Queen goes green

The Queen of England is having her two $14 million bespoke Bentley limousines converted to run on biofuels, the London Daily Mail reports. This is part of a move by the British luxury car-maker to become more environmentally friendly – and a new biofuel-burning high-performance car is expected in the New Year.

Ferragamo Goes Green

In an effort to preserve the Earth, the luxury brand has created a line of eco-friendly handbags named Eco Ferragamo. What makes this collection special is that the bags are made from a nontoxic tanning technique, are lined in handwoven hemp, and use dyes from natural elements such as tree bark. The results are luxurious, … Continued

Amazing Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali

Looking at these amazing Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia. Designed by Singapore based WOHA and built on 14.4 hectacres, the Alila Villas are a prime example of amazing sustainable architecture. With Alila Villas Uluwatu, the architects wanted to create more than the usual stereotypical ideas of Bali, creating a design that worked with the … Continued

Island Pilot Hybrid Luxury Yacht Unveiled

Private yachts are somewhat synonymous to luxury, but does that ever mean that they cannot get ecofriendly? No is the answer from Island Pilot LLC, who have unveiled the first ever hybrid luxury yacht dubbed the Island Pilot DSe Hybrid 12m, powered by diesel fuel, solar energy, and electric power. The vessel is 12 meters … Continued

Eco Cars: Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero

The entrants for the 2008 Design Los Angeles Challenge have been officially released, with the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center of North America unveiling the Formula Zero. Built around the theme of motor sports racing in the year 2025, the Formula Zero concept aims to combine “the thrill of Formula One, the track dynamics of the … Continued

The world’s first solar speedboat

If you’re an environment friendly sailor and have a passion for speedboats check out Czeers MK1, a luxury designed 10-meter that was launched at the Millionaire Fair in 2007. The Delft Technical University Solarboat Team built the original platform as an entry in the 2006 Nuon Frisian Solar challenge, which it easily won – and … Continued

5th Peugeot concept car design contest 2008

Voting period for Peugeot design contest 2008 is on the go ! For the fifth time Peugeot is holding their futuristic design competition. Last year the Flux, designed by 20-year old Romanian Mihai Panaitescu, won the competition and was built as a concept car and eventually shown at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. This year … Continued

A green building in London

London’s Southbank will feature a new landmark building following the approval of a planning application to redevelop York House. The new design was initiated after a four-year planning period for the original, smaller design which, by the time planning was granted, had become obsolete. And Sheppard Robson have eventually designed a bold but beautiful glazed-design … Continued

New Gazprom Tower

Russia’s state-controlled energy giant, Gazprom, has unveiled a new design for a major new office building it has been planning for several years in St. Petersburg. The new design proposes to use plants to control the building’s temperature. It’s been described as the first building to be given a “green fur coat” a glass tower … Continued

Ozone concept car

Designed and developed by Istanbul designer Özkan Koral, here is another contemporary automobile design called Ozone : the future concept vehicle designed for Peugeot can be defined as a perfect fusion of accessibility and pleasure. This eco wary future concept vehicle has created a new standard of excellence in future luxury segment vehicles. Ozone which … Continued

Most expensive bicycle in Britain

An online contest organized by ETA, a UK-based insurance company, is offering a custom-made 24K gold-plated Charge Plug bicycle complete with customized seat, handlebars and chain as a prize to mark the Green Transport Week. To enter the contest, You must be eighteen years old, live in the UK, and get a free quote online … Continued

Dubai’s Rotating Wind Power Tower

Dubai has garnered much attention in recent years with a never-ending supply of architectural wonders being built, or proposed, at a head spinning pace. Mostly these towering structures are grand and tall, but some are also green An ambitious project by David Fisher’s firm Dynamic Architecture looks set to be yet another new addition to … Continued

Scorpion, the green sports car by Ronn Motor Company

Texas based Ronn Motor Company (RMC) has unveiled the Scorpion sportscar that runs on a 30-40 percent blend of hydrogen and gasoline, promising reduced emissions and 40 mpg plus efficiency. Rather than using fuel cells to power an electric motor, the Scorpion would have an internal combustion engine burning both gasoline and hydrogen, achieving 40 … Continued

Scotland’s supercar

Named after a Scottish demon, the Falen is the creation of Gleneagles-based design studio Dowdeswell and Hardie. At least it will be, once the vehicle gets off the computer screen and onto the road. Lending credibility is the presence of that Judd engine, the GV 5.5L V10 that’s widely used in Le Mans Prototype class … Continued

Eco-house sells for £7.2million

An innovative eco-friendly home in a Cotswold nature reserve has been sold for a world record £7.2 million for a country house. The ‘thoroughly modern manor house’, modelled on a bee orchid found on the reserve, was sold off-plan last week. The buyer has chosen to remain anonymous but speculation is rife with Brad Pitt … Continued

Most Expensive Mansion in the World

In addition to arguably being the most expensive private home in the world ($1 Billion to build), it will also be the tallest–measuring in at 42 stories. Residence Antilla, though, will only have 27 stories, due to Ambani’s desire for taller ceilings. Mukesh Ambani is reported to be the 14th richest man in the world, … Continued

Whirlpool shows green kitchen concept

Whirlpool has shown of its futuristic “green kitchen” concept in which 60% of the water and heat generated from appliances is “diverted” to fuel other appliances or functions in the eco-kitchen. Through this integrated use of appliances, with the concept taking its model from the cycle of nature, it optimises the use of heat and … Continued

Mile-high London Tower

Towering 500 stories high, it is expected to house 100,000 people, in addition to having space for schools, hospitals and stores.