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Pure gold plated tiles

The Limited Edition 18 carat gold plated tiles from Dominic Crimson raises the bar of opulent décor.

Dominic Crinson has been blowing away the cobwebs of fusty interiors for more than a decade now with his exquisite tiles and wallpapers and these beautiful and ingenious limited edition ‘Opera’ tiles bear testimony to why he’s now such an internationally-coveted name.

Combining contemporary design with modern technology, these tiles will appeal to all the design conscious decorators with a bold, experiential streak looking for a wall covering that express their flamboyant character.

Created by Dominic exclusively for 20ltd.com, only 250 body tiles and 250 fringe tiles for
75 £ ($150) each will ever be made. Source

Gold & Diamond 3G iPhone Versions

Goldstriker sent yesterday “exclusive” preview image of their coming soon version of the iPhone 3G to the most influent bloggers.

The 24 carat gold 3G iPhone is expected to launch in July, and will start from $800 for the 8gb gold edition and rise to £1,000 ($2,000) for the 24ct gold & diamond edition.

The Apple Logo will house 53 cut bright white diamonds totaling 0,36 carat in weight.
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Most expensive bicycle in Britain

An online contest organized by ETA, a UK-based insurance company, is offering a custom-made 24K gold-plated Charge Plug bicycle complete with customized seat, handlebars and chain as a prize to mark the Green Transport Week.

To enter the contest, You must be eighteen years old, live in the UK, and get a free quote online for cycle insurance in order to enter the contest. The contest will end on October 21st and a random draw will determine the winner.

This amazing bike is worth £9,500 ($18,750) and comes with a security guard!

Customize your Maybach

The Maybach 57 goes a step further in ensuring you feel like royalty when you ride the car, all the chrome trim rudiments in the vehicle interior are gold-plated with a wafer-thin layer of genuine 24-carat gold.

If muted sophistication (other than wood and leather) is your style then you can ask for the trim elements to be crafted from naturally occurring granite. Maybach also offers Business Packages to their customers as an ex-factory option. The Maybach mobile office system includes mobile Internet access. A printer can also be included in the package should the customer require it.

Wireless Bluetooth technology allows the car owner’s laptop to be integrated on board. While working on it, the computer can be placed on one of the fold-down tables between the rear seats, and when not in use, it can be stowed away in a multifunction compartment on the back of the seats.

The large scope for individualisation of the Maybach saloons starts right with the bodies of the Maybach Landaulet, the Maybach 62 and 62 S, plus the Maybach 57 and 57 S.

As far as the fully closed versions in the two different vehicle lengths are concerned, the customer has a range of roof options: all-metal roof, a solar module and a sliding roof, available separately or in combination – both positioned either at the front or alternatively at the rear. On the 62 and 62 S models there is also the option of an electro-transparent panoramic glass roof in conjunction with the solar module. This means that Maybach customers can choose from no less than ten different body variants when specifying their own personal dream saloon.
People who buy a Maybach do not generally do so on the basis of the brochure and the list of equipment options. The way this luxury car is put together is the result of an extensive exchange of ideas between the customer and the Maybach designers or engineers.

Customers who are unable to visit the Center of Excellence to design and equip their car in person can use Maybach’s video-conferencing facility to talk to the experts in the design, technology and production departments and obtain tailored advice in this way. An innovative computer-aided advice system based on virtual-reality technology makes it easier to view and select the numerous interior trim elements, materials and colours. Every Maybach Center is equipped with this state-of-the-art system.

Base Price: Maybach 57 S – $377,000

24 karat gold automobile sculptures

For more than 25 years, Michael Dunlap has crafted uniquely original automobile models. Typically they are built to 1:12 scale, hand engraved and finished in 24 Karat gold. They are purchased for different reasons — their beauty as artwork, display in museums and trophies to commemorate special automotive racing events.

Each model is a commissioned order. Therefore, the price is determined by the complexity of the project desired by the client. The Indy cars displayed on the website got sold off for $60,000 and the NASCAR models managed to generate $70,000. Mike Dunlap is currently pricing a yacht, for a potential client in Dubai, for around $180,000.

Gilty Couture Luxury Gold Cases for iPod

Metallo Design has introduced its new Gilty Couture line of gold, silver, and Swarovski crystal accoutrements for the iPod and iPhone.

The new collection includes slide-on bezels for the iPhone and iPod touch, which are available in gold or silver with differently-colored Swarovski crystals in each.

Also available are “Jewelry Cover” cases for the fifth-generation iPod, iPod classic, second- and third-generation iPod nano, and second-generation iPod shuffle.
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$276,360 ‘Angel of the Stars’ Mobile Phone

This $276,360 cell phone called ‘Angel of the Stars,’ encrusted with 1,700 natural diamonds and white gold is featured at the Luxurious Millionaire Fair in Munich

The exclusive luxury fair in Germany is expected to feature the best of the breed starting from cars, yachts, fashion, interior design, travel and food. Targeting the filthy-rich class, you can experience the latest in lifestyle displayed at more than 3000 meters of exhibition space. This four-day long event scheduled from 15-18 May would establish itself as a global platform for luxury in association with the Internet portal and premium magazine “JETSETMARKET.”

Limited edition Amosu Diamond Mont Blanc handcrafted pens

Alexander has created a limited edition diamond Mont Blanc handcrafted pen exclusively for the elite in aid of charity.

Amosu Diamond Meisterstück fountain pens have been handmade with 77 diamonds, and feature 0.45 carats of VS, F grade diamonds with a choice of white, black, pink, brown or blue diamonds set into the gold clip.

The pen’s ubiquitous style features an 18k gold nib, platinum inlay and black precious resin cap.
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Luxury Gold Pen Holder

Give your luxury writing instruments the respect they deserve with this 14 Karat Gold Sculptural Pen Tray by award winning New York based sculptor and designer Mark Weisbeck.

Curvaceous and modern, this sophisticated design is for executive and home office,
yachts and private jets

Solid , 26 gauge, 7 X 4.5 X 1 inch, mirror polished gold
reflects and cradles the finest, most precious writing instruments. Natural, rare ebony wood base with applied Scottish leather to protect the desktop. Over three ounces of gold. $2600 USD

1 Million Dollar Fishing Lure

The Million Dollar Fishing Lure features 100 cts. of Diamonds and Rubies and 3 pounds of platinum and 14 and 18 carat gold.

MacDaddy Fishing makes lures with various combinations of precious metals and/or precious stones. The lures range in price between $40 to $1,000,000.

You can have lures engraved and their website suggests that not only are these lures fully functional, but can also be used as jewelry.
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A gold-plated pram with sound system and satin interior

Yesterday it was revealed that this gold-plated pram, which boasts a fitted sound system and satin interior, has been snapped up after just two weeks on sale at Harrods for a staggering £6,000.

Described as “the ultimate in “baby bling”, the converted Silver Cross Silver Shadow is dripping in £4,000-worth of 24-carat gold, which covers every panel as well as its wheels and spokes.

Its leather hood is trimmed in super-soft ermine fur, it has a blue satin lining – and its base even conceals a clockwork music box which plays soothing nursery rhymes.
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Goldstriker – 24ct gold iPhone Solar Star edition

Goldstriker, the UK company known to clad mobile phones in obnoxious 24ct gold and other precious metals, is now offering a new iPhone edition, the Solar Star.

Both the front bezel of the handset and the Apple logo on the rear comes plated with 24ct gold.

Rest of the casing, including the antenna cover, touts the Balloon White paint, which you might spot on a Lamborghini Gallardo.
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Gold Mickey Mouse statue

Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment and jeweler Ginza Tanaka have made this gold Mickey Mouse statue as part of a campaign to promote the Blu-ray DVD release of “National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.”

The 12-cm-tall, 1-kg statue, which is valued at 3.23 million yen ($31,000) will be displayed in Tanaka’s Ginza store through April 29, and then tour Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sendai – Via fareastgizmos

Gold Macbook Air

All the super rich geeks, watch out for this decked out 24 karat gold MacBook Air with a decorated version of the classic rainbow Apple.

Air is a standard 1.6ghz/2gb/80GB, with a 24-karat gold plating, polished exterior, and flat/crystallite interior. The price: $5000 USD. However you will have to chip in another 3000$ for the rainbow which is 14-karat gold with 3.8ctw sapphires.

World’s most expensive bed linen with pure gold

Those who expect the best, whatever the time of day, Charlotte Thomas’s exclusive ‘Bespoke’ bedding collection provides the utmost in night-time luxury and sophistication.

Charlotte Thomas’s sumptuous designs are hand made to individual specification, using the finest super 150’s Merino wool spun with genuine 22 carat gold, luxuriously backed with fine Indian hand-loom silk jacquard.

Ingeniously, the result is both substantially rich and dreamily soft; and complemented with the finest thousand-count Egyptian cotton sheets complete each set[…]

Charlotte Thomas’ Bespoke is made of some of the rarest fabrics in the world, and as such availability is limited, with order times up to 12 weeks from initial consultation.

All enquiries are handled personally by members of the Charlotte Thomas management team, or through select outlets worldwide. A single cover can cost £1,200 ($2400)

Buddhist Nokia N70

This first of its kind Buddhism mobile phone is a heavily customized Nokia N70 that is decorated with numerous Buddhist aesthetics that makes for the ultimate religious phone.

The phone features 24 K gold plating, a Buddha on the back and intricate carvings and religious symbols all over. It also has custom Buddhist wallpapers and prayer ringtones that carry on with the theme.

Nokia 8800 arte 24ct gold Firefox editon

Release date of the Nokia 8800 arte 24ct gold Firefox editon is 1st of May 2008. Beautifully struck with 24ct gold now has been uniquely enhanced with 40 individually set AAA grade ultra white synthetic diamonds.

Goldstriker’s director Katherine Hughes recently quoted ‘ I have been lucky over the last few years to be involved and witness so many different customisations of mobile phones but this handset seems to stand out from the rest. It is for sure the most sunning to date’.
Exclusive Limited Editon with only 500 to be made – Priced : £899.95

Available from www.goldstriker.co.uk

Source : Pricy-spicy

Diamond Encrusted Door Handle

Designer Frédéric Attar has invented a luxe creation that would create a buzz in the luxury market. Falling amongst the category of luxurious collection of brass door handles, now the designer has offered diamonds festooned door handles for Corinne Darmon’s L’Universe de la Poignée. They are available in various shades viz. white, yellow, pink or black diamonds or sapphires. The cost of single door handle starts at €750 and may demand €1,000,000 depending upon your need. Each handle bring document of authenticity along with it.