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VW iBeetle

Volkswagen to introduce iBeetle iPhone-equipped car

VW iBeetle

 claims that its new vehicle, being showcased this week in Shanghai and set to debut in 2014, will be the first to feature a fully integrated iPhone.

Available as a coupe or as a convertible, the iBeetle was developed in partnership with Apple and as such draws on the US technology firm’s design ethos as much as its smartphone know-how.

As such, it can be ordered in shades of black, white or silver, boasts specially conceived “disc” alloy wheels and features an aluminium effect dashboard, where the iPhone will take pride of place in a specially designed docking cradle that holds the handset in landscape mode.

Once connected, the iPhone’s and the Beetle’s interfaces become one thanks to a specially developed Beetle app and the user can make calls, send emails and text messages and access navigation as well as supplement the stereo system via the iTunes music library.

The Beetle app puts Spotify front and center, allowing users not only to stream tracks but also to share recommendations with friends (hands-free, of course). But the app also offers a number of unique features such as ‘Expert,’ which turns the iPhone into part of the instrument panel, displaying g-force generated in corners, oil and coolant temperature, a stopwatch and a compass.

In ‘Trainer‘ mode, a driver can compare route history to see average journey times and fuel economy. It also connects with Facebook and Twitter to crowdsource advice and to share tips and tricks.

Using the ‘Postcard‘ setting within the Beetle app allows the driver to send his or her current location to friends on social media networks as a digital postcard complete with a map and a photo snapped by the iPhone of the view from the driver’s seat.

The iBeetle and iBeetle convertible go on sale in Spring 2014 but Volkswagen will start taking orders in October, when it is also expected to reveal pricing.

Volkswagen iBeetle

iphone 5 black diamond

The world’s most expensive iPhone 5

iPhone Black Diamond

British luxury designer Stuart Hughes has created a £10 million ($15 million), solid-gold bodied, diamond-encrusted iPhone 5. The phone, which underneath its special shell, is no different from any iPhone in terms of hardware components, was commissioned by an unnamed Chinese businessman.

Called the Black Diamond because it features a 24-ct black diamond where the home key should be; it also has a solid gold chassis. If that wasn’t enough, it is decorated with what Hughes says are 600 flawless white diamonds set in gold on the back panel, while the Apple logo, now in solid gold takes on a three-dimensional quality and has also been enhanced by the addition of a further 53 diamonds.

One other notable difference, and one that could soon become a reality on all smartphones, is the use of sapphire glass rather than the standard Gorilla Glass to cover the iPhone’s display.

Sapphire glass is used to create body armor and only a diamond is stronger or more resistant. However, at current prices, a sheet of such glass costs 10 times more than Gorilla Glass.

Although this was a commission, Hughes is more than happy to produce another Black Diamond, if a consumer has £10 million to spare.

Brikk titanium case

Brikk Trim Titanium Case for iPhone

Brikk titanium case

Luxury design company Brikk will launch a series of limited edition luxury iPhone cases, profits from which will benefit those in need around the world.

The limited edition collection revolves around the theme of “Altruistic Precision” and is launched with the Trim series of luxury titanium cases for the iPhone 4.

The luxury cases are available in gold, platinum, ‘black DLC’ and ‘grey stealth’ finishes and cost from $3,000 to $4,500.
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LV iPhone4 Cases

Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases

LV iPhone4 Cases

Louis Vuitton has released four different cases for the iPhone 4. There is the Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas, and of course the Monogram canvas cases.

Each one sports an ultra soft microfiber interior, so there is no threat of scratches and is ultra slim so it fits into your pocketbook or pants pocket with ease.

Each Louis Vuitton case retails for $290. It costs almost 50% the cost of iPhone itself but that is the price you pay for style and a luxury brand.
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Gresso iphone4

Gresso Unveils $6,000 iPhone 4 Time Machine

Gresso iphone4

Luxury mobile phone manufacturer Gresso, unveiled its new exclusive project, the iPhone4 Time, “designed specifically for people living in the rhythm of world time”.

The iPhone4 Time Machine houses six independent mechanical Swiss watches behind the smartphone’s case protected by a mineral glass with diamond coating.

The 6 clocks display time zones of the world’s business hubs: Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong.
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bang and olufsen earset 3i

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i Headset For iPhone

bang and olufsen earset 3i

Bang & Olufsen has introduced EarSet 3i stereo headset designed for use with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Bang & Olufsen says EarSet 3i is developed specifically with the newest generation of Apple devices in mind.

Its functionality is based solely on Apple products and if compared to EarSet 3, it offers additional functionality.
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Gresso iPhone4 Black Diamonds for Lady

Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady

Gresso iPhone4 Black Diamonds for Lady

Luxury phone maker Gresso has unveiled the new iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady, in the case of the 200-year-old African Blackwood, combined with black and white diamonds, platinum and 18K rose gold.

The buttons on the panel feature 2-carats worth of black diamonds and an inside frame made of 18-carat rose gold with white diamonds.

The iPhone 4’s back panel has been decked out with black diamonds in 6 carats, in combination with 13 carats of stunning white diamonds.
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Green Gables iCookie

Japan bakery scores surprise hit with ‘edible iPhone’

Green Gables iCookie

Fans of Apple’s iPhone who just can’t get enough of the popular gadget can now travel to Japan to gobble up a tasty cookie modelled on the popular smartphone.

A small bakery in Japan has enjoyed a surprise hit with its “iPhone cookie”, a handmade chocolate biscuit decorated with colourful, edible application icons.

Green Gables in Tokushima prefecture pioneered the tasty treat in 2008 as a special birthday gift for a customer’s husband, said Kumiko Kudo, the owner of the store.
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Bottega Veneta iPhone and iPad Cases

Bottega Veneta have just released these stunning iPhone/Blackberry and iPad cases as part of their up coming Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.

The cases sport Bottega Veneta’s trademark woven motif, produced with the finest of cotton-lined napa leather in two featured colorways (white and black).

There is a strap and brass snap to secure the gadget, and all cases have reinforced panels for additional protection.

The year’s best iPhone travel apps

Kayak has been named the best reservations app by influential Travel + Leisure magazine, which published its 2010 Top Travel Apps in its August edition.

The Kayak app beat competition from Expedia’s TripAssist and the Travelocity app, to take the best Trip Planning app choice, which was one of 53 apps selected by Travel + Leisure as their favorites of 2010.

Other highlights included the free TripIt for “keeping on top of your trip,” Packing Pro, to help “prep your suitcase,” Hop Stop for urban transportation and the recently-released StayHip for boutique hotels.
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Gresso releases iPhone 4 Black Diamond phone

Gresso has launched its iPhone 4 casing made of 200-years old African Blackwood, the signature material which they have used for the iPhone 3GS casing as well.

The Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamond casing has an 18-K gold Apple logo embedded on the backside with an inlaid glittering black diamond.

This luxury case not only makes the device look pretty but also solves the ‘death grip’ problem that many users are facing, according to Gresso.
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Gresso iPhone 4 Cases in African Blackwood/Gold

Gresso has created a luxury back cover for the iPhone 4 that is made of 200 year old African Blackwood along with 18K gold detailing.

The back cover aims to make your iPhone 4 look a little different although it isn’t clear if the wood used is a replacement or cover for the current glass used.

Two versions are being created. The first is for women and contains an Apple logo in 18K gold along with Swarovski crystals. This version costs $3500.
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