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Hermes Window Display Illusion

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has a new installation set up within Maison Hermes in Japan.

Based off a window display he presented in 2004, this new set up features a restructured design with an appearance by a famed Japanese actress.

The window is designed with an image of woman projected on to a monitor. The scarf softly sways in the air in response to the woman’s blow.
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World’s most expensive cup of coffee in Japan

Japanese cafe chain operator Saza Coffee Co plans to sell Panama’s Esmeralda Especial coffee beans for 1,200 yen per cup ($18) starting Dec 2.

Saza is the first company in Japan to buy the high-quality beans through an auction by paying $117.50 per pound for the coffee.

And that is almost 100 times more than the cost of average coffee beans.
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Beaujolais nouveau hot in Japan, literally

Japan’s craze for Beaujolais nouveau has beaten the recession, with tourists taking a dip in a hot mountain spring coloured red with the fruity wine.

The Hakone Kowakien Yunessun spa resort celebrated the annual uncorking of the seasonal drop by having a sommelier pour a few bottles into an open-air hot spring bath as holiday-makers enjoyed soaking themselves.

It was the fourth annual bath using the produce of the French winery Laboure Roi at the spa, which also offers baths with green tea, coffee and sake.
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Tokyo crowned world’s top Michelin three-star city

Tokyo has overtaken Paris as the city with the most Michelin three-star restaurants, cementing its status as the “world capital of gastronomy”.

The latest edition of the Michelin guide to the Japanese capital awarded 11 eateries the coveted three stars, against 10 in Paris.

Tokyo also kept its title as the world’s most-decorated city with 261 stars in total — 34 more than last year — awarded to 197 restaurants.
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Yohji Yamamoto Files For Bankruptcy

Japanese clothing designer Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion house has filed for bankruptcy protection in a Tokyo court.

The company said Friday its sales had been battered by sluggish demand amid the global economic slowdown with debts totaling six billion yen ($67 million).

Integral Corp., a Japanese investment company also announced today that it will be sponsoring the fashion company’s restructuring plan.
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Versace to Close Its Japanese Stores

Bloomberg reports that Gianni Versace will shut down its stores in Japan as there is decline in the demand for luxury goods.

The fashion company has three stores in Japan, one in Osaka, one in Tokyo and one in Chiba according to the Versace website.

Versace, which entered Japan in 1981, isn’t the first brand to take this step. Last year Louis Vuitton scrapped its plans to open a store in Ginza, Tokyo.
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Kanto Syd 5 iPod Speaker

Straight from Japan Kanto’s Syd 5 iPod Speaker packs in 80 watts of power, a bass reflex port, and a frequency response of 45hz to to 20Khz.

Audio is delivered through 5.25” low-range and and 3” high range drivers.

The SYD 5 weighs in at more than 20 pounds, and its four drivers are capable of surprisingly high volume.
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Felissimo 500 Pencils

Japanese Design house Felissimo is launching an inspirational new product called the 500 Colored Pencils, a subscription of 500 different colored pencils.

The way to get them is unique. If you order this product, you’ll get 25 color pencils each month. After 20 months, you will get all of them.

As the year progresses, your art will gain a new dimension, as 500 colors pretty much ensures you can capture almost any shade imaginable.
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Hermes helicopter lands in Japan

We have followed Hermes helicopter earlier too and today it’s time to tell you all about Japan’s first Hermes helicopter.

The service will provide a 30-minute luxury helicopter shuttle service between central Tokyo and Narita International Airport.

The Hermes helicopter features calf-leather seats and walls decorated with the brand’s signature Toile H fabric used in its leather goods.
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China becomes world’s 2nd largest luxury market

If you think China is still a developing country, this piece of news is going to surprise you. China has overtaken the US to become the world’s second largest luxury market.

In 2008, China’s super-rich bought a quarter of the world’s luxury goods.

According to the World Luxury Association, affluent Chinese lavished US$ 8.6 billion on luxury goods last year.
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Japan’s Indoor Man-Made Beach

Imagine a beach where the sky is always blue, it’s never too hot or cold, the water isn’t filled with salt and pollution, and the surf is always perfect.

Welcome to Ocean Dome
, the world’s only indoor beach! Ocean Dome is known as the world’s largest indoor water park with a retractable roof.

The air temperature is always kept around 30º C and the water temperature is kept at around 28º C.
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Pyramid-shaped watermelon for 52,000 yen

A farmer in the town of Tsukigata in Hokkaido, Japan, has grown watermelons that are shaped like pyramids!

The farmer attained this shape by putting the watermelon in a pyramid-shaped plastic casing and hanging it upside down.

Sixteen of the pyramid-shaped watermelons have been shipped to shops across the country, including the Iwataya department store in Fukuoka.
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World’s Most Expensive Cities To Live – 2009

Tokyo is the world’s most expensive city, according to Mercer’s 2009 Worldwide Cost of Living survey released today, with the cost of living up 13.1% from 2008.

Japan’s capital is followed by Osaka and Moscow, which held the top spot in last year’s rankings. Geneva comes in fourth.

The significant changes from last year are due to massive swings in exchange rates, with many currencies at their weakest in years against the U.S. dollar, during the March 2009 survey period.
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New Armani Flagship Store Tokyo

Giorgio Armani has recently opened a huge new store near Louis Vuitton over Roppongi Hills with limited edition commemorative items and a lineup of the latest from this fashion icon.

The interior of the new store was deisgned by Armani himself and includes walls of glass, granite floors and a three VIP lounges for those gentleman that need some personal assistance.
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Ferrari F430 by ASI

The Japanese tuners from ASI
have released the ASI Ferrari F430 body kit and announced various other carbon fiber body parts for the Italian supercar.

The ASI Ferrari sports a unique body kit
that consists of a new front bumper, aggressive side skirts and a bold rear bumper.

Although the parts were styled to provide similar aerodynamic performance to the components they replace, the ASI pieces weigh 27kg (59 lbs) less.
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Gold beer mug launches in Japan

June is the traditional start of the Japanese rainy season and you can be golden for showers with this solid gold mug that is so appropriate for getting through this Great Recession.

Worth $50,000, the item has been introduced as part of gold manufacturer Ginza Tanaka’s latest collection.

The firm has created the Summer Cool range with items that are believed to relieve the heat during the summer months and the mug features 850g of gold.
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Japanese fall out of love with luxury

Japan’s trend-chasing office workers and ladies who lunch are giving up Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel jackets for Zara dresses and Gap jeans, making what was a favourite market for luxury manufacturers into one of their biggest headaches.

The downturn is forcing customers in Japan to scale back purchases of luxury goods, accelerating a long-term shift in consumer attitudes, according to a report by McKinsey.

Japan became the world’s “only mass luxury market” in the 1980s and early 1990s, when Japanese consumers saw ownership of a Louis Vuitton bag or Hermes scarf as a middle-class rite of passage.
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Mauboussin Gives Away Free Diamonds in Tokyo

French jeweler Mauboussin gave away 5,000 tiny diamonds as part of a promotion in Tokyo on Monday. The tiny diamonds were 0.1 carat diamonds worth about $50.

Mauboussin’s flagship Japan store opened in Ginza
, one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in Japan, in February.

But the store had often been empty because its name, though associated with international celebrities, isn’t widely recognized among Japanese.

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Louis Vuitton underground store in Japan

Louis Vuitton recently opened their new temporary /underground/ store in Tokyo, located in the Seibu department store of Ikebukuro.

The store is completely different in terms of interior than other Vuitton spaces and takes a more raw and industrial approach.

To celebrate the opening, Louis Vuitton invited American rapper Kool Keith for a performance.

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