Villa Altachiara for sale

Villa Altachiara is an exceptional home situated on the Promontory above Portofino, a stunning panoramic spots on the Tigullio Gulf. The villa, one of the loveliest oasi of charm in the world, belonged to the late rich countess Francesca Vacca Agusta. Surrounded on three sides by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Villa Altachiara perfumes by pine resin [...]


Say “yes I wish” on Juliet’s Balcony

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name,/ Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love/ and I’ll no longer be a Capulet” said the Juliet of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, on her balcony in the wonderful Italian city of Verona. Now, for everyone who has a [...]


Audi Delivers first RWD R8 LMS 500HP + to Customer

The first example of Audi’s track-only R8 LMS with chassis number ’101′ has been delivered to first lucky owner in Italy. Overall, twelve units of the 500hp+GT3 sports car will be delivered during the forthcoming weeks to six customer teams that plan to race in five European GT3 championships as well as in the 24-hour [...]


Carla Bruni’s bed

“Luxury as excellence, luxury as exclusivity, luxury as beauty, luxury as extravagance, luxury as satisfaction of our wishes.” These words represent the soul of Vicenza fair, an International Luxury Exhibition that takes place in Italy on March. This year visitors can find, and a lucky one could also buy, a delicious pink bed, that belonged [...]


Beckhams Borrow Clooney’s Lake Como Villa

David Beckham is borrowing George Clooney’s Italian mansion ‘to unwind’ as the transfer battle to secure his footballing talents continues. A source in Italy had reportedly told Hello! Magazine that “George has really taken David under his wing since the transfer trouble started. At the house, David is able to get away from everything, relax [...]


Lovely t-shirts by Pinko

Pinko, the famous Italian clothing brand founded by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, has created a georgeous t-shirt line with funny witches theme. Pinko imagines clothing as experimentation and self-discovery and dressing as a game. Dynamic glamour is the soul of the company that allows one to freely express the essence of femininity and makes one’s [...]

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