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LeopaLeopard 40rd 40

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Speaks with Kit Chotithamaporn, Leopard Catamaran

We are just weeks away from the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and the excitement is heating up. While we can’t share too much information about what’s in store just yet (more reason for you to get those tickets to see it in person), we are able to give you just a few hints that are sure to whet your appetite. For many, the yachting industry in Asia may be one that is daunting and challenging. Thankfully, we have industry insiders such as Kit Chotithamaporn, Asia Regional Manager for Leopard Catamarans, to help us navigate through uncharted territory. As one of the exhibitors at the highly anticipated and inaugural SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, he took some time to tell us more about his thoughts in the future of the yachting industry and why the event is one that shouldn’t be missed.

What inspired you to get involved in the yacht industry?

I was born in Phuket, Thailand and my father loved the sea. He was an avid recreational fisherman who can most likely be considered the first recreational boater in Phuket. He had his own boat built and went fishing. At a very early age my father would bring us fishing, boating, and swimming at the beach so the sea and the beach or anything related to both became a passion for me. When the opportunity came along for me to get involved in the yachting industry 13 years ago, it was a very easy decision.

Where would you say is the best location for boating in Asia?

Personally I believe Southeast Asia is one of the most amazing areas for boating in the world. It’s a massive area covering different countries with vast cultural and environmental diversity which makes for great boating. Weather wise it’s also mild compared to other areas in Asia. I am of course from Phuket so I will forever be biased towards the island and its surrounding cruising grounds. Phuket itself has lots of beautiful beaches and bays to moor up in and the numerous islands within close cruising range which offer a boater years of cruising. I’ve seen Phuket back in the days when it was a sleepy little town with pristine beaches and all the islands around were untouched and barely had a soul on it. Obviously the changes in Phuket have been drastic over the years with the development of tourism and there are good and bad effects that come with it but I still love the place deeply and see many reasons to live and boat here.

Leopard Catamaran

Leopard 51PC

What is your biggest sales market and why do you think it is so?

Currently my biggest sales market would be Southeast Asia. For Asia I believe Southeast Asia is the region that has been exposed to the boating lifestyle at an earlier stage therefore it’s had more time to grow and develop. With an earlier start the infrastructure and services in the region has had fairly good development with marinas and yachting related services from Indonesia up to Thailand. Having said that the region and whole of Asia is still in need of more development for the industry’s continued growth. Besides the infrastructure growth, of course the main reason is also the amazing cruising grounds. As stated previously Phuket is one of these amazing areas and hence the reason why it is now considered the hub for boating in the region.

What are some of the things that clients look out for when purchasing Catamarans?

When someone is looking to purchase a catamaran I think the first thing they look for is the space and comfort it provides compared to a monohull. On deck, the rear cockpit on a catamaran is huge as it spreads out over both hulls. The rear cockpit and saloon are also on the same level which gives better light, visibility, and spaciousness. The foredeck or bow area is also a massive area with a big “trampoline” that goes across both hulls and makes for a great area for lounging and sunbathing. Underway it’s always a favorite space to be as it gives one the feeling of floating over the water. On a Leopard Catamaran we have a unique feature which is our forward saloon door and forward cockpit seating area. The forward saloon door offers convenient and safe access to the bow directly from the main saloon and you will also go through our very unique and famed forward cockpit which provides another shaded seating and dining area.

Down below you will find good headroom and overall space in all the cabins. On our Leopard 48 for example, you will find all cabins to be ensuite which is unlikely on a monohull.

Leopard 48

Leopard 48

Sailing wise catamarans offer much better stability and while sailing underway the boat does not heel like you would on a monohull. Performance is also an advantage where a catamaran is generally faster under power or sail. Draft is another advantage meaning you can get into shallower and hard to reach areas as well as anchoring closer to shore.

With power catamarans, the one major advantage over a monohull would be the fuel consumption. Normally consumption would be half, if not more due to the small surface area below the waterline for the two hulls. With Leopard Catamarans, our powercats are true powercats offering good performance with 25 knot top speed and cruising in the 18 to 20 knot range.

Could you tell us more about the latest model, Leopard 40?

The Leopard 40 is our newest model, launched a year ago, replacing its predecessor the Leopard 39. The Leopard 40 is a completely new design with nothing carrying over from the Leopard 39. The main saloon space has been increased significantly with a forward facing galley offering great visibility through our large vertical forward windows and the Leopard 40 now also has our signature forward saloon door offering direct access to the bow. The main saloon sofa is now positioned towards the rear adjacent to the rear cockpit seating area. With the new Leopard 40 the sliding saloon glass door now opens all the way and you can now join the indoor main saloon sofa seating area with the outdoor rear cockpit. This is a great feature which opens up the entire main saloon level offering great entertaining space and keeping everyone onboard together. Leopard Catamarans’ main identity has always been conviviality and to keep everyone onboard together as a group without anyone feeling left out. The new Leopard 40’s features keeps to this promise and improves upon it.

Leopard 40

Leopard 40

What makes this model stand out against previous Leopard Catamarans?

Besides the new features mentioned above, the Leopard 40 brings our smallest model in line with the same design concept and features with our larger models such as the Leopard 48. Although it is our smallest model at 40 feet, the Leopard 40 now offers much more space and comfort compared to the previous Leopard 39. Compared to a monohull you would need at least a 50 foot boat to get the same space provided by the Leopard 40.

How receptive have clients been to the Leopard 40?

The Leopard 40 has been well received since its launch with deliveries now well into mid 2017. We have also recently delivered one of the very first Leopard 40 to a client in the Philippines through our dealer there. I believe more will be sold to Asia once we launch the model here and start to display a boat in the upcoming SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and regional boat shows. The Leopard 40 offers a lot of boat at its price range.

Leopard Catamarans are designed by a team in Florida, crafted by a team in South Africa and sold in Asia. Are there any difficulties faced in working with teams that are spread across various continents?

The whole partnership between our head office in Florida and Roberson & Caine in Cape Town works very smoothly and after so many years of partnership we’ve managed to work out all the hurdles and now operate at a very high level of efficiency. For me in Asia the biggest issue would be the time zone differences and having to wait for replies to emails etc.

Leopard Catamarans prides itself in delivering quality products to customers and catering to their needs. Does this also extend to the way in which each catamaran is delivered?

For delivery we actually offer our owners a few options. The most obvious one is shipping from Cape Town to the boat’s destination. Another very popular option for our sailing catamarans is our on water delivery where we sail the boat with a delivery crew on its own hull from the factory in Cape Town to any destination worldwide. We have delivered over 1,300 boats this way and have become well known in the industry for this achievement and it’s a testament to the quality of a Leopard Catamaran. Finally, we also offer owners an option where they can fly into Cape Town to take possession of their boat and from there they can sail to their desired destination on the beginning of their sailing adventure.

Why do you think clients should invest in Leopard Catamarans?

The overall build quality of a Leopard Catamaran is superior and our fittings and materials used also tend to be of higher quality. Many of these features are subtle and not be immediately noticeable but once noticed owners will know the difference immediately. As in all things, it’s the details that make the difference. Besides the hardware, Leopard Catamarans also have unique and innovative features such as our forward saloon door, forward cockpit, safe rig with double back stays and rigid boom vang, standard hard top on all boats, and a helm station designed for short-handed sailing. Performance wise our boats tend to sail better due to our stepped hull design and powerful sail plan. With our powercats, they are true powercats with high speed ability and not just a sailing hull without the mast.

Another main reason which I’m proud to say is Leopard Catamarans is the only builder that can lay claim to the fact that our boats are truly blue water tried and tested. We have delivered well over 1,300 boats on their own hull to destinations all over the world from our shipyard in Cape Town. For example, there were two Leopard 48s delivered to Hong Kong towards the end of last year and both boats spent 1 and ½ months at sea from Cape Town to Hong Kong with three delivery crew onboard. One of the boats went through 30 knot winds and 3 to 4 meter waves for 30 days continuously. This is the ultimate testament to the build and quality of these boats and the delivery journey offers the best sea trial a boat can possibly go through. After arriving at its destination, anything that can break has most likely broken and any problems would have presented itself. Through Leopard Catamarans’ post-delivery commissioning process, we repair and replace all the items and the owner will never see these problems again as most owners will never go through the same conditions the delivery crew has gone through.

Leopard 48 in Australia

Leopard 48 in Australia

What’s next for Leopard Catamarans?

Leopard Catamarans is constantly improving and evolving with new models being introduced. Currently we have a completely new model to be launched soon with new designs and features but I’d like to keep that a secret for now so watch this space.

Are there any exclusive benefits of owning Leopard Catamarans? Such as customer care or perks?

In my years of working in the yachting industry and working with various shipyards, I’d say Leopard Catamarans offers one of the best after sales care to our owners. We accept all warranty claims and manufacturer defects without question and the process is very easy and straight forward. We absolutely do not go out of our way to make the claim process difficult or question the claim endlessly causing long delays and ending up with a frustrated and unhappy owner. I personally look after all the claims and work very closely with owners so they are confident they are dealing with someone close and with local knowledge.

Leopard Catamarans will be one of the exhibitors at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, which is right around the corner. What do you hope to achieve there as an exhibitor and would there be other types of catamarans on display?

We are looking forward to the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and we committed to the event immediately as we like the new concept and timing wise it is also positioned at a good time. I hope the show can attract a more diverse type of crowd for attendance or at least it can offer visitors a different and more approachable boat show. I’d like to use this event to raise the awareness of Leopard Catamarans’ brand in the region and of course closing a few deals through the show wouldn’t be bad either! Leopard Catamarans plans to have our brand new Leopard 40, brand new Leopard 43 Powercat, and the Leopard 51 Powercat which has proven to be a very popular model in the region. Both the Leopard 40 and 43 Powercat will be a brand new model being shown for the first time in Asia.

What are your thoughts on Asia’s future yachting industry?

I believe Asia’s yachting industry will continue to grow at a steady pace as it has since I started in the industry 13 years ago. Southeast Asia will continue its gradual but steady growth. China, which is in a bit of a slump due to its political climate especially after it’s glamorous rise into the yachting lifestyle a few years ago, will slowly come back given that the players involved in the industry there market the yachting lifestyle in a more sustainable way. More interestingly I believe will be the emergence of completely new markets where there has been little to no movement in terms of yacht sales. Countries such as Taiwan which has had a thriving yacht building industry purely for export for the last 30-odd years has only just changed its laws allowing Taiwanese citizens to own their personal yachts. A few years ago it was illegal for a Taiwanese to own a private yacht. Vietnam with a lack of infrastructure and difficult regulations has a big potential as there have been some interesting announcements there lately. Myanmar is another place to look out for as the country is currently going through a dramatic change in governance as well as being part of the AEC should see some interesting changes. Overall, Asia still has a lot of potential for growth over the coming years.

The Sea Eagle by Royal Huisman

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Interview: Bart Kimman, Northrop And Johnson

We are counting down the days until the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS and in the lead up to the luxury lifestyle event, we have been meeting with a few of our partners. One such partner is Northrop and Johnson, a yacht brokerage firm that is set to make its presence felt at the event later this month. We catch up with Bart Kimman, the Director of Northrop and Johnson in Asia to find out more about the brand and what we can look forward to.

What are the main areas of excellence of Northrop and Johnson?

Northrop and Johnson is a global yacht brokerage with a very strong presence in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Our focus is on Yacht Sales, from brand new constructions as well as pre-owned vessels. We also focus on Yacht Charter in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Asia as well as Yacht Management that encompasses safety, crew, maintenance, destination planning and services.

The yacht size that we consider our strength is 70’-280’, both sail and power and we concentrate on quality yachts from renowned shipyards. The yachting expert since 1947, Northrop and Johnson stands for professional support of yacht owners with a strong emphasis on an expert approach to the process of selling, purchasing or chartering yachts including the back up of solid contractual arrangements.

Northrop and Johnson Asia are prominent members of the key industry associations including MYBA, FYBA, and AYSS. Northrop and Johnson Asia was established in 2008 and has continued to grow in the Asia pacific Region for eight years, culminating in two consecutive “Best Charter Company in Asia awards.”

Where are you based in Asia? How do you cater to an Asian audience? What unique services do you provide?

We have offices in Nanjing China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand (Phuket). Northrop and Johnson is the only full-fledged global brokerage house with an Asia-wide network and the capabilities to offer global level services on the sale, purchase, charter and management of large yachts.

Sea Eagle Sailing

Sea Eagle Sailing

Chartering a yacht or looking at buying one, how do you tackle these sensitive questions?

The Northrop and Johnson sales brokers, charter brokers and yacht managers are all professionally qualified and adhere to a strict code of conduct set by the various industry associations. This provides a client with the assurance that there are no surprises when he buys, sells or charters a yacht. Our global reach provides a buyer or seller a much larger market place to operate.

Northrop and Johnson’s network has some 3,000 international yacht brokers globally. This facilitates dealmaking beyond the borders of Asia and allows for demand and supply to meet in an efficient manner.

How do you ensure an Asian buyer is in good hands when looking at buying a semi or fully customized yacht?  

Northrop and Johnson have, over time, constructed a number of custom built superyachts in most of the well-known yards in the world. The combined expertise warrants that a client buys at the right price with a contract, that above all, protects his asset and guarantees that the yacht is built to the standards agreed. It requires professional expertise with the knowledge of yachting traditions that give the client what he wants at the right price.

Why are you bringing the ZEELANDER range to Asia? Tell us more about this unique Dutch shipyard and their specific yacht design.

At the international boat shows we have seen an increased demand for luxury tenders, toys and pocket super yachts. After looking at most of them we felt that ZEELANDER offers a unique combination of elegance, quality finish and outright performance. We know this pedigree is liked in Asia and when ZEELANDER offered us the opportunity to represent them we accepted.

An Asian premiere at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, this is a substantial move and announcement. Anything specifically planned for the show and potential buyers?

To us most boat shows in Asia lack the B to C element. Over time they become tradeshows with hardly an increase in the visitor base. The organizers of  SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS are very professional marketers of luxury products and we feel confident they will pull off a great event.

Your best experience as a yachtsman and yacht broker in Asia?

Asia being an emerging market gives one the opportunity to introduce newcomers to the lifestyle of yachting. When this is done successfully it gives me great satisfaction and it is like giving something back to the yachting community that has treated me so well ever since I was a young boy with my first sailing dinghy!

The word “Yacht”, of British or Dutch origin?

No argument, the Dutch named their pleasure vessels yachts, because they were fast and could chase each other like in a race. Yacht in Dutch means hunt or chase. Pleasure vessels were used in Holland long before the Brits started using them. Being Dutch does not help making this statement, but perhaps I should write a little article for you to give more scientific evidence of this fact.

More info and tickets on SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS website

Sanlorenzo 46Steel Superyacht: Hong Kong Debut

Within its Superyacht Division out of Hong Kong, Simpson Marine have sold their first Sanlorenzo 46Steel since becoming a dealer for Sanlorenzo Spa. Delivered to Hong Kong earlier this year, the superyacht will be based there for her owner’s to use for adventures around the region. Simpson Marine have gone on to sell a 460EXP and Sanlorenzo 106 since the sale of the initial 46Steel.

Boasting a spacious interior and spanning five decks, the 46-meter long 46Steel is a superyacht kitted out with all the creature comforts you can imagine. The Sanlorenzo 46Steel has space for 10 guests and nine crew, with a maximum speed of 17 knots. With such a generous offering of style and comfort, it was certainly no surprise that Simpson Marine was able to make its first and subsequent sales in the country.

This article was first published in Yacht Style.

For more information, visit Sanlorenzo and Simpson Marine.

Raffles Marina

Interview: Ray Parry, CEO Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina plays host this month to the highly anticipated SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. While we have met several of our trustworthy partners who will be on hand to meet guests, we thought it is time that we introduce you to Ray Parry, the CEO of Raffles Marina. As the man behind Singapore’s first marina, Parry talks to us about the venue that will host the island’s largest luxury lifestyle event and what is in store for the marina.

Raffles Marina is the first marina built in Singapore. Could you tell us more about the history of the marina and its location?

It was the first modern recreational marina with country club facilities. The Club is 22 years old, and offers an international standard of berthing and facilities. Its location provides a gateway for cruising around local waters and up the west coast of Malaysia and Thailand, to Phuket and beyond. The location also offers stunning sunsets, as we are located on the western tip of Singapore.Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina is a big advocate of protecting the environment. Could you elaborate on the efforts made by the marina to help conserve the environment and marine wildlife?

We work with many partners regarding environmental issues. A recent study by NUS on marina environments found an enormous bio diversity of sea life in and around the marina, which was most encouraging. We also partner with various NGO’s including Biosphere Foundation, whose exploration boat MIR is home berthed at the Marina. Biosphere Foundation conducts research and manages environmental projects throughout Asia, from coral mapping to whale monitoring and sustainable fishing practices.

Raffles Marina has close links with Indonesia and has been advocating for more open cruising grounds between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Please tell us more.

Raffles Marina has had a long and happy association with Indonesia, be it organizing in-house cruises, to exploring the extraordinarily diverse archipelago, or engagement with government authorities on recreational marine matters. We congratulate Indonesia for their recent far-sighted liberalization of their Marine Tourism sector, including the spectacular list of countries now granted visa-free access to explore this region.Raffles Marina

What specific yachting activities and services does Raffles marina provide to its members?

Both yachting and boating facilities are available at Raffles Marina. As well as secure and safe berthing, both on the water and in our stackable boat-house, we offer all the services required in a modern marina. Anything from utilities, Wi Fi, and fuel to guidance, regional experience and a great network of regional marinas, When ashore our boaters can enjoy the club’s two restaurants, pub, 19 bedrooms and a variety of meeting spaces.

We’ve heard a lot about the excellent food available at Raffles Marina. Could you tell us more about it?

Our Chinese Restaurant, Captain’s Table features Szechuan Cuisine. Captain’s Table has also recently begun to specialise in TCM-inspired dishes, offering significant health benefits whilst remaining satisfying and very tasty. Our Bistro, with Alfresco dining, meets all the needs of local favorites along with some memorable Western and Indian offerings. The Pub is the go-to place for cooling ale and one of the most spectacular sunsets that Singapore has to offer.Raffles Marina

What does hosting SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS mean to Raffles Marina?

We are delighted to be the host venue for SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. It is a unique lifestyle show and we are excited to see the amazing variety and quality of participating organizations for visitors that has been coordinated by the event organizers

  • Could you share your best personal experience as the CEO of Raffles Marina?

There are many highlights. Amongst the best are the annual closing Dinners following our Western Circuit Sailing Regatta each year. This is a fun event jointly organised by Singapore Management University and Raffles Marina. Now in its 19th year, the event is Singapore’s biggest sailing regatta and traditionally on that final night, we hold an auction to raise funds in support of Sailability, sailing for the disabled community in Singapore. These funds go towards purchasing new boats for our disabled sailing community to get out on the water and compete at the highest of levels. To see sailors giving back so readily to advance their sport for others is always gratifying.

More info on the Marina on Raffles Marina’s website

Book your tickets for SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS now

OCEANEMO 55 Superyacht Unveiled

The Monaco Yacht Show drew many yacht manufacturers as they unveiled new designs and OCEANEMO certainly didn’t miss out. From the brand’s Sport Utility Yachts range, comes the OCEANEMO 55 that is the latest introduction to the OCEANEMO series.

Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, the 55-meter superyacht has particular advantages for those looking to bring their toys aboard as they take to the open seas. As a result of this design, we find here smaller external spaces that make room for more tenders, water-toys and accessories. However, this does not mean that the design skimps on the needs of the passengers. In fact, it is crafted to suit the specifications of the owner.

With the design better suited for those who prefer a more athletic lifestyle while aboard a superyacht, Simoni provides a covered hanger and a raised deck that will accommodate various equipment. In the hanger, owners can store a tender limousine that measures 9.6 meters in length, a crew tender of 4.5 meters, two water-jets and even a helicopter or airplane with folding wings. The raised deck can host a fisherman, a luxury car or SUV, a hovercraft or even a personal submarine should one wish to explore what lies beneath the waves.

In the stern area, is a beach area measuring 45 meters where guests can relax while a 42 square meter covered veranda provides privacy and shelter from bad weather. Within the yacht, is a dedicated apartment that provides pure comfort.

Navetta 37

Navetta 37 Superyacht Unveiled by Custom Line

Custom Line is set to make 2016 a memorable year for its parent company Ferretti Group. The yacht manufacturer took the two major yacht shows at Cannes and Monaco as the perfect opportunity to unveil the Navetta 37.Navetta 37

As the flagship of the semi-displacement line, the launch of the yacht happened to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Ferretti Group brand. The Navetta 37 is said to be the largest semi-displacement yacht built by Custom line.Navetta 37

At 121.6 feet, the superyacht combines comfort, safety and customization that are all values Custom Line is associated with. To ensure a smooth journey, the Navetta 37 also features a new semi-planing hull with a bulbous bow as well as the option of five engine configurations.

Mercedes Unveils ARROW460-Granturismo Yacht Design

You may recall that Mercedes-Benz announced the launch of its very own yacht back in April. At the Monaco Yacht Show, the car company unveiled the final design for the ARROW460-Granturismo and it is set to command a name for the brand at sea as it does on land.

The result of a collaboration between Mercedes and Silver Arrows Marine, the ARROW460-Granturismo promises unrivalled comfort with sports performance. The yacht’s luxurious interior offers creature comforts for up to 10 passengers, which is impressive considering that it is only 14 meters. The interior is trimmed with eucalyptus wood that has been treated so that its grain follows the contours of the cabin and the floor, finished in a sustainable composite material. Wraparound windows can slide open to invite a generous amount of light in. The windows can even be tinted or clarified with the simple touch of a button.mercedes-granturismo-yacht-interior

“By blending the maritime and automotive world with their respective design idioms, technologies and ideas we have created a new standard for motor yachts,” said Ron Gibbs, Chairman of Silver Arrows Marine. “[It] blends maritime engineering artistry with charismatic design and perfect elegance, familiar from the world of Mercedes-Benz.”

Majesty 155 At Monaco Yacht Show 2016

With the Monaco Yacht Show underway, numerous manufacturers are showcasing their wonderful creations and Gulf Craft is no exception. The company is proud to showcase the Majesty 155, the largest superyacht built in the Emirates.

Having made its European debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the superyacht travelled to Monaco for yet another boat show that is expected to be just as successful. At 47 meters, there is little chance of mistaking this as anything but luxurious! On board, the superyacht is fitted with a fountain, beach club, waterfall that cascades from the rear sundeck and even a Jacuzzi on the upper deck.

As an award winning yacht-manufacturer, Gulf Craft has produced numerous premium range yachts that vary in size. Incorporating advanced technology with each client’s specific needs, Gulf Craft is set to dominate the world of on-water living.

Beneteau Oceanis 62: Launching Soon

Launching soon is Beneteau Group’s Oceanis Yacht 62. This will be their first venture into the new 53-73ft luxury range. Through a strategic collaboration between Pierangelo Adreani, world-famous Italian designer and Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design, the yacht features a three or four-cabin layout, aft bathing platform, hull stripes and a tender garage. There’s a total of six sunbathing beds spread out across the stern, coach roof, foredeck and cockpit. The official premiere will be at the Cannes and Annapolis boat shoes this autumn. Get ready!

This article was first published in Yacht Style.

10 Tips for Motor Yacht Ownership

Owning a yacht is a great motivation for many of us. Wanting something is such a blessing, fuelling a relentless drive to achieve. A magical energy builder and I wish everyone to find his own, whether spiritual or material.

For as long as I can remember, as a child, I would browse through magazines, marveling at the beauty of the sceneries where they could cruise me to, drooling over the lavishness of the inaccessible lifestyle the owners seemed to enjoy whenever they pleased. My parents named my brother and I after famous French navigator Eric Tabarly, and Alain Colas, whose adventures I followed during my youth. I thank them for that because yachting is an immense source of happiness now.

Today, I thank yachts for having made me want so much, making me work so hard and finally realizing my dream. Throughout the past few years, I have been striving to make yachting more accessible, more affordable and more fun in Asia. This passion has become my everyday job. Years of bouncing ideas about finding the best solutions for owning and operating efficiently, years of listening to doubtful buyers, as well as sharing experience with both happy and unhappy owners.

So, for the lucky few who, like me, are motivated by owning a yacht, here are my lessons:

1.Do not underestimate what you already know: a yacht does cost substantial amounts to maintain. Count 10 per cent annually off the new price as a reasonable estimate, all in +/- 3 per cent depending on age and location of usage. You can choose to spend less, but the boat condition will catch up on you, and end up costing more. No cutting corners there or outsmarting the sea and mother nature.

2.Buy New or almost new, with a solid manufacturer warranty and negotiated price. Yes, second hand boats are cheaper at face value, but they can’t compare with newer models, integrating more improvements year after year – technology, comfort, material, engines, generators, wiring, electronics, safety equipment… you might very rarely find a real deal, but unless you know the history well, do not gamble on such an important asset. There is nothing in common between a dated second-hand boat and a new one when you go down to the specifications of components. Even-though a second hand comes at a cheaper price tag, keep in mind the maintenance will still cost you 10 per cent of the New Value. The older, the more.

3.For the boat to remain a pleasure and not a burden, do not allocate more than 10 per cent of your net assets to the purchase. Private bank allocation matrix actually recommends 3-5 per cent as an acceptable bracket. I double that to make up for the joy. We only live once, and I know people who have gone way overboard yet are happy as can be.

4.Select a competent crew, starting with the captain, and pay them well. Crews become part of the family, they keep the boat in good condition and its value high. Finding the right crew is no easy matter, so allocate the right amount of time to check recommendations from previous employers, and once you have secured a competent crew, keep them happy and motivated.

5.Choose an interior that “nobody dislikes” to ensure a better resale value. The lighter, the bigger the perception of space inside.

6.Decide whether to buy / rent / buy a share in a fractional program based on the location in which you will enjoy your boat. For an urban usage, I find fractional to be the most reasonable (in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. where you use the boat for very short period of time of 4 hours to 3 days throughout the year). In a Holiday destination, either charter or buy outright.

7.Assess how often you will use the yacht in a year – below 3 usages: charter, between 3-8 usages: fractional, above 8 usages: own the boat.

8.If you go fractional, use a professional frame. I will brag now, as the one my company created is my biggest pride: www.lysa.asia program. If you find a flaw in it, or something unfair, you win a charter for free! Do not jeopardize a friendship by neglecting to clarify all the issues that will arise when owning a yacht. Having a professional program helps avoid misunderstanding.

9.Optimize your enjoyment time by having your boat managed (administration, accounting, licensing, maintenance, crewing…) at a negotiated price by a reputable company. Do not become the slave of your captain or crew.

10.Buy the right boat for your needs by answering basic questions: is your aim to relax with the family, party all night, cruise through high-seas, host business dinners, commute quickly from one place to another… finding the right boat is key to a happy experience and can generate substantial savings as you won’t pay for what you don’t need.
If you are thinking of acquiring a boat, I will be pleased to share my experience with you. Happy cruising!

About Eric Noyel:

Mediterranean raised and long-time yachting enthusiast, French entrepreneur Eric Noyel started Asia Marine Yachting Services (AMYS) as a “luxury” charter operation in Hong Kong. It has grown quickly to be one of Asia’s leading regional operators. The company offers charter, fractional ownership, yacht management and is the distributor for Sunseeker (Indonesia and the Philippines), Numarine (Regional), Galeon (Regional), Hatteras sports fishing boats, and has interests in marinas and media.

This article was first published in Yacht Style.

First Sanlorenzo SL78 Sold in Asia

In May 2017, Simpson Marine will be delivering the very first San Lorenzo SL78 to Hong Kong. This sale marks the first time Sanlorenzo’s newest yacht in the Sanlorenzo GRP line has been sold in Asia.sanlorenzo-sl-78-sold-2

The beauty of the yacht’s design, is the high level customization made possible thanks to the flexible layouts that fit with Sanlorenzo’s “Made to Measure” policy. The superstructure of the SL78’s hull boast enlarged windows that provide more light to fill the interior. There are several features on the yacht that add to the allure of owning an SL78 of your own.sanlorenzo-sl-78-sold-3

For one, the yacht features a seamless floor on the main deck, larger two-meter beds, a beautiful glass floating staircase from the saloon to the flybridge. Other features that are available in the new SL78, include an expansive flybridge with glass panelled T-top, larger seating areas in the cockpit, saloon and sun deck.sanlorenzo-sl-78-sold-4

With a hydrodynamic hull, the SL78 is able to maximize its top speed and reduce its fuel consumption. Another reduction seen in the yacht is in noise and vibration with a floating floor design. Along with the luxurious interiors that can be crafted according to the specifications of the owners, the yacht is also fitted with a lifting aft platform that can hold jet skis, water toys and a 3.85m tender in the garage.

Princess 56


This is the list that keeps giving. SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS is excited to announce an updated list of partners now joining the lineup. You should definitely be reserving October 20 to 23 for what is slated to be a three-day luxury lifestyle experience.

We have teased you with a few highlights that you simply have to catch at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, over the past few weeks. Now, the organizers welcome Lamborghini, Perrier-Jouët, Leica, The Lifecycle Concepts, Épicurio, Band on the Run and Jetcoin. Supercars will steal the limelight at the Raffles Marina with Lamborghini roaring into the picture as guests sample the latest Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Autumn 2005 vintage as well as the Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé vintage from the Perrier-Jouët Lounge.



Proving that there is something for everyone, Leica will be offering guests a chance to pick up a few professional secrets in the art of photography. The Lifestyle Concepts will be delivering a taste of “The Coastal Lifestyle” with a Vespa display, vintage cars, a sunset bar and live acoustic music. For those looking to expand their collection of wines, Épicurio, The Wine & Spirits Social Marketplace, will allow guests to sample and purchase unique wines.singaporerendezvous_rafflesmarina_14092016wed_mg_1219

For entertainment, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS will not only be bringing in an array of yachts and other vessels but also performances from Band on the Run, stilt walkers, caricatures and more. Jetcoin is the final new entry thus far for the event and will host an exclusive JetLounge day and night party that will have HED KANDI in Singapore for the first time.

Of course, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS also aims to give back to society with a little help from Playeum. The official charity partner will give guests under the age of 12 lots of fun with a range of creative workshops. Playeum aims to focus on aiding children’s development and hopes that their presence at SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS will raise awareness and support for their cause.

This story is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Read it here: SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS: Rangkaian Gaya Hidup

Benetti Delfino 95 Rendering

Benetti Sells Third Delfino 95’ Superyacht

While the Cannes Yachting Festival may be over, some yacht manufacturers are basking in the glow of another successful event. One such brand in a celebratory mood is Benetti, thanks to the sale of its third Delfino 95’ superyacht.

While the delivery of the 29-meter superyacht will only take place in 2018, Benetti promises to deliver a creation that is not only luxurious but also stylish. Featuring cool external lines on the exterior, a design feature by Giorgio Cassetta, the superyacht comes from the brand’s Class D range. For the interior, Benetti enlisted the help of designer Achille Salvagni to create a cozy and elegant space in which the new owner will be able to relax.

Over the years, the Benetti shipyard has produced award-winning designs. The most recent honor was the World Yacht Trophies Award 2016 for the 64-meter Benetti FB264. With this in mind, it is certain that Benetti will deliver a superyacht of exceptional quality that will be enjoyed by the lucky new owner.

Haute Couture Yachting: Benetti Meets Kiton

In a move that will bring some of the finest Italian craftspeople together, Benetti has announced a new partnership with Italian tailor Kiton. This collaboration will see the yacht manufacturer work closely with the bespoke tailor to deck out the luxury yachts in the best that Italian sartorial elegance has to offer.

Customers who turn to one of the world’s oldest yacht builders will have the chance to tap the skills of the tailors at Kiton to style their lounges for that added touch of luxury. In turn, the top clients of the Neapolitan fashion house can look forward to exclusive access to Italian superyachts during the boat shows. This applies for such shows as Cannes, Montecarlo, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, through 2017.

“The aim of the partnership is to devote increasing attention to our customers who have chosen a unique and exclusive lifestyle”, says Antonio De Matteis, CEO of Kiton. He adds “Excellence and quality: these are the basic principles of our partnership of which I’m extremely proud. Benetti is a beacon of Italian excellence which perfectly matches our own values: a family-oriented atmosphere, innovation, style and quality.”

Clients interested in learning more about the new joint venture can do so at the upcoming boat shows. Alternatively, Benetti can arrange for its top clients to visit Kiton’s premises in Naples and Milan. In turn, Kiton’s clientele will be able to visit the “Yachtique” styling lounges that can be found in the Benetti boutique in Viareggio.

Giraglia Rolex Cup: 4 Part Photo Essay

We take you to the heart of Saint-Tropez to find out more about the Giraglia Rolex Cup.

And We’re Under Waygiraglia-rolex-cup-and-were-under-way

The view north across the Bay of Saint-Tropez during the Giraglia Rolex Cup. Inshore races take place at the start of the week, before the racers head for Genoa.

Right In The Thick Of Itgiraglia-rolex-cup-right-in-the-thick-of-it

On board with the classic yacht Mariska chasing the modern Maxi fleet ahead. The crew must work hard to handle the 108-year-old girl as she faces ever-changing weather conditions en route.

Round She Goesgiraglia-rolex-cup-round-she-goes

Magic Carpet Cubed was the first of 268 competing yachts to round the Giraglia. The favourite at the half way point, she had the punishing south-westerly wind to deal with on the home stretch.

Rays Of Hopegiraglia-rolex-cup-rays-of-hope

The classic yacht Lelantina heads towards the finish in Genoa after the gruelling 243 nautical mile journey. Will it be success or failure when she reaches the Italian Coast?

Review: Princess 75 Motor Yacht

The world-wide launch for this star of the Princess lineup was at the London Boat Show earlier this year, and her first in-water display was in Asia at the Singapore Yacht Show in April.

A product of the Princess Design Studio, the Princess 75 Motor Yacht was developed to combine agile cruising with open-plan elegance, all packaged together in a family-sized yacht of 24 metres (or just under). Princess – which is owned by L Capital, part of the LVMH group – is renowned for their attention to detail and for taking note of customer feedback.75-motor-yacht-interior-helm-2-american-walnut-satin

This well established British motoryacht shipyard produces yachts up to 132ft and has its premises at the old naval shipyard in Plymouth. The company employs over 2,000 people, and has been creating perfect sea-worthy yachts with luxurious styling for over 50 years. Last year, as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, they restored one of the very first Princess production motor yachts, Project 31 and took it on a world wide tour. The craftsmen and women who work at Princess are responsible for over 80 per cent of the production of every yacht built in the yard. From the vacuum-sealed infusion of the hull to the carpentry that features specially curved wooden edges and shapes, all of these details go together to make Princess styling unique and distinctive.75-motor-yacht-interior-saloon-american-walnut-satin

Princess has long staked their reputation on the seaworthiness of their designs. Now, the dynamic new styling of the Princess 75 makes a good product even more elegant, and offers increased cruising efficiency. The modified deep-V hull is both efficient and stable, and allows the yacht to plane at lower speeds. The yacht comes with a choice of three different engines, and can reach speeds of up to 36 knots with twin MAN V12 1800hp engines.

This 75’ yacht offers a great deal more than just speed and agility, giving her owner a variety of options for entertainment, or just simple relaxation with the family. The flybridge is a spectacular area for socialising, with seating on either side of the upper helm providing excellent panoramas for guests. The flybridge also has sun pads and a wet bar, while the u-shaped seating and dining table give owners yet another al fresco dining option.75-motor-yacht-interior-dining-area-american-walnut-satin

The elegant exterior artfully conceals a voluminous interior, where natural light flows into the main saloon, creating an informal, calm, and relaxed atmosphere. The extended window lines, in conjunction with the unique full-height window on the port side, make this area a spectacular free standing dining space. Comfortable sofa seating is paired with a full entertainment centre featuring a 50-inch LED television, DVD player, and MP3 system with clear and crisp surround sound.

There is a plethora of options for owners when it comes to interior styling. Further customisation is available using a range of premium upholstery and carpeting. When it comes to interior decor and finishings, Princess owners have the opportunity to work with a number of luxury brands including Dedar, Hermes, Fendi Casa, Loro Piana, Milano and Zimmer Rohde to name just a few. Choices for the woodwork are also varied, and include Rovere oak with satin or high-gloss finish, American walnut or Alba oak depending on the owner’s preference.75-motor-yacht-interior-owners-stateroom-alba-oak-satin

A very special custom feature in the saloon of the first Princess 75 Motor Yacht is a bespoke humidor cabinet, and a bar box designed by Linley – Princess believe that they have found “a great synergy in Linley’s sophisticated skills, craftsmanship and design, particularly their unparalleled expertise in marquetry, and selection and hand dying of veneers.” The Linley for Princess Bar Box opens to reveal an immaculately designed interior stocked with Linley Trafalgar crystal and bar accessories.

The galley comes with a four-zone ceramic hob, microwave and conventional oven with grill, and a refrigerator. Everything is perfectly set up for on board dining and entertaining. The galley is separated from the airy open-plan living space by sliding glass panels, allowing the chef to stay in touch with the diners, and creating a contemporary styled saloon that opens out to a well-equipped cockpit (via flush sliding patio doors) and creates an incredibly spacious area for entertaining. It can also be completely enclosed. A dedicated staircase leads to the owner’s stateroom amidships via a private lobby area. The master suite is nothing short of majestic, with its plush yet minimalist styling, and large bathroom and dressing area. The room is special not only for its size, but also for the large windows that allow daylight to pour in. Other special features include a private seating area, desk and a 46” television with entertainment system.75-motor-yacht-interior-owners-dressing-table-open-american-walnut-satin

The VIP accommodation is forward, on the lower deck, with all of the three guest cabins sporting their own en suites. The guest cabins can be configured either as doubles or with twin beds –  simply by pressing a button. The rooms also include specialist storage lockers, wardrobes, and stylish bedside tables.

Crew accommodation includes a compact space for up to three staff, adjacent to the engine room. Crew in the comfortable twin cabin can enjoy natural light through the glazing at the stern, and there is also an option for an additional berth if required. Driven by five-blade props and a power-assisted electro-hydraulic steering system, the twin-engine Princess 75 cuts through the waves at a top speed of 36 knots with a Twin MAN V12 1800 configuration. A twin Caterpillar C32 A option is also available. In the lower helm position, manoeuvring is made easy with a modern navigation system featuring colour radar, GPS and chart plotter. The bridge features plenty more high-tech assist items, such as an echo sounder with alarm, intercom access to the flybridge, and a toughened glass screen for clearer night vision. The second steering position is ‘upstairs’ on the large flybridge, which comes into its own as a viewing platform when the scenery is particularly delectable, and can also be used as an excellent leisure or entertaining area. The flybridge includes an option for a 450 kg lift capacity electric crane for handling a tender.75-motor-yacht-interior-helm-2-american-walnut-satin

To date, six Princess 75 motor yachts have been delivered, are in build, or on order, with a number of the units being from the original layouts presented by Princess. The company has produced a large yacht that is fast and fuel-efficient, giving a comfortable ride at high speeds up to 36 knots dependent upon the engine configuration. This package brings with it confidence on long cruises – and the fuel capacity of 1,300 gallons provides a good range. Collectively, this means a mix of performance and cruising ability that few, if any, in its class can match.

Taking the Princess 75 Motor Yacht as a whole, it is difficult to find a fault. The policy of listening to feedback from owners – coupled with attention to detail and rigorous quality control, and the production of so much of every yacht in-house – is certainly paying dividends. The 75 provides Princess with a cruising platform that meets most, if not all, the needs of a buyer, and sets a much-raised bar for future models from this UK manufacturer.


LOA 24.25m (79ft 7in)

Beam 5.76m (18ft 11in)

Draft 1.76m (5ft 8in)

Displacement 47,700kg (105,160lbs)

Max Speed 33 – 34kts (Twin Caterpillar C32 A) 36kts (Twin MAN V12 1800)

Cruising Speed 31 – 32kts (Twin Caterpillar C32 A) 34kts (Twin MAN V12 1800)

Engines Twin Caterpillar C32 A / Twin MAN V12 1800

Fuel Capacity 6,000L / 1,585 USG

Water Capacity 1,350L Builder: Princess Yachts

This article was first published in Yacht Style. Look out for Princess Yachts at the upcoming SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.

Canados Introduces Gladiator 428 Day Cruiser

The Cannes Yachting Festival is currently underway and many manufacturers such as Canados used the event to announce new models. Presenting the Gladiator 428, the day cruiser that provides you with a comfortable and stylish space to enjoy the ocean. At 13.04 meters it is said to be the smallest boat built by the shipyard.gladiator-428-dash-crystal-cockpit

On board the day cruiser, Canados will offer a wide array of luxurious amenities in a small space. To aid in controlling and maneuvering the boat, is a “Crystal Cockpit”. The 16-inch touchscreen helps to chart engine parameters, autopilot, depth sounder, chart plotter and sound system. Sitting in the cockpit, the touchscreen and dashboard are protected by two speedster style laminated glass windshields. Joining the cockpit on the main deck, are a sun pad that hides the Seabobs garage, an external dining area and lounge sofas at the helm.gladiator-428-interior

Under the watchful eye of Roman designer Marco Casali, the Canados ensures that the interior of the Gladiator 428 is fitted with state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings. The custom-made interiors of the cabin feature wood veneers and the relatively wide space allows for some much needed rest and relaxation. Canados also provides a customization service where the hull can be painted in 15 colors specially made for the brand by Dupont. The color customization theme extends onto the deck, cockpit teak deck, external upholstery and stitching.

Family Owned Yachtmaker: Rossinavi of Tuscany

Behind the three stripes that mark the signature of Rossinavi lies the story of the Tuscan yacht manufacturer. Three simple, yet elegant lines, form the seal of this outstanding family-owned shipyard. Three pure lines that evoke the superposed decks of a yacht seen from aft. Three proud stripes that recall the tradition of seamanship as in the rank insignia of a first officer. Three lines for three generations of Rossi family members. Three peaceful lines that elicit the rising sun on the horizon, representing a rising shipyard.

Rossinavi Prince Shark M/Y Polaris

Rossinavi Prince Shark M/Y Polaris

This is all what Rossinavi is, a proud tradition of shipbuilding, a family committed to quality and excellence, and an invitation to explore beyond the horizon. Since its foundation in 1980, Cantiere Rossi has always been a family owned and managed company; and the Rossi family is quite proud to have full control over the destiny of the shipyard, considering this as a key added value on the market. During the Eighties, Rossi built passenger vessels and also produced steel and aluminum hulls and superstructures on behalf of reputed shipyards. Slowly but surely, the Rossi family built itself a strong reputation of quality and innovation, as the company started designing and producing state of the art mechanical and hydraulic systems to handle luxury tenders and personal watercrafts on board superyachts.

Rossinavi Prince Shark M/Y Param Jamuna

Rossinavi Prince Shark M/Y Param Jamuna

By 2006, the family had acquired new production sites with new offices and boardroom on the port of Viareggio. The Rossis were then determined to leave their role of subcontractors and start to compete with major yacht builders. To achieve this transformation and conquest, the new brand «Rossinavi» was created in 2007, loyal to Rossi Group’s management and philosophy based on quality, simplicity and elegance. One year later, the Rossinavi brand made its official debut with the launching of M/Y SOUTH, a 54 meter displacement motor yacht that made a statement for the Rossi family as they entered the world of custom yacht manufacturers. The second order to be honored by Rossinavi was the 70 meter M/Y NUMPTIA, designed by Spadolini and delivered in 2011. Within the following three years, Rossinavi would be commissioned and delivering five yachts ranging from 45 to 49 meters.

Rossinavi M/Y Numptia

Rossinavi M/Y Numptia

The young and dynamic management at the helm of Rossinavi is always up to taking a new challenge and is permanently developing new projects with a team of skilled workmen for the most demanding customers. All Rossinavi yacht projects are driven by innovation, yet always respect the founding principles of the shipyard: tradition, passion for craftsmanship and high accuracy. Beyond passion, it is actually the love of yachts that strikes every single person who has the opportunity to visit the shipyard. A strong love that members of the Rossi family are keen to share with their passionate clients, which they see as ambassadors of the Rossi name across the seas of the world. In 2015, while getting M/Y Taransay ready for her launch, Rossinavi recorded orders for three new yachts to be delivered in 2017, marking an ongoing success in the field of steel and aluminum custom yacht building.

The reasons behind this commercial success don’t lie solely in Rossinavi’s marketing. It is quite the opposite in fact. What makes a future yacht owner entrust Rossinavi with the build of a new yacht is the Rossi family’s philosophy and commitment to excellence. At Rossinavi, innovation could never be taken as a synonym of improvisation. Although very keen on taking new challenges in yacht building, the Rossinavi team would always study a new project from a meticulous and attentive engineer’s point of view. The shipyard’s in-house technical department and the world acclaimed naval architects who collaborate with Rossinavi ensure the success of the new build before the first metal sheet is even laid in the yard, thanks to detailed 3-D modeling of the entire yacht, foreseeing every single technical and aesthetic detail, including what is never seen by the owner, such as piping, wiring and mechanical installations.

Rossinavi M/Y Aslec

Rossinavi M/Y Aslec

One of Rossinavi’s strengths is its strong background in metalworking. The Rossi family started over 35 years ago in the ship building industry as skilled metalworkers and they have developed all yacht manufacturing activities from their core knowhow. As such, all metalwork, including the cutting, framing and nesting of the steel and aluminum plates is made in-house. Another exceptional feature of the yard is the «Officina Meccanica Rossinavi», a R&D center and mechanical workshop where Rossinavi is able to produce all the chandlery, mechanical and hydraulic systems, often custom, needed for the production of a yacht.

Like the most famous Dutch yacht manufacturers that are well known to our readers, Rossinavi can pride itself on being one of the very few custom yacht producers in the world with all manufacturing processes and supplies controlled in-house. This ensures a high quality end product with maximum comfort, performances, ease of maintenance and durability. Actually, at Rossinavi, all technical aspects of a yacht are treated with the same care and demands of quality as the finishing aesthetic details, so that what is never seen on a Rossinavi vessel is just as well made as what stands out to the eye of the owner and guests.

Rossinavi M/Y 2 Ladies

Rossinavi M/Y 2 Ladies

A Family Business Above All Else

The first generation of Rossi yacht manufacturers is embodied by brothers Claudio (the «yacht builder») and Paride (the «metalwork genius»), who founded Cantiere Rossi, which would later become Rossinavi, in the early Eighties. They were later joined by their older brother Riccardo, rich of 25 years of experience in the ship building sector, who naturally imposed himself as the production manager / quality control manager of the shipyard.

The second generation sees Federico and Claudia, the children of Claudio Rossi, progressively taking the helm of Rossinavi; the first as acting general manager of the company, and the latter operating as marketing and communication manager. While their cousin Veronica, Paride’s daughter, works as the Service Manager of the shipyard, after moving up the ranks from secretary and learning all the specifics of yacht manufacturing and refitting.

Rossinavi Ketos M/Y Vellimari

Rossinavi Ketos M/Y Vellimari

Federico and Claudia both have children who now represent the third generation of Rossi yacht manufacturers. Given the passion of the whole family for the art of shipbuilding, there is a safe bet that these children will also, someday, be part of Rossinavi’s success story. Until then, you are all invited to meet the Rossis and join this outstanding family of passionate shipbuilders to give shape to your own family’s yacht dreams.

Rossinavi’s Achievements

M/Y SOUTH 54m yacht in steel designed by Alessandro Cusumano, delivered in 2008 M/Y NUMPTIA 70m yacht in steel designed by Studio Spadolini, delivered in 2011
M/Y ASLEC 4 45m yacht in steel designed by Studio Spadolini, delivered in May 2012 M/Y 2 LADIES 46m yacht in steel designed by Mulder Design, delivered in July 2012 M/Y VELLMARÌ 47.50m yacht in aluminum of the flamboyant KETOS range, designed by Enrico Gobbi and delivered in April 2013
M/Y PARAM JAMUNA IV & M/Y POLARIS two 49m yachts in aluminum based on the PRINCE SHARK concept designed by Enrico Gobbi and delivered in May 2013 (Param Jamuna IV) and May 2014 (Polaris)
M/Y TARANSAY 39m gentleman’s motor yacht launched in April 2015 and presented at the 25th Monaco Yacht Show

This article was first published in Yacht Style magazine.


M/Y Eleonora

M/Y Eleonora III Making US Debut in November

From November 3 to 7, guests at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016, can get a chance to see the M/Y Eleonora III for the first time in the US. The superyacht is the first model in the 40M Sport Hybrid series and follows the green approach that Columbus Yachts is aligned with.

The interior of the superyacht was designed by Hot Lab Yacht and Design and the owner of the M/Y Eleonora III to create a warm space that is devoid of strong contrasts. With the help of materials that provide warmth and soft colors, the interior of the yacht has a streamlined look. Within the yacht, the designers used marbles such as Breccia Sarda and Adria Venato that provide a luxurious atmosphere. Brightly colored leather and polished stainless steel are paired with soft wool carpets and precious fabrics.M/Y Eleonora

On the main deck is a bar that greets guests as they walk in while an eight-seater dining area lies beyond it. Comfortable compact chairs join the custom-made dining table while an onyx rectangular plaque invites natural light into the yacht. In the lounge is a sofa and armchairs that surround a large TV screen which is hidden in a sleek panel in the ceiling. For those looking to enjoy nature, the lounge also boasts two large windows that provide a view of the ocean. On the same level is the Master Suite that features a king size bed in the middle of the cabin. In the Master bathroom, are two “his and her” marble sinks as well as a large shower with glass walls.M/Y Eleonora

The upper deck features another area for relaxation with its massive sofa from the Diesel collection by Moroso. In line with its environmentally friendly approach the wood selected to be used on the M/Y Eleonora III are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified for eco sustainability. Adding on to the hybrid factor of the yacht, is the hybrid propulsion system developed by Palumbo Shipyard.

M/Y Taransay: A True Gentleman’s Motor Yacht

Delivering M/Y TARANSAY last year, yacht builder Rossinavi definitely entered naval history, reviving the elegant lines of a classic gentleman’s motor yacht from the 1930s with all modern comforts and state-of-the art shipbuilding technologies.MY-Taransay-Rossinavi

Rossinavi’s Taransay is the accurate reproduction of the eponymous historic vessel that was designed by G. L. Watson Naval Architects in Scotland for a yachtsman from Glasgow. The first Taransay was built in Aberdeen by Hull Russell & Co. and launched in April 1930. This elegant pleasure vessel was requisitioned during World War II and served as a Royal Navy danlayer and minesweeper depot ship until 1945. Exactly 85 years after the launching of the original, on 18 April 2015, the new Taransay touched water at Rossinavi’s shipyard in Viareggio.MY-Taransay-Rossinavi-interior-2

Beyond the obvious eye-catching elegance of the yacht, the end result is a perfect combination of tradition and technology, offering comfort and functionality. With a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, Taransay is actually a modern vessel with classic looks. The old-fashioned wheelhouse has an an aluminum structure all covered in wood. For all the chandlery and fittings on board, Rossinavi has substituted the usual stainless steel with Nibral, a highly resistant alloy notably used to produce propellers. The bronzed effect of the deck fittings and equipment contribute to give the yacht her a true oldtimer’s elegance.

This article was first published in Yacht Style magazine.