Video – maybach zeppelin

The most powerful Maybach ever, the highest quality paint finish, meticulously crafted materials, only 100 examples produced worldwide. This and much other fascinating thing comes out of the new limited edition Maybach Zeppelin. From the glorious past to the present of the famous luxury car, this video shows black and white images, old advertising campaigns [...]

BMW Profits Down 90%

BMW Profits fall by 90%

BMW released an unexpected preliminary earnings release showing that the Munich-based company made a €330m net profit, down 90% from 2007. The car maker’s total production fell by 78% during 2008 producing 1.44m cars. The statement cited bad debts, one off costs and risk provision costs on used car markets. Company chief executive Norbert Reithofer [...]


Now Vending – The Luxury Automat

Designed by Mari Balestrazzi, the Semi-Automatic is a vending machine designed for the Morgans Hotel Group. The design deals with the idea of a hotel gift shop, but instead of selling souveniers like a gift shop, or soda and candy like a vending machine, it sells a variety of luxe items curated by Kim Walker, [...]


Infiniti Essence: tradition into the future

Presented this week at the Geneva Motor Show, the Infiniti Essence is a celebration of the firm’s 20th anniversary but also an inspiring exploration into the brand’s future in terms of design and eco-friendly technologies. The car in fact is a high-performance, petrol/electric hybrid 4.7-meters long coupe with rear-wheel drive, powered by a system that [...]


Rolls-Royce introduces the 200EX

Rolls Royce officially unveiled its 200EX concept in Geneva this week as the precursor to the fourth model in its lineup and the first not based on the immense Phantom. The 200EX is just a concept but this fall the production version will be revealed with a proper name, one likely to start with Silver. [...]


Porsche Cayenne S hybrid

New Porsche Cayenne S hybrid will finally came to market in 2010. According to the German automaker, the hybridized Cayenne will emit some 20 percent less C02 than comparable combustion engine vehicles with similar power output. Covering a 0-to-100 km/h sprint in just 6.8 seconds, it will earn its ‘S’ designation by delivering V8 performance [...]

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