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Jimmy Choo launching trainers

Luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo has unveiled its first range of trainers.

Made from exotic purple snakeskin, patent leather and silver suede, these sneakers combine a hint of old school trainer style with a glamorous cool look.

The 8 designs are being snapped up so quickly, however, that a lengthy waiting list has been set up in advance of their arrival next month on jimmychoo.com.
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Bulgari Serpenti Collection

The Bulgari Serpenti Collection is Bulgari’s latest jewelry collection and takes its inspiration from snakes.

Bracelets and rings are unruffled of a series of scrupulously crafted components that replicate the scales of a snake.

The collection is made of yellow and white gold with scales made of onyx, pink coral, mother-of-pearl, lavender jade or encrusted with diamonds.
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Weizhi Unveils Exquisite Jeweled Pet Collection

The latest in the ever-growing line of luxurious pet accessories is the high-profile pet collection from the house of Weizhi, a luxury lifestyle company.

Created for those of distinction who adore their dogs, Weizhi’s pet collection includes collars and leashes made from the finest materials, including exotic skins such as snake, ostrich and crocodile.

These are further decked out with pure silver and jeweled accents.
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Spend Your Money With a Cavalli Credit Card

Just in time for the recession, Roberto Cavalli has introduced an exclusive snakeskin credit card.

Rather than the platinum of the “other” cards, the snake hide card is made of authentic snake. Why stick to a boring bank card when you can carry around a shimmering piece of animal-print plastic?

Special VIP services at every Cavalli boutique worldwide, special sale privileges, and exclusive invitations to fashion shows and events are the tip of the diamond iceberg of Cavalli card benefits. The card is set to go global as of March 1st.

The Kiki Smith Collection for Steuben Glass

Kiki Smith and Steuben Glass have come together in a collection of 5 beautiful glass creations for home. Inspired by her long-standing relationship with tattoos, Kiki Smith incorporated her own personal interpretation of classic tattoo symbols like snakes, butterflies, moths, stars, birds…

The collection includes this grand scale mouth-blown vase (shown, $60,000), plus 4 smaller sculptures that incorporate silver accents that double as jewelry — i.e. there’s a snake with three silver rings on its tail that can be removed and worn, and a cat playing with a silver flower that doubles as a brooch.

Via Luxist