoals, she livened up the designs with jolts of red. She loved to take risks and her Spring/Summer 1994 fashion show featured supermodel Helena Christensen wearing both trends simultaneously with a cape and a wraparound bikini top (below). Her menswear designs were just as bold when it came to mixing up colors and prints.

Sonia Rykiel Trends

Sonia Rykiel Spring/Summer 1994

Though she was famous for her inventive statement sweaters that earned her the moniker “Queen of knitwear”, Rykiel was always pushing boundaries with designs such as transparent lace turtlenecks. In 1997, the designer incorporated animal prints into the mix for a wild collection.

The late 1990s saw her focus on fur as a way of encompassing her sensual, fun, luxe and cozy aesthetic. Her Autumn/Winter 1998 show featured snuggly cardigans worn open over knitted bras (below) — the perfect contradiction. The furs gradually became more colorful, resulting in a range of richly-dyed snugs for Autumn/Winter 2001.

Sonia Rykiel Trends

Sonia Rykiel ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 1998/99 collection

Along with the slim and comfortable knits, Rykiel always included her love for cabaret and bright stripes that soon became a signature. The designer also incorporated slinky nightclub feels into collections with the help of theatrical hats that were seen in her runway show for Spring/Summer 2002.

While statement pieces helped bring her work to the attention of the world, daywear was just as important to the brand. The label continued to do a roaring trade in those ironic-looking printed sweaters such as the one seen in the Autumn/Winter 2002 show, and a trio of identical menswear knits from the Autumn/Winter 2003 collection.

Sonia Rykiel Trends

Sonia Rykiel Autumn/Winter 2004-05 collections

Yet despite perfecting the playful touch, adding girlish ribbons to this wrap knit from Spring/Summer 2004, a head-to-toe fur and beret combination (above) from her Fall 2004 collection shows Rykiel at her very best — that is, when living up to her deserved name as the impossibly glamorous and quintessentially enigmatic Parisienne.

Waterfront Villas Anamaya Koh Samui

Invest in These: 4 Waterfront Villas

We’ve been talking up quite a number of destinations over the course of the year where waterfront living presents both a great lifestyle option and a credible investment prospect. From a Philippe Starck project in Boracay to the entire Royal Phuket Marina itself, the options are overwhelming and seem to suit every kind of investment goal. To help us all focus a little, we revisit here four magnificent landed properties with either direct access to the waterfront or a commanding view of it.

Ocean Drive Bungalow, Sentosa Cove, Singapore

Ocean Drive, Sentosa Cove

A properly rare option here, the Ocean Drive Bungalow offers both the leisurely island lifestyle and organized pace of a developed nation. Unlike most Sentosa Cove projects, this one actually does have both a combined seaview and Singapore city skyline view. The bungalow is done up after the Balinese style. The Sentosa Cove area is the only place in Singapore where foreigners can independently purchase landed property.

MontAzure Private Estate, Phuket, Thailand

The Estates at MontAzure at dusk

Phuket has always been on the radar of people seeking second homes or just looking for a good investment. The MontAzure Private Estate might be just the ticket here. It is a self-contained development with its own shopping, wellness, security and retirement facilities. There are only 13 private estates (in the first phase) so conflict with the neighbors won’t be an issue. Oh yes, the view is of Kamala Bay so you can immediately tell that tourists won’t be nearby. Take note though of Thailand’s restrictions on foreigners owning land.

Kayu Villas, Lombok, Indonesia


Lombok requires more research than the other options on the list. Located west of Bali, it isn’t quite on the global tourism superhighway and that is perhaps part of the charm. Property prices certainly reflect an influx of demand, with prices increasing some 300% in the period from 2011 to 2015 (the international airport was completed in 2011 but that might be coincidental). What we looked at was the Selong Selo residences called Kayu Villas, of which there are only eight. While Indonesia has recently allowed foreign ownership of landed property, there are strong limitations in place that developers will have to explain carefully.

Anamaya Samui, Koh Samui, Thailand

Anamaya Samui

These villas captivated us the moment we saw the renderings. Lead designer Misha Povstaniuk of architects A-MDM really did a bang-up job here, if strong design is a major factor in your decision-making process. There are actually five types of villas on offer, in 11 different configurations. The smallest start at 3,000 sqf, topping out at 26,759sqf. The view is of the Gulf of Thailand, where the island of Koh Samui is located. The entire Anamaya Samui project is self-contained and owners have access to 5-star hotel amenities. Once again, take note of Thailand’s restrictions on foreigners owning land.

These properties were all originally covered in Palace magazine.

Jennifer Lawrence rules best paid actress list 2016

JLaw Rules Best Paid Actress 2016 List

JLaw rules the roost as the highest paid female celebrity in 2016, making bank with $46 million. This is the second year in a row the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has claimed the top spot, which Forbes attributed to her profit share deal in the final Hunger Games movie (final gross $650 million).

Hot on Lawrence’s heels though is the real story, which if we’re being nice is Melissa McCathy’s $33 million, which made her the biggest dollar gainer over last year (Lawrence for example came in lower than her 2015 $52 million in earnings). McCarthy, 45, earned $10 million more than the 2015 estimate thanks to a reported eight-figure payday for Ghostbusters.

If we’re not being nice, then the story is about where Lawrence and McCarthy would stand on the other list of best paid actors. You know, the one where the thespians lack lady parts… For the record, JLaw would be in sixth place, behind Johnny Depp, with McCarthy in a three-way tie for ninth with Shah Rukh Khan and Robert Downey Jr.

To look at it another way, the top 10 men made $457 million while the corresponding women made $205 million. The difference speaks for itself.

Only four women made more than $20 million, compared with 18 men. This is actually an improvement over last year when only three women crossed the $20 million mark.

Diversity wise, Fan Bingbing and Deepika Padukone represent the rest of the world. It is Fan’s second appearance on the Forbes list and Padukone’s first.

  • 1. Jennifer Lawrence ($46 million)
  • 2. Melissa McCarthy ($33 million)
  • 3. Scarlett Johansson ($25 million)
  • 4. Jennifer Aniston ($21 million)
  • 5. Fan Bingbing ($17 million)
  • 6. Charlize Theron ($16.5 million)
  • 7. Amy Adams ($13.5 million)
  • 8. Julia Roberts ($12 million)
  • 9. Mila Kunis ($11 million)
  • 10. Deepika Padukone ($10 million)