Louis Vuitton Multicolor Spring Palette

This Spring 2009, Monogram Multicolore Wallets and Small Leather Goods will be having a facelift. Via ilvoelv Monogram Multicolore 4 Key Holder in White w/ Light Pink lining (above).


Louis Vuitton opens Champs-Elysees store Sunday amid legal battle

Louis Vuitton opened its Champs-Elysees store Sunday amid an ongoing national battle over the supposed day of rest. French law only allows retailers that sell sporting, recreational, leisure and culture items in heavily trafficked tourist areas to open Sunday. The law is aimed to support “dominical rest.” Louis Vuitton has argued that the store features [...]


Jessica Simpson wants to learn to play golf from Tiger Woods

The beautiful singer and actress, Jessica Simpson has asked Tiger Woods for golfing lessons. And sure, everyone would have as a golf teacher Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods! He is currently the world number 1 and he was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2007, having earned an estimated $122 million from winnings and endorsements. Lucky Jessica [...]


Louis Vuitton Fall 2009: a little turn on the catwalk

Marc Jacobs created a collection full of accessories for the Louis Vuitton fall 2009: Lovely handbags, exciting shoes, bejeweled satin leggings, necklaces modeled after paper garlands, stunned gloves mixed with ladylike pearls of all sizes and even bunny ears for playful ladies. And of course the gilded monogram, the protagonist of every collection.


A Louis Vuitton Trunk Encased in Acrylic!

The Custom Acrylic Coffee Table Case shown was created by Aaron R Thomas for Louis Vuitton for use in VIP Functions such as Louis Vuitton Golden Globes Party. These ingenious cases allow you to display your family heirlooms without fear of cat claws, high heels, wine or coffee stains or other effects of things that [...]

Louis Vuitton charm

Video: collectible Louis Vuitton charm being made

Watch an artistic video that Christophe Graillot did showing a collectible LV charm being made, from lost wax casting to stone setting to the final polishing.

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