Monet lilies to star in ‘most valuable’ art auction

A painting of water lilies by French impressionist Claude Monet is expected to fetch up to 40 million pounds when it is auctioned off in London. The painting, will star among dozens of modern masterpieces this month in what is being billed as the most valuable art auction ever held in the city. Painted in [...]


Churchill’s cigar under hammer in London

A huge collection of diaries, letters and even a pristine cigar belonging to Winston Churchill was up for auction in London Wednesday. The sale, which is expected to raise around one million pounds, is being billed by Christie’s as part of the most important private Churchill collection in the world. It features his engagement diary [...]


Louis Vuitton unveils London flagship

Luxury fashion and accessories retailer Louis Vuitton opened its new London flagship this week. The 1,500 sq ft store occupies a corner site at the junction of New Bond Street and Clifford Street. Set over three levels, the store incorporates Louis Vuitton heritage touches such as trunks and leather, as well as modern features including [...]


World’s most expensive stamp up for sale!

What may be the most valuable object in the world has gone on show in London amid tight security. It’s an 1855 Swedish postage stamp, called “Treskilling Yellow”, printed in the wrong color, and it’s worth £5million. Weighing just 0.03 grams, the rare stamp is thought to be the most valuable thing in existence by [...]


London town hall reopens as luxury hotel

An imposing town hall in the heart of London’s East End officially has reopened as a luxury hotel, adding another option to the East End’s rapidly growing market. The Town Hall Hotel, which features a restored Edwardian, Neo-Classical fine stone frontage, offers 98 luxury rooms and luxury apartments. The operator, Design Hotels, has opted to [...]


World’s most expensive omelette

Boisdale, a central London restaurant, is offering what it claims is the world’s most expensive omelette, a £90 ($135) dish made from gulls’ eggs. The eggs, which have beautiful mottled green-grey shell, are slightly bigger than a hen’s egg and need to be collected from gulls’ nests by 25 licensed traders. Only about 40,000 gulls’ [...]

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