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Women On A Mission FROZEN Charity Event A Success

Held on May 13 2016, Women On A Mission (WOAM)’s Siberian-themed fundraiser and photography exhibition, FROZEN, was held at a mansion along Mount Pleasant Road. As a giant igloo lit up the compounds of the mansion, where guests enjoyed a Russian-themed cocktail, including caviar, vodka and traditional Russian cuisine by the Russian Caviar House, W Hotel Singapore and Buyan Russian Restaurant and Bar.

Despite its name, the event was filled with warmth and laughter, as friends, supporters and even Russian Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Andrey Tatarinov, came together to raise funds for the PERTAPIS Centre for Women and Girls. An exhibition documenting WOAM’s expedition to Siberia with the indigenous Nenets people was held, and an impressive S$50,000 was raised in support of residential homes for abused and first time juvenile offenders in Singapore.


View more images and find out more about FROZEN at L’Officiel.com.

Photo credits: Irina Nilsson Photography

Pop Artist Peter Blake Creates Unique Bentley

The Peter Blake-styled Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible seems like a straight call-back to some older, bolder and altogether kitschier past. It has an exterior decorated with primary colors and strong geometric shapes, right down to the massively unambiguous heart shape painted on the hood. Honestly, it makes us think of Janis Joplin’s Porsche

The pop artist’s claim to fame was his pop-collages but he achieved special renown with his design for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band Beatles album cover. Now he’s collaborating with Bentley for a one-off model that will be auctioned by Bonhams (as a part of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed) on June 24 for charity.

In this case, all proceeds from the sale will go to the Care2Save Charitable Trust, which provides palliative and hospice care around the world. “The end of someone’s life should bring dignity, love and comfort both to the person who is dying and all those who care about them. We hope that this amazing car will deliver a lasting legacy of care,” said Andrea Ladeira, CEO of Care2Save. This charity also has another initiative involving Bentley that we find very clever indeed.

“I am proud to have been involved with transforming this beautiful car, and have enormous admiration for the people at Bentley who brought my design into being, to produce this one-off lovely car” said Blake. Blake’s art in general has been known to consist of a palpable sense of play, especially with the mixing up of old styles and new styles of art. Transferring that sense of play into a luxury product creates within the vehicle a certain exclusivity and of course nostalgic value.

Besides the exterior adornment, the Bentley will also feature the artist’s signature embroidered on the car’s leather seats, and even a playlist pre-loaded into the infotainment system of Blake’s all-time favorite songs. The finished product was completed with Bentley’s famous team of leather, paint and wood experts at their bespoke division, Mulliner.

With this marriage of artistry and established elegance, you can be sure that those avid collectors looking for models with that special je ne sais quoi will have something to whet their appetite. Find out more about the regular production car here.

This story was written in-house, based on an AFP report and other sources.

David Bowie Signed Sheet Music at Auction

The movie Velvet Goldmine, an affectionate homage to the glam rock movement directed by Todd Haynes, depicts a glam rock star faking his own death as a celebrity stunt, leading to a massive critical backlash by his fans that destroys his career. This year, David Bowie reversed that narrative, almost as if he planned it the way. He pushed out his best album in ages and made everyone think that not only was he coming back, but that he was primed to be even better than before. For those of us still hurt by his sudden departure, we have no choice but to try and grasp at the straws of the memory. Attaching ourselves to memorabilia is a symptom of this – so auction site eSolidar is offering up signed sheet music on sale, with the proceeds going to charity.

We wonder if this would be what the star wanted. Bowie was an anomaly in that he was an alien who took over the world – the man who fell to earth as it were. He was bizarre and aimed, in every instance, to try and subvert the mainstream, but ended up defining it. He sang about alienation and identity while dressed in flamboyant or androgynous outfits, laying the foundation for later stars like Lady Gaga and Madonna. Would a star so out of place be comfortable with being situated so firmly in the cultural memory? Well, given that the proceeds will go to humanitarian organization Oxfam, I guess he’ll let it slide.

All this forms as a part of The Music Circle’s annual celebrity jumble sale – Rumble in the Jumble, which will take place May 14 at east London’s iconic multi-purpose venue Oval Space. This sheet, in particularly, is for the track ‘Blue Jean’ from his 1984 album Tonight. Unfortunately, that album is considerably less notable than his earlier opuses, like Ziggy Stardust (1972), or the influentially experimental Berlin Trilogy (1976-1977). Still, we make do with what we have. The sheet music will also come framed with two photographs of the singer.

Those who want to participate can just follow the link here. At the very least, if the binge-listening to multiple runs of Blackstar doesn’t work in helping to cope, then this may be an alternative.

This story was written in-house, with an image from the AFP (© AFP Photo / Bertrand Guay).

Frozen: Charity Siberian Journey

The harsh conditions of Siberia can be difficult for many to endure. The team from “Women On A Mission” (WOAM), a non-profit organization recently embarked on a trip which saw them join nomadic Nenets reindeer herders of Siberia during an epic migration. Their journey will be shared at a Siberian-themed charity event and photography exhibition in Singapore titled Frozen, which will allow guests to be transported to a little slice of Siberia. An event this kind has never been seen before in tropical Singapore.

Guests attending the event will have the opportunity to learn more about the unforgettable journey of WOAM and the herders, and have a chance to purchase the limited edition large-scale pictures taken by the team on their journey. The proceeds from the sale of the pictures will raise funds to support two residential homes for the underprivileged and troubled women and girls.Frozen-Siberia-WOAM-Mission2

WOAM aims to craft mentoring programs that will aid in instilling confidence, hope and purpose in the lives of women in PERTAPIS Centre for Women and Girls and Residence @ St George. The long-term programs will range from art therapy, music, dance, yoga, public speaking and life-skills courses. In raising the funds, WOAM also hopes to draw the attention of the international community to end violence against women.

With the Russian Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Andrey Tatarinov, attending the event as the guest of honor, the fully air-conditioned inflatable dome will bring over 200 guests an authentic Siberian experience. Heart Media’s L’Officiel Magazine and Luxuo are the proud media partners of the charity event and exhibition.

Tickets to Frozen – A “Women On A Mission” Charity Event & Exhibition on May 13, can be purchased here

Pope’s Fiat Auctions for $300,000

Nope, we’re not talking about a holy decree or something and yes we are making a rare visit to Fiat in this story. At more than 12 times its base price ($24,695), a black Fiat 500 Lounge used by Pope Francis while visiting New York was auctioned for $300,000 by the auction website Charitybuzz. No word if this is the most expensive Fiat ever sold at auction but it is possible.

The Fiat was bought by millionaire businessman Miles Nadal, and proceeds from the auction will go to Catholic schools and charities, as well as the Catholic Relief Services and the Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

The Fiat was one of two such Popemobiles that ferried the pontiff around the Big Apple. “In a couple of occasions, (Pope Francis) was in the Popemobile. For the rest of his time, when he was not in the Popemobile, this is how he traveled around in the motorcade,” New York Archdiocese spokesman Joseph Zwilling told AFP. The second Fiat will also be used to raise money for charitable causes, though there are no set plans yet, he added.

The Charitybuzz auction began March 17, with the first bid coming in at $10,500. On Wednesday, it jumped to $195,000 before hitting $300,000 Thursday. While it’s not exactly sure how much of that translates into divine credit at the pearly gates, this shows, at least, how much value the Vatican adds here on Earth to a Fiat 500 Lounge.

Radiohead and Shirley Temple Auctions

Items from great artists always generate a certain level of interest. In the news this week for that very reason, are two artists who have made an impact in the world of popular entertainment. The first is none other than the late great screen legend Shirley Temple.

On April 19, Sotheby’s New York will auction off the childhood ring given to the actress by her father in 1940. The traditional cushion-cut stone is listed as a ‘Fancy Deep Blue, Potentially Internally Flawless, VVS2 clarity diamond ring’ and is set in its original Art-Deco inspired design. We assume the VVS2 part refers to the other smaller diamonds surrounding the main fancy stone, which is 9.75 carats. The ring will join other pieces making up the auction house’s 2016 “Magnificent Jewels in New York” sale, expected to fetch $25-35 million.

The other artist to make the news is Thom Yorke of Radiohead. On March 18, the lead singer of Radiohead auctioned off the handwritten drafts written by the band before they achieved fame and recognition. Found within the pages of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience the lyrics include ‘Airbag,’ ‘A Cradle Song’ and ‘The Divine Comedy,’ were sold via online bidding site Invaluable, and fetched £12,000 ($17,400). All proceeds of the sale benefitted global poverty and famine relief charity Oxfam, the band has long been associated with.

Chopard’s Romain Dumas Races for Good at Dakar

The Dakar is an odd sort of race, regarded mostly as an extreme endurance adventure. Luxury brands though have not shied away from the race though, as demonstrated by Chopard ambassador Romain Dumas at last year’s Dakar and this year’s too. Well, jeweller and watchmaker Chopard has a particular affinity for motorsports, underscored by Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s own passions, and Dumas is a Porsche Motorsport driver so nothing particularly surprising here.

In 2016 though, Dumas is racing under the colors of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque to benefit children with heart disease; the association specializes in this cause. His participation will directly benefit eight children suffering from heart problems. “I was touched by this cause and we have built up a strong relationship with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque since last year,” said Dumas. “I said right from the start that a willingness to fight for what’s right and to show solidarity were important values for me and I still feel the same, since they are part of my education and I am determined to fly high the banner of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque”.

002 - Romain Dumas with a young child saved by Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Dumas and one of the children saved by Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Throughout the race, which began January 3 and runs through January 16, Chopard will be in the thick of the action with the Superfast Power Control watch, which is Dumas’ timepiece. Thus, both Chopard’s ticker and Dumas’ ticker are in the right place at the start of 2016. The Superfast model in question looks to be the 45mm stainless steel edition and shows hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve and date. As usual with this collection, the movement is an automatic mechanical in-house calibre (Chopard 01.02-M).

001 - Romain Dumas' car - Dakar 2016

Dumas’ car at the Dakar 2016

005 - R. Dumas and KF Scheufele -¬ JohannSauty

Dumas and Scheufele at L.U.C manufacture at Fleurier

Tenacious D Auction Props for Paris Victims

Tenacious D, actor Jack Black’s comic rock duo, put some of their stage props on auction December 22 to raise money for victims of the Paris terror attacks.

The items, which will be bid on for two weeks, range from gaudy coats worn by Black and band mate Kyle Gass to a ceiling-high phallic prop with an eagle’s face – estimated in value at $2,000 – that the band took on its 2012 tour.

Proceeds will go to the Sweet Stuff Foundation, a charity led by Josh Homme of Eagles of Death Metal, the fellow California rockers whose concert in Paris was attacked by extremists linked to the Islamic State group.

Black has performed with Eagles of Death Metal and said Homme reached out to the band.

“We were eager to join the cause. This is our small but heartfelt contribution,” Black and Gass said in a statement.

The auction items can be found here.

Tenacious D rose to prominence in the 1990s through an HBO television series in which the duo took on ironic rock personas. Their songs often dwell on sex moves or over-the-top science fiction themes.

Eagles of Death Metal have separately launched a campaign for artists to cover their song “I Love You All the Time,” with proceeds also going to charity.

Some 130 people died in the coordinated assaults around Paris on November 13, 90 of them at the Bataclan club where Eagles of Death Metal were playing with Austrian support act White Miles.

Edition 2 Million Land Rover sets Auction Record

Was there ever any doubt that the unique Land Rover Defender would sell for an incredibly high price at Bonhams on December 16? Expectations were certainly high but by the time the hammer fell on Wednesday night, the Defender came through, raising £400,000 (US$598,440) including buyer’s premium. To add a little perspective on that, that princely sum is enough to buy a Ferrari and a Bentley and have enough change left over for a Porsche 911, or, for the more adventurous, 17 standard Land Rovers.

However you slice it, the sale makes Edition 2 Million, built to mark the end of the iconic Defender’s production in January – after 67 years – the most expensive as well as the most exclusive production Land Rover ever to be sold at auction.

Robert Brooks, Bonhams Chairman, said: “It’s a great privilege for Bonhams to have been selected by Land Rover to offer this historically significant, one-of-a-kind Defender at auction. Following spirited bidding, the gavel finally fell to a delighted bidder on the telephone, achieving an excellent six-figure sum for two wonderful charitable causes.”

Mike Adamson, Chief Executive of The British Red Cross said: “We are extremely grateful to Land Rover for so generously donating half the proceeds of the sale of this one-off vehicle towards our work in Nepal. The Red Cross has used Defenders in humanitarian work and relief efforts in the UK and around the world since the early 1950s and has benefited from Land Rover’s support on many occasions through vehicle donations and loans. This vitally important project in Nepal – the 18th supported by Land Rover – will improve the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people and communities.”

Edition 2 Million was designed by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division and features a number of unique, bespoke details including a map of Red Wharf Bay engraved into the aluminum fender. This beach is where, with the aid of a long stick, the sketch for the very first Land Rover was made.

Inside, the image is repeated as embroidery on the black leather seats and a special dashboard plaque denotes the car’s bespoke credentials.

But what truly sets the vehicle apart from other Defenders is that it was put together with help from the company’s ambassadors. Adventurers, entrepreneurs, members of the charities that depend on it, plus Stephen and Nick Wilks, sons of the founders of Land Rover, helped to assemble the vehicle’s parts on its Solihull, Birmingham production line.

As such, it’s a fitting tribute to what is regarded as the world’s first true SUV. Once production ceases in January, there will be a huge hole in the Land Rover lineup. A replacement for the Defender is on its way, but development is proving challenging. After all, how do you replace an icon?

#YorkdaleFashionSanta: Santa Claus got styled up for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the most talked-about character is, of course, Santa Claus but this Christmas, Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto shows us a different side of the bearded man sans the belly and jolly red suit.

This year, the Yorkdale Fashion Santa is back and he is all dressed up in an array of designer fashion pieces from the likes of Gucci, Fendi, Giuseppe Zanotti, John Varvatos and more.

Played by top model Paul Mason, the iconic Fashion Santa has immediately gone viral with his crisp white beard, perfectly polished outfits and undeniable charm – making him one of our favourite things about the season.

More than just a pretty face, Fashion Santa is also out and about for a good cause. So if you happen to be in Toronto this holiday season, head out to Yorkdale to take a selfie with Santa and hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta. For each selfie under this hashtag, Yorkdale will donate $1 to Sick Kids Foundation (up to $10,000).

If you still need more persuasion, click through the gallery to see Santa’s exclusive photoshoot with Yorkdale:

Saint Laurent’s Ex Sells Prized Library

Book sales rarely ever make it onto luxury news feeds so this story is a pleasant departure. Six years after selling off his art collection in a record-breaking “sale of the century”, the French businessman and philanthropist Pierre Berge is now putting his renowned library under the hammer.

The lover and business partner of the late designer Yves Saint Laurent told AFP he is putting almost his entire collection up for auction, one of the most valuable in private hands. In fact, we’ve been waiting for this since we first picked up the story last year.

The sale of the couple’s art collection netted 342 million euros (US$361 million) in 2009, a year after the designer’s death from a brain tumor, then the highest figure ever for the sale of a private collection.

In the first of six sales which could raise a total of 40 million euros (US$42 million) for the charitable foundation he founded with Saint Laurent, 180 historic manuscripts and rare first editions including Saint Augustine’s Confessions printed in Strasbourg in 1470, and the original 1580 edition of the philosopher Montaigne’s Essays will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in Paris December 11.

But the most valuable item in the first sale, the original manuscript of Andre Breton’s surrealist masterpiece Nadja — worth an estimated 3.5 million euros — has already been snapped up by France’s national library.

Berge said that when he bought the book in London “I felt that I had got hold of a fragment of the True Cross”.

“But you have to know how to get rid of things,” Berge, 85, told AFP in his library on Paris’ Left Bank, saying he had been planning the clear-out for years and had even stipulated it in his will.

Escaped the Censor

Among the other literary treasures in the first sale is a first edition of Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary dedicated to “the master” Victor Hugo, one of William Burrough’s scrapbooks and the only pages of a lost erotic work by the notorious Marquis de Sade, “The Days of Florbelle”, to have escaped the censor’s flames.

The young Berge, who was born on the Ile d’Oleron off western France, began collecting books at 18 after arriving in Paris and getting a job in an antiquarian bookshop.

He later befriended members of the city’s literati, including Breton and Jean Cocteau, one of whose books dedicated to him he is holding back from sale.

Another by Jean Giono, who was something of a father figure to him, and who is best known outside France for the film of his novel The Horsemen on the Roof, has also been withdrawn.

Berge said that he intended to “replace all the books in the library” with identical cheaper copies. “A lot will probably be more fun to read in paperback.”

“I came to love these books through reading, the collector part only came later,” he said.

Asked if he was worried about fears of falling auction prices, Berge said, “There is never a good time to sell. They said in 2009 (in the middle of the financial crisis) that it wasn’t a good time to sell…” his art collection, but it broke records.

Although known as a formidable deal-maker, Berge has been a lifelong supporter of left-wing causes and an advocate of gay rights.

He founded the AIDS charity Sidaction and the French gay magazine Tetu, with the vast proceeds of the sale of his and Saint Laurent’s art collection going to AIDS and HIV research.

He was close to former French president Francois Mitterrand and helped bankroll the failed presidential bid by Segolene Royal, the former partner of French President Francois Hollande, whose campaign for the Elysee he also supported.

Basket Case: Marni Christmas charity handbags

Italian fashion house Marni is launching “Marni Charity Baskets”, a limited-edition range of handbags and totes in association with the charity Vimala.

The range comprises two different bag sizes in bright, tropical color schemes based on orange and green. Completely handmade by artisans in Colombia using traditional techniques, the woven styles feature folk-style geometric patterns and contrasting hues.

The proceeds from the accessories will be donated to Vimala, which helps abandoned and handicapped children in India, Brazil, Africa, Guinea Bissau and other countries. Founded in 1999, it offers immediate material assistance to those in need and works to fund education for children. The Marni project aims to enable the organization to complete the restoration of a school in India for more than 50 seriously handicapped children.

The project is the latest charitable endeavor by Marni, whose previous festive collaborations have included an exhibition of 125 chairs made in Colombia by ex-prisoners, in an effort to help them re-integrate into social and working life in 2012, and a 2014 Milan Design Week exhibit handmade by a group of female Colombian workers as part of a sustainable work initiative, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to charities which help terminally ill children.

The bags will be available for purchase for a limited amount of time from December 4-11, from Marni stores or Marni.com. They will be priced at €90 (approximately US$97) for the smaller model and €120 (approximately US$130) for the larger size.

Most Expensive Watch in the World: Patek Philippe 5016

It is ironic that the world’s most expensive wristwatch (US$7.3 million) is now a stainless steel one-off model. The unique Patek Philippe 5016 high complication wristwatch fetched the record price when it went under the hammer in Geneva November 7, with the proceeds going to charity, according to the organizers of the Only Watch auction.

The watch, which had been listed with an asking price of only CHF700,000-900,000, had sold for CHF7.3 million Swiss francs (US$7.3 million, 6.7 million euros) after nine minutes of intense bidding by two anonymous telephone bidders, the Phillips auction house said.

That is “the highest price ever paid for a wristwatch at auction,” it said in a statement, adding that once the hammer fell the sale had been greeted by a standing ovation in the room at the luxury La Reserve Hotel in Geneva.

The Patek Philippe piece, with tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar with moon-phase display, was one of 44 unique timepieces created for the “Only Watch” auction by luxury watchmakers and jewellers, including Blancpain, Harry Winston, Piaget and Chanel. Connoiseurs will appreciate that ref. 5016 does not show the tourbillon dial-side and that the blue enamel dial actually features gold applique Breguet numerals.

In related news, the original photo for this story, compiled by the AFP, included an image of quite the wrong watch! By the looks of it, it appears to be a vintage Reference 5270 from Patek Philippe. Having in-house watch specialists is very handy!

A pink gold Patek Philippe Swiss bracelet-watch is displayed during a Sotheby's auction preview on November 12, 2008 in Geneva. The very rare pink gold perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch with moon-phases expects to reach 860,820 to 1.291,230 Euros (USD 1.080,000 to 1.620,000) at a watches auction in Geneva on next November 16. AFP PHOTO/ FABRICE COFFRINI


Returning to Only Watch, in total, this year’s activities raked in US$11.2 million (10.3 million euros), Phillips said.

All the proceeds of the charity auction go towards research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a tragic muscle-wasting disease that occurs in roughly one in 3,500 males.

“This fantastic result will allow us to strengthen our efforts in targeting a cure for this severe disease,” said Luc Pettavino, head of the Monaco-based AMM association dedicated to finding a cure for the disease and founder of the “Only Watch” auction.

The auction is held every two years under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

New Dawn for Rolls-Royce in America

One of the lots at the upcoming (January 2016) Naples Winter Wine Festival charity auction will be the chance to own the very first North American example of Rolls-Royce’s new luxury convertible. You can find more information on it here.

Revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in September, the Rolls-Royce Dawn is one of the most remarkable and certainly the most stunning car to roll out of the Goodwood, England facility since BMW became the brand’s custodian in 2003.

In the words of company CEO Torsten Mueller-Ӧtvӧs: “It promises a striking, seductive encounter like no other Rolls-Royce to date, and begins a new age of open-top, super-luxury motoring.”

And of course, being a Rolls-Royce, the lot in question promises to feature a host of bespoke elements, commissioned specifically for the event. These include an Arctic White exterior finish (as seen above) paired with a red fabric roof with similar contrasting colors used to dress the vehicle’s leather interior. It will also boast full Santos Palisander Chanadel Panelling created from hand-cutting, hand-matching and hand-finishing open pore Indian Redwood. It will adorn the dashboard fascia, door panels and deck lid.

The finishing touch will be unique tread plates that state it is the first car delivered to the continent and details of the winning bid itself.

“I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate the first new Rolls-Royce Dawn for North America than through this auction,” said Müller-Ӧtvӧs. “The NWWF epitomizes the social life of our owners. We are proud to make the introduction at this event and help benefit children in need.”

Even with a base price of US$335,000, the new car is expected to be one of the most successful models in the company’s history. What makes it so special is that despite its proportions — it is roughly the same size as a BMW 7-Series yet has a much longer hood and requires space between the truck and the seats for stowing its fabric roof — it is a true four-seat convertible.

“The idea of creating a car like Dawn that can be used in comfort by only two adults on a day to day basis is anathema,” said Giles Taylor, the company’s Director of Design. “In creating Dawn we have accepted no compromise to the comfort and luxury of four adults who want to travel together in the pinnacle of style.”

The auction will be held on January 29-31, 2016 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida with proceeds benefiting the Naples Children & Education Foundation.


Donate to charity and skip the wait in restaurants


A new app, available in the US for now, allows diners to skip to the front of the line for immediate seating in exchange for a charitable donation.

Any chance to support a charitable cause is welcome and in the States, restaurants aren’t hiding their support for one of the latest, at least not those that have signed up for “Charity Wait,” a new app bringing together the useful and the enjoyable.

In order to be seated immediately diners can grab their smartphones and make a donation. How does it work exactly?

As soon as a party arrives, if there is a wait at the restaurant, they will be added to the list on the Smartline app. CharityWait then sends a text to the party’s smartphone with an estimate wait time, how many groups are ahead of them, and a prompt to “Donate and Skip the Wait.” When they select the donate option, guests are taken to a checkout page and once it is completed they skip to the front of the line for the next available table.


The size of the donation is dependent on the size of the party, the length of the wait and the prices at the restaurant but mostly vary between $10 and $35. Sixty percent of the proceeds are donated to the charity of the restaurant’s choice, and the remaining 40% are reserved for Smartline.

Since launching in April, only 10 restaurants are using the app so far but the company’s chief executive, Daniel Reitman, says Charity Wait has already raised “a few thousand dollars” and that there are many other restaurants signed up and ready to join the cause.

Robbie williams

Robbie Williams announces charity auction

Robbie williams

British singer Robbie Williams is offering 150 personal items for sale with all proceeds going to the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

The auction, appropriately called “Doing it for the Kids,” will take place on July 15 in Knightsbridge, London and lots up for grabs include a set of handwritten lyrics to “Let Me Entertain You” and an MTV Video Music Award from the singer’s Take That days.

Of the sale, Williams said: “It’s a privilege for me to be a patron of The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, it makes a real difference to these children whose lives have been tragically limited. The sale gives a great opportunity for bidders to know their money will go to such a fantastic charity, whilst also taking home some of my most prized possessions that have been personal markers of my career so far.”

Viewing of the lots commences on Saturday, July 11 and the auction itself will be streamed live via the Bonhams website.

Narendra Modi

More than $690,000 for the Indian Prime Minister’s suit

Narendra Modi

A diamond trader from Narendra Modi’s home state on Friday won the bidding for the personalised pinstriped suit the Indian prime minister wore to meet Barack Obama, tendering nearly $700,000 at a charity auction.

The bespoke wool suit with the words “Narendra Damodardas Modi” woven into the pinstripe proved a hot ticket at the three-day auction, sparking a bidding war that pushed the price up to 43.1 million rupees ($692,000).

The suit was among more than 450 lots put up for auction by Modi in the city of Surat in his home state of Gujarat.

Modi has won a reputation as a fashion icon for his sometimes daring sartorial choices.


Narendra Modi suit

But wearing a suit with his own name on it was seen by many as a step too far, drawing accusations of narcissism — possibly the reason Modi decided to sell it off.

The money raised will go towards cleaning up the holy Ganges river — a pet project of India’s Hindu nationalist prime minister.

Winning bidder Lalji Patel, owner of the Dharmanandan diamond company, said he had wanted to do something for his country.

“Buying this suit was all I wanted. It feels good to know that the money will go towards the cleaning of the holy river,” he told reporters.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Rihanna designs for Fendi

Sarah Jessica Parker

To celebrate the official inauguration of Fendi’s new Madison Avenue flagship, the Italian brand has asked five famous women to rework their , according to a report published in WWD.

Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jourdan Dunn, Leandra Medine, and comedian Rachel Feinstein have created personalised versions of Fendi’s 3Baguette handbag, a style launched at the end of last year.

All will be unveiled on February 13 by the brand’s CEO Pietro Beccari and designers Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld.

The bags will then go on public display at the store for a month, with bids logged on a dedicated online auction site and all proceeds going to non-profits picked by the stars. “They had free rein, choosing their favorite colors, favoring their own personal tastes,” explained Beccari.

It follows a similar charity project the brand ran last year with bags by women including Gwyneth Paltrow, Zaha Hadid and Jerry Hall.

Angelina Jolie Shanghai

Angelina Jolie’s ‘Maleficent’ Louboutin shoes

Angelina Jolie Shanghai

The shoes that caught fashionistas’ attention on the red carpet of the “Maleficent” premieres are about to hit the streets.

Created by  in collaboration with Angelina Jolie for her recent press tour, the limited edition Malangeli shoes can now be yours!

Available in black and red, the shoes have a twisted heel that calls to mind a curl of smoke for an evil touch. Shoe addicts will have to shell out €1,045 (around $1,400) to pre-order a pair, with delivery starting on October 20.


Christian Louboutin Malangeli shoes

But since Angelina Jolie is involved, the initiative will also benefit a good cause: all proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages.

Fendi Peekaboo Bag Charity Auction

Fendi celebrates new store with celebrity bag auction

Fendi Peekaboo Bag Charity Auction

FENDI is launching a star-studded charity handbag auction to celebrate the opening of its new London flagship.

Tracey Emin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomie Harris, Cara Delevingne, Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger, Zaha Hadid, Tanya Ling, Adele, and Kate Adie will all customize the brand’s Peekaboo bag with the results going on sale to the public via an online auction in aid of children’s charity Kids Company.

fendi london bond street store render

It’s all in honor of Fendi’s new New Bond Street store which opens on May 1 and where the bags will go on display on May 2. The auction in collaboration with Sotheby’s will be open from May 1 to May 30 online.