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Lexus SC430 decorated with Swarovski crystals

The Lexus SC430 sports car pictured above looks almost like a dream. The Shi-crystal-like vehicle designed by the Zheng Zhiren is festooned with more than more than 300,000 Swarovski crystals.

Currently on display in Taiwan, the Lexus SC430 Shi-crystal-like vehicle is a showstopper at the show.

The crystals are everywhere on the car, on the front, the back, the inside and the wheels. The Swarovski-studded Lexus SC430 is worth more than NT 10,000,000 ($300,000).
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X-Sense Swarovski Crystal Bathroom Faucets

Swarovski diamonds have taken every industry over. It seems that there is no product today that can escape the dazzling charm of a Swarovski diamond and being adorned by one. An excess or refined luxury?

These X-Sense limited edition faucets from Newform have been produced with Swarovski crystals embedded. The sparkle of the precious stones complements perfectly the gold finish of the taps though.

Moet & Chandon Midnight Gold Case

Moet & Chandon Midnight Gold Case

Moët & Chandon prepares to welcome 2009 with an amazing surprise : a new creation signed by talented French designer Camille Toupet.

Midnight Gold is an Imperial Crude Moët & Chandon provided with a luxury and limited edition case.

The Moët & Chandon Midnight Gold case is a case designed specifically to chill bottles of Moët & Chandon and is made of lambskin covered with gold and decorated with hand-sewn swarovski crystals and gilded pearls, which draws it inspiration from Champagne bubbles.

Moet & Chandon Midnight Gold
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Swarovski encrusted Scrabble board

To celebrate the 60th (Diamond) Anniversary of the popular board game, Hasbro Inc. is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind SCRABBLE: Swarovski Encrusted Board Edition, featuring more than 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

Each of the 30,000 glittering crystals is hand-selected to perfectly match the Diamond Anniversary edition of Scrabble, which will be available soon from all the usual retailers.

As for this sparkling edition, there is just one, and it’s selling here on eBay.

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The Samsonite Swarovski Trunk

If you are in the need of some new luggage and are looking for something that is a bit out of the normal and attracts attention, then you should check out this new collaboration between Samsonite’s Black Label and Swarovski.

This re-edition of a 1920’s trunk got entirely covered in Swarovski rhinestones that will succeed in grabbing every co-traveler’s attention.

As with any item given the Swarovski touch, it is sure to be expensive, and only a limited few will be able to get their hands on the Samsonite Black Label Swarovski Trunk—there are only thirty available worldwide (available at Colette in Paris).

Bicycles Made Out of Gold

The Scandinavian design firm Aurumania has created 10 bikes made out of solid 24-karat gold.

Each piece of every bike was created by hand and the whole thing decorated with 600 Swarovsky crystals.

The bikes all come with a leather seats and horns and they each cost around 80,000 dollars. Why that expensive ? Unlike other “gold” bikes these are solid gold, not plated.

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Swarovski studded contact lenses

Looking for an extra sparkle in your eyes? According to Mami Magazine, designer Anthony Mallier from India has created ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses to make your eyes “Sparkle like they’ve never sparkled before.” The ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses are fused with tiny Swarovski crystals in a circle around the edges of the lenses.

The ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses are the second place winner in the ‘Crystal Vision’ competition co-organized by designboom and Swarovski.

Mallier took the ‘Crystal Vision’ theme literally when he designed the crystal eye ‘bling’. The designer was inspired by Swarovski’s ability to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary through their sheer brilliance.

However, I am not too sure about the comfort level of your eyes with such bejeweled lenses…

USB Memory Keys from Swarovski and Philips

Philips and Swarovski teamed up in order to complete the “Active Crystals” collection with a polished USB flash drive.

The gizmo can be protected by a user password in order to protect your data in case it gets stolen by one of your stalkers. And, here comes the 4 again. It comes in different flavors: Heart Ware, HeartBeat, Lock In and Lock Out.

Heart Ware and Heart Beat are worn as pendants and open to reveal a USB key with 1GB of memory – that’s space for around 1000 photos or 250 songs! The Lock In and Lock Out babies attach to a keychain and also flash 1GB innards

The Active Crystals collection is available on Swarovski website and each USB Memory Key retail for $180.

Swarovski Encrusted iPhone Pouch by Mercedes

Part of the GLK collection, the new iPhone pouch is crafted from the finest quality white nappa leather with crisp cut-out transparent GLK lettering– a characteristic feature of the entire GLK Collection – that has been lavishly trimmed with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements.

The effect is eye-catching: when the iPhone is actually inserted and the display is activated, the refraction of light through the fine-cut crystals ensures that the GLK lettering shimmers in an attractive play of colours. Inside the GLK iPhone® pouch is lined with a special magenta-coloured fabric.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH has been working closely with the Austrian crystal specialist Swarovski for some time now. The strictly limited edition of 40 exclusive, glittering iPhone® pouches will be exclusively raffled for invited guests of Mercedes-Benz in the Lounge.

Only 40 are set for immediate production, with each set to be raffled for invited guests of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in the Lounge. But not to worry, the iPhone pouch will certainly make its official debut as part of the Mercedes GLK Collection come October. Though, for drivers of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the GLK-Class offers a convenient and secure connection for the iPhone on board with the usual multifunction steering wheel control.

Harrods launches Swarovski-studded chocolates

Harrods is set to launch a range of £5,000 ($10,000) Swarovski-studded chocolates, with exclusively designed packaging by Lebanese chocolatier, Patchi.

The premium packaging, in which the 49 chocolates are hand-wrapped in Indian silk and placed on suede leather partitioned with gold and platinum, was created by Patchi’s in-house design team.

Every chocolate is adorned with gold and Swarovski crystal and silk rose. These are then placed in a stunning box made of genuine leather and magnificent hand woven silk from India and China.

A Harrods spokesperson says, “A number of our customers have actually asked for a product such as this which has the ‘wow’ factor.”

The chocolates are part of Harrods’ exclusive new range of “High Life” products, which will launch next month. Unlike the Royal Collection from Cocoa Gourmet that sported edible gold and diamonds, Im not sure you can actually swallow the crystals…

Collector’s Edition Scrabble Game

if you think that the Swarovski Encrusted Scrabble Board was a little bit too “bling bling”, here is another luxury edition of Scrabble Game which looks a little more traditionnal, yet very luxurious !

Exclusively authorized by the Milton Bradley Company, this Collector’s Edition Scrabble Game is the first and only classic collector’s edition of America’s favorite word game.

A noble crafted wood-framed playing board builds the fundament for 100 letter tiles individually minted and encrusted with 24 karat gold.
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Swarovski Coated LG Fridges

Lately, LG has launched this Swarovski crystals encrusted fridge into the market in a limited run of 200 units, released in the Taiwan market only.

LG have brought home with its R-U719GWN three door fridge.

It looks like an ordinary fridge with its usual high tech features such as an ice-maker and LCD panel, but fridge’s handle and logo are diamond studded with 4900 Swarovski crystals.
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Puredistance – Crystal Masterpiece by Swarovski

Pure Distance is a new luxury brand located in Vienna, They recently launched a limited edition Crystal Masterpiece that holds a wonderful perfume: ‘Puredistance I’, a fragrance created by Annie Buzantian (Firmenich).

It consists of a Crystal Column with a crystal cap made made of Swarovski crystal and 24 carat gold-plate. Both the Column and the cap are engraved with a unique number.

The retail price of the ‘Crystal & Gold’ Limited Edition including the perfume spray and 24-carat gold, is 2.750 euro. The ‘Crystal & Steel’ Limited Edition including the perfume spray and high-polished steel is 1.750 euro.
The refill, a 17.5 ml perfume spray, costs 165 euro and is only available for registered owners of the Crystal Column.

The fragrance concept is available in the Puredistance Perfume Lounge in Vienna, in the online boutique and in selected stores worldwide.

Bejeweled Guitars by Amanda Dunbar

Amanda Dunbar has plastered some guitars with loads of colorful and shiny Swarovski crystals. Called “Precious Rebels,” the blinged-out works of playable art run from $15,000 to $75,000.

Designed to be more than beautiful sculptures or just basic musical tools, these titivated guitars are an innovative integration of technology, art, music to be played, displayed and enjoyed.

So far, the artist has created more than 30 guitars, such Some as “Capri Tiger” featuring a metallic blue-and-black tiger crystal design or “The Parisian”, an obscure black-and-white swirled number.
The Grammy Awards requested a special guitar created by the artist that will be used to commemorate their 50-year anniversary. Dunbar came up with a Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul with predominantly jet-black and black-diamond Swarovski crystals. The will be played by different celebrities at various events around the country!

The guitars are not for sale to the general public. However A major retailer is looking into carrying the line, and musicians and others in the music industry have also shown interest.

Bill Amberg Shuttle briefcase

Since the foundation of the brand in 1984, the name of Bill Amberg, the Notting Hill-based leather designer and specialist has become synonymous with effortless, authentic British style.

Known for the highest standards of craftsmanship and ingenious, intuitive design, he has created some of the industry’s most iconic pieces – and this exquisite ‘Shuttle’ briefcase for 20LTD .

Apart from its alligator exterior, its plush padded suede interior and its super-light single caste aluminium handle – each with 2 Swarovski crystals embedded in them, it has a unique ball plunger closing mechanism that took 18 months to finesse.
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My Dior luxury phone

French luxury-goods company Christian Dior have eventually unveiled its line of mobile phones, that we introduced to you two weeks ago, extending beyond its traditional fashion business to boost sales.

It took around three years to design the mobile clamshell and now “My Dior” is available in two editions

The first model is available for around $5,000 usd and the second one comes festooned with 640 stones of 3251 carats of Swarovski crystals, all imprinted on the case made of crocodile skin, hence justifying its price tag of $26,000.

Gilty Couture Luxury Gold Cases for iPod

Metallo Design has introduced its new Gilty Couture line of gold, silver, and Swarovski crystal accoutrements for the iPod and iPhone.

The new collection includes slide-on bezels for the iPhone and iPod touch, which are available in gold or silver with differently-colored Swarovski crystals in each.

Also available are “Jewelry Cover” cases for the fifth-generation iPod, iPod classic, second- and third-generation iPod nano, and second-generation iPod shuffle.
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