Veuve Clicquot Table by Fusiontables

Design brand Fusiontables has teamed up with champagne house Veuve Clicquot to design an elegant dining table that can be transformed into a billiard table.

Crashed Ferrari coffee table

This is a coffee table containing the compacted remains of a Ferrari inside constructed by designer Charly Molinelli. He came up with the idea after a customer asked him to design something “a bit special” for their front room. He then sourced a wreck and built a wooden cabinet on wheels to present to his … Continued

New Versace Home Collection Unveiled in Milan

To celebrate the opening of Milan Design Week, Versace hosted a cocktail party at the Versace historical HQ in Via Gesù 12 yesterday. The new pieces include the Sunburst, a crystal round table. Its base is composed by 14 elements in chromed metal that conveys the strength of a solar explosion.

The Hana Table by Shige Hasegawa

Japanese designer Shige Hasegawa has created the Hana Table, which he will be exhibiting at the SaloneSatellite event during the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair. “Hana” actually means flower in Japanese, which is pretty clearly the inspiration for this table. Inspired by origami, the Hana table is constructed from five flower pedal-shaped plywood legs which collectively … Continued

70-inch multi-touch table by Strukt

Strukt brought a stunning multi-touch table, called “Struktable” to the 2009 TOCA ME design conference in Munich. With its 70-inch display size, the Struktable is built for simultaneous interaction of up to 8 people. The touch-sensitive surface recognizes unlimited finger touches at the same time – therefore, users can interact more intuitively. The table features 5 … Continued

Mammoth Ivory table from Russia

Here is a nice, but pricey coffee table with a glass top and the legs carved from the premium-grade mammoth ivory. This table measures 100 cm in diameter and about 80 cm high. The intricacy of carving is truly amazing! It was all done by hand with a set of conventional tools. The table is … Continued

The Ermis Dining Table

The Ermis Dining Table is the first creation of Theodore Fotiadis for the Excelsior Elements collection. Designed in the Med following minimal lines it is formed so the eye will flow around its curves. Made out of fine crystal and aluminium it is sure that it will be the center of attention in your dining … Continued

Pool Table

This Acrylic resin table conceived by the Freshwest studio was unvelied at London Design Festival, Tent London. “Pool Table had a serene and calming Zen like quality in the surrounding bustle of the show. The coffee table made from 50mm acrylic with miniature diving board, reflected and refracted light in such a way that it … Continued

Big Time LED Watch Table

“Big Time” is a sleek and stylish giant wristwatch, which can be used as a table. Designer Lee J. Rowland has thrown in a fully functioning watch for its surface, complete with seconds and date which can be viewed using touch buttons just like a normal watch. You can even program it to display an … Continued

Pong Dinner Table

This Pong Dinner Table is holding a great reverence to all gadget lovers and is paying a tribute to the video game that revolutionized the gaming industry long back. Designed by Moritz Waldemeyer, this Corian table has been embedded with 2,400 LED lights along with a couple of trackpads, giving this 1972 Atari game a … Continued

Most expensive table

In late 18th century Philadelphia, Tufft was one of the city’s most prosperous cabinetmakers. While his shop was not as large or prolific as that of his contemporaries Benjamin Randolph and Thomas Affleck, his rank was likely that of their equal. Elegance, grace, and delicate carving characterize Thomas Tufft’s furniture. He typically chose a restrained … Continued

Savant ROSIE touch-panel Mac coffee table

The ROSIE Coffee Table Touchpanel Controller is a full home entertainment hub, based around a 40″ flat panel monitor embedded in a tabletop. The interface can be customised and features include media playback, home automation and control of various devices such as security cameras or streaming devices. There will be a variety of furniture design … Continued

Sechser Dining Table for serves all with ease

Deviating from the usual pattern of a large table, the Sechser Dining Table makes more sense for all the reasons possible. Being fair to each one sitting on the table, this novel dining table provides each person with his or her personal space. This style makes easier for diners to fend for themselves. Each large … Continued

Gargantua set of table and bench for alfresco dining

The Gargantua set of table and bench is just right for it. Designed by Dirk Wynants, the functionality that characterizes the Gargantua can be found in the adjustable benches that can be changed in height depending on social or family circumstance. Ideally it can sit 8 folks, but if you have more people joining in … Continued

Illuminated Lounge Table

Lighten-up your lounge area with this illuminated Lounge Table. The luminescent table features gloss finish and is UV resistant. The brightness can be adjusted by the use of a dimmer foot switch. The table flaunts neat design with the smart storage design to stow-away the cable. The ambient furniture sells for £399.