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Nautical inspired accessories: Louis Vuitton America’s Cup collection celebrates the America’s Cup in Bermuda

The 35th America’s Cup is set to take place in Bermuda this June. As the yachting equivalent of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the America’s Cup is setting sail with the top yacht teams, each competing for the title. In line with the event and the coming of spring, partner Louis Vuitton has unveiled a luxury lifestyle collection for men. Chock full of leather goods, eyewear, shoes and accessories— all inspired by and featuring nautical elements — the collection brings forth stellar options that fit like a glove for a day of boating.

1. Accessories

These charms are delightfully nautical themed, with designs ranging from cute to chic. Choose from either a swimming sea turtle as a companion or a more practical torchlight. The charms double as a key holder suitable for those who do not want the hassle of carrying a bag.

2. Dockside Bracelet

Dockside Bracelet

The collection also boasts a few wrist candy choices that continue to be influenced by nautical motifs. Reminiscent of boating ropes, the bracelet is helmed by a thick band in the ever elegant colour of white and navy. The bracelet is enamelled with V Gaston logos well as a Louis Vuitton signature on the clasp.  Closed with a brass clasp, the playful and easy to wear bracelet is sure to be a hit with sailing enthusiasts.

3. Leather Bags

A collection cannot be complete without Louis Vuitton’s signature leather goods. Sporty and sleek, the leather goods in this collection come in a variety of sizes. The bags sport a Damier Cobalt coated canvas along with cowhide leather trim. Not to mention, these pieces also come stamped with the iconic “V Gaston” Logo, a Louis Vuitton signature since 1901. Alongside the haversacks, there is also Keepall 45 Bandoulière. This collectible edition of the Keepall 45 is designed specially for the America’s Cup 2017, making it surely a must-have piece for collectors.

The collection will be available in selected Louis Vuitton stores worldwide from March 2017 onwards. In Singapore, the collection will be stocked at Louis Vuitton Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City and ION Orchard.

For more information, do visit americascup.com and louisvuitton.com

Luxury yacht designs: Sanlorenzo adds updates to current yacht designs for functionality

Sanlorenzo has decided to update their entire fibreglass planing hull fleet and have begun with their two “compact” yachts, the SL78 and the SL 86. The first SL78 has already been sold to a buyer in Hong Kong.

The innovations and optimisations introduced will be applied across the entire range as designers Officina Italiana Design work through their task of carrying this range into the future. In particular, attention has been paid to developing the bow from a couple of slanted sunpads (notoriously wasted space on many motor yachts) to a proper living space that anyone can use. It has sofas, a table, some sunbathing cushions and a foldable sun hood. At last a turn towards functionality rather than form.

Sanlorenzo fundamentals are preserved: the interiors are made to measure and to the owner’s taste and are top quality, elegant and reflect the balanced lines of the yacht as a whole.

From the flybridge down, there’s plenty of room for the 8 passengers. The flybridge has a hard-top bimini covering the dining area and upper helm position, while the remaining half, sternwards, has room for 3 or 4 loungers.

Access, uniquely, is from within the saloon amidships dining area, the bottom of the gangway being right outside the galley door. Diners upstairs are thus assured of hot food as are the diners below. Both these dining areas, and a third in the cockpit, comfortably seat 8, so rain or shine, or something in between are all covered.

The 8 ft extra in length from the former entry-level boat, the SL72, translates into quite a bit more space as the beam increases a little too. The saloon, forward of the substantial cockpit is accessed through foldaway rear doors and begins with the lounge, then the dining area and access to the flybridge. Lighting is improved by the use of cutaway bulwarks to allow more light to reach the windows. Forward of this is the galley, which can be open-plan or closed and then the inside helm position, centred. To port of this is the access to the crew cabins. Passenger access to the cabins is below the flybridge access gangway.

Master Cabin design comes in two flavours: full width cabin including an ensuite bathroom, or full width cabin plus an ensuite bathroom to the side. The big bed moves from off-centre to centred in the larger version but most of the extra space is given over to walk-in closets.

The larger master cabin version is achieved by eliminating the port twin cabin. The starboard twin and the for’ard double are both en-suite in both versions. There is a crew twin-bunk berth in the port bow with its own head.

Right behind the main cabin is the engine room and its twin MTU 1,523hp diesels and sternmost of all is the garage, so the tender goes below the cockpit rather than on the stern of the flybridge as is common in this class. Overall, Sanlorenzo has added a lot more usable space for a very little increase in size. The first boat is already due in Asia, and three more are on the stocks in their Ameglia yard.

For more information: www.sanlorenzoyacht.com / www.simpsonmarine.com

This article was first published in Yacht Style issue 36.


International luxury yacht shipyards: Princess Yachts takes us on a tour round their shipyard


By any corporate measure, the past year or so for Princess Yachts International (PYI) has been a period of pivotal change. The company itself says that it has experienced “one of the most challenging years in its history” that included significant management changes, workforce cuts, and an intense product development and launch period, yard developments and dealer changes. Ironically, this period of change also saw the company’s 50th anniversary.

A clear sign that PYI has emerged from the worst of its experiences is the recent announcement of a three-year GBP 55 million (approx USD 67 million) investment programme, related to product development and facility improvements, for which GBP 14 million (USD 17 million) is already being spent, and an operating loss for 2015, a positive recent order performance with the prospect of profits going forward. It is also restarting recruitment of 100 people when 172 were laid off just 10 months ago. In a nutshell, this can only be described as a successful turnaround with much more to come.

Recently appointed Executive Chairman Antony Sheriff commented after the new orders from the Cannes, Southampton and Monaco shows that: “We are really pleased that the recent shows over the past few weeks have resulted in over GBP 70 million (USD 85.2 million) in terms of retail sales being generated, bringing our order book to over GBP 280 million (USD 340.6 million), the strongest forward orders since before the global financial crisis struck our industry in 2008.”

Considering the financial gains being received from other changes made in operations and production, the PYI board forecasts renewed buoyancy across its business in 2016 and 2017. PYI has also returned to an operating profit over the past three months.

At the end of 2015, the company reported a loss (before taxation) of GBP 20.2 million (USD 24.6 million) from a turnover of GBP 201.2 million (USD 244.8 million). In 2014, the turnover was GBP 239.6 million (USD 291.5 million). PYI stated that: “Although disappointing, exceptional factors have played a significant part. The lingering effects of damage to stock, facilities and production scheduling caused by the hurricane force storms in 2014, coupled with unfavourable sterling exchange rates and high-margin boat models reaching the end of their life-cycle, combined to exert unprecedented pressure on PYI’s operations throughout 2015.”

Contributing to the turnaround was an intensive product development programme that saw six new state-of-the-art models, including two “M” Class superyacht designs introduced in six months. Another significant move was the appointment earlier this year of Antony Sheriff as Executive Chairman. Previously the CEO of McLaren Automotive for more than 10 years, Sheriff has a strong track record in leading profitable businesses with best-in-class luxury products.

His presence in the PYI management team means the company benefits from his substantial knowledge and experience of the automotive sector’s advanced manufacturing processes, longer-term planning and management skills, which are increasingly being applied by production yacht builders. Also, having worked with McLaren, his expertise in the luxury brand markets aligns well with Princess’s major shareholder LMVH.

During a press visit to Princess’s extensive Plymouth-based facilities, Sheriff told YACHT STYLE: “(Managing Director) Chris Gates and I are working together to develop a long-term plan for Princess Yachts over the next 10 years. We have developed a schedule of new models through that period and we are looking at how we can resource that programme.”

He added: “This is a product-led process that centres on improving the product, quality of manufacturing and strengthening of the brand. Boat manufacturing is a complex operation and having come from the car industry, I am looking to increase innovation throughout the whole process.” With LMVH also owning Feadship, he commented: “I am keen to increase links with Feadship and links within the group.”

The LVMH relationship dates back to 2008, and with its wide range of global luxury brands, a number of them such as Fendi, are being introduced to the design of PYI yachts. Such links are proving popular with customers and are also helping to enhance the quality of the Princess yacht models, especially the larger ones.

Since the LVMH takeover, there have been on a number of occasions, market speculation suggesting that Princess is up for sale. LVMH has a track record of rarely selling its brands. Gates commented on the speculation: “These rumours have been mentioned often but as far as I know there is no intention to sell Princess, but everything has its price.”

With respect to the Princess management team, Sheriff indicated: “We have just appointed a new CFO and we will strengthen the management as opportunities and needs are identified to do so.” Other appointments over the past year or so have included Kiran Haslam as a new Marketing director.

Marketing is an area that Sheriff sees can be strengthened. He suggested: “We need to do this not only to show people what we are doing, but to also make sure the name is being spread ever further around the world.”

Haslam told YACHT STYLE earlier this year: “The work volume is increasing and we are currently booked for more than 80% capacity this year. Our sales have increased by between 40% and 50% over the past year with the 70-90ft range rising 5-8%.”

“In addition to the 70-90 ft sector,” he added, “we have seen a healthy increase in 40-70ft sales as well, and within that we are seeing a real return to Open boating. Our V58 – Open and V48 – Open boats are currently particularly strong, and so too are the Princess 52 and Princess 56.”

“In terms of forward orders,” he continued, “our Princess 60 and 68 are both at full capacity in build, and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Our S65 is getting magnificent traction and is a star within our line-up. Whilst not as strong as the 5-8% increase we see on the 75, 82, and 88 models, this size range is currently around 3% up on last year in terms of retails; the last Southampton Show was hugely successful for us with 24 boats sold that were directly attributable to that show. Our largest dealer reported eight of those as pre-owned boats. Perhaps our increase will level out by the end of the year, but for now it has us feeling very positive, whilst we still operate in a very uncertain marketplace.”

It is in sales that clear positive results are beginning to show through which all confirms that the changes made are starting to work and that the whole business is on a strong footing going forward. Sales Director, Will Green, confirmed earlier this year: “We are gaining market share around the world as new models are introduced, and the work to strengthen and promote the brand continues. In this process, our global dealer network plays a vital role.”

The contribution of the global Princess dealer network cannot be understated both in the sales success the company has, and in the promotion of the brand. They are treated as an integral part of the team, and constant communication is maintained to keep them informed and to share sales leads. There are frequent meetings of dealers at shows such as Cannes, with many having been brought in for international clients were planning to visit the show.

An annual review of dealers is undertaken to monitor their performance and also highlight opportunities for sales, promotions and development. In Asia Pacific, PYI has one of the strongest dealer networks, if not the strongest. At shows like Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the ones in Australia, a good flow of orders are reported.


Regarding the global market, PYI reports ‘solid growth” in the US and growth in Europe. The latter is the biggest market followed by the US, but through its large dealer network, the company sells in all market areas; this allows Princess to adapt to adverse market conditions. In Europe, the PYI management does have concerns with regards to Brexit and, the eventual deal that is reached for the UK to leave the EU but that is still over two years away.

Through its large customer base, there is strong loyalty towards the product, resulting in a high percentage of repeat business. Here too, the dealers play a key role in keeping in touch with buyers and their wishes, such as upsizing or downsizing. The wide spread of the Princess model designs extends across four ranges, means that the company offers products that are able to meet on all current boating requirements.

The ranges are as follows:

• V Class – Seven models between 39ft and 62ft

• Flybridge Class – 11 models between 43ft and 88ft

• S Class – Two models between 65ft and 72ft

• M Class – three models between 30m and 40m

The development of the “M” class superyacht range has been developed over the past few years. PYI has had considerable success with these models, gaining over 20 orders for the crafts from all over the world. To cope with the construction of these large yachts, Princess first leased and then purchased the 7.5ha site at South Dock, the oldest part of the Royal Navy’s Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth.

The company has put in considerable investment to support the construction of the M Class vessels, and further investment is proposed at some future date that could see Princess building even larger yachts. The South Dock facility has the potential for constructing superyachts up to 70m. PYI currently uses some of the older buildings on the site to build full-sized mock-ups of new designs before they are introduced to the market.

For branding, Princess, and the fact that her key facilities are based within the Plymouth area, goes hand-in-hand. Plymouth is a city with a long maritime heritage, and the company strongly promotes that over 80% of all that goes into a Princess yacht is made in-house or close by. There is a large Princess Design Studio that is included in major product development and upgrade projects. It is available to assist buyers with their personal requirements, and also offers the option of working together with an owner’s design team in order to meet his or her needs.

Other strong elements of the brand are that it has a stable work force, with many having worked for the company over a long period. The average age of a worker is just over 40, and they have worked for the company for 11 years. In addition, PYI has an active apprenticeship programme involving some 40 people at a time.

In Plymouth, apart from the South Dock, the company has a number of plants that are involved in yacht construction, or other elements that go into making a yacht, such as interior furnishings. For example, the building where the first Princess yacht was built 50 years ago is across the creek from the current main Princess building facility.

That very first yacht, known as Project 31, has since been found and purchased by the company, who completely refurbished it. During its 50th year, it was put on display at a number of shows such as Cannes and Singapore. This highlights the strong traditions that are inherent in PYI’s DNA.

The company is increasingly forming global brand partnerships as part of promoting the Princess name. Plymouth Gin, which has a strong association with the Royal Navy, is one such link. Other recently announced ones have been with Seabobs and the Marine Conservation Society.

PYI makes constant investment in new equipment to boost productivity. Recent investments have included a new Poseidon CMS 5-axis machine; research to identify how 3D printing can be used; and initiatives to increase productivity throughout the manufacturing process. The company operates a comprehensive performance-monitoring programme as a key method of highlighting where improvements can be made. Training courses are also an integral part of all this.

Looking ahead, the company says that it is seeing tangible indications of a return to normative performance in 2016 with positive operating profits over the past three months. Orders are at their highest levels since 2007, and trading conditions are increasingly favourable as the company is deriving significant market advantage from the recent realignment of sterling-based exchange rates.

Gates emphasises that growth is the key objective for 2016. Having worked through the staffing restructure; strengthened its management team, and with rising sales across the four ranges, there is a growing confidence that the company is now well placed to take full advantage of the global marine leisure markets as they work through their respective challenges.

That confidence is backed up by the actions initiated by the company. Princess states that it has embarked on an ambitious product development strategy and a new product renewal cycle as part of its long-term business plan, and the company is now recruiting skilled professionals in key areas to realise its ambitions. PYI will see further development of the product portfolio, as well as production improvements at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Plymouth.

This article was written by David Robinson, and was first published in Issue 36 of Palace Magazine. 

Showboat Design Awards: Otam 35m Gipsy jets to first place

The annual Showboat Design Awards (SDA) celebrates the work of creative talents behind elegant and innovative yacht designs from international yacht design studios. Boasting sleek lines and unique performance, this year’s winner of the Best Naval Architecture category was the Otam Custom Range SD 35m M/Y Gipsy.

Intended to recognize naval architects who seamlessly marry efficient hydrodynamics with elegance, Otam Yachts — with over 63 years of history — snags first place for its models’ exceptional seaworthiness, efficiency and powerboating-based performances. The Otam 35m Gipsy is a three deck, 35m long, 7.8-meter beam yacht. Bespoke for an Italian owner who was searching for a full custom aluminium yacht, the tailor made yacht offers a sprawling amount of living space onboard. The interior layouts and exterior lines have been entrusted to famous international yacht design office Tommaso Spadolini.

With the entirety of interiors unique and customized in line with the owner’s personal taste, the Otam 35m Gipsy wears a full-bespoke suit. Together with their long standing Naval Architect Umberto Tagliavini, Otam Yachts brings a gift to the Otam 35.  This includes an extremely efficient semi-displacement hull that propels the Otam 35m Gipsy to a top speed of 20 knots, as well as a considerable range of over 2,000 nautical miles at 11 knots. The Otam range promises a soft and fluid ride through the waves, with complete safety and comfort.

Gianfranco Zanoni the CEO of Otam Yachts comments: “We really wish to thank and dedicate this important achievement to the Owner of M/Y Gipsy and his family. It has been an amazing experience for Otam shipyard to build such a different product translating the full owner detailed vision and way of living the sea into a real product. We wish to share this satisfaction together with our internal Team of direct Workers and last but not least with Mr Umberto Tagliavini from Marine Design Studio, with Mr Tommaso Spadolini for the important cooperation. “

The Otam 35m Gipsy is swift and speedy on sea, and surely does exceed expectations, making its title an extremely well deserved one.

For more information, visit www.otam.it 

Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show: Another successful boating season in Thailand

Fresh off a splendid summer of European boat shows in places like Cannes, Southampton, Monaco, and Genoa, the yachting industry now turns its eyes to its South East Asian season of yachting events. Held from the November 24 to 27 this year, the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show made its fifth return at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Thailand’s leading marina resort complex on Jomtien Beach, renowned as one of the best yacht clubs and marinas in Asia.

Organised by the Ocean Property Group, the show aimed to attract more than 6,000 visitors, as well as more than 85 national and international exhibitors (on-land and in-water), building on the success of the previous year’s event. Visitors at the four-day show had the opportunity to engage with high-end brands displaying a range of gadgets, technical boat equipment, luxury and lifestyle consumer products, hospitality, and real estate.

Exhibitors for the 2016 show included yacht dealerships Simpson Marine and Boat Lagoon Yachting, and the following luxury boat brands were represented: Azimut Yachts, Beneteau, Cranchi, CNB Yachts, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Monte Carlo Yachts, Prestige, Princess Yachts, Viking Yachts, and Wider. Superyacht manufacturers Admiral and Sanlorenzo were also on site, with an extensive selection of brokerage yachts made available for viewing.

The event also featured water sport activities such as daily yacht cruises, kayaking and paddleboat trials, jetpack flying board demonstrations, games, as well as social and networking events like a food and drinks festival, and the Boat and Yacht Thailand Conference. With exciting highlights promised for guests and visitors of all ages, the event was one for the family that was not to be missed.

This story was first published in Yacht Style.

Royal Huisman

Royal Huisman Schooner: 81 Meter Sailing Yacht Sold to Asian Client

“It is a great pleasure and honour to have contributed significantly in realising this trendsetting 81m project for a client in Asia,” said Bart Kimman of Northrop & Johnson Hong Kong, when it was announced at Monaco Yacht Show late September that premier Dutch super sailboat builder Royal Huisman “has been commissioned to build a truly breathtaking contemporary three-masted schooner”.

Said Royal Huisman spokesman Jurjen van ‘t Verlaat: “To hear a client say ‘build me my dream’ is – without a doubt – a dream come true for any yacht builder.” This client’s dream has an impressive 81m or 266ft overall length and a plumb bow, making her powerful and recognizable all over the world, and she will be ranked in the top 10 of the world’s largest sailing yachts. By any measure, this is a superyacht destined for greatness.

Together with Dykstra Naval Architects, designer Mark Whiteley and regional liaison by Bart Kimman of Northrop & Johnson, Royal Huisman will make this dream yacht become a reality, keeping their promise of ‘if you can dream it, we can build it’.

The latter is not an idle boast. Royal Huisman has a picture-postcard yard at Vollenhove, about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, where great innovations are constantly under way, and many an owner has fallen under its spell during visits there.

American Dr Jim Clark launched his first 47m Royal Huisman sloop Hyperion, after seeing his friend’s lovely Juliet, in 1998. However, it wasn’t long before he also ordered the 90m Royal Huisman schooner Athena, delivered in 2004, and later the classic J-Class Hanuman. Clark’s wife Kirsty is Australian, and Athena has spent much time in Asia-Pacific waters, as have other Royal Huisman yachts such as Juliet, Anakena, Twizzle and Ethereal.

Last year Taipei-based Dr Samuel Yin Yen Liang took delivery of the 43m Royal Huisman sloop Sea Eagle, which was a cover story in Yacht Style’s last issue. Dr Yin is the philanthropic founder of the Tang Prize, which offers endowments of higher value than the Nobel Prize. Bart Kimman in Hong Kong handled this sale too. Time will tell if there are similarities with Dr Clark’s case, but the yard will not reveal more details about the project until much later, and many other Asian yachtsmen have the experience and wealth to order such a schooner. Royal Huisman has been active in Asia-Pacific markets for two decades, and there have been lots of high-level talks.

Thys Nikkels of Dykstra Naval Architects said that “creating an innovative contemporary schooner for fast passage making is one to kick off our Bucket List”, while Mark Whiteley described it as “a very special experience, so I’m thrilled”.

The vessel will be built in aluminium, and delivered in 2020. Mast and booms are by Royal Huisman subsidiary Rondal. Classification is to Lloyds MCA LY-3. Twelve guests and 13 crew are accommodated.

This article was first published in Yacht Style.

Mediterranean Marinas: OneOcean Port Vell, Porto Montenegro are two upcoming ports for yachts

Boaters visiting the Mediterranean are drawn to its famous marinas. Some charter small sailboats or motor vessels. Others pay more than EUR 100,000 a week for a trial taste of luxury lifestyles afloat. Ultra-wealthy owners build superyachts in Europe, and often stay for a season before heading home to pristine Asia-Pacific waters.

The Côte d’Azur; from Saint-Tropez, to Cannes, Antibes, Nice and Monaco, is always a focus, as are Santa Margherita, Portofino and Italy’s Amalfi Coast. A sign near Olbia in Sardinia points to Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda. Palma in the Balaerics, Malta and Cyprus have their adherents. The Greek islands and Turkish Riviera can be a delight. But the latest “in” marinas are undoubtedly OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona, and Porto Montenegro in the amazing Adriatic Sea.

Barcelona’s OneOcean Port Velloneocean-port-vell-note-107m-ulysses-at-left

Located 470nm from the Med’s western entrance at Gibraltar, the vibrant Catalan capital of Barcelona on Spain’s Iberian Peninsula is fast becoming the first port-of-call for superyachts voyaging the trans-Atlantic from the Caribbean to spend an extended “summer” in Europe, which spans April to September.

Officially opened last year as OneOcean Port Vell, and taking a debut bow at Monaco Yacht Show, this former site for the Olympic Regatta in Barcelona 24 years ago has undergone a stunning EUR 80 million upgrade, and can now host 158 private yachts of more than 190m.mpv_4089

Backers are OneOcean Ventures, a customized endeavor of the long-established and privately-held Salamanca Group based in London. Says a spokesman: “Drawing on 15 years experience supporting UHNWI investment, business and lifestyle activities, OneOcean Ventures was set up to establish new benchmarks for the superyacht industry; one that applies financial sector rigor, transparency and discretion.”

Possible synergies with passing superyacht owners are not hard to spot, and OneOcean Port Vell general manager Paul Cook told a conference in May that “with 20 yachts over 100m in build, ensuring secure space is available in a location that owners enjoy is driving demand for berth purchases.”mpv_1936

Berths can indeed be bought at OneOcean Port Vell, and leased back to others if the owner’s vessels are elsewhere. The facility is also a last port-of-call for Caribbean-bound yachts in October and November. Or why not winter here? Cook recommends making it a year-around base.

The Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) is equally ecstatic, and has decreed that OneOcean Port Vell will be the host venue for the next three annual MYBA Charter Shows, starting from April 24 to 27, 2017. This is a prime event, and Port Vell beat out rival pitches from Genoa and Nice._hp_5036

Barcelona’s urban population is 4.7 million, ranking it after Paris, Madrid and Milan among European Union cities, and it is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. Says Wikipedia: “Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, trade fair and cultural centers, and its influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts all contribute to its status as a major global city.”

Somehow they missed soccer. Any aficionado knows the names of Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, Neymar and Andrés Iniesta of the world-famous Barcelona Football Club. If Barça, as the team is nicknamed, is playing at their home Camp Nou HQ, hotel rates can double or treble._hp_4995

And what about architecture? Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) was the city’s renowned art nouveau exponent. There are many examples of his off-beat works, from Casa Vicens, Parc Güell, Casa Milá and Casa Batlló to the incredible La Sagrada Familia, a church that began construction in 1882 and is expected to be finished circa 2025-2030. Frank Gehry and Norman Foster added touches too, including Camp Nou.

Las Ramblas is the central tourist thoroughfare, where liter-sized sangrias are served in huge glass bowls and a statue of Christopher Columbus points to the Americas. But the Old Town and Gothic Quarter are as interesting. Some of its quaint restaurants offer only Jamon Iberica, the region’s famed ham, in dozens of different dishes. Ordering a chef-created paella someplace else is de rigueur. Nearby for sunning and swimming is Barceloneta Beach, and all this is a 15-20 minute stroll from OneOcean Port Vell._hp_5563

Harbour Master and prior yacht captain Anders Pehrson presides over five quays in the complex. Berths include power, potable water, cable TV and fiber optic internet connections. Duty free fuel is available, plus provisioning, and this is one of only a few European marinas to hold a TPA permit, allowing non-European vessels to complete maintenance work in the marina tax free.

Spanish charter rules have been simplified, and OneOcean Ventures itself handles bespoke charter inquiries often relayed by their Yacht Client Advisory Team in Monaco. They are also “able to take on full responsibility for one transaction, or asset management throughout the lifespan of the yacht, and support technical, financial, administration and regulatory needs.”mpv_1392

The private members’ OneOcean Club and OneOcean Wellness Spa complete the facility. As a Global Project, OneOcean won the prestigious FX International Interior Design Awards last year. Celebrities such as model Bar Refaeli and F1 driver Felipe Massa grace its portals, and nightlife is said to be superb. www.oneoceanportvell.com, www.oneoceanventures.com

Porto Montenegro Makes Wavesporto-montenegro-views-2

When Porto Montenegro exhibited at the 2014 Singapore Yacht Show and Hainan Rendezvous, a few eyebrows were raised. Leading European marinas don’t often have displays at such far-flung regional events, although Monaco Tourism is sometimes about. In this case Peter Munk, majority shareholder of Montport Capital which owned Porto Montenegro Marina and Resort, realized that Asia-Pacific people were increasingly visiting the Adriatic. He wanted to tap into a new client base.

In 2015, Porto Montenegro won the Superyacht Marina of the Year Award, which is open to all Gold Anchor accredited members of British-based The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA). It is nominated again for the 2017 Awards, which will be announced at the London Boat Show in January.

However, it was in February this year that the most momentous developments began to take place. Porto Montenegro, which by then had 450 berths capable of taking vessels to 180m, announced it was making a 250m berth available for an anticipated new generation of giga yachts.

Industry pundits said that this instantly positioned it as a world leader, exceeding the largest superyacht berths even of OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona (190m) and Grand Harbour Marina in Malta (135m). The present #1 private yacht is the Lürssen-built and Middle East-owned Azzam at 180m, but with concepts like the 220m Double Century being floated, Porto Montenegro will be ready for her.

For the record, OneOcean Port Vell’s facilities include a 440m fixed dock for superyachts, so they too can accommodate future giga yachts.montenegro-coast-views-2

Fourth in the Top 10 list compiled by superyacht directory Yachting Pages was Vilanova Grand Marina also in Barcelona (120m), then came Limassol Marina in Cyprus (110m), Palmarina in Bodrum, Turkey (105m), Marina di Stabia in Italy (100m) Christophe Harbour in St Kitts in the Caribbean (91m), ACI Marina Split in Croatia (90m) and Marine di Loano (77m).

Munk, a Canadian entrepreneur who founded Barrick Gold of Toronto, the world’s largest gold producer, was by early March extolling Porto Montenegro at Dubai Boat Show in Mina Seyahi, describing this event as “an unparalleled platform to showcase to the Middle East’s nautical investors and enthusiasts.”

He obviously piqued their interest. On May 7, a new media release from Sand People advised that “the Investment Corporation of Dubai, a principal arm of the Government, has agreed to purchase Porto Montenegro Marina and Resort from Montport Capital.”

Located in the Bay of Kotor, a World Heritage site on the Adriatic Sea, the landmark waterfront development offers a lifestyle community for boat owners, residents and tourists, set against the magnificent backdrop of the Montenegrin mountains. In only 10 years, Porto Montenegro has firmly established itself as a premier destination for yachtsmen and women.dining-rooms-porto-montenegro

“The move is in alignment with ICD’s strategy to add high quality international assets in fast-growing markets to its substantial portfolio. The transaction marks ICD’s first investment in Montenegro and the yacht marina sector, both of which are expected to experience strong growth in coming years.”

ICD is currently developing the Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences facing Atlantis on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Last year it acquired stakes in the W Hotel in Washington DC, the Mandarin Oriental in New York, and in One and Only in Cape Town. It also has significant equity in Sol Kerzner’s holding company which operates the One and Only, Atlantis and Mazagan brands.

Munk was philosophical about the deal, describing ICD as the ideal party to take the resort to the next level. In addition to 450 berths already built and occupied, approvals are in hand for another 400 berths, plus development land with a BUA of 280,000sqm. “It has the potential to double in size, and I am confident I am leaving Porto Montenegro in very safe hands,” he said.

Presently, the facility has sold out more than 200 luxury apartments, 55 retail outlets made up of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and amenities, and a five star Regent Hotel with its own 80 luxury suites and apartments. Owners are said to get 85% revenue returns from the Regent’s rental program.

As for the marina: “Complemented by these spacious waterside residences, signature restaurants, lively bars and a wide range of sports, leisure and cultural activities, the marina is an ideal homeport solution for yachts of any size, while the country’s outside EU tax benefits (7% VAT on marine-related services, 0% VAT on charters, and duty free fuel) presents a powerful financial case for basing a yacht in Montenegro all year around.”private-apartments-porto-montenegro

One owner, well-known in Hong Kong and Singapore, keeps his 69m Feadship in Monaco, which some say is “on a par” with Montenegro. He revisited the Adriatic this summer and emailed us enthusiastically: “Terrific cruise. I had forgotten just how lovely this area is.”

Venice and Trieste lie at the northern end of this long narrow sea between Italy and the former Yugoslavia. Ancona on the Italian side hosts a superyacht yard enclave, but really, the Adriatic Coast means Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania down to the Greek island of Corfu.

Since the so-called “Balkan Wars” 25 years ago, these countries have been independent. Best-known are the Croatian cities of Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, which is next door to Montenegro, but there are also 1,300 islands and inlets and tiny towns that make cruising here such a delight, and it is possible to charter small sailboats as well as superyachts.

Mid-summer can be hot, and this is when many Europeans take holidays, so visiting before or after is recommended. The MYBA has taken to holding a Pop-Up Superyacht Show at Porto Montenegro in the first week of September, just before Cannes Yachting Festival. For those in the industry, try both. Next up is Genoa, and then Monaco Yacht Show, all within one very pleasant month.

This article was first published in Yacht Style Magazine.

Echo Yachts Introduces Sculptured Yacht

Trimaran master builders Echo Yachts has teamed up with One2Three Naval Architects and Sam Sorgiovanni to create this incredibly sculptured yacht. The trimaran design allows for an amazingly stable and ocean going ability in its own right, however gyro stabilizers have also been added to keep things extra smooth.

On board you’ll find an array of amenities, including a sundeck helipad and foredeck touch and go landing pad, as well as multiple swimming pools. When it comes time to head out into the water for some fun, there’s a large tender garage for all the toys. Long journeys are also not a problem for the 120m Trimaran. With a 5,000 nm range and a top speed of 20 kts, the hybrid propulsion system could easily take you from San Francisco to Yokohama or Portsmouth to Port of Spain.

Invictus 379 GT

Invictus 370 GT: Yachting Chameleon

While the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 is now well and truly over, the debuts from the show are still making the news for various reasons, including this beauty, the Invictus 370 GT. The latest to catch our attention is from Invictus Yacht, which made its debut at the luxury yachting festival. The Italian shipyard, Invictus Yacht, is best known for creating small to medium recreational vessels and the Invictus 370 GT is no exception.

With a length of 11.4 meters, the yacht has now been nominated for the “European Power Boat of the Year 2017”. Fitted with the reverse bow that Invictus is known for, the yacht comes with ample space that can be customized to suit the needs of the owner. Below deck, the yacht hosts two large cabins that can be fitted with various amenities, such as a long settee and corner bar, to create a comfortable living area.Invictus 379 GT

At the helm and navigation station are three oversized and inviting chairs that are able to seat the driver and two guests while a submersible stern deck stands out as a feature on the yacht. The feature is one that has been previously unseen on a yacht this size and is in addition to the standard accessories such as a mobile bar, stern settees and a compact kitchen.

Versatility is the name of the game with various versions available to owners. With the Open version, the Invictus 370 GT will come with a bimini top that folds electrically while the hardtop version comes with a cover for the helm and the after dinette. The yacht will be made available in four shades: Vanilla Sea, Attack Gray, Dark Wood and Personal White. Atelier Invictus is also on hand for clients who wish to add special requests for materials, colors and finishings.



For four days, the Raffles Marina was transformed into a bustling hub for all things luxury lifestyle thanks to the inaugural SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. The event marked the first time that various luxury lifestyle components were brought together under one roof in Singapore. From luxury properties, yachts, supercars, classic cars, watches, fashion, art, fine food, wines and champagnes, over 5,800 guests were able to enjoy the best that selected brands had to offer.

singapore rendezvous



Kicking off the event was a lion dance troop that on a winning performance that wowed the audience at the Raffles Marina. With Band on the Run – who funked up the crowd on all four days – serenading the assembled guests, the atrium proved to be a glimpse of what was in store for the weekend. As guests explored the venue, they were treated to Artheline’s range of quirky and fun creations. The art duo’s famous hippos and whales helped to brighten up the lawn as visitors enjoyed the JetLounge as well as vintage and super cars.

Supercars and Vintage Cars


The SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS featured several modern classic cars from the region such as the 1959 Jaguar XK150 FHC (below), 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe and 1966 Alfa Romeo 2600. Supercars such as those from Lamborghini were out in full strength over the four days.srv-classic-car

Apart from its official supercar display, visitors were also treated to a parade of 20 cars thanks to the Lamborghini club. Joining this impressive showcase of motoring goodness were the ExotiCar club, Driving Passion Porsche car club, the Ferrari car club and the Jaguar car club.

Luxury Yachts & Properties

Zeelander 44’s Asian premiere

Fans of luxury yachts were in for a treat with the regional premiere of the Zeelander 44 by Northrop & Johnson, a showcase by Burgess which included the superyacht S/Y Bliss, as well as the presentation of the sailing yacht Ron Holland Golden Opus by ProMarine. With four yachts at the marina, British yacht builder Princess Yachts was the biggest exhibitor at the event while Leopard Catamarans also brought along the brand new Leopard 43 Powercat for guests to experience.

Leopard Catamarans

Leopard’s brand new 43 ft catamaran

The final yacht exhibitor to join the list was Simpson Marine, who did more than present the Lagoon 42 that made its debut earlier this year. The brand also promoted its Yacht Care service that allows for absentee owners to leave their yachts docked in Thailand. Additionally, Simpson Marine also promoted its charter program that allows yacht owners to cover operational costs by chartering their yachts.


Luxury Properties


In the ballroom of the Raffles Marina, 15 leading property developers showcased an impressive array of projects. From Malaysia and Thailand were tropical waterfront properties such as BRDB, UEM Sunrise, Anamaya, Samujana and Glam Habitat. From Australia were urban condominiums proudly presented by Central Equity and Little Projects. Rounding up the property developers were exclusive projects from the French Riviera, Corsica and Brittany that featured the finest luxury properties that France had to offer. From Brittany for instance, was a chateau on a 53-hectare property surrounded by woods, a bio-farm, a fishing lake and an equestrian center.

Luxury WatchesSingapore Rendezvous deLaCour Reflet Tourbillon

The atrium of Raffles Marina was home to a booth by deLaCour that featured the finest wares that the luxury watch brand had to offer. The official timepiece partner of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, also brought along the Reflect Tourbillon (above) that made its Asian debut at the event.

Anniversary Parties

Along with kicking of what is set to be an annual event, the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS hosted the anniversary parties of two publications under Heart Media and Lux Inc Media. The first, was the WOW Anniversary Party that celebrated 15 years since the first watch periodical was first published. Held in the JetLounge, the anniversary party was the perfect opportunity for guests to mingle and get to know the team behind the publication. During the party, two of WOW’s longstanding partners Jager-LeCoultre and Omega brought along some of their finest creations to highlight their watchmaking savoir faire. As guests explored the JetLounge and enjoyed the beats from HED KANDI, they were treated to fine Italian wine sponsored by SSMA Enterprises.

The second party held at the the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, was for the luxury property magazine, PALACE. A publication under Lux Inc Media, the party was held to commemorate the fifth anniversary of PALACE Magazine. Held in the Veranda, guests were able to enjoy not only the scenic view of the Raffles Marina but also complimentary wines from Épicurio.

Food & Beverage

The lovely champagne served by Perrier-Jouët

We need to give you no further introduction to the partners who kept everyone well fed and hydrated over the course of the event but we certainly would love to share more about what they had in store for us. With their very own lounge, Perrier-Jouët was proud to present the latest Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Autumn 2005 as well as the Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé. Another of our favorites was the set up by The Lifecycle Concepts — Coastal Lifestyle who provided us with their signature concept. This included a sunset bar, live acoustic music, vintage cars, a Vespa display and a Somersby cider van that treated all with refreshing cider slushies.


Épicurio Wine Fair

Away from the heat but still with an impressive view, was the Épicurio wine fair that gave guests a chance to sample and purchase wines that had been specially curated for the event. On the final day of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, the Royal Albatross hosted the Opera Dinner by SingExperience, the first ticketed event of its kind in Singapore.

singapore rendezvous

The Royal Albatross that hosted the Opera Dinner on the final night of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.


The Deboneire fashion show

Apart from Band on the Run, who performed Top 40 hits, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS provided more dance-friendly entertainment options with the HED KANDI DJs at the JetLounge. The JetLounge was proudly sponsored by JetCoin. The lounge also served as the backdrop for the DEBONEIRE Affaire fashion show (above). Speaking of fashion, our friends at L’Officiel Singapore had their very own photo exhibition that featured images from the cover spread of the luxury fashion publication’s September issue.

The Monaco Experience

Winner Nick Tay with Benoit Badufle, Regional Director of Monaco Government Tourist Bureau Asia.

One lucky couple won the coveted chance to travel to Monaco thanks to the Monaco Government Tourist Bureau. Included in the package that Nick Tay (above) collected were round trip business class tickets, limousine transfers in a Maserati Quattro Porte and a three-day two-night stay at the iconic Hôtel Hermitage Monte Carlo.

The Panel Talks

It wasn’t just fun, games and luxury lifestyle at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. The event also featured panel talks by industry insiders such as sports heritage magazine publisher Eli Solomon, champagne partner Perrier-Jouët, photography partner Leica and Alfred Terzibachian of luxury watch brand deLaCour.



To capture the events and happenings over the four days, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS partnered with none other than Leica. Apart from the professional photographers who were out and about throughout the weekend, Leica also brought along several professional cameras and binoculars for guests to enjoy. In fact, every single image you see here was captured on Leica cameras. Experts were also on hand to pass along tips and tricks to help capture scenic photography.srv-day-4

lagoon catamaran singapore rendezvous

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Thibaut de Montvalon, Beneteau Group

The Lagoon 42 is about to make waves at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, the luxury lifestyle event happening this week, October 20-23. Brought to Raffles Marina by Beneteau Group and Simpson Marine, the prestigious yacht will be on display during the 3-day event, as announced in Simpson Marine’s press release – read the full version here.

Making her debut at this lifestyle event is the Lagoon 42, an award winning model which was launched earlier this year in January 2016. Since her launch she has sold over 100 units and also won two awards. Her accolades include ‘Best Multihull Sailing Yacht’ award at Asia Boating Awards and recently winner of the Multihull category at Sailing Today Awards in Southampton Boat Show last month.

Before we immerse ourselves in the fun-filled weekend that will see the Lagoon 42 as one of the luxury yachts on display, we engage Thibaut de Montvalon, Director of Beneteau Group Asia Pacific in a brief conversation. He tells us about the brand’s growing presence in Asia and what is in store for visitors at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.

Give us some background on the Beneteau Group ? How does it perform today on a worldwide basis ?

The Beneteau Group is the world’s number one sailing yacht builder – both mono and multi-hull – and a global market leader for motorboats. The Group’s strategic roadmap is based on four pillars: building on its position as the world leader for sailing yachts, continuing to develop its business on the motorboat market, expanding its range to include larger units and lastly, further strengthening its presence in the North American market.

These four strategic areas, which have been guiding the Group’s development for several years, are especially relevant as the global recreational boat market is growing again for the first time since 2008-09. This growth is being driven primarily by the upturn in the European market and continued growth in the American market. This buoyant environment has enabled the Group to improve its profitability.

As far as Asia is concerned, the Beneteau Group has a long term commitment to the region as it set up its first Asia branch back in 2005 in Shanghai, to focus on the Asian market and develop its market share in the region. Asia is still a rather small market for us as a Group but we believe in its future and we are committed to participate to its development.

Where are you based in Asia? In a few words, how is your dealership network organized ?

We relocated our Asia Regional Office from Shanghai to Hong Kong last year and took over the management of the Pacific area in addition to Asia. From our Asia Pacific office, we are now managing a network of 32 dealers – 18 in Asia and 14 in the Pacific –  ranging from Vladivostok, through Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and French Polynesia! We are very proud to have the largest network of distributors in Asia and the Pacific and, just as importantly, incredible teams of professionals distributing and servicing our brands.

This is key in our strategy: we look for the best professionals in one market and we are building relationships for the long run. Another one of our objectives is to step-in early in a new market. We’re always scouting for emerging boating markets and we aim to take part in the development of the boating culture in these new destinations.

There has been a strong focus on the launch of the MONTE CARLO Yachts 80, how important is this range of motor yachts in Asia ?

Monte Carlo Yachts is strategic for us in Asia. There is a strong demand for luxury motor yachts in the region and a request for new, outstanding designs.

Asian yachtsmen and yachtswomen have high expectations and always look for the latest styles and values. This suits Monte Carlo Yachts beautifully as our yachts are made to be unique, namely thanks to the talent of Nuvolari & Lenard, our designers, and thanks to the innovative building process we are implementing in our Italian shipyard.

Additionally Monte Carlo Yachts offer unrivaled flexibility when it comes to customization. Once again we aim to build unique yachts perfectly aligned with each owner’s tastes and aspirations.

Our latest MCY 80, which was launched in July and presented at the Cannes boat show in September, is a pure example of this Monte Carlo Yachts promise: unforgettable lines and an outstanding level of finish in every detail. We are very pleased with her success and already have a yacht on the way to Asia for one of our customers. lagoon catamaran singapore rendezvous

The Lagoon range continues to enjoy strong success in Asia. It has almost become synonymous with catamarans. How do you explain the success of the Lagoon range ?

Lagoon is indeed a great success in Asia, and all around the world. We refer to Lagoon as the boating success story as the brand was launched in the 1980s, based on a vision according to which catamarans would become popular in the future. It was a gamble which Lagoon is winning. Catamarans are becoming increasingly popular especially in Asia as clients appreciate the volumes and stability you can find on such boats.

The reason why Lagoon is performing better than any other brand lies in three factors: the ingenuity of the design from VPLP, simply the best multihull designers in the world, which offers incredible space, is light and has good functionality while preserving performances at sea. The quality of the yacht is also essential as it is not an easy matter to build a catamaran. The physics and loads involved are complex; the ability to consistently build good boats is also challenging. The strength of the Lagoon brand through our thousands of loyal owners who are circumnavigating the globe as our best ambassadors and of course our distributors who, once again, perform an exceptional job at promoting and servicing our yachts.

Your group will be displaying a Lagoon 42 at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, what are the specificities of this Catamaran ?

The Lagoon 42 is a new model launched in January at the Dusseldorf boat show. She has met her market as we have already sold more than 100 units of this particular model worldwide!

You can spot her  strong personality at first sight, combining modern, dynamic lines and flowing curves.  On board, the focus is on the living space, with incredible volumes, comfort and amenities. When it comes to sailing, the Lagoon 42 has already made a name for itself, to be performing outstandingly. This is namely thanks to the latest generation of rigging and the sail plan Lagoon has developed, which increases performances under sail while simplifying maneuvres.

The Lagoon 42 is presented for the first time in Asia at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. 

What are the actions taken by the BENETEAU group to lead more Asians to discover and enjoy the yachting lifestyle ?

If I was to list all the actions we implement across Asia in terms of yachting lifestyle, the list would be too long! As you can imagine, through the years since we have been active in the region and thanks to our extensive distribution network, we keep a busy agenda! On the sailing front for example we are involved with a number of regattas all across Asia. In each of these regattas we aim to have one or two boats which we manage and we invite on-board guests and owners, to experience yacht racing together with our team of passionate sailors.

On a less competitive front we are partnering with sailing schools and charter companies to promote sailing culture and encourage people to go boating across Asia, during their holidays. On the power boat front we organize a sport fishing competition, called Barracuda Tour. We run Open Days, where we welcome guests and owners to experience our new models. We also organize Owner’s Rendez-Vous, where clients go to discover new destinations together as a group, under our supervision. And of course, we host numerous parties and dinners on board our yachts, at sea or in the marinas and yacht clubs. 

Chartering a yacht or looking at buying one, how do you tackle this sensitive question ?

In my opinion, this question is irrelevant. Owning a yacht and chartering one are as complementary as owning a property and visiting hotels, or spending holidays in resorts. I can think of many yacht owners who charter yachts on a regular basis.

I see charter as a stepping stone to becoming a yacht owner: you get to experience life on board, see how it feels, share the experience with your friends and family, try different types of boats. This is one aspect of yacht chartering. The other aspect is the ability to extend your horizon, discovering new boating grounds. Yacht charter is a means to combine the love of yachting with travels and holidays abroad. To that extent, I believe that Asia has some of the best boating destinations.

Your best experience on the sea in Asia ?

I recall two experiences. The first one is discovering Phang Nga Bay, in Phuket and Koh Lipe near Langkawi, as skipper of a sailing yacht (a charter yacht actually!) with my family on board. We invited our parents from Europe and cruised between Thailand and Malaysia. To me, cruising is simply the best and purest way to discover a new destination.

The second experience was yacht racing in the China Cup as crew for Michel Desjoyeaux. He is a famous skipper, a French sailing legend. I was, all at the same time, proud to get him participating in one of the Asian regattas with our Beneteau team and humbled to witness his talent, and experience as a member of his crew.


For more info and tickets, visit SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS website and SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Facebook Page

Zeelander Z44

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Hugo Van Schaik, Northrop & Johnson

Making its Asia premiere at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS is the Zeelander 44. Founded in Holland in 2002, Zeelander is a high-end motor yacht manufacturer pushing the boundaries of form and function. We speak with Hugo Van Schaik, Executive Director of Northrop & Johnson Asia, to get his take on their Dutch partner and their plans for the Zeelander brand in Asia.

Tell us a bit about the Zeelander shipyard and how their relationship with Northrop and Johnson came to be.

We have known Zeelander Yachts and its owner for several years. The owner, who traveled around the globe with his own yacht for several years, has been boating since birth. He aspired to create the “pocket super yacht”, in terms of comfort, sound levels, ride and behavior at sea, build quality, as well as a luxury perspective. The Zeelander Z44 is the first in this range, followed by the Z55. They also developed a 164 luxury explorer.

When you see a Zeelander on the water you recognize it instantly; a Z44 cannot be confused with any other boat. The round curves of the hull, the double curved windows, and the finish of the different materials – the wood, the leather, the stainless details – is exquisite. The Zeelander range of yachts is the very definition of good taste and traditional craftsmanship, combined with all the technical features that the modern world can offer.Zeelander Z44

The Zeelander 44 is instantly recognizable due to her curvy lines. Besides making it look sexy in appearance, how important is the boat’s shape to its performance?

The Z44 offers unparalleled ease of operation and functionality. Beautifully proportioned, her high bow provides protection against waves in high sea states, while double chines deflect waves and add to the dryness of the decks. The performance on open seas is significant, and the smart design prevents slamming into waves. This smooth ride means that everyone on a Z44 can truly enjoy the pleasures of the onboard experience.

Are there any special features on the boat that might intrigue potential buyers in the region?

It is not specifically the features that make this yacht so special but the way the yacht and its equipment is designed and constructed. Every little detail has its purpose and works together as one perfect machine. Designed and built with all the possible features of a superyacht, the Z44 is certainly eye-catching and has no equal in the market. Inside and outside she is air-conditioned and the exterior is maintenance-free (no real teak and varnish, it is faux).

Describe the typical owner of a Zeelander.

Zeelander owners are wealthy, most of the time they are individualists, people who know exactly what they require and how that should be achieved. They are only satisfied with the best standard/quality of life, regardless if it is a house, car, food or yachting.Zeelander Z44

How different is it breaking into the market in Asia with a new boat, versus say the US or Europe? What are some of the challenges you’ve faced that are unique to the Asian market as compared to the rest?

In the western world, it is easier to promote such brands because people already understand the world of yachting. The market is big and quite settled, with lots of competitors. The Asian market is much smaller and people mainly know about the brands that have been already active for several years. Establishing a niche brand is challenging; however, we at Northrop and Johnson Asia are convinced that when our target group experiences Zeelander, they will understand what they have been missing.

You’ve chosen the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS for the Asian premiere of the Zeelander 44. What about this event makes it the perfect place to make such a launch?

We have discussed the Zeelander 44 market entry already for quite some time. It happened to be the right moment to ship our demo to Singapore. Besides, this event is exactly the type of event we are looking for, as it attracts the right target audience for the introduction of a brand like Zeelander.

For more information, visit SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and view the range of Zeelander motoryachts at www.zeelander.com.


Princess 60

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Vrit Yongsakul, Princess Yachts

Just two more days until the start of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and we are doing our best to share as much as we can on what is in store and the partners who will be in town. Today, we bring you an interview with Vrit Yongsakul, Group Managing Director of Princess Yachts who talks to us about the yachting industry in Asia and what is in store for the brand. 

What attracted you to Princess Yachts in particular and, in general, to the world of yachting?

Probably a mix of uncompromising quality of the yacht, its timeless design, the integrity and professionalism of the people with whom we have worked with over the past 22 years. Yachting can both be a great family hobby as much as for entertaining and enjoying the level of privacy or excitement it may bring.

How is the yachting market currently different in Asia than say Europe or the US?

Unlike in Europe or the US, where the market is more developed, yachting is a new market and a new lifestyle concept here in Asia. It is a great market with a large pool of wealthy people that can afford yachts, but we need to educate buyers on yachting/boating so that they can understand the lifestyle. There is a learning curve here but Asia is really growing. When I speak to the guys at the Princess factory in the UK, they tell me that Southeast Asia (including Greater China) is getting closer and closer in terms of annual sales.

From a customer perspective, I am seeing a lot more interest in boating within Southeast Asian waters, and the popularity of cruising in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand is really confidence-inspiring. As a destination, we now need to start working even more effectively to establish strong relationships between countries within Asia to open up cruising grounds and further establish the right infrastructure here.

As we have learned from experience, just because people have money it doesn’t mean they want to spend it on your particular product, because they are not interested in yachts. How do you build the interest in the boating lifestyle in regions where there isn’t a culture of leisure boating in place?

We take them out on sunset cruises or a full-day charter where they can experience and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Phuket. Our clients are mostly busy people, it gives them the opportunity to switch off, enjoy some family and ‘me’ time and soon, they will be addicted to short cruises and see boating as a form of escapism.

Princess 56

Interior, Princess 56

Princess Yachts has a large range of boats. What’s the particular strength or definitive characteristic of Princess Yachts, if you had to pick just one?

The strength of the Princess brand rests on pillars such as quality, strength and integrity of design and build which results in timeless elegance, impeccable and luxurious interiors and immaculate finish. Princess Yachts have been building some of the world’s finest luxury motor yachts for more than 40 years. Our yachts keep their allure and value for many years and therefore are very strong contenders at the used yacht market and hold a reputation of unsurpassed sea-keeping.

We are told that there are amazing customization options at Princess Yachts, from the LVMH stable of brands and beyond. How important is customisation to your business and what are some of the most interesting or unique customisations that you’ve seen so far?

We have had some really amazing requests, some of which we have managed to achieve and some that were better left to one side… for now! With Princess being owned by L-Catterton, we are indeed able to work very closely with brands such as Fendi and LV, however, we have also worked with wonderful brands outside of the group, such as Hermes, as a specific request from a customer. Each and every Princess is different… beautiful and unique and that is increasingly becoming a main factor in our sales dialogue with clients.

Who is a Princess Yacht owner?

It can be just about anyone, but what we have noticed is that a typical Princess customer is truly trans-global; they know what they want, and really understand that the real beauty is in the details. They have high expectations of quality and a strong appreciation of incredible design language.

Where would you say is the best location for yachting in Thailand?

100% Phuket. Phuket is a Mecca for boating for Asia, like the Mediterranean is for Europe.

Which recent innovations in yachting strike you? How do you bridge between heritage & modernity? Project 31 etc.

There is a real movement back to grass roots boating with open boats, such as our V58-Open, and it seems that fun on the sea is the priority. Everybody is into toys currently, such as Seabobs, and the modern creature comforts are all required, but now, with ease and at the touch of one button. Our heritage is very important, and what better way to celebrate the fact that Princess has made over 17,000 yachts over the past 50 years than bringing back to life the original boat, but re-designing the interior to be in line with a modern day Princess!

Jeanneau Velasco 43F

Jeanneau Velasco 43F

Can you tell me more about your latest model?

We have launched six new models in the past six months. We have a new 35M and 30M in our M class range, a new V58, a new S65 – which now defines a totally new segment in yachting where performance meets style, and we have also added two all-new flybridge products with a 75 Motor Yacht and a Princess 49.

What services do you offer clients in the region?

Our services include new yacht sales, pre-loved yachts, yacht charter, yacht management and the best after sales service you will find in Southeast Asia since 1995. Princess Yachts has one of the longest established and most extensive after sales and service support organizations in the region that ensures all Princess owners unparalleled enjoyment of their yachts. Our sole mission is to provide the best possible maritime turnkey experience, from the moment one starts thinking about purchasing or hiring a Princess Yacht and every day after that.

Princess Yachts will be one of the exhibitors at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, which is right around the corner. What part of the concept did you find attractive that made you want to take part in it?

It seems the event has a focus on lifestyle which is one of the key aspects of our boat ownership experience which we offer, where we have also held regular Princess Yachts Rendezvous in the various locations that we operate out of within Southeast Asia. It seems our values are also shared by that of the show, in that we specialise in quality new and pre-owned yachts, and are always keen to explore new ground and opportunities!

Jeanneau Velasco 43F

Interior, Jeanneau Velasco 43F

What do you hope to achieve there as an exhibitor?

As one of the largest yacht companies in Asia, we are thrilled to be a part of the Singapore Rendezvous as it will allow us to introduce the lifestyle of yachting/boating to a diverse type of crowd, at the same time, allow guests at the event to enjoy the viewings of the exclusive range of Princess Yachts.

Which yachts will be on display at THE SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS?

The yachts that will displayed are the Princess 56, Princess 52, Princess 72 MY, Jeanneau’s Velasco 43F and Marquis 600.

For more information, visit SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.

Majesty 48


The SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS is just days away — no really, the media preview is this Thursday. In advance of that, we have another participant, ProMarine Yachts, to introduce. The brand is bringing in four yachts to the Raffles Marina for guests to view.bavaria-vision-46

First up, we have the Majesty 48 (main image) that will be anchoring at the marina for the fours days. The 14.9 meter yacht has three decks that can accommodate up to six guests and offers a generous space for relaxation and rest. The next of the four is the Bavaria Vision 46 (above) that can be customised in two or three-cabin versions, depending on the needs of the owner.Ron Holland Opus 73

The third of the yachts is the Ron Holland Opus 73 (above), an impressive sailing yacht that bears the name of its designer. Boasting four cabins, and a deck that has a generous amount of open space, the yacht clocks in at a little over 22 meters. The final yacht to join the lineup from ProMarine is none the Sargo 36 Explorer (below). The smallest of the yachts on display, this is an 11.8 meter vessel that also comes in two or three-cabin configurations.Sargo 36 Explorer

With numerous yachts, luxury cars and beverages set to leave their mark on the island this weekend, we suggest you head down to SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS to purchase your tickets.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Mark Woodmansey, Burgess Yachts

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Mark Woodmansey, Burgess Yachts

We have been covering the luxury lifestyle event called the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS that will be happening this week in a big way. To keep the excitement going, we bring you another insight into what is in store with an interview with Mark Woodmansey, Chief Representative of Greater China and Yacht Broker at Burgess Yachts. 

What are the main areas of excellence of Burgess? Tell us more about the background of the company?

Over the past 40 years, Burgess has built its reputation in the Large Yacht Market on unrivalled professionalism, passion and knowledge. We are proud of have earned the Number One position in the Superyacht industry. Our client focused approach along with an eye for detail that is second to none, are the reasons that we have attained this accolade. Our specialist areas of expertise are in the purchase, sale, building, charter and management of yachts over 30 meters.

Burgess was built on a love of yachting. Founded in London 1975 by Nigel Burgess, a renowned sailor and worldwide single-handed ocean racer, we now have offices on truly a global scale including Hong Kong and Singapore. Chief Executive Jonathan Beckett has led Burgess to become the world’s number one superyacht brokerage house. In 2001, we became the first yacht brokerage firm ever to receive the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. We continue to lead from the forefront in every facet of our operation.

Where are you based in Asia? How do you cater to an Asian market? What unique services do you provide?

Our team offers the three main pillars of the business: sales, charter and operation management out of our two hubs in Hong Kong and Singapore. We are building up a clear picture of the type of yachts Asian clients prefer to own, their choices for charter yachts and destinations and have a tailored operational management package for the local market that takes into account the way many yachts are actually used in the region.

As they are typically buyers in the market we tap into our “°Glocal” team (Global and Local) to access insights into the market place, which is still predominantly located in the South of France and South Florida. We are unique in our teamwork approach, so you work with the whole company to buy or sell your yacht, operate your yacht privately, for charter or find the yachting adventure holiday of your dreams!SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Mark Woodmansey, Burgess Yachts

Chartering a yacht or looking at buying one, how do you tackle these sensitive questions?

It’s the first question we ask!

Being able to offer the full range of services results in us striving to meet the clients’ unique requirements, whatever that may be. Our clients are generally well informed existing yacht owners and happy to share their thoughts and idea. There are some people entering the yachting world at over 30m LOA however they still come with a good understanding of the market. Our job is to guide them with our insight and judgement built up over the past 40 years.

How do you ensure an Asian buyer is in good hand when looking at buying a semi or fully customized yacht?

The core strength of Burgess is our “°Glocal” Team, we combine key team players from the new operation in Asia with strategically placed individuals inside the core offices in Monaco and London. In this way we can ensure that the best knowledge and technical expertise is combined with on the ground understanding of our clients’ need in Asia. Our goal is to ensure that the Asian clients experience the benefits of working for the Global Number 1 in Superyachts and the inside track to quality information and insight that we can offer. We have long and deep relationships with the industry including brokers, shipyard, refit yards and all other stakeholders.SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Mark Woodmansey, Burgess Yachts

You are showcasing BLISS at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, tell us more about this stunning yacht?

Launched in 2010 by Yachting Developments, New Zealand and hailing from the design boards of Dubois Naval Architects, the award-winning 36.8m (120ft) BLISS has outstanding sailing performance.

With sleek exterior styling and an incredibly strong yet weight-saving construction providing speed, increased stability and improved power to weight ratio, BLISS is an ideal Bucket racer or performance world cruiser and one of the few sporty composite sailing yachts on the market today. She also is the only performance charter yacht permanently based in Asia and will be in Thailand this coming season.

BLISS has accommodation for up to eight guests in three cabins with a flexible layout and an interior decor by Design Unlimited that is contemporary, striking and luxurious. 

What is the asking price for BLISS?

BLISS can be chartered for USD89,000 to USD95,000 per week and will be sold for EUR 11,900,000. SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Mark Woodmansey, Burgess Yachts

How do you see BURGESS in 10 years, what will have evolved in the yachting field?

The Asian market is developing slowing and I expect in 10 years we will be here plugging away and building up the knowledge and understanding of the potential of yachting in the region. Our hope is that the regulatory environment is improved in 10 years so that there is greater clarity and opportunity for access to water and for commercial operation by foreign flagged yachts. Then of course there is the matter of physical infrastructure, that is a pressing challenge. Build it in the right location and in the correct format and the yachts will come.

Your best experience as a yachtsman and yacht broker, in Asia?

The early days selling yachts in China were very exciting; brand new market, great sense of opportunity and the opportunity to sell and physically deliver yachts to real pioneers and entrepreneurs from the country. As a yachtsman, the blue water classics of Hong Kong to the Philippines and Vietnam/Sanya are still my favourite, when I can manage the time. The sailing is downwind and the weather gets warmer everyday. What more to like than that, except to arrive on a foreign shore.

Grab you tickets for the highly anticipated luxury lifestyle event at SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.

LeopaLeopard 40rd 40

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Speaks with Kit Chotithamaporn, Leopard Catamaran

We are just weeks away from the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and the excitement is heating up. While we can’t share too much information about what’s in store just yet (more reason for you to get those tickets to see it in person), we are able to give you just a few hints that are sure to whet your appetite. For many, the yachting industry in Asia may be one that is daunting and challenging. Thankfully, we have industry insiders such as Kit Chotithamaporn, Asia Regional Manager for Leopard Catamarans, to help us navigate through uncharted territory. As one of the exhibitors at the highly anticipated and inaugural SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, he took some time to tell us more about his thoughts in the future of the yachting industry and why the event is one that shouldn’t be missed.

What inspired you to get involved in the yacht industry?

I was born in Phuket, Thailand and my father loved the sea. He was an avid recreational fisherman who can most likely be considered the first recreational boater in Phuket. He had his own boat built and went fishing. At a very early age my father would bring us fishing, boating, and swimming at the beach so the sea and the beach or anything related to both became a passion for me. When the opportunity came along for me to get involved in the yachting industry 13 years ago, it was a very easy decision.

Where would you say is the best location for boating in Asia?

Personally I believe Southeast Asia is one of the most amazing areas for boating in the world. It’s a massive area covering different countries with vast cultural and environmental diversity which makes for great boating. Weather wise it’s also mild compared to other areas in Asia. I am of course from Phuket so I will forever be biased towards the island and its surrounding cruising grounds. Phuket itself has lots of beautiful beaches and bays to moor up in and the numerous islands within close cruising range which offer a boater years of cruising. I’ve seen Phuket back in the days when it was a sleepy little town with pristine beaches and all the islands around were untouched and barely had a soul on it. Obviously the changes in Phuket have been drastic over the years with the development of tourism and there are good and bad effects that come with it but I still love the place deeply and see many reasons to live and boat here.

Leopard Catamaran

Leopard 51PC

What is your biggest sales market and why do you think it is so?

Currently my biggest sales market would be Southeast Asia. For Asia I believe Southeast Asia is the region that has been exposed to the boating lifestyle at an earlier stage therefore it’s had more time to grow and develop. With an earlier start the infrastructure and services in the region has had fairly good development with marinas and yachting related services from Indonesia up to Thailand. Having said that the region and whole of Asia is still in need of more development for the industry’s continued growth. Besides the infrastructure growth, of course the main reason is also the amazing cruising grounds. As stated previously Phuket is one of these amazing areas and hence the reason why it is now considered the hub for boating in the region.

What are some of the things that clients look out for when purchasing Catamarans?

When someone is looking to purchase a catamaran I think the first thing they look for is the space and comfort it provides compared to a monohull. On deck, the rear cockpit on a catamaran is huge as it spreads out over both hulls. The rear cockpit and saloon are also on the same level which gives better light, visibility, and spaciousness. The foredeck or bow area is also a massive area with a big “trampoline” that goes across both hulls and makes for a great area for lounging and sunbathing. Underway it’s always a favorite space to be as it gives one the feeling of floating over the water. On a Leopard Catamaran we have a unique feature which is our forward saloon door and forward cockpit seating area. The forward saloon door offers convenient and safe access to the bow directly from the main saloon and you will also go through our very unique and famed forward cockpit which provides another shaded seating and dining area.

Down below you will find good headroom and overall space in all the cabins. On our Leopard 48 for example, you will find all cabins to be ensuite which is unlikely on a monohull.

Leopard 48

Leopard 48

Sailing wise catamarans offer much better stability and while sailing underway the boat does not heel like you would on a monohull. Performance is also an advantage where a catamaran is generally faster under power or sail. Draft is another advantage meaning you can get into shallower and hard to reach areas as well as anchoring closer to shore.

With power catamarans, the one major advantage over a monohull would be the fuel consumption. Normally consumption would be half, if not more due to the small surface area below the waterline for the two hulls. With Leopard Catamarans, our powercats are true powercats offering good performance with 25 knot top speed and cruising in the 18 to 20 knot range.

Could you tell us more about the latest model, Leopard 40?

The Leopard 40 is our newest model, launched a year ago, replacing its predecessor the Leopard 39. The Leopard 40 is a completely new design with nothing carrying over from the Leopard 39. The main saloon space has been increased significantly with a forward facing galley offering great visibility through our large vertical forward windows and the Leopard 40 now also has our signature forward saloon door offering direct access to the bow. The main saloon sofa is now positioned towards the rear adjacent to the rear cockpit seating area. With the new Leopard 40 the sliding saloon glass door now opens all the way and you can now join the indoor main saloon sofa seating area with the outdoor rear cockpit. This is a great feature which opens up the entire main saloon level offering great entertaining space and keeping everyone onboard together. Leopard Catamarans’ main identity has always been conviviality and to keep everyone onboard together as a group without anyone feeling left out. The new Leopard 40’s features keeps to this promise and improves upon it.

Leopard 40

Leopard 40

What makes this model stand out against previous Leopard Catamarans?

Besides the new features mentioned above, the Leopard 40 brings our smallest model in line with the same design concept and features with our larger models such as the Leopard 48. Although it is our smallest model at 40 feet, the Leopard 40 now offers much more space and comfort compared to the previous Leopard 39. Compared to a monohull you would need at least a 50 foot boat to get the same space provided by the Leopard 40.

How receptive have clients been to the Leopard 40?

The Leopard 40 has been well received since its launch with deliveries now well into mid 2017. We have also recently delivered one of the very first Leopard 40 to a client in the Philippines through our dealer there. I believe more will be sold to Asia once we launch the model here and start to display a boat in the upcoming SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and regional boat shows. The Leopard 40 offers a lot of boat at its price range.

Leopard Catamarans are designed by a team in Florida, crafted by a team in South Africa and sold in Asia. Are there any difficulties faced in working with teams that are spread across various continents?

The whole partnership between our head office in Florida and Roberson & Caine in Cape Town works very smoothly and after so many years of partnership we’ve managed to work out all the hurdles and now operate at a very high level of efficiency. For me in Asia the biggest issue would be the time zone differences and having to wait for replies to emails etc.

Leopard Catamarans prides itself in delivering quality products to customers and catering to their needs. Does this also extend to the way in which each catamaran is delivered?

For delivery we actually offer our owners a few options. The most obvious one is shipping from Cape Town to the boat’s destination. Another very popular option for our sailing catamarans is our on water delivery where we sail the boat with a delivery crew on its own hull from the factory in Cape Town to any destination worldwide. We have delivered over 1,300 boats this way and have become well known in the industry for this achievement and it’s a testament to the quality of a Leopard Catamaran. Finally, we also offer owners an option where they can fly into Cape Town to take possession of their boat and from there they can sail to their desired destination on the beginning of their sailing adventure.

Why do you think clients should invest in Leopard Catamarans?

The overall build quality of a Leopard Catamaran is superior and our fittings and materials used also tend to be of higher quality. Many of these features are subtle and not be immediately noticeable but once noticed owners will know the difference immediately. As in all things, it’s the details that make the difference. Besides the hardware, Leopard Catamarans also have unique and innovative features such as our forward saloon door, forward cockpit, safe rig with double back stays and rigid boom vang, standard hard top on all boats, and a helm station designed for short-handed sailing. Performance wise our boats tend to sail better due to our stepped hull design and powerful sail plan. With our powercats, they are true powercats with high speed ability and not just a sailing hull without the mast.

Another main reason which I’m proud to say is Leopard Catamarans is the only builder that can lay claim to the fact that our boats are truly blue water tried and tested. We have delivered well over 1,300 boats on their own hull to destinations all over the world from our shipyard in Cape Town. For example, there were two Leopard 48s delivered to Hong Kong towards the end of last year and both boats spent 1 and ½ months at sea from Cape Town to Hong Kong with three delivery crew onboard. One of the boats went through 30 knot winds and 3 to 4 meter waves for 30 days continuously. This is the ultimate testament to the build and quality of these boats and the delivery journey offers the best sea trial a boat can possibly go through. After arriving at its destination, anything that can break has most likely broken and any problems would have presented itself. Through Leopard Catamarans’ post-delivery commissioning process, we repair and replace all the items and the owner will never see these problems again as most owners will never go through the same conditions the delivery crew has gone through.

Leopard 48 in Australia

Leopard 48 in Australia

What’s next for Leopard Catamarans?

Leopard Catamarans is constantly improving and evolving with new models being introduced. Currently we have a completely new model to be launched soon with new designs and features but I’d like to keep that a secret for now so watch this space.

Are there any exclusive benefits of owning Leopard Catamarans? Such as customer care or perks?

In my years of working in the yachting industry and working with various shipyards, I’d say Leopard Catamarans offers one of the best after sales care to our owners. We accept all warranty claims and manufacturer defects without question and the process is very easy and straight forward. We absolutely do not go out of our way to make the claim process difficult or question the claim endlessly causing long delays and ending up with a frustrated and unhappy owner. I personally look after all the claims and work very closely with owners so they are confident they are dealing with someone close and with local knowledge.

Leopard Catamarans will be one of the exhibitors at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, which is right around the corner. What do you hope to achieve there as an exhibitor and would there be other types of catamarans on display?

We are looking forward to the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and we committed to the event immediately as we like the new concept and timing wise it is also positioned at a good time. I hope the show can attract a more diverse type of crowd for attendance or at least it can offer visitors a different and more approachable boat show. I’d like to use this event to raise the awareness of Leopard Catamarans’ brand in the region and of course closing a few deals through the show wouldn’t be bad either! Leopard Catamarans plans to have our brand new Leopard 40, brand new Leopard 43 Powercat, and the Leopard 51 Powercat which has proven to be a very popular model in the region. Both the Leopard 40 and 43 Powercat will be a brand new model being shown for the first time in Asia.

What are your thoughts on Asia’s future yachting industry?

I believe Asia’s yachting industry will continue to grow at a steady pace as it has since I started in the industry 13 years ago. Southeast Asia will continue its gradual but steady growth. China, which is in a bit of a slump due to its political climate especially after it’s glamorous rise into the yachting lifestyle a few years ago, will slowly come back given that the players involved in the industry there market the yachting lifestyle in a more sustainable way. More interestingly I believe will be the emergence of completely new markets where there has been little to no movement in terms of yacht sales. Countries such as Taiwan which has had a thriving yacht building industry purely for export for the last 30-odd years has only just changed its laws allowing Taiwanese citizens to own their personal yachts. A few years ago it was illegal for a Taiwanese to own a private yacht. Vietnam with a lack of infrastructure and difficult regulations has a big potential as there have been some interesting announcements there lately. Myanmar is another place to look out for as the country is currently going through a dramatic change in governance as well as being part of the AEC should see some interesting changes. Overall, Asia still has a lot of potential for growth over the coming years.

The Sea Eagle by Royal Huisman

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Bart Kimman, Northrop And Johnson

We are counting down the days until the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and in the lead up to the luxury lifestyle event, we have been meeting with a few of our partners. One such partner is Northrop and Johnson, a yacht brokerage firm that is set to make its presence felt at the event later this month. We catch up with Bart Kimman, the Director of Northrop and Johnson in Asia to find out more about the brand and what we can look forward to.

What are the main areas of excellence of Northrop and Johnson?

Northrop and Johnson is a global yacht brokerage with a very strong presence in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Our focus is on Yacht Sales, from brand new constructions as well as pre-owned vessels. We also focus on Yacht Charter in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Asia as well as Yacht Management that encompasses safety, crew, maintenance, destination planning and services.

The yacht size that we consider our strength is 70’-280’, both sail and power and we concentrate on quality yachts from renowned shipyards. The yachting expert since 1947, Northrop and Johnson stands for professional support of yacht owners with a strong emphasis on an expert approach to the process of selling, purchasing or chartering yachts including the back up of solid contractual arrangements.

Northrop and Johnson Asia are prominent members of the key industry associations including MYBA, FYBA, and AYSS. Northrop and Johnson Asia was established in 2008 and has continued to grow in the Asia pacific Region for eight years, culminating in two consecutive “Best Charter Company in Asia awards.”

Where are you based in Asia? How do you cater to an Asian audience? What unique services do you provide?

We have offices in Nanjing China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand (Phuket). Northrop and Johnson is the only full-fledged global brokerage house with an Asia-wide network and the capabilities to offer global level services on the sale, purchase, charter and management of large yachts.

Sea Eagle Sailing

Sea Eagle Sailing

Chartering a yacht or looking at buying one, how do you tackle these sensitive questions?

The Northrop and Johnson sales brokers, charter brokers and yacht managers are all professionally qualified and adhere to a strict code of conduct set by the various industry associations. This provides a client with the assurance that there are no surprises when he buys, sells or charters a yacht. Our global reach provides a buyer or seller a much larger market place to operate.

Northrop and Johnson’s network has some 3,000 international yacht brokers globally. This facilitates dealmaking beyond the borders of Asia and allows for demand and supply to meet in an efficient manner.

How do you ensure an Asian buyer is in good hands when looking at buying a semi or fully customized yacht?  

Northrop and Johnson have, over time, constructed a number of custom built superyachts in most of the well-known yards in the world. The combined expertise warrants that a client buys at the right price with a contract, that above all, protects his asset and guarantees that the yacht is built to the standards agreed. It requires professional expertise with the knowledge of yachting traditions that give the client what he wants at the right price.

Why are you bringing the ZEELANDER range to Asia? Tell us more about this unique Dutch shipyard and their specific yacht design.

At the international boat shows we have seen an increased demand for luxury tenders, toys and pocket super yachts. After looking at most of them we felt that ZEELANDER offers a unique combination of elegance, quality finish and outright performance. We know this pedigree is liked in Asia and when ZEELANDER offered us the opportunity to represent them we accepted.

An Asian premiere at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, this is a substantial move and announcement. Anything specifically planned for the show and potential buyers?

To us most boat shows in Asia lack the B to C element. Over time they become tradeshows with hardly an increase in the visitor base. The organizers of  SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS are very professional marketers of luxury products and we feel confident they will pull off a great event.

Your best experience as a yachtsman and yacht broker in Asia?

Asia being an emerging market gives one the opportunity to introduce newcomers to the lifestyle of yachting. When this is done successfully it gives me great satisfaction and it is like giving something back to the yachting community that has treated me so well ever since I was a young boy with my first sailing dinghy!

The word “Yacht”, of British or Dutch origin?

No argument, the Dutch named their pleasure vessels yachts, because they were fast and could chase each other like in a race. Yacht in Dutch means hunt or chase. Pleasure vessels were used in Holland long before the Brits started using them. Being Dutch does not help making this statement, but perhaps I should write a little article for you to give more scientific evidence of this fact.

More info and tickets on SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS website

Sanlorenzo 46Steel Superyacht: Hong Kong Debut

Within its Superyacht Division out of Hong Kong, Simpson Marine have sold their first Sanlorenzo 46Steel since becoming a dealer for Sanlorenzo Spa. Delivered to Hong Kong earlier this year, the superyacht will be based there for her owner’s to use for adventures around the region. Simpson Marine have gone on to sell a 460EXP and Sanlorenzo 106 since the sale of the initial 46Steel.

Boasting a spacious interior and spanning five decks, the 46-meter long 46Steel is a superyacht kitted out with all the creature comforts you can imagine. The Sanlorenzo 46Steel has space for 10 guests and nine crew, with a maximum speed of 17 knots. With such a generous offering of style and comfort, it was certainly no surprise that Simpson Marine was able to make its first and subsequent sales in the country.

This article was first published in Yacht Style.

For more information, visit Sanlorenzo and Simpson Marine.

Raffles Marina

Interview: Ray Parry, CEO Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina plays host this month to the highly anticipated SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. While we have met several of our trustworthy partners who will be on hand to meet guests, we thought it is time that we introduce you to Ray Parry, the CEO of Raffles Marina. As the man behind Singapore’s first marina, Parry talks to us about the venue that will host the island’s largest luxury lifestyle event and what is in store for the marina.

Raffles Marina is the first marina built in Singapore. Could you tell us more about the history of the marina and its location?

It was the first modern recreational marina with country club facilities. The Club is 22 years old, and offers an international standard of berthing and facilities. Its location provides a gateway for cruising around local waters and up the west coast of Malaysia and Thailand, to Phuket and beyond. The location also offers stunning sunsets, as we are located on the western tip of Singapore.Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina is a big advocate of protecting the environment. Could you elaborate on the efforts made by the marina to help conserve the environment and marine wildlife?

We work with many partners regarding environmental issues. A recent study by NUS on marina environments found an enormous bio diversity of sea life in and around the marina, which was most encouraging. We also partner with various NGO’s including Biosphere Foundation, whose exploration boat MIR is home berthed at the Marina. Biosphere Foundation conducts research and manages environmental projects throughout Asia, from coral mapping to whale monitoring and sustainable fishing practices.

Raffles Marina has close links with Indonesia and has been advocating for more open cruising grounds between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Please tell us more.

Raffles Marina has had a long and happy association with Indonesia, be it organizing in-house cruises, to exploring the extraordinarily diverse archipelago, or engagement with government authorities on recreational marine matters. We congratulate Indonesia for their recent far-sighted liberalization of their Marine Tourism sector, including the spectacular list of countries now granted visa-free access to explore this region.Raffles Marina

What specific yachting activities and services does Raffles marina provide to its members?

Both yachting and boating facilities are available at Raffles Marina. As well as secure and safe berthing, both on the water and in our stackable boat-house, we offer all the services required in a modern marina. Anything from utilities, Wi Fi, and fuel to guidance, regional experience and a great network of regional marinas, When ashore our boaters can enjoy the club’s two restaurants, pub, 19 bedrooms and a variety of meeting spaces.

We’ve heard a lot about the excellent food available at Raffles Marina. Could you tell us more about it?

Our Chinese Restaurant, Captain’s Table features Szechuan Cuisine. Captain’s Table has also recently begun to specialise in TCM-inspired dishes, offering significant health benefits whilst remaining satisfying and very tasty. Our Bistro, with Alfresco dining, meets all the needs of local favorites along with some memorable Western and Indian offerings. The Pub is the go-to place for cooling ale and one of the most spectacular sunsets that Singapore has to offer.Raffles Marina

What does hosting SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS mean to Raffles Marina?

We are delighted to be the host venue for SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. It is a unique lifestyle show and we are excited to see the amazing variety and quality of participating organizations for visitors that has been coordinated by the event organizers

  • Could you share your best personal experience as the CEO of Raffles Marina?

There are many highlights. Amongst the best are the annual closing Dinners following our Western Circuit Sailing Regatta each year. This is a fun event jointly organised by Singapore Management University and Raffles Marina. Now in its 19th year, the event is Singapore’s biggest sailing regatta and traditionally on that final night, we hold an auction to raise funds in support of Sailability, sailing for the disabled community in Singapore. These funds go towards purchasing new boats for our disabled sailing community to get out on the water and compete at the highest of levels. To see sailors giving back so readily to advance their sport for others is always gratifying.

More info on the Marina on Raffles Marina’s website

Book your tickets for SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS now

OCEANEMO 55 Superyacht Unveiled

The Monaco Yacht Show drew many yacht manufacturers as they unveiled new designs and OCEANEMO certainly didn’t miss out. From the brand’s Sport Utility Yachts range, comes the OCEANEMO 55 that is the latest introduction to the OCEANEMO series.

Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, the 55-meter superyacht has particular advantages for those looking to bring their toys aboard as they take to the open seas. As a result of this design, we find here smaller external spaces that make room for more tenders, water-toys and accessories. However, this does not mean that the design skimps on the needs of the passengers. In fact, it is crafted to suit the specifications of the owner.

With the design better suited for those who prefer a more athletic lifestyle while aboard a superyacht, Simoni provides a covered hanger and a raised deck that will accommodate various equipment. In the hanger, owners can store a tender limousine that measures 9.6 meters in length, a crew tender of 4.5 meters, two water-jets and even a helicopter or airplane with folding wings. The raised deck can host a fisherman, a luxury car or SUV, a hovercraft or even a personal submarine should one wish to explore what lies beneath the waves.

In the stern area, is a beach area measuring 45 meters where guests can relax while a 42 square meter covered veranda provides privacy and shelter from bad weather. Within the yacht, is a dedicated apartment that provides pure comfort.