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A first look at the new Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice is a cruise ship for Celebrity Cruises. She is the largest cruise ship built in Germany and she left the Meyer Werft on September 28, 2008. This colossal ship can house as many as nearly 3,000 passengers !

The 315m-long ship is so wide it barely squeezed out of the Papenberg watergates, but ably helped by two tug-boats it escaped on it’s to the North sea, where it will head to Denmark.

Onboard amenities will include a large theater, multiple restaurant dining options, The Patio on the Lawn, numerous bars and clubs, Solstice Deck, youth facilities, [email protected], and many other common and unique features. Some new innovations that have been revealed include glass-blowing classes/demonstrations as well as The Lawn Club, a live grass lawn between the ship’s funnels on the upper deck.
This U.S. cruise ship will have four sister ships, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse, and two as-of-yet unnamed ships. The sisters will enter service in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Celebrity Solstice will be officially launched some time in November this year, giving a huge challenge to other liners that have suddenly become so puny in comparison to this giant.

$1,000,000 /m2 diamond floor, wall or ceiling tile

For the world’s wealthiest individuals, who are looking to create a magnificent incomparable interior of the finest luxury materials, Pietra Firma launched the exclusive limited edition LuxTouch range at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The LuxTouch floor, wall and ceiling tiles are hand crafted by master craftsmen utilising traditional skills using rare and precious materials.

The company targets customers who wish to create a priceless centre piece within their home, yacht or apartment by transforming a living area, bedroom or bathroom into a bejewelled work of art.

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Audi R8 Themed Catamaran

Catamarans have become increasingly popular over the last year or so. This one is the creation of Swedish design and engineering firm Vizualtech (designer : Bo Zolland), which was contacted by a customer from Dubai who was seeking a new design for a race boat. Starting with an R8 as its inspiration, Vizualtech set about creating what it is now named the Biocat R8 racing catamaran.

According to the Swedish designer, the 8.8 meter long R8 speedboat has been designed to use a V10 biodiesel marine engine or two smaller 320 HP diesel units helping it to achieve a theoretical top speed of 110 MPH.

The R8 Catamaran has an Audi inspired design and equally impressive technology that goes with it. The boat comes in a number of cool colors like metallic gray, black and red.

Vizualtech exec Bo Zolland is yet to confirm whether the Biocat will be produced but states that the original customer that commissioned the design is very happy with the initial concept.

Most expensive yacht at the Monaco Boat Show

By international convention, a superyacht is any private vessel more than 30 metres (98ft) in length. A few years ago, there were only a handful but today, there are thousands of them and, amazingly, demand is on the up.

After a few years, the owner of a 30-metre yacht wants 40 or 50 metres of yacht and, right now, there are not enough quality shipyards in the world to cope with the demand.

Every year, buyers and sellers congregate in Monaco, and this year was busier than ever. At the Monaco Yacht Show this past weekend in Monte Carlo, there was an estimated $4.5 billion worth of yachts on display, and none of the 98 craft on exhibit were under 100 ft. !

most expensive yacht
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CrossCurrent Marine unveils carbon ultra light rigid inflatable boat

Made by CrossCurrent Marine, the U.23 Carbon is the market’s first rigid inflatable boat constructed of proprietary carbon and Kevlar epoxy composite. Lightweight and ultra-durable, the U.23 Carbon is well equipped for coastal cruising or excursions in open water.

Designed for the elite individuals seeking acquisitions of the highest caliber, the U.23 Carbon is the ultimate in luxury inflatables. Capable of achieving speeds of 45-knots, the U.23 maintains stability and a comfortable ride at high speeds under reasonable load and conditions.

The U.23 Carbon is currently available for order directly from CrossCurrent Marine, and has a boat and motor starting price of $109,000. A list of custom options is available.

Porsche Design goes into luxury yacht business

Porsche Design Group on Wednesday announced the signing of a design and marketing agreement with Singapore-based yacht builder, Royal Falcon Fleet.

Under this agreement Porsche Design will design luxury catamarans and mega-yachts for Royal Falcon Fleet on an exclusive basis in addition to developing a marketing concept for the yachts.

The first project is what you see in the photo above, a motor catamaran that is over 40 meters (135 feet) long. Porsche Design will design both the hull exterior and interior of the catamaran.
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Designer Yacht

Pictured above: Guilty, a 115-foot yacht designed by Jeff Koons and commissioned by Greek billionaire Dakis Joannou, who owns one of the world’s finest collections of contemporary art.

The exterior design was created by international art star Jeff Koons, famous for his basketball in perspex case, three-storey high “Puppy” made of flowers, and the “Made in Heaven” erotic series of photographs with Italian ex-wife and porn-star-member-of-parliament La Cicciolina.

Koons based his design on a WWI camouflage pattern. complemented by architect Ivana Porfiri’s jagged shapes.

Guilty is likely to appear in next month’s Italian Vogue.

LVMH to Acquire Royal van Lent, Builder of Luxury Mega-Yachts

French luxury products group LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton said Monday it has signed an exclusive agreement with Dutch investment company Egeria to acquire Royal van Lent, the Dutch designer and builder of luxury custom mega-yachts sold under the Feadship brand.

The talks with owner Egeria, a Dutch investment firm, are based on an acquisition price worth approximately 11 times net profit. The estimated price equates to a transaction value of less than 500 million euros, a source familiar with the talks said.

This acquisition will enable LVMH to enlarge its scope of activities and to expand its presence in products and services at the top of the luxury market.

Royal van Lent’s yachts target an ultra-exclusive clientele and are built to the highest quality standards using specific know-how. Feadship’s attributes of creativity, craftsmanship, innovation, quality and exclusive positioning are shared by all the luxury businesses operated by LVMH.

Founded 160 years ago, Royal van Lent enjoys a leading market position. It designs and builds custom mega-yachts under the Feadship brand, one of the most exclusive and prestigious brands in the world for motor-yachts measuring over 50 meters.

The custom-built ultra-luxury mega-yacht sector offers strong global growth prospects. By targeting exclusively ultra-high net worth individuals, Royal van Lent offers an outstanding growth opportunity that is resistant to economic cycles. Since 2000, the worldwide order book for custom-built luxury yachts measuring over 50 meters has grown by more than 20% per annum.

Those luxury watch sell for an average 30 million euros ($44 million) each. (source)

Lazzara’s LSX Ninety Two – A Glamourous Yacht Experience

The European Boat Show season is coming soon and if you want to experience the best the world of yachting has to offer, you must consider trying Lazzara Yachts new model, LSX Ninety Two.

Nearly two years after the introduction of its highly successful LSX Seventy Five, Lazzara Yachts is announcing its plans for the completely redesigned follow-up, the LSX Ninety Two, scheduled to launch Fall 2008.

The award-winning Lazzara product-development team didn’t just want to build a bigger LSX 75, they wanted to reinvent it.
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$1 Per Second Luxury Yacht

Luxury Motor Yacht Princess Mariana, was built in 2003 in the Danyard Aalborg in Denmark and then refurbished in 2006 for charters. She is a 258 Oeino which has six decks. This modern and stylish yacht is full of modern innovative features, has an impressive six decks, and can accommodate 12 permanent guests on board.

One of the most impressive features on board Princess Mariana is the Beach Club. This is a dry dock for the custom built tender which can be “flooded” when the tender is outside and forms a 12 metre swimming pool with underwater lighting and steps.

There is also a helipad on board – and when the helicopter has left, it becomes a golf driving range with a massive screen showing a host of well-known courses. There is also a cinema on the main deck with seating for 13 guests !

It will cost you $606,500 a week ($1 per second !!) to rent this megayacht that CNNMoney has called the most desirable charter !

One $400 million super-yacht with three Monet paintings onboard

This $400 million super-yacht was built for a Russian oligarch, Andrey Melnichenko, 37, who is worth $9.2 billion and was ranked 172 on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

There is a large master suite as well as six luxury cabins for up to 14 guests and enough room for 42 crew members.

Designed by Philippe Stark, the 400ft long superyacht is said to have its own discotheque featuring a glass roof which is situated directly under the swimming pool.
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Megayachts – SETZER DESIGN Unveils Futuristic "Vision Line"

SETZER DESIGN, one of the world’s most respected yacht design studios, has unveiled Two Stunning Additions to Its “Vision Line” of Megayachts.

Cerise, a sleek 50 meter/165-foot plumb bow, and Javelin, a grand 73 meter/240-foot vessel are the latest to emerge among Setzer Design Group’s new, futuristic Vision Line of mega-yacht designs.

The “VL-50” Cerise brings an elegant, refined design to life via the studio’s spin on the plumb-bow trend, yet at a more manageable, main-stream market sizing. Expressed in vivid red, the design’s unique styling is underscored by the long, sweeping, retro elements of its superstructure.

A champagne holder for yacht owners

For the yacht owner who want all the luxuries onboard, you can now add the gimballed champagne holder to your accessories, so as not to spill a drop of Champagne anymore!

The extraordinary hand-manufactured piece “was designed for Dutch company Bottler BV by a famous Dutch interior yacht designer, who was inspired by Gerolamo Cardano, the Italian physician, philosopher and mathematician. In 1537 he developed his ‘cardanic suspension’ (gimbals), in order to hold the compass stably against the ships movements.” It is designed with three concentric rings hold the bottle perpendicularly no matter the motion of the boat.

This extraordinary tribute to hedonism is made with watch-making precision and available in three different metals (brass, nickel and gold-plated) to match the interior of any yacht

Prices start from €5.500 (Bottler “J-Class limited edition” is priced €10.000)

For additional details or more information regarding Bottler, please contact Nathalie Beck, [email protected]

Rolls-Royce joins American shipyards to meet global demand for Megayachts

I am so tired from all my weekend activities to write anything tonight so I am just going to leave you with the press release from Rolls-Royce Marine : they decided to enter the megayachts market to meet the global demand and help the poor wealthy people who have been waiting for their luxury yacht for too long : )

European shipyards are backed up with megayacht orders, charging up to $1 million per foot for yachts over 250’, and with customers waiting 6 years for delivery due to a dearth of building capacity. To help meet this demand, Rolls-Royce Marine has been contracted by a consortium of American shipbuilders led by Atlantic Yachts and its CEO Paul Madden, the former North American representative for Blohm+Voss – Germany’s ‘über’ yacht builder specializing in megayachts from 300-feet, to over 500-feet in length.

The US-built megayachts are European-designed. With the Dollar-Euro advantage, combined with US shipyard capacities, the megayachts will cost one-third less, and can be delivered in half the time as the European-built megayachts.

“Our core management were recruited from the top European shipyards, and we enlist sub-contractors from both sides of the Atlantic,” reports CEO Paul Madden. “This is a classic technology and design transfer from Europe to the US, where we currently have a significant advantage in the manufacture of sophisticated equipment, such as large steel motor yachts. We are using the same shipyards that build the next-generation US Navy ships.”

Rolls-Royce Marine is working in concert with several top European yacht designers, providing engineering and integrated power, propulsion and stability systems on all of Atlantic’s US-built yachts.

Rolls-Royce’s Marine Division provides engineering and equipment on 20,000 commercial and naval vessels operating around the world, ranging from nuclear submarines to megayachts. They also provide ongoing warranty and unparalleled service from Rolls-Royce’s 40 offices in 30 countries.

The venture plans to deliver 2 to 3 megayachts per year, representing over a half billion dollars in gross sales annually. The customer list can not be discussed, according to Madden. “Suffice it to say that they are high-net-worth individuals who value discretion.”

The company does not advertise. Its phone number is unlisted. “We only deal directly with owners and their designers and technical teams,” states Madden. “Rest assured, our clients have my cell number. And they are not shy about calling, day or night…”

YachtPlus 40 Signature Series luxury superyacht

The Foster designed 40 “Signature Series” is a new concept private luxury super-yacht for a new generation of yacht owner. Her unique contemporary shape makes her unmistakably a piece of modern architecture.

A new emphasis was given to such issues as quality and quantity of space, outdoor terraces, light and views. With outdoor terraces, plenty of natural light, and panoramic ocean views from the interior cabin, this 132-foot megayacht offer luxury-loving clients all the amenities conducive to comfort.
Lord Norman Foster’s work on luxury hotels and residences provided a fresh approach to achieving privacy, comfort and usage of space onboard a motor yacht. As a result, the 40 “Signature Series” offers more deck space and interior comfort than any equivalent yacht of her size.

wallypower 118

118 WallyPower High Speed Luxury Yacht

The 118 WallyPower is one of the most eye-catching yachts in today’s luxury boating market, created by the Monaco-based Wally Yachts. It is narrow and angular in design with black glass housing.

It is 118 feet long and is capable of reaching speeds as fast as 60 knots (70 mph, 110 km/h).

wallypower 118

It is capable of this feat due to three Vericor TF50 gas turbines generating 16,800 hp. The three gas turbines each drive a Rolls-Royce Kamewa water jet, two steerable outboard and a non-steering booster on centerline.
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Bandido 75 : The new Explorer Yacht

Following in the wake of the Bandido 90 launched a year ago, this time Drettmann is launching the Bandido 75. Built in Taiwan, The admiral’s ship is 22.90 meters long and weighs 100 tons .

The yacht‘s superior range and the unusual amount of room (a standard three double cabin offer, with an optional of an extra fourth cabin) on board make longer journeys a pure pleasure. The saloon is the classic layout featuring a big C-shaped settee for entertainment, a dining area forward and a separate galley.

In terms of equipment and functionality, nearly anything is possible on board a Bandido! Luxury, comfort, technical refinements and special equipment can all be tailored exactly to the owner’s requests and needs
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Submerge Yourself in Luxury

For the first time ever, you can own your very own luxury submarine. The Phoenix 1000 makes underwater travel for adventure-seeking billionaires a reality.Phoenix 1000 is the biggest and luxurious private submarine ever designed. It is the top of the line model produced by U.S. Submarines Inc., the first company to bring luxury submarines to the commercial market.

The 65-meter personal luxury submarine has 460 sq meters (5,000 square feet) of interior space on four levels and is able to dive up to 1,000 feet. The Phoenix is capable of making trans-Atlantic crossings at 16 knots yet can dive along the route and explore the continental margins of some of the most fascinating waters on earth.

And unlike surface yachts, when the water gets rough, the submarine can submerge into a perfectly smooth and quiet environment, continuing on toward its destination, assuring long journeys in most luxurious and comfortable way.

On board, it offers accommodation for around 12 guests divided into 6 cabins with private bathrooms; while on the main deck have a fantastic deck saloon from which they can admire the unusual and fascinating landscapes of navigation in depth. The luxury amenities include Jacuzzis, gyms, wine cellars and the clients even have the option of going for a basketball court.
The uppermost level of the vessel is the flying bridge. This area is similar to its equivalent area on most yachts, with the exception of the fact that the materials selected can stand immersion.

The utmost depth is reached 305 meters but if you want to go down even more, the integrated docking mini-sub can take 8 passengers to an extreme 610 metres below the surface. Additionally, in the unlikely event of an emergency at depth, the minisub could be used to take passengers and crew to the surface.

The estimated price of the Phoenix is $78 million and this luxurious undersea vehicle takes about three years to build.

Source : ussubs

XSMG XSR48 luxury Speedboat

The XSR48 Speedboat from XSMG is hailed as the “world’s fastest superboat”. It is a supercar on water, a luxury powerboat with supercar looks.
With a total of no less than 1600hp from two bi-turbo diesel engines, the XSR48 has supercar acceleration with a stablization and propulsion system meant to handle this insane amount of power.

But style has not been sacrificed for speed. The XSR48 combines the DNA and high performance of a supercar with superyacht styling making it the “Bugatti Veyron” of the sea.

The XSR48 has been developed in collaboration with a number of world class design and construction partners including legendary hull designer Fabio Buzzi, award winning superyacht designers Redman Whiteley Dixon and High Modulus the world’s leading exponent in composite marine structures.

The interior is filled with smooth, modern lines, high-grade materials, and niceties like flat-panel TVs.

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