Cristiano Ronaldo buys $700k Rolls-Royce

Cristiano Ronaldo – the man who brought you such comments as “The possibilities of me going to Real Madrid are great,” and “I’ve said a million times that I’d love to play in Spain” – has celebrated his decision to stay at Manchester United by splashing out on a £350,000 ($700,000) Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. [...]

Luxury Motorcycle Helmets

Inspired by Steve McQueen, science fiction and the great tradition of the French luxury, Jerome Coste has created Ruby, a collection of helmets for motorcyclists. These luxury motorcycle helmets are modern in design but retro in inspiration (the chrome-plated trim round the edge of the helmet, the steel badge and the claret-colored lining made from [...]

$47,000 Oil Changes – Lamborghini Murcielago

A rich Arab paid $47,000 to have the oil changed on his Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. To make sure the maintenance was performed right, he had his luxury oil change done in London. He sent his Lamborghini on a 6,500-mile round trip from Qatar to Britain just for the oil change ! The supercar which is [...]


Sports & Classics of Monterey

On August 15-16, the world-renowned auction house, RM Auctions, will present the Sports & Classics of Monterey, an auction event featuring a varied selection of the finest sports and classic cars in their largest offering to date – $50-60 million. A rare and coveted 1958 Chrysler Diablo, considered the most valuable concept car of the [...]

Résidence Supérieur : Live like a Billionaire

Résidence Supérieur is an extreme luxury concept designed by internationally known lifestyle designer Richard Nilsson, located on the French Riviera in Cannes. The concept include super sports cars, private jets, yachts, butlers, chefs, bodyguards and basically any other service you may wish for. Guests can get access to an exclusive car fleet, regularly updated, which [...]

Flying vehicle goes on sale in 2009

The M200G is a small airborne two passenger saucer-shaped vehicle that is designed to take-off and land vertically. It has the size of a small automobile and is powered by eight of the company’s Rotapower rotary engines, as well as an advanced cooling technology meant to reduce rotor weight and related mechanical stresses throughout the [...]

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