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Cartier Launches its Biggest Boutique in Middle East

Luxury goods company Cartier on Thursday braved the deepening global recession to launch its biggest boutique so far in the Middle East.

The 700 square-meter showroom in the upscale Dubai Mall testifies to the Cartier’s confidence that chilly economic winds will not deter well-heeled residents and visitors to Dubai from buying its jewelry, watches, handbags and other high-end merchandise.

The opening event was attended by actress Monica Bellucci and Bollywood stars including Anil Kapoor.

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Platinum Yachts unveils the world’s largest superyacht

With her length of 162 metres, Dubai is the largest yacht in the world. She was originally commissioned by a Prince from Brunei and she was to be built at Blohm & Voss in co-operation with Lürssen.

When a large part of the hull and superstructure of Project Panhandle/Golden Star was completed, the construction stopped and the unfinished yacht was sold to the ruler of Dubai.

Following the sale, the project was renamed Platinum and transported from Germany to Dubai for completion at the newly formed shipyard, Platinum Yachts.
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Seawater Vertical Farm

Italian architectural firm Studiomobile have developed an interesting new vertical farm concept.

The seawater vertical farm uses seawater to cool and humidify greenhouses and to convert sufficient humidity back in to fresh water to irrigate the crops.

The project has been presented in dubai where there is an absence of fresh water and local cultivations, a problem of urban transport and a high soil value, making this concept a feasible one.

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No More Luxury Stays For Chinese Officials

The Chinese Communist Party has told its members to embrace austerity after a series of embarrassing revelations about extravagant business trips.

The latest scandal came when 14 officials from the southern province of Guangdong went on a two-week junket around Africa and the Middle East that included a stay at the Burj al-Arab, a seven-star hotel in Dubai.

The junket, which included stops to buy diamonds and a belly-dancing show, was exposed by Chinese bloggers last week.
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Dubai Princess Tower

Top Dubai International Boat Show takes a “Dive”

The 17th edition of the biggest and most recognized international boat show in the Middle East, DIBS, will open its doors in Dubai from March 3 to March 7, 2009.

There will be 721 companies representing 50 countries and a special section focusing on the world of diving.

Gone are the days when the people of this country would venture out to sea only to fish or collect pearls. Instead of the traditional wooden Dhows gracing these waters, one can now admire shiny, expensive yachts and the very, very expensive Superyachts.

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The floating home

X-Architects closely collaborated with Leen Vandaele, interior decorator architect and design consultant from Squisito, to create a houseboat that inventively combines the nautical lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment with crisp architectural tectonics.

The fundamental structure of the floating home is created from two catamaran beams, stainless steel and glass.

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Dubai’s Britain Island bought for $59 million

Like many expatriates, Safi Qurashi misses home.

But now the Dubai-based shopkeeper’s son from South London has solved the problem. He has bought Great Britain.

Mr Qurashi, 39, has paid £43 million for the Britain-shaped island in The World, a man-made archipelago off the coast of Dubai, where each piece of land represents a different country, state or city.

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Dubai the world islands

the world’s first fashion island launched in Dubai

There is going to be an island built that is completely devoted to fashion! Dubai Infinity Holdings has announced plans to develop the world’s first fashion island – Isla Moda

The multi-million dollar island, which will be located on the man-made “The World” archipelago, will boast fashion themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques and luxury hospitality facilities.

It will be designed to represent The World, and the world’s top fashion capitals, both countries and cities, will receive excellent representation. Isla Moda won’t be a country, but a “city of fashion” instead.
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The World’s Leading Hotel Suite

Earlier in the year, The Monarch Dubai was named Middle East’s leading new business hotel and its exclusive Monarch Suite was named as the Middle East’s leading suite, before going on to be named the leading suite in the world.

At 1,130 Sqm, the Monarch Suite, conceptually designed and a project managed by Roya International Hospitality Consultants, is the largest suite available to the public in the Middle East and is The Monarch Dubai’s crowning glory.
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Bugatti Veyron Vincero Tuned By Mansory

In Dubai you can find cars that you’ve never heard about like this Mansory-prepped Veyron called Bugatti Vincero, which is up for sale by Prestige Cars.

Though Mansory, the custom carmaker, has still not made any official statement about this new design, the Prestige Cars (Abu Dhabi) website has revealed that only 3 such cars will be built, making it an exclusive limited edition series.

From the pictures we can see that the Veyron-based Vincero features an awesome paint job complemented by a nice set of black alloy wheels and plenty of carbon fiber parts.

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Versace hotel to refrigerate beach

Versace, the renowned fashion house, is to create the world’s first refrigerated beach so that hotel guests can walk comfortably across the sand on scorching days, reports The Australian.

The beach will be next to the the new Palazzo Versace hotel which is being built in Dubai where summer temperatures average 40C and can reach 50C. The swimming pool will be refrigerated and there are also proposals to install giant blowers to waft a gentle breeze over the beach.

The 10-storey hotel will have 213 rooms, several with their own internal swimming pools, plus 169 apartments. Fifteen more such hotels are planned.
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Dubai Prince Gifts Island To Michael Schumacher

The wealthy prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai has gifted the already rich former F1 racer his own piece of “The World”.

Situated off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, “The World” is a grouping of man-made islands developed to look like a map of the Earth.

Valued at roughly $7 million, Schumacher’s island will be located in the southern hemisphere, part of the “Antarctica” island cluster, when completed in a few years, presumably before the Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower in Abu Dhabi is completed.

Dubai’s Atlantis hotel opens with $20 million party

Dubai Atlantis hotel opens with $20 million party

The Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai opened last Thursday with a multimillion-dollar star-spangled party, and a spectacular display of lighting and pyrotechnics.

Having spent $1.5 billion, the owners of the Atlantis hotel, which they hope will become the new symbol of excess in a region already replete with towering statements of wealth, splashed out $20 million on its opening.

In the lobby of the Atlantis about 2,000 guests sipped Dom Perignon. Outside, A-list celebrities from Robert De Niro to Lindsay Lohan walked the red carpet.
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Mega mall opens in Dubai

Even though the economy is grim, big malls are opening around the world. We recently mentioned the opening of the Westfield Mall in London and now the Dubai Mall has officially opened boasting the largest number of retailers in the world.

As we mentioned earlier this year, the mall boasts a gold souk, a 10-million litre (2.2 million gallon) aquarium and an Olympic-size ice rink in addition to rows and rows of stores.

The mall is situated at the foot of Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower), already the tallest building on earth at around 700 meters (2,300 feet) and still under construction.
The mall is scheduled to house branches of some of the world’s best known retail chains, such as Marks and Spencer, Galeries Lafayette and even Bloomingdales, which has never before had stores outside the United States.
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Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower by LAVA

Another day, another spectacular tower in Dubai: The Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower, a curvy building “inspired by the geometrical order of a snowflake and the aerodynamics of a Formula 1”, will not only appear in Dubai but in six other cities around the world.

According to the architects who worked in Beijing’s Water Cube, the design will allow for an easy construction process and an efficient use of energy, all while making the building change its look through the day.

The building features an iconic silhouette and a facade characterised by vertical slots with private balconies. A series of reflective fins generates a vertical dynamic and gives the building a constantly changing appearance.

The fins track the sun, control the solar shading and dissolve the rationality of the plan into a continuously evolving building volume. The facade’s continuous surface enables curvature with a lot of repetition and the potential for standardisation in the building process. State-of-theart engineering and innovative materials will be used to achieve a fully sustainable performance. The construction will begin in early 2009 and the tower is scheduled to be completed in June 2011.

Well, it seems like now all you have to do to have a skyscraper named after you is to win seven Formula 1 championships so you better get started, the clock is running.

Take off at new Dubai airport terminal

Grand Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport opened on October 14. Built at a cost of $4.5 billion, it is also the largest terminal in the world.

Catering to passengers for Gulf countries and the US, movement around the airport’s six floors, most of them underground, has been facilitated by 157 lifts, 97 escalators, 82 moving walkways and 27 truck lifts and eight Sky Trains that can handle 47 people each. For a project of this scale, the car park itself is equivalent to 33 football fields, while the departures area at Level 3 is more than 51 hectares in size, the size of 94 football fields !

A sales assistant in the Dubai duty free shop in the arrivals area, said: “It’s a very beautiful terminal compared to the other ones – very spacious and more like a temple than an airport terminal.”

With just six departure flights and nine arrivals at T3, the 1.5 million sqm glass and chrome building was hardly bustling on day one but T3 is opening in phases and will eventually handle 17,000 passengers at any given time. Emirates Airline will move its entire daily schedule of 250 flights over to the new terminal by December.

Detailed gallery of this awe inspiring structure on luxurylaunches

Dubai Towers – Candles in the wind

Here we go again with an amazingly original project of towers in Dubai. The dramatic “Dubai Towers – Dubai” have been announced as the centerpiece for “The Lagoons” development.

The four towers, designed by TVS (Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates), ranging from 54 to 97 floors, are clustered to form a choreographed sculpture, representing the movement of candlelight.

The Towers will combine in form to represent the evolutionary and innovative achievements of Dubai. They will be characterized by a range of additional facilities including retail, entertainment, and residential which merge to create a vibrant, dynamic community.

I love the structure of the building though. It looks so complex! I love the curves of the towers and how they look like they are just slightly twisting. The estimated completion date is mid 2010.

Ferragamo to design Luxury Penthouses in Dubai

Italian luxury goods maker Salvatore Ferragamo, which has plans for a market listing, is to design the interior of penthouses in Dubai as part of an agreement with Trident International Holdings, a United Arab Emirates-based company operating in the high-end real estate sector.

The Florence-based company said on Tuesday it would design a set of luxury penthouses in the ‘Pentominium’ tower, to be completed in 2012. At 516 meters, and boasting 120 floors and 120 penthouses, the Pentominium is expected to be the highest residential building in the world.

Each penthouse unit boasts at least a floor space of 6,470 square feet (600 square meters) with ocean views. In addition, amenities in the Pentominium include an indoor pool and a Sky Lounge for business functions which directly overlooks the Palm Jumeirah.

“Ferragamo’s entry into the world of high-end residential luxury is an important step in the brand extension process and opens the road to other development opportunities,” Chief Executive Michele Norsa said in a statement.

While standard units are expected to command around US$5.3 million, there is no word on pricing for the Ferragamo-designed penthouses. The official launch of the Pentominium project will take place in Dubai on October 6 with a spectacular fashion show and a charity event. (Source : Press release)

World’s most extravagant party

Sol Kerzner, the flamboyant hotelier, is to launch his new Dubai resort with a party so extravagant that organisers claim it will be seen from space.

The event, for the grand opening of the $1.5 billion Atlantis, The Palm, will have 2,000 VIP guests. Kylie Minogue will perform – her first concert in the Middle East – and the final bill for the four-day beachside celebrations is estimated to exceed $30 million, the London Telegraph reports.

The 1,500 room resort, located on the world’s largest manmade island, the Palm Jumeirah ( which has been built to resemble a palm tree when seen from above) features 16 restaurants including a branch of Nobu, and is partially bankrolled by the Dubai Royal Family.
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