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Moleskine Offers Higher End Leather Bags

Moleskine, the company famous for its stylish notebook collections, is set to launch a line of high-end leather bags. Obviously, the company finally decided to do more with its brand equity than create beautiful if slightly anachronistic writing pads. If you are familiar at all with Moleskine then you know they have had bags in the range for maybe five years now but those are mostly polyurethane. We have to be tricked into covering polyurethane bags so if you ever see that on this site, that is what happened.

The new accessories range promises to finally live up to the Moleskine name and marks the company’s first entry into leather. According to widespread reports online, including WWD and the AFP, the range includes a selection of leather bags and wallets that pay homage to the company’s heritage. The old range also did this by emulating the look of the notebooks but for fans, it really did not work.

Designed to target the “urban traveler”, the items – comprising five wallets including card and passport versions, a tote and a backpack – will be produced in Italy by Milan-based Vittorio Venezia.

They will be sold at Moleskine stores, on the company’s website and at other retailers such as Amazon.com.

Moleskine Coca-Cola Notebook

Coca-Cola bottle’s 100th Anniversary on Moleskine

Moleskine is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s glass contour bottle with a notebook collection inspired by its curves.

It asked five artists to create designs for the #CokeMashup collection, and also invited German director/producer Tilman Singer to create a short film (above) exploring the notebook and iconic bottle.

Moleskine Coca-Cola NotebookMoleskine Coca-Cola NotebookMoleskine Coca-Cola NotebookMoleskine Coca-Cola NotebookMoleskine Coca-Cola NotebookMoleskine Coca-Cola NotebookMoleskine Coca-Cola NotebookMoleskine Coca-Cola Notebook

Coca-Cola Design has invited more than 130 designers and artists from around the world to reimagine iconic artwork featuring the bottle from the last 100 years and design a poster using only Coke red, black and white.

The result is a stunning array of “mash-up” artwork introduced in February as part of a global campaign celebrating the 100th anniversary of the iconic glass bottle. All 200 mashup posters can be found on Instagram.