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Hermes Fall / Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

For their latest ad campaign, Hermes has skipped fall and headed straight to winter.

Brazilian top model, Raquel Zimmermann stars in the snow covered campaign shot by Eric Valli at Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel.

Eric Valli received its international reputation from contributions to Geo, National Geographic, the Sunday Times, the Smithsonian, Life and Paris Match.
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Hermes helicopter lands in Japan

We have followed Hermes helicopter earlier too and today it’s time to tell you all about Japan’s first Hermes helicopter.

The service will provide a 30-minute luxury helicopter shuttle service between central Tokyo and Narita International Airport.

The Hermes helicopter features calf-leather seats and walls decorated with the brand’s signature Toile H fabric used in its leather goods.
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Hermes Alligator Leather Table Clock

We take a look at the Hermes Alligator Leather Table Clock as made for the Only Watch 2009 event.

The Only Watch auction is a collaboration between Patrizzi & Co. Auctioneers and the Monaco Yacht Show. It will be held this year in Monaco on September 24, 2009.

The charity that will benefit from the event researches treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
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Ultra-Chic Hermes Paris Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets have reached a new level of luxury with this ultra-stylish unit from Hermes Paris.

Designed by Emmanuel Laffon de Mazeres, the frame-shape is made of super lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum and supple leather.

Its custom-built silicon earring, molded over your ear, makes it extremely easy to wear. You can wear it for hours without feeling fatigued.
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China’s luxury market can be tough to crack

China may become the world’s biggest luxury market in some years but cultural challenges to win customers’ hearts for certain types of products remain, industry executives said this week.

Champagne house Taittinger said it could make high-end sparkling wine in China but the market was not ready for it yet…

… while Lamborghini said the country’s tradition of luxury chauffeurs, bigger than sports driving, made expansion there a challenge.
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Luxury groups use movies, dinners to boost image

Luxury groups are turning to films, the Internet and private dinners
to attract customers as they search for more cost-effective ways to advertise to fight falling sales, executives told the Reuters Global Luxury Summit.

Hermes is increasing its overall marketing budget by just under 10 percent this year to a touch above 100 million euros but only a third will be on advertising, Chief Executive Patrick Thomas said.

“The rest of the budget goes on shop windows, exhibitions, private public relations operations,” he said, including invitations to 10-15 customers to themed store openings.
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Hermes breeds own crocs to meet bag demand

French luxury goods group Hermes has resorted to breeding its own crocodiles on farms in Australia to try to meet demand for its leather bags, its chief executive told Reuters on Monday.

Customers sometimes have to wait several years for certain exotic-skin bags, which can fetch over 35,000 euros ($48,410).

It can take three to four crocodiles to make one of our bags so we are now breeding our own crocodiles on our own farms, mainly in Australia,” Patrick Thomas told the Reuters Global Luxury Summit in Paris.
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Luxury market faces turbulence: Hermes


Hermes believes turbulence could hit the global luxury goods industry for the next two years and has put some expansion plans on hold, the French fashion and leather goods group said on Monday.

Watches and jewelry will take at least two years to recover from the current luxury spending downturn but fashion sales could pick up faster, Hermes Chief Executive Patrick Thomas told the Reuters Global Luxury Summit in Paris.

“In my opinion, turbulence will last rather long, maybe two years,” Thomas said.

The world’s second-largest luxury goods group in terms of market value behind LVMH said it had postponed the opening of two shops in China and two leather goods plants in France.
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Victoria Beckham owns 100 Hermes Birkin bags

Victoria Beckham is well known for her extravagant taste in fashion, but news that she owns 100 Hermès Birkin bags is likely to be seen as nothing less than excessive.

A US financial website worked out that the sometime pop star’s collection of the coveted bag alone is worth £1.5million ($2.3 million).

revealed that the 35-year-old owns around 100 of the style, which start at £4,200 for the basic model.
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Hermes Bicycle

Sunny days are a good reason to ride a bike that can get you through streets more quickly and flexibly than any other means of transport.

What’s more, you’ll be relaxed, you won’t harm the environment, and it’s good for your health.

If you want to ride in a chic way, you can try the new Hermès bicycle in lacquered stainless steel with Frame, handles and saddle in Taurillon Clemence leather.
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helicoptere par Hermes

L’hélicoptère par Hermès


helicoptere par Hermes

Falcon Aviation Services has received its first “L’hélicoptère par Hermès” on Sunday at a ceremony held in Abu Dhabi.

Priced at $6 million, the EC135 helicopter is created by a collaboration between Eurocopter and Hermes, the French designer of luxury goods.

“This helicopter illustrates a fusion between design and technology, where every detail has been created for VIP and business travellers,” said Salem Al Kayoumi, FAS’s vice-chairman.
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Is India the New China In Luxury Market?

While the Western markets are faltering, luxury retailers are searching for the next location to sell their high-end goods, and it looks like India might just be the place.

While India makes up just 0.4 percent of global luxury good sales, the market is growing at 25 percent a year, according to a recent Bain & Co. study.

There are 1.5 million households in India who could afford luxury goods, compared with 1.6 million households in China, according to McKinsey.

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Hermes Arceau Moonphase Retrograde pocket watch

A pocket watch is undeniable the gentleman’s most classic accessory that survived the passed decades, even centuries of fashion development.

Hermes adds that old fashion classical feel with this 18kt gold pocket watch with 43.5 mm casing, suspended from a leather strap that doesn’t take away from it, as do many chains.

Completely with moonphases to keep track of all those New moons and crescents as the days tick by.
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Short Film РSmart Herm̬s Fortwo ̩dition Toile

Hermès dressed the Smart fortwo issuing a special edition of the diminutive city car. The interior is made of high-quality leather and special canvas called Toile H.

Two unique textures cover everything from the seats to the car’s tridion safety cell. For the inside, you can choose the Hermes signature orange or nine others colors including indigo, gold, lime and pink. There’s also a nice standard umbrella.

High fashion never comes cheap, and the Hermes Smart is no exception coming in at $48,500 in U.S. dollars or 38,000 euros.

This funny short film shows the variety of colors and combinations, provided for the Hermes car model, with this little fashionista Smart that goes through cartoon roads.

Film Hermes – All I do Is Dream Of You

Hermès silk jersey fluid scarf is a fantastic accessory. Its size and versatility means you can wear it as a foulard or a beach wrap, around your neck, over a coat or jacket or around your handbag, as a bikini top or around your waist. The possibilities are endless.

The character of Miranda Priestly, in the famous novel “The Devil Wears Prada”, wears a new white Hermès scarf in a different way every day.

Grace Kelly used her scarf as a sling for her broken arm. Madonna wore one as a halter in “Swept Away”. Every woman wants this chic of jersey or silk with its fabulous colors and unique print.

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Hermes Crocodile Pippa Chair

Hermes is one of the few international luxury labels to have furniture. In 1987, it introduced the Pippa chair in pear wood.

The chair was created by the architect and designer Rena Dumas, the wife of the Hermes chairman Jean-Louis Dumas. The Pippa collection has since evolved into a line of foldable indoor and outdoor furniture.

Recently, Hermes has come out with an ultra-luxe update on its classic Pippa folding chair, finished in the world’s finest matte black crocodile skin.
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Armani unsuccessfully explored Hermes deal


Giorgio Armani explored a merger with French luxury group Hermes but without success, the Italian designer told Bloomberg, adding he planned to keep control of his fashion empire as long as he stays healthy.

Mr. Armani, who is in his 70s and one of Milan’s long-established names, was quoted in an interview with the news agency as saying a merger with Hermes would have united the companies’ strengths in clothes and accessories.

“(A deal) could have been something fantastic,” Mr. Armani said in the interview published on Friday. “Hermes has such class, such prestige.”

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Eric Clapton’s Hermes Crocodile Guitar Case

The other day we told you about Karl Lagerfeld’s bespoke trunk from Louis Vuitton. In the same vein, we now present Eric Clapton’s ultra-luxurious, custom-made crocodile guitar case from Hermès.

Clapton’s case was specially made to hold his Martin 00028 EC acoustic guitar, the rock star’s signature model (“EC” are his initials) which he helped to design.

Handmade using the world’s finest crocodile skin, poplar wood from Pennsylvania and a very fine, soft blue velvet lining, you will make your musician’s holiday dreams come true for just $100,000. (Via Luxist)

The Reality of Luxury Goods Manufacturing

A new book out by author Dana Thomas, called Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre, explores how the manufacture of luxury goods, and in particular luxury clothing, has been outsourced almost in its entirety to a handful of developing countries such as China and Turkey.

Dana Thomas knew it was time to investigate ‘luxury’ when her clothes started falling off. ‘In 2002, I bought a pair of cotton-poplin cropped trousers at Prada for $500. I put them on, and the gentle passing of my foot ripped the hem out. I put my hand in the pocket and it tore away from its seam. I squatted down to pick up my two-year-old and the derrière split open. I hadn’t had those trousers on 10 minutes and they were literally falling apart at the seams. I mentioned this to a former Prada design assistant. “It’s the thread,” he told me. “It’s cheaper and breaks easily.” Of course, not all Prada goods are shoddy . ..’

Thomas explains that despite the protestations of certain luxury house owners, the competitive landscape for luxury goods companies is one which makes this phenomenon hard to resist.

For the last sixty years, the actual production of luxury goods themselves has become much like any other type of product. The big difference is the way in which these luxury goods have been marketed to make you feel a particular way.

How? By creating a desire so powerful that, as Tom Ford, the designer and marketing genius behind Gucci, puts it, “It’s like you’ve gotta have it or you’ll die.”

As Thomas notes in her book, the lion’s share of a product is made in China but then a small piece (a piece of stitching or pocket, for instance) is added in the West so that the ubiquitous ‘Made in China’ label can be avoided and the luxury illusion can be maintained…

The book isn’t especially well written or well edited but Dana has a wicked sense of humor and pulls no punches in describing the decadent denizens of the “Deluxe” world.
Even if you know nothing about fashion, this book will fascinate, educate and entertain. The section on Louis Vuitton is eye-opening. The chapter on the making of a Hermes bag is priceless. Also, in the last few pages of the book, Thomas describes what the truly rich now buy, which is basically what you can see everyday on Luxuo :)

DELUXE: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre by Dana Thomas
Allen Lane £20/$40 pp376