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Elie Saab ES117 mega yacht concept unveiled by Oceanco and Weyves

The Weyves Couture yacht is the first of three designs to come from Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab and Weyves International Ltd.

The high profile fashion designer released his collaboration design yesterday, which is the first of three concepts.

It was stated at the unveiling conference that “the future owner of ES117 will not acquire a majestic superyacht but a piece of art”.

The 117 metre sleek and sharp design will have a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure crafted with the finest materials.

It was also stated by a keynote speaker that only the most skilled craftsman will be entitled to build the yacht, most likely why the two designers decided on building with world renowned Oceanco.
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€85 Million Alysia Super-Yacht For Sale

Mega yacht Alysia is for sale with Peter Insull’s, Edmiston and Burgess, making her one of the most impressive yachts available for sale in the world.

Built by Neorion Shipyard in 2005, 85.3m Alysia currently stands at number 41 in the Superyachts.com Top 100 largest yachts listing.

Alysia’s five spectacular decks feature a helipad, which converts to a circular sunbathing platform, and a wide teak swimming platform.
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The AA Super Yacht by Arnaud Answeeuw

Described as an “ultra contemporary design”, this 91-metre superyacht concept has just been unveiled by French designer Arnaud Anseeuw.

Named ‘AA’, the futuristic project has been inspired by advanced technologies and aerospace developments.

It is equipped with fuel cell propulsion and has the option to have its own satellite to create a personal network between a fleet of yachts.
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Pharos Marine unveils superyacht Orcageno

The Egyptian design studio Pharos Marine has unveiled plans for a 60-meter dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel electric superyacht, the Orcageno.

Dual-fuel engines can run on either diesel or liquid hydrogen, that latter fluid being stored in specially designed tanks in the bow.

The Orcageno has room for 12 guests and 14 crew. It contains a spa and health center, sun deck Jacuzzi, and an open-air lounge for the owner’s cabin.
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Oceanco Superyacht Y708

Dutch yachtbuilder Oceanco recently unveiled its largest model to date, the 85.6-metre Y708, dubbed the most advanced superyacht the company has ever put into production.

The Igor Lobanov-designed Y708 Based on three guiding principles: motion, elegance, and privacy.

Dramatically sculpted surfaces convey motion, while the dynamic silhouette imparts elegance.
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Elena Ambrosiadou buys superyacht Maltese Falcon‎

News is out on who the mysterious buyer of the Maltese Falcon is.

The sale of the 289ft hybrid beast of a superyacht has been quite a serial in the luxury world, being closely followed by blogs and newspapers alike.

The WSJ reports that mist of secrecy surrounding the identity of the buyer, or caretaker as she prefers to title herself, has cleared off.
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Asia’s Top 50 SuperYachts

Asia-Pacific Boating magazine is releasing its highly anticipated and sought-after Top 50 Superyachts of Asia listing in the coming November-December issue.

This one-of-a-kind listing draws together the biggest and most luxurious yachts of the region, from India to the South Pacific, and from Indonesia to Japan.

The 2008 edition saw the entry of the 95-metre Indian Empress, the personal yacht of Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya, entering the list at number one.
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Roman Abramovich’s super-yacht is Paparazzi-proof

Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich has installed a laser based anti-paparazzi shield on his new record breaking mega yacht – the Eclipse.

Measuring 557ft long, it boasts two swimming pools, two helipads and an onboard missile defence system.

The boat’s anti-paparazzi system, described in several reports as a “laser shield”, is a little less science fiction than it sounds.
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Porsche Design RFF135 Catamaran Superyacht

Porsche Design has unveiled its latest collaboration with yacht builder Royal Falcon Fleet, a 135 ft. catamaran.

The RFF135 is their first joint venture which has reached the first milestone of the construction.

The $58million craft features 472 square metres of interior space, accommodating 10 passengers and 10 crew members.
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Esthec solar-powered superyacht

Remember the solar powered Dubai Sea Limousine (an eco-friendly mode of transportation to and from the islands of The World)?

Raising the bar further, Dennis Ingemansson has designed this 45m superyacht that shows the trend toward the eco-friendly yachts of the future.

Designed for the Dutch company Esthec, the superyacht generates solar energy to propel the yacht’s electric engine.
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Automotive design comes to superyachts

The 125m 7Cs superyacht was created in-house by Drive, a leading company in Marine and Automotive design.

Drive’s designers were keen to challenge the traditional proportions of a superyacht and create a vessel that borrowed tried and tested ideas from the automotive industry.

This concept yacht has a sunken pool, helipad, retractable cover, Jacuzzi and a boatload of luxury for the interiors.
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Has Maltese Falcon been sold?

Tom Perkins, the American venture capitalist, is close to completing the sale of his clipper-style superyacht the Maltese Falcon.

The 289ft boat is believed to have fetched about £60m ($100m) after being on the market for more than a year.

The yacht, named after the Dashiell Hammett crime novel and its Humphrey Bogart film version, has three carbon-fibre masts carrying 15 sails.
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Luxurious and Eco-friendly Superyacht

Remember the solar powered Dubai Sea Limousine (an eco-friendly mode of transportation to and from the islands of The World)?

Raising the bar further, Dennis Ingemansson has designed the Solar Gem superyacht that shows the trend toward the eco-friendly yachts of the future.

Not only is it made of recyclable material, but it also has a hybrid electric system which is fueled by solar and wind energy.
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Schopfer Yachts Announces Infinitas

The Infintas yacht is the second design launch of Schöpfer Yachts and is just as impressive as its first one, the Oculus Superyacht.

The new 300-foot (91.5 meter) Infintas superyacht has been designed by E. Kevin Schopfer with Sparkman Stephens, Naval Architects.

While the Oculus was inspired by an oceanic fish, the Infintas draws inspiration from the infinity symbol, which is highlighted within the yacht’s elevation.

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The Ferretti Custom Line 124′

The latest offering from the house of Ferretti Custom Line is the luxurious 124’ superyacht, which marks the launch of a wave of renewal in the yard’s history.

The Custom Line 124′ is a tri-deck yacht which can sleep ten guests in four spacious cabins plus a large owners suite as well as space for up to six crew members.

The yacht features a large balcony on the upper deck directly overlooking the sea and a sun pad in the aft as well as special anti-rolling gyros making it a very smooth ride.
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singapore night

Singapore becomes a superyacht hub

In a report published in November 2008, the World Bank picked Singapore as the example of successful urban development.

The bank highlighted some of the key factors that enabled this tiny island-country to move from its industrial beginnings to a modern, livable city.

Two of these factors were: master-planning with the right dose of flexibility, and political continuity, which is a good thing only if the government knows what it is doing. In this case, that worked just fine.
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Norman Foster launches Super Yacht Ocean Emerald

The Lord Foster designed 41m Ocean Emerald has been launched at Porto Lotti Marina near La Spezia in Italy on 25th April.

The $24 million yacht is the first in a series of four identical super yachts being built for the YachtPlus fractional ownership programme.

Ocean Emerald is a startling departure in design from the more traditional motor yacht at least on the outside.

The dramatic grey superstructure arches from the bow all the way aft.

The extra deck space this creates on a 41 metre boat is impressive with 2495 square feet being devoted to outside space and a further 2790 square feet available for guest and crew accommodation.

The master suite set well forward benefits from stunning forward facing views and two separate bathrooms. Light wood effect deckheads, faux leather and marble veneer give the impression of luxury.

Accommodation for ten more guests is on the lower deck in four similarly decorated cabins.

All furnishings and fittings are provided by the Italian manufacturer Cassina and kitchen and galley equipment by Schiffini.

Ocean Emerald will be the first of four identical Foster + Partners designed super-yachts to be launched by the company over the next two years.

The second yacht, Ocean Pearl will enter service in the autumn 2009 and the third, Ocean Sapphire in the early part of 2010.

The fourth yacht, as yet unnamed, is scheduled to launch in the latter part of 2010.

A one-eighth purchase on one of the four yachts will cost €1.87m, which will entitle the owners 30 nights a year onboard.

Alternatively, those wishing to only purchase a half fraction – a 1/16th share – will pay €975K for 15 nights a year onboard.

All arrangements from bookings to transport, private jet, helicopter transfers and onboard requests will be taken care of, thereby further enhancing the ultimate experience in hospitality, service and luxury.

For more information and up-to-date contact details, check out the official Ocean Emerald site.