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Isaac Burrough: 35-Meter Catamaran Design Concept

Isaac Burrough is all set to present his new 35-meter superyacht concept to the world and we get a sneak peek. You may ask what exactly makes this catamaran design any different from other catamarans. Made almost entirely of glass, this is a concept that may just set the standard for others to follow.ib_35mcat_03-top

Rather than leaving matters to batteries and regular fuel, the superyacht is fitted with 40 solar panels that are integrated into the glass roof. The result is an impressive graphic feature that reflects a honeycomb pattern. With natural light passing through the gaps between the panels, the feature also provides privacy for those on board. As you move towards the aft, the panels make way to invite more natural light, which then leads to an open space on the sundeck.

These solar panels help to provide enough energy for lighting, communications, climate control and entertainment. By cutting the emissions from fuel consumption, the design creates a positive bond between the superyacht and nature. With five cabins, each with its own ensuite, the catamaran can host up to 10 guests. While the owner’s cabin takes up the space of the main deck, the other four cabins can be found on the lower deck.ib_35mcat_04-sundeck

The owner’s cabin provides panoramic views thanks to its open layout, complete with a large ensuite and private office space. Sharing the same level as the owner’s cabin are three distinct zones in the aft area that feature two lounges and a dining space. Not forgetting a pace for entertaining guests, the design also incorporates a bar that means everyone is well taken care of. On the outlook over the bridge sits an elliptical Jacuzzi that allows guests to stargaze once the sun sets.

Isaac Burrough Designs Catamaran Superyacht Concept

What can we tell you about a catamaran that you don’t already know? To be fair, catamarans are routinely misunderstood and we don’t have enough space here to get into it all but the one thing you should always remember is that catamarans have a space advantage over conventional yachts, as you’ll see in this concept yacht by Isaac Burrough. In this case of the new 60-meter sailing catamaran superyacht concept by Isaac Burrough, we can actually tell you a fair bit without getting pedantic. From luxurious amenities to spacious interiors, the concept is one that could rival a dream home. As you can tell more clearly from the picture below, this all still academic but a lesson worth looking into, we think.IB_60mCat_01_Front

To enter the superyacht, guests can use the private entry on the fold down hull door. One of the most attractive features — simply because it would make you do a double take — is the unique window design. Wrapping over the top of the structure, it provides a view of almost every angle in the room (think of all the star gazing one can do). Of course, this is reserved for the two VIP cabins. The other three cabins are provided ensuite bathrooms, all located on the lower port hull.

The luxurious features are certainly what we would love to see in reality. If an infinity pool wasn’t enough, the superyacht also boasts a glass bottomed Jacuzzi, outdoor cooking facilities and even an elliptical winter garden. Already stuffed to the gills (so to speak) with luxury features; the superyacht even has a 12-person cinema that can be found under the bridge. For those looking to entertain, the catamaran is also set to be equipped with a formal dining area, and a generous bar.IB_60mCat_03_Lounge

Below, near the hull door, sits a health club that has a hammam, sauna and massage area along with a beach club that can hold all the necessary equipment for water sports. Apart from paddleboards and scuba equipment, the superyacht is able to hold tenders on the main deck. In the port hull, the design can hold a 10-meter tender while the starboard hull can host a 6-meter tender and three personal watercrafts. Yes, catamarans are also multi-hull but you figured that out from the above description!

Megayacht Concept by Hareide Design

In case you didn’t already know, we love a megayacht that combines luxury and functionality. So when we heard about this new 108-meter hybrid mega yacht concept by Hareide Design, it got our attention for several reasons. The Norwegian company based the six-story (yes, six) design on a classic 108-meter mono hull design.

Entertainment Space

Entertainment Space

The perfect mobile home for a billionaire, it will feature a spacious outdoor deck that has an infinity pool with a garden. If the renderings are any indication, the megayacht will also be fitted with a second infinity pool at on the upper deck. It also boasts a ‘hole’ in the hull of the yacht, where lavish parties can be thrown. With its very own helipad, there is little need for the mega yacht to be docked near a marina to allow passengers to board.

Shallow Pool

Shallow Pool

The back of the mega yacht features a unique design that, when built, will have a covered sitting area with sun loungers along with a shallow pool. The pool dips into the ocean, making for an interesting entertainment area on the mega yacht. Should the design ever become a reality, it will hold the record as the largest megayacht — until another ambitious plan comes to life. To provide power and lighting for entertainment, the mega yacht will also be fitted with 3,000 square feet of high-efficiency solar panels and a diesel-electric propulsion system.

This story is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Read it here: Megayacht Konsep Oleh Hareide Design

5 Concept Superyachts for the Future

After our picks of 2016, let’s take a look into the future of yacht development with these five interesting superyacht concepts by innovative designers, forging ahead into unexplored territories.

Dragonship 25 - An ethical sailing experience built for exploring Asia

Dragonship 25 – An ethical sailing experience built for exploring Asia


LOA: 25m

Designer: Pi Super Yachts

At the centre of Welsh company Pi Super Yachts is a desire to ensure the only thing their trimarans create are memories. Designed to accommodate 10 guests and four crew, the trimaran Dragonship 25 concept is almost ‘carbon free’, meaning that by combining technology powering electric propulsion and solar PV panels on the roof with the Autosail wingsail technology, there are almost no carbon emissions and the yacht is nearly silent when running on full power. A truly ethical sailing experience.

Wavepiercer - Combining volume and visibility

Wavepiercer – Combining volume and visibility


LOA: 68m

Designer: ThirtyC

Specifically developed for cruising and exploring the Asia Pacific region, this 68m catamaran concept from British design studio ThirtyC combines a great deal of volume with excellent visibility. Designed with a forward touch-and-go helipad and space for a large tender concealed below, this cat will enable her owners to explore closer to shore the unique coves, bays and island anchorages that this region has to offer.

SeaXplorer - Designed by Amels and Damen to reach the most remote places on earth

SeaXplorer – Designed by Amels and Damen to reach the most remote places on earth


LOA: 65m / 90m / 100m

Designer: Azure Yacht Design and Naval Architecture

Builder: Damen

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2015, Amels and Damen revealed plans for the world’s first purpose-built, Polar Code-compliant range of expedition yachts. Available in 65m, 90m or 100m versions, the SeaXplorer is designed to reach the most remote locations on earth. Specialists in planning exclusive trips for high end clients, EYOS Expeditions partnered with the shipyard team to ensure the design is entirely adventure-ready in a way most converted expedition vessels are not.

GDG65 - Created by Guide de Groot Design for an Asian client

GDG65 – Created by Guide de Groot Design for an Asian client


LOA: 65m

Designer: Guido de Groot Design

Guido de Groot has exclusively revealed this first image of a 65m, six-deck motor yacht capable of cruising and operating for long periods in both the tropics and arctic regions. Designed for an Asian client, this yacht has been created for living on board for extended periods and as such features a unique owner’s deck with balconies, private external spaces, a private lounge, informal dining area and a large office.

WD100 - Andrew Winch; inspired by innovation

WD100 – Andrew Winch; inspired by innovation


LOA: 100m

Designer: Winch Designs

Inspired by clients who want to push the boundaries, Winch Design has created a 100m trimaran with a masculine profile that has space on deck to land an Agusta Westland 609, a kind of tiltrotor aircraft with better range, performance, and payload when compared to a helicopter.

Story Credits

Text by Angela Audretsch

This story first appeared in Yacht Style.


Migaloo Brings Submersible Yachts to Market

Spanning across a set of several yacht-submarine hybrid models and one very awesome ‘floating habitat’, Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts are coming up with a new conception of aquatic comfort that promises great things for the future. These yachts were made to fit the increasing desire and demand for privacy and personalization – because what else is more luxurious than staking out your own watery domain both over and under sea in one of these beauties? We of course love these beauties, as you can see from our coverage of luxury submarines.


The models range from the 72 meter M2 Yacht to the 225-283 meter (yes, that is seriously how big the company says it is) M7 Yacht, each with built according to U.S. Navy Subsafe safety standards, featuring amenities and traits that also appear on other surface yachts of equal size. Of course, the exterior and interior designs are completely up to the owner’s preferences.


But we should probably move on to the main dish – the Kokomo Ailand. This bespoke state-of-the-art megayacht just stokes up a person’s inner Poseidon or James Bond villain (that’s exactly what the Migaloo website references) as it slowly drifts across the water’s surface with its 117 meter long body. Being decked out with a jungle deck, pool, waterfall, palm, trees and vertical gardens is only the cherry on top to the whole package. For even more fun, check out the shark feeding elevator. Yep, you heard that right. Who needs the pool bar or outdoor cinema when you can have that for entertainment.


Migaloo was founded by professionals with several years’ experience in the industry, and boy do they know exactly what fuels any yacht-owner’s innermost desires. For more information, you can check out their website over at http://www.migaloo-submarines.com/.

Sea trials

Mercedes-Benz unveils Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht

The design of the Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo, a motor-powered mini-yacht created by the Mercedes-Benz design team, will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show September 25-28.

Mercedes-Benz Yacht Concept

Silver Arrows Marine called upon the design expertise of the German car manufacturer to come up with the concept for this 14-meter luxury yacht. To create the futuristic and sophisticated look of a seafaring sports car, the Mercedes-Benz team applied techniques from the automobile industry. Sea trials of prototypes were conducted to confirm the maneuverability and handling of the design.

Sea trials

It took the designers 12 months to finalize and perfect every detail, and the result is an innovative and elegant concept that brings to mind the brand’s GT roadsters.

Mercedes-Benz Yacht Concept

The design — which Silver Arrows Marine president Ron Gibbs sees as the blueprint for “an absolute world-class motor yacht” — includes a spacious cabin that opens onto the exterior, as well as a pool with a terrace giving direct access to the water. The curves on the hull and the materials used inside and out are more reminiscent of a luxury car than of a yacht.

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo yacht interior

Ahead of the production phase, full details on the Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo will be presented in late September at the next edition of the Monaco Yacht Show.

Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo mini yacht

Previous Mercedes-Benz Style projects include a cabin fitout for a special run of Eurocopter EC145 helicopters, and designer furniture pieces.

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Yacht Concept

CXL Trimaran Concept

McLaren helps design a boat fit for an MP4-12C‎

CXL Trimaran Concept

You are looking at renders of the world’s largest sailing trimaran. It is called the CXL Trimaran Concept and it features a garage for your personal McLaren MP4-12C.

The 158-foot-long trimaran superyacht was designed by manufacturer UltraLuxum. It features retractable outer hulls designed by McLaren Applied Technologies.
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Feadship Qi concept yacht

Feadship superyacht “Qi” concept

Feadship Qi concept yacht

At the 2012 Dubai show, Feadship will showcase the latest Feadship Future Concept called Qi (scale model only) which was unveiled at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show.

The 56 meter (183.75 ft) concept yacht is named after the Asian concept for the life force that’s presumed to surround and flow through all creation.

Feadship luxury motor yacht Qi has four guest suites on the lower deck, each with a private terrace. The main deck lounge can be converted into a cinema with a 180-degree screen, an entertainment/party space or a seating area for relaxation.
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Feadship Breathe concept

Steve Jobs’ Unfinished Feadship Superyacht

Feadship Breathe concept

Steve Jobs was designing his own Feadship superyacht at the time of his death. The vessel had been in development since 2009.

The design is said to be sleek and minimalist, naturally, with 40-foot-long glass walls and was to be built at Feadship’s facility in the Netherlands.

“Sometimes, word gets out about one of our yachts,” Feadship tells Super Yacht News regarding the report.
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Aston Martin Boat

Aston Martin Boat Concept

Aston Martin Boat

A renowned yacht designer has unveiled a new concept yacht based on the luxury vehicles of supercar maker Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin Voyage boat was inspired by Aston Martin vehicles such as the Vantage, Rapide, DBS and Virage and was unveiled last week.

De Basto, a Miami-based custom yacht designer, put together the concept as a way to test whether the car brand’s signature design could be transposed onto water.
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Tropical Island Paradise

Tropical Island Paradise superyacht

Tropical Island Paradise

This superyacht – dubbed the ‘Tropical island Paradise’ – has been designed by British boat builders Yacht Island Design.

The 90m Tropical Island Paradise design has a theme that is centred around a secluded island paradise, with elements inspired by the islands of the Caribbean.

The main exterior deck is a private beach “cove” with a voluminous ocean view swimming pool located forward that is fed by a stream emanating from a cascading waterfall on the volcano further aft.
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beluga yacht

The Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas

The Aviation and Superyacht division of Pure-Sang, in cooperation with Glass-Deco International, introduced its latest luxury vehicle.

“The Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas” earned the title of “Best New Super Yacht Concept” at last month’s Monaco boat show 2010.

The Beluga’s transparancy creates an exeptional loft-feeling, with all the luxury of a hotel. The routing in the boat tooks is inspiration from the fairytales of Moby- Dick & Pinochio.
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Lamborghini Concept Yacht

Italian designer Mauro Lecchi has developed a new design concept that could help to shape the future of the Lamborghini brand.

Dubbed Lamborghini yacht, the design comes from the analysis of Lamborghini car and is as exotic and luxurious as the car itself.

The yacht has big intakes, and starting from the Lamborghini Reventon’s side view, the designer changed the intake behind the door in a huge window, to characterize the boat with a single large element.
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