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Louisiana Woman Finds 2-Carat Diamond

A Baton Rouge, LA woman visiting Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro found an apparently flawless 2.09-carat white diamond the size of a tooth.

Rhonda Bankston reportedly says she found out about the park’s surface diamond prospecting on a show about finding cash and treasure. She was into her second day of prospecting by surface searching over a newly plowed field with friends when she spotted the gem.

The park is located on the eroded surface of the world’s eighth largest diamond-bearing deposit and visitors pay a fee to surface search there.
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Continental 3G iPhones decked with emeralds

Continental Mobiles has unveiled the world’s first iPhone set in VS1 quality diamonds and emeralds, which is a fascinating stone that possesses a pure verdant green hue !

Blending seamlessly with the 3G iPhone’s sleek curves, the handcrafted case emanates a sensual allure that is almost impossible to resist.

The 8GB and the 16GB version of the emerald and diamond studded iPhone retail for £2999 ($4,400) and £3099 ($4,600) respectively.

Louis Vuitton launches two new patented diamond cuts

Louis Vuitton have launched two new patented diamond cuts based on their iconic monogram flowers – a rounded-cut flower diamond, and a pointed-cut flower diamond.

The cuts which are patented took over three years to develop. The LV diamonds have between 61 and 77 facets, and are set into various pieces of jewelry, including a necklace with 108 carats of diamonds retailing at $4 million.

Brooches, rings and necklaces featuring the monogram cut diamonds will also be available. The collection has been named “Les Ardentes”, which translate as “the blazing.”

The world first diamond car key

A diamond-studded Bentley continental car key from Alexander Amosu is just what you need to drive others crazy. The key is handset with 101 Diamonds on the Bentley famous wings with a total of 1.09 carats using Colour F, VS1 and “only” cost £5,000 (approximately $7,900).

The keys makes an excellent gift for anyone who owns a Bentley car or anyone thinking of buying one as a gift for Christmas. Amosu has already created other luxury cars keys including Lamborghini, Mercedes and Ferrari!

Historic blue diamond may fetch $16 million at Christie’s

This extraordinary blue-gray diamond (on the picture above) was given to Infanta Margarita Teresa by her father King Philip IV of Spain, on her engagement to her uncle Leopold I of Austria-one of the most historic events in European history.
This girl was the portrayed in Las Meninas), the most famous painting by Spaniard Diego Velazquez. In a political move, she was engaged to Leopold I, who later became the Holy Roman Emperor, and that was when her father gave his 13-year-old daughter the diamond as part of the dowry. Sadly she died aged only 21, having given birth to four child, of which only one survived beyond childhood.

It is believed that the Wittelsbach diamond originated from the Indian diamond mines, was passed into the Austrian and then Bavarian crown jewels, and was finally sold into private hands in 1931. It makes part of the current private collection since 1964.

According to a Christie’s spokesman said “no examples” of coloured diamonds comparable to the Wittelsbach have been put up in an auction before.
“Blue diamonds are rare and to offer a blue diamond of this size, quality, shape and provenance is truly extraordinary.” Actually, the nearest comparable coloured diamond sold at Christie’s was one just a third of the size, a 13.39 carat intense blue diamond that fetched £5.5 million ($8.9 million) in May.

In addition, “the appearance of a large blue diamond, among the rarest of colours, with a history that can be traced back to the 17th century and 300 years of royal connections will surely be a thrilling occasion for all collectors of exceedingly rare jewels and works of art.”

The Wittelsbach diamond is the star lot in Christie’s auction Jewels: According to estimates, the 35.56-carat gem, almost once inch in width, with a 300-year-old royal history, could raise up to 10million pounds ($16 million) when it goes under the hammer on December 10.

It is on public display at the auction house in King Street, St James’s, London, on Friday 5 December and from Sunday 7 to Tuesday 9 December.

Third-largest cut diamond goes on display

The world’s third largest cut diamond, otherwise known as the “Incomparable Diamond,” went on display this weekend at the Royal Ontario Museum. It weighs in at 407.08 carats, has been graded ‘flawless’ by the Gemological Institute of America, is kite shaped and has a beautiful golden yellow color, all of which combine to create its very unique and individual beauty.

It was found as an 890-carat rough diamond by a young girl in the Mbuji-Maya district of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the early 1980s as she played in a pile of rubble from a nearby diamond mine.

The diamond was bought and sold numerous times prior to being acquired by Mr. Samuels and Mr. Glick. Mr. Samuels, a master cutter charged with cutting the diamond, initially hoped to break the record for the largest cut diamond in the world. It was determined, however, that size would be sacrificed for perfect clarity. Following four years of study and cutting, the 407- carat Incomparable Diamond emerged along with fourteen other “satellite” diamonds cut from the one 890-carat rough diamond. Five of these “satellites” are to be exhibited alongside the Incomparable Diamond.

The diamond will be on display until March 22nd of next year as part of the museum’s The Nature of Diamonds engagement. “The Nature of Diamonds,” running from Oct. 25 to March 22, is billed as “the most wide-ranging exhibition ever developed on the allure of diamonds.” It looks at the geologic origins of diamonds, how they are mined, their cultural significance and uses in science and technology.

Swarovski encrusted Scrabble board

To celebrate the 60th (Diamond) Anniversary of the popular board game, Hasbro Inc. is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind SCRABBLE: Swarovski Encrusted Board Edition, featuring more than 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

Each of the 30,000 glittering crystals is hand-selected to perfectly match the Diamond Anniversary edition of Scrabble, which will be available soon from all the usual retailers.

As for this sparkling edition, there is just one, and it’s selling here on eBay.

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There might be diamonds in your deodorant

Secret Flawless is giving away ten whole one carat diamonds (worth $15,000 each) to ten lucky winners! If you use Secret Flawless deodorant and find a faux diamond in the bottom of the container, you win!

In addition to one of ten one carat flawless diamonds, when you purchase Secret Flawless deodorant you can enter your promotional code from your deodorant’s label onto the Secret website to win prizes like shopping sprees, five-star dinners and movie tickets.

That’s a creative ad campaign : a girl’s best friend might be in her deodorant ! Visit Secret.com for more information.

New Audemars Piguet Haute Joaillerie Pieces

Ultra-luxury Swiss watchmaking house Audemars Piguet has launched two new stunning watch and necklace sets.

There are two sets of matching 18K white gold and diamond watches and necklaces for women, the Coup de Theatre and Carnet de Bal. Both watches use the AP calibre 2046 movement with manual winding (18 jewels) that beats at a frequency of 21 600 vph and provides 42 hours power reserve.

The “Carnet de Bal” series (above) was inspired by flower arrangements, creating a glittering floral spray of diamonds along the wrist and around the neck. The 18-carat white gold timepiece includes 481 gems of varying cuts totaling 59.53 carats. The matching necklace has 1,039 round, brilliant, marquise, pear, and baguette-cut diamonds.

“Coup de Theatre” is a more modern design with 853 brilliant cut diamonds for an astounding 123 carats in the watch. The gorgeous choker is dripping with 1,673 gems weighing in at 204 carats.

Words cannot describe how glamorous the effect is !

Diamond Studded Lotus Europa

It’s been 60 years of Lotus, and in that time the British cottage automaker has produced a bevy of light, tossable cars that capture the essence of spirited driving.

Now, Lotus has teamed up with Winsor Bishop to bring you this luxurious car which has 164 diamonds (in total), studded in the rev counter, speed dials and many other places. The £111,000 worth of diamonds are then highlighted by using LED lights.

On the outside the diamond anniversary Europa gets a unique paint finish that combines a high gloss black base with tiny glass flakes to give the car the appearance that it is being showered with diamonds.
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Continental Jewelry 3G iPhone

iPhone has been a target of haute couture brands where they grab and slap it with precious stones in order to elevate its exclusivity factor. The honor of the most expensive iPhone is bagged by Amosu Ultimo Diamond but the iPhone used isn’t a 3G version. Even so, we do have a few blinged 3G iPhones like Gold & Diamond from Goldstriker, Diamond studded Olympic iPhone and Diamond-Studded iPhone 3G by Knalihs Athem.

The latter being the most expensive jeweled 3G version till date. Today we have one more company that is aiming to revive the union of gemstones with hyped 3G iPhone. Continental Mobiles, well known for its range of luxurious cell phones, has pimped the 3G 16GB white luxury iPhone with Pigeon Blood Red rubies and white diamonds. It is exclusively and intricately handcrafted. This piece of art comes from England and retails for £3099 (about $5,550).

Luxurious Victorinox USB Drive

Swissbit – a Flash memory company – and Victorinox – the maker of Swiss Army knives – have teamed up and joined forces with Bonfort- the popular penknife company – to create their Prestige line of USB drives.

The exquisite, limited edition executive present memory sticks come in white or yellow gold and are finished with over 600 brilliant-cut diamonds and finished to the highest level of quality. The USB key can be switched out if you decide to upgrade to a higher capacity drive.

Swissbit’s Prestige Swiss Army USB keys start at around €980 ($1,450), which we imagine will be for a silver version. Expect that price to climb considerably for the gold units and the diamond-encrusted ones.

Bonfort also offers an engraving service, in case you want your Prestige to be just that bit more exclusive ^_^

Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch Collection

Louis Vuitton has recently enriched its Tambour watch collection with the Louis Vuitton Tambour Forever black.

This Swiss-made Tambour Forever timepiece is made of round polished steel case with logo-etched sides and adorning the front is a diamond monogram flower and horns resting on a sun-ray effect charcoal gray face.

This background makes the monogram flower even more eye-catching. Within the flower are 122 0.56 carats brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Quartz movement, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and waterproof to 100m – Such excellent timepiece comes with a corresponding great price of $6,950.

pricey…but lovely !

Below are other great (and expensve!) watches from Tambour Watch Collection :

Tambour 18 Fizz – 6.45 Karat, 18K Platinum Diamond Wrist Watch, about $136,000

Tambour 18 Chamallow – 1.14 Karat, 18K Platinum Diamond Wrist Watch, about $24,000

Tambour 18 Berlingot – 18K Gold Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Wrist Watch, about $21,000

Tambour 18 Dragee – 18K Gold Wrist Watch, about $14,000

Tambour Forever LV 277 – Limited to 20 Worldwide – 6.73 Karat Diamond, 18K Platinum, Black Crocodile Skin Strap, about $75,000

Tambour Bijou Taipei – Limited to 88 Worldwide – 0.84 Karat Diamond, 0.31 Karat Pink/Sapphire Diamond Monogram Logo with Pink Mink Strap, about $8,000

Tambour Lovely Cup – 0.74 Karat Diamond, 18K Gold Wrist Watch, about $19,000

World’s most expensive magazine

Shot by famous celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker, the cover of Kohl, a recently launched ITP lifestyle magazine targeting Asian women, features Indian actress Katrina Kaif, who is the star of many Bollywood hits and was voted the Sexiest Woman by a famous international magazine.

Thanks to the alliance with an established UAE-based jeweler Damas, the face of the magazine comes dipped in 91 grams of gold and festooned with 622 diamonds. Total 86 hours were invested by Damas craftsmen to hand-apply layers of gold leaf to a specially-treated gold-edition of the exclusive magazine.

The special edition of the magazine was unveiled for the very first time at an official press conference on 24 June, in the Borders outlet in Mall of the Emirates. It is said to be the world’s most expensive magazine and worth over $10,000.

The magazine is set to be showcased at many of the Damas stores throughout the GGC till October and is anticipated to undergo auction for the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre in October 2008.

Most Expensive Lipstick

Finding the right shade of lipstick has been expensive lately…

French cosmetics house Guerlain released in November KissKiss Gold and Diamonds which comes wrapped in a 110-gram, 18-karat gold tube encrusted with 199 conflict-free diamonds weighing 2.2 carats, rubies and emeralds.

For this price, the buyer will also get a personal appointment with Guerlain’s artistic director Olivier Echaudemaison, to develop a custom-made shade of lipstick.
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The most expensive LCD TV in the world

Here is an item that was displayed for the first time at Berlin’s International Consumer Electronics Fair in 2006.

Italian maker Keymat Industries produced this most expensive LCD panel in the world. It is not the technology behind it that makes it uber-expensive, but the diamonds around it.

Studded with four grams of diamonds (the 40 inch model has 160 real diamonds embedded around the screen), and plated with white gold, the YALOS Diamond LCD is available in 26, 32, 37, 40 and 46 inch sizes. The 40 inch model costs $150,000.

With so much diamonds around the screen, I’m wondering how I could keep my focus on any TV program ! (Luckily, I can’t afford it).

Diamond Encrusted Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte

Whilst last week we featured here the Diamond encrusted Nokia N95 and the Gold & Diamond 3G iPhone Versions, today here is another great update to the unending list.

Swiss luxury designer and jeweler Knalihs Athem creates exclusive limited edition diamond encrusted mobile phones of world renowned brands like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony and others..

Athem has recently created a diamond encrusted Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte phone which is a perfect example of redifining luxury !
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Menage a Trois – Most Expensive Las Vegas Cocktails

You can order a Menage a Trois served nightly at Tryst at the 5 Diamond Award-winning Wynn Hotel.

This sexy cocktail is creates a perfect threesome using Cristal Rose, Hennessy Ellipse and Grand Marnier Cent-cinquantenaire.

23-karat gold flakes and liquid gold syrup decorate this decadent cocktail. For $3,000 you can sip this drink through a golden straw studded with a 9-point diamond.

New Dior Watches

Dior has launched two new watches , La D creation and Christal Midnight Blue rubber.

Designed exclusively by John Galliano for Dior, The Christal Midnight Blue rubber watch has a 33mm stainless steel case and a blue mother of pearl dial set with 36 diamonds. , the stainless steel bracelet is set with 117 diamonds, and the registers are set with pyramid-cut, scratch proof blue sapphire crystal. The model is produced in a limited edition of 500, priced at £3,150 ($6,200).

The La D creation from Victoire de Castellane, artistic director of fine jewelry at the Dior house, has an 18K rose gold case with a mother of pearl dial and an 18k rose gold in-set spiral of 55 pink diamonds, while the bezel is made up of a further 76 diamonds off set against a black satin strap. This watch is a limited edition of 15 and sells for £14,900 ($29,800)

They both have been available from Dior boutiques and selected retailers since May 2008.