How The Luxury Consumer Will Spend In 2009

According to Forbes, wealthy consumers will spend, but differently than before. Exclusivity will be embraced as will quality and dependability. What’s more, luxury brands will begin offering discounts and incentives-something many have never done before. “The days of shopping ’til you drop are over,” says David Lamb, chief strategic officer at diamond giant De Beers, [...]


Floating City Ark for Eco-Refugees

According to the less alarming forecasts of the Intergovernmental group on the evolution of the climate, the ocean level should rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century with a status quo by 50 cm (versus 10 cm in the 20th Century). As a solution to this alarming problem architect Vincent Callebaut came [...]


Queen goes green

The Queen of England is having her two $14 million bespoke Bentley limousines converted to run on biofuels, the London Daily Mail reports. This is part of a move by the British luxury car-maker to become more environmentally friendly – and a new biofuel-burning high-performance car is expected in the New Year.


Ferragamo Goes Green

In an effort to preserve the Earth, the luxury brand has created a line of eco-friendly handbags named Eco Ferragamo. What makes this collection special is that the bags are made from a nontoxic tanning technique, are lined in handwoven hemp, and use dyes from natural elements such as tree bark. The results are luxurious, [...]

Amazing Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali

Looking at these amazing Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia. Designed by Singapore based WOHA and built on 14.4 hectacres, the Alila Villas are a prime example of amazing sustainable architecture. With Alila Villas Uluwatu, the architects wanted to create more than the usual stereotypical ideas of Bali, creating a design that worked with the [...]


Island Pilot Hybrid Luxury Yacht Unveiled

Private yachts are somewhat synonymous to luxury, but does that ever mean that they cannot get ecofriendly? No is the answer from Island Pilot LLC, who have unveiled the first ever hybrid luxury yacht dubbed the Island Pilot DSe Hybrid 12m, powered by diesel fuel, solar energy, and electric power. The vessel is 12 meters [...]

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