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Swarovski Phones

Kamson Diamonte (Part of the Amosu Luxury Group) is working with Crystallized Swarovski Elements to create an exclusive line of Swarovski mobile phones. The phones will be featured in selected stores across the UK as well as sold online.

The company has already created Motorola K1, Nokia N95 Swarovski phones and their latest creation is the Nokia 5310 Xpress music embedded with 364 swaroski crystals. Price tag £719.99 ($1,430).

I prefer the Motorola KRZR 1 though !

Luxury Spring Water More Expensive Than Oil

Bling H2O, was supposed to be the most expensive bottle of water until we found “Fillico Beverly Hills”, a premium line of spring water from a company name Vieluce in Osaka, being sold at $100 per bottle.

Fillico Beverley Hills contains water from a natural spring at the foot of Mount Rokko in Kobe, Japan.

The spring is very famous for producing excellent water for Sake production and each bottle contains 750 ml of precious liquid. Due to the limited supply of spring water, only 5,000 bottles are sold each month.
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Swarovski Encrusted iPhone Pouch by Mercedes

Part of the GLK collection, the new iPhone pouch is crafted from the finest quality white nappa leather with crisp cut-out transparent GLK lettering– a characteristic feature of the entire GLK Collection – that has been lavishly trimmed with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements.

The effect is eye-catching: when the iPhone is actually inserted and the display is activated, the refraction of light through the fine-cut crystals ensures that the GLK lettering shimmers in an attractive play of colours. Inside the GLK iPhone® pouch is lined with a special magenta-coloured fabric.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH has been working closely with the Austrian crystal specialist Swarovski for some time now. The strictly limited edition of 40 exclusive, glittering iPhone® pouches will be exclusively raffled for invited guests of Mercedes-Benz in the Lounge.

Only 40 are set for immediate production, with each set to be raffled for invited guests of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in the Lounge. But not to worry, the iPhone pouch will certainly make its official debut as part of the Mercedes GLK Collection come October. Though, for drivers of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the GLK-Class offers a convenient and secure connection for the iPhone on board with the usual multifunction steering wheel control.

Bejeweled Guitars by Amanda Dunbar

Amanda Dunbar has plastered some guitars with loads of colorful and shiny Swarovski crystals. Called “Precious Rebels,” the blinged-out works of playable art run from $15,000 to $75,000.

Designed to be more than beautiful sculptures or just basic musical tools, these titivated guitars are an innovative integration of technology, art, music to be played, displayed and enjoyed.

So far, the artist has created more than 30 guitars, such Some as “Capri Tiger” featuring a metallic blue-and-black tiger crystal design or “The Parisian”, an obscure black-and-white swirled number.
The Grammy Awards requested a special guitar created by the artist that will be used to commemorate their 50-year anniversary. Dunbar came up with a Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul with predominantly jet-black and black-diamond Swarovski crystals. The will be played by different celebrities at various events around the country!

The guitars are not for sale to the general public. However A major retailer is looking into carrying the line, and musicians and others in the music industry have also shown interest.

Swarovski : Glittering at Cannes

The 61st Cannes Film Festival, Swarovski shined for the 9th consecutive year at the special suite in the Hôtel Martinez.

For the second year in a row, Swarovski’s artistic director Nathalie Colin Roblique was presenting the Red Carpet Collection – an exceptional range of 10 bags in gold, silver and black.

These exclusive models, worked in luxurious materials such as galuchat, python and crocodile skins, illustrate the technical know-how, characteristic of the Daniel Swarovski’s Couture line.
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Icansit High Chair with Swarovski crystals for Richie Rich kids

Hundreds of Swarovski crystals bring a sparkle of light and colour to a special edition of icansit children’s chairs.

A silver seat base completes the classy looks of an eye-catching child’s chair that would turn heads in every restaurant :)

Featuring sturdy metal frames and supporting armrests, the design is original and contemporary.

Originally designed by Carla Monchen, this Special Edition high chair were nominated for the Kind und Jugend innovations award 2007.
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Swarovski Crystal-Encrusted Furnishings

the renowned German manufacturer, Finkeldei has introduced its dazzling range of crystal furniture “Crystal Edition” that will spruce-up your home like anything! The alluring range features exclusive upholstered furniture with Swarovski crystals. The Crystal Edition features a breathtaking range of wonderful sofas, armchairs, chaise lounges, tables, beds and accessories to accentuate your decor

Werner Knocher, Managing Director of Finkeldei says: “When you think of exclusive comfort, crystals don’t necessarily come immediately to mind. It’s time now to rethink that: Finkeldei is presenting luxurious upholstery creations with twinkling Swarovski crystals at the IMM. Under the name “Crystal Edition”, we are presenting the art of perfect upholstery.”

Randomly Crystallised Swarovski

Swedish designers Front created Randomly Crystallised which is a collection of vases and lights for the Swarovski Crystal Palace, a high-end crystal and glass store.

The pieces were made by combining cut crystals with hard blown liquid crystal.

“Front has experimented with crystal as a material,” the design company says of itself. “They have let the precision-cut crystals merge with hot liquid crystal to create a method where all the objects get an individual expression.”

Via trendhunter

Anthony David Evening Bag with Swarovski Crystals

Designed by Anthony David, this contemporary crystal evening bag is surely going to get its deserving share of attention.

Its concrete metal frame comes fully packed with Swarovski crystals AD134 silver & pewter. It can be carried as a clutch handbag or can be worn as a shoulder bag with the detachable shoulder chain. The size of the stone is ss10 and is ultra sturdy.

It comes with a lining of genuine leather and features magnetic kiss top shutting, decorative trim and shielding storage box with integrated padded safety storage pouch.

Dimension: 8 1/2″ (W) x 3 1/4″ (H) x 2 1/2″ Depth)

Price: $445

Swarovski crystal fireplace by Justen Ladda

So, how would you like your fireplace to be – retro styled, contemporary or Swarovski studded? Yes, you read it right. I am talking about the Swarovski crystal studded fireplace designed by Justen Ladda.

The one pictured above was custom designed for a fireplace in a late 19th century building. Since fireplaces vary greatly in size and configuration, the firm custom designs them to suit the needs of uber-rich.

In the case of this model, the two bay windows form a door that allows easy loading and cleaning of the fire pit.
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USB Flash Drive Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring

If you are too geeky for your girl and want to gift her a ring then you’ll have trouble choosing something that goes with your persona and also that should bring a smile to her face.

But USB Flash Drive Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring is the best bet for you. Though diamonds are touted to be girl’s best friends, this ring too flaunts a big Swarovski crystal.

Though still in conceptual stage, this principle of this USB Flash Drive Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring is that each of you can carry around pictures of each other or poems, credit card receipts.
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Swarovski crystal collection shoes by Hogl

Hogl, the renowned firm that specializes in Ladies shoes and footwear, showcased their autumn/winter crystal collection shoes made with Swarovski crystals during GDS 2008, the international event for shoes & accessories held in Düsseldorf.

These sparkling black shoes will give you perfect look with most of your dresses. These Swarovski crystal-studded stilettos have been tested in specialized laboratories.

Indeed, one pair of these shoes will give you hot look with a pair of jeans, black pants, and short skirts. Via Aving

Limited Edition Swarovski Pandas

If you are a collector of Swarovski figurines, make sure that you add the Limited edition Pandas to your collection. Swarovski is offering the crystal series featuring endangered wildlife to spread the awareness among people and the first collection features pandas deigned by Heinz Tabertshofer.

The mother and cub panda set consists of two figurines in faceted crystal, created in clear and black diamond crystal with jet crystal eyes.
The mother panda holds a bamboo stalk while the cub seems to be playful. Swarovski will make a contribution to the company’s environmental projects with every purchase of a piece from the Swarovski Crystal Society Endangered Wildlife Trilogy.
Buy these limited edition crystal pandas for 380 Euros and do the world a favor.

Limited Edition Hello Kitty Swarovski Zippo

Hello Kitty Swarovski Zippo

No Hello Kitty fan can afford to miss out on the new Hello Kitty Swarovski Zippo that will soon hit the market.

The brass zippo has etched Hello Kitty logo on both sides and is colored pink, the symbolic color of Hello Kitty, with Swarovski crystals encrusted to add to the zing.

It comes fitted in an acrylic case so that the crystals remain intact in case they fall off. Well, it is a limited edition collection, so place your orders and grab a piece before it disappears.
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Fiat 500 Pepita Painted with 24k Gold and Swarovski Crystals

Fiat 500 Pepita

This Fiat 500 Pepita brings new meaning to the term Luxury ride. The Fiat comes with a 24k gold paint job, Swarovski crystal studded gear shift, hand brake and foot pedal, cashmere floor mats and gold painted alloy wheels.

You even have a choice between crocodile, snake, shark, skate or lizard leather seats and an assortment of precious gems to add to the interior. Yours for  €60,000.
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