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4 Beauty Looks That Ruled Resort 2017

Chanel might have showed a spectacular Havana-inspired collection and Dior channeled the spirit of travel, but nothing got us more excited than the beauty looks. There’s a lot to be hyped up for Resort 2017, and if you’re doubtful you can achieve these looks, think again – they’re surprisingly easy to score. From ephemeral glowing skin at Louis Vuitton to fiercely-defined eye makeup at Dior, here are four of the biggest looks the transitional season has to offer.


Chanel Cruise 2017_cuba

Usually a look only reserved for the beach, Karl Lagerfeld made loose, low-slung ponytails chic again at his Havana-themed show. A dash of apricot-hued blush and hint of dark eyeshadow on dewy, bronzed skin completed the breezy look, and gave off a vacation-vibe that had us wishing the holidays were here sooner.

Louis Vuitton

LV Cruise 2017

The girls at Louis Vuitton went au naturel this season. Strong eyebrows framed the otherwise clean faces, each positively glowing thanks to a dash of shimmer on their faces and lips. Their hair, flowing and loose, were kept untreated for a carefree and insouciant vibe, which helped draw focus to the athletic-inspired apparel.



Gucci continued channeling geek chic with a confidently understated look – think lightly powdered matte skin and pale matte lips. The simple look is complete with curled lashes (without mascara, mind you), to open the peepers for the statement eyewear that accompany the looks.



Things at Dior got fiercely amped up with bold eyes and tightly scraped back hair. The dark exaggerated eyes were juxtaposed by ungroomed, haphazard brows, creating a look that was both empowering and feminine at the same time. The French Maison completed the look with lightly glossed nude lips to prevent the look from becoming too wintery.



Les Eternelles de Chanel Grenat Secret Watch

High jewelry objects take a remarkably long time (and a large number of people) to make. Every single step in the development process is pivotal to the resultant finesse, whether in appearance or performance – and Chanel is well aware of that. In 2012, with an objective to better manage its growth and success in the fine jewelry market, and consolidate – under one roof – all the activities which are involved in the manufacture of its precious accessories, the French house opened a new high jewelry workshop at 18 Place Vendôme in Paris.

Chanel’s high jewellery workshop at 18 Place Vendôme in Paris is responsible for the creation of exceptional sets and special orders.

Chanel’s high jewelry workshop at 18 Place Vendôme in Paris is responsible for the creation of exceptional sets and special orders.

One of the most exceptional collections to have emerged from the doors of this workshop is the Les Eternelles de Chanel high jewelry timepiece range, which was first unveiled at Baselworld last year. The creations, designed after late founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s beloved inspirations such as the camellia, comet and feather, marked the first time Chanel had ever shown extravagant high jewelry watches at the Swiss fair. 

Artisans at Chanel’s high jewellery workshop took five months to embellish the Signature Grenat with gems. The 39.9-carat cushion-cut garnet on the watch’s dial alone took a month and a half to set.

Artisans at Chanel’s high jewelry workshop took five months to embellish the Signature Grenat with gems. The 39.9-carat cushion-cut garnet on the watch’s dial alone took a month and a half to set.

At Baselworld this year, Chanel, again, presented a new crop of high jewelry timepieces as an extension of the Les Eternelles de Chanel line. This time, the brand has reinterpreted its famous quilting technique as diamond-paved squares on four one-of-a kind secret watches, all assembled by hand at Place Vendôme. The stunners are clothed in an array of exquisite metals and feminine-colored gems – these include pink gold, orange sapphires and a 43.6-carat pink morganite.Chanel-Secret-Watch-High-Jewelry-Collection-article-5

The star of the lot is the 18k white-gold Les Eternelles de Chanel Signature Grenat, which is set generously with 91 brilliant-cut yellow sapphires, 79 fancy-cut orange sapphires, 87 brilliant-cut spessartite garnets and a whopping 1,171 brilliant-cut diamonds. Above the quartz watch sits an equally decadent 39.9-carat cushion-cut garnet, which, when activated with two pushers at the side, opens up to reveal the time.

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This story was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.

Chanel Dresses Woody Allen Flick Café Society

It is sometimes a pleasure watching a Woody Allen film and Café Society, featuring Chanel muse Kristen Stewart, is said to be quite the treat, if the word from Cannes is to be believed. Known for his throughly eccentric take-it-or-leave-it style and theatrical talkiness, Allen’s craft is perhaps more admired than it is enjoyed. But it is this dedication to craft – the ‘movieness’ of movies if you will, that attracts our attention here. For his latest venture, the director and his designer enlisted the help of Chanel to bring the Café Society to life. Before the movie makes its way to a broader global audience – and to Singapore’s shores – we bring you an exclusive look at the outfits featured in the movie, many of which were recreated from the brand’s archives.

For more information, click here.

Insight: Why So Few Female High Fashion Designers

Recent times have moved feminism beyond the bra-burning fringes to a full-on topic of social commentary and activism. Remember Chanel’s Spring 2015 runway show? The big march of thin models in high heels, waving protest signs that said ‘LADIES FIRST’, ‘HISTORY IS HER STORY’ amongst other silly syncopatic phrases, clad in Karl Lagerfeld’s personal take on Coco Chanel’s legacy. That season’s show sent a tremor through the industry: here was Lagerfeld saying ‘let’s get political’ while essentially treating the issue as a fad by sending a meaningless faux protest down the runway of one of the world’s most influential brands, albeit with nice clothing. The facts are plain: in the established gender dichotomy, women have been exploited by men to social, political, and economic ends. In fashion, we can say this with much less pedantry: male designers are telling women what is beautiful and therefore what to wear.

Phoebe Philo’s designs for Céline, Claire Waight Keller’s for Chloé and Julie de Libran’s for Sonia Rykiel have earned consistent praise for their ‘wearability’. That’s not a dirty word suggesting pedestrian clothes – what it means is that their designs are for women who live, work, play, and travel in, using it as the proverbial armour against the world. The shared beauty here is that these creations are pieces of clothing made by women for women, that understand that the expectations and standards of feminine beauty are often unnecessary and restrictive. The ladies thus offer us a liberated beauty.

While men may understand cut and fabric, there is the unavoidable political whisper of the male gaze. Thierry Mugler, Gianni Versace and Hervé Leger’s skin-tight dresses, for example, highlight the powerful feminine sexuality yet can’t be rid of the societal expectations of it to please the masculine. The psychological freedom from clothing designed by women, then, is that its celebrations of femininity and sexuality come from common ground that says ‘we know what we want to wear.’

Luckily, we have stalwarts of women in fashion to look up to. Miuccia Prada has been helming her brand since 1978 and shows no signs of stopping. Consuelo Castiglioni built up Marni to celebrate maximalism and considered excess. Diane von Furstenberg took sexy back and wrapped a dress around women to flatter the body. Rei Kawakubo made Commes des Garçons her cerebral and experimental laboratory where beauty has never had a fixed definition beyond variety.

Gladly, societal attitudes are in motion and change, and women are taking a louder and more visible fight for equality. A slow march, but movement nonetheless. The end goal of fashion remains the same, of course. We want it to make us dream of beauty we never thought possible; to keep looking towards the new, the creative, the exciting. Wouldn’t it just be nicer if more women were telling us how?

This story was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.

Chanel Unveils New Allure Homme Sport Campaign

Shot by talented young photographer and director Jacob Sutton, the new Chanel Allure Homme Sport campaign highlights the adventurous and sporty side of men.

The new men’s fragrance campaign features three talented young men – Hugo Parisi, Adam Crigler and Luke Grimes – that showcase the spirit of Allure Homme Sport.

Find out more about the new campaign and watch the campaign videos at Men’s Folio Malaysia.

Lily-Rose Depp Fronts Chanel No 5 L’Eau Campaign

Lily-Rose Depp was famous from birth and the adoring public wanted her to be destined for greater things. At the tender age of 16, the teenager has already walked the runway for Karl Lagerfeld, modeled Chanel’s Pearl eyewear and is now the new face of Chanel No 5 L’Eau. Oh, if you don’t know who Depp is, just think hard on her last name…

Her appointment is appropriate seeing as the new fragrance is presented as a youthful makeover to the classic Chanel No 5 scent. Created by Olivier Polge, the campaign for the fragrance will be shot by Swedish director Johan Renck and will released later this year.

The budding actress, who will be appearing in three summer releases this year, joins the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bündchen in becoming a Chanel fragrance ambassador. Her long history with the brand can even be traced back to her mother (we hope you have figured this out by now), who has been a Chanel ambassador since the ‘90s. Needless to say, this is one teenager to look out for.

Find out more about the new fragrance at L’Officiel Malaysia.

Paris Luxury Stores to Open Sunday

As a visitor to Paris, Sundays have always been an excellent time to take in the scenery because the stores are closed – well, not anymore because the city’s top luxury stores will be throwing open their doors from this weekend onwards.

Tourists flocking to the French capital will now be able shop at luxury shops that line the Champs Elysees and the Place Vendome on Sundays as a key government reform comes into effect.

An agreement between luxury shops and employee unions on Sunday hours has come into force, said Sylvie Zawadzki, who heads up tax and social issues at the French Fashion Federation.

The deal allows shops to take advantage of a reform pushed through by Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron last year allowing for shops to open on Sundays in newly created international tourist zones in Paris.

Sunday openings for shops in France is severely restricted.

“It is an agreement that provides companies the possibility to open (on Sundays) but it is a decision they take based on their commercial strategy,” said Zawadzki.

The flagship shops of luxury brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton are covered by the deal.

Zawadzki declined to say how many companies are concerned, but according to the business daily Les Echos some 30 brands and nearly 100 shops could now open.

Other international tourist zones cover the central part of Paris, including the area where many of the city’s top department stores are located, including Galeries Lafayette. So far only one, BHV, has reached a deal with its employees.

6 Best Accessories, Cannes Film Fest 2016

A bevy of beauties are getting all the attention in Cannes; we are of course speaking of jewelry, not the the ladies who ruled the red carpet. Proving that the ever-important statement accessory makes an ensemble go from bland to glam, we take a look at a few of the jewellers who helped catapult these looks to become some of the most memorable during the film festival.

Chopard Triple Threat

Left: Adriana Lima, Lottie Moss and Julia Roberts

Left: Adriana Lima, Lottie Moss and Julia Roberts

The longtime official jeweller of the festival had a long list of a-listers who wore some of its finest creations. We start with Pretty Woman herself, Julia Roberts (though she’s moved so far from that role it almost seems wrong to reference it here). The carats on her neck would have made anyone swoon, us included. From the Chopard Red Carpet Collection, the actress wore a necklace with a pear-shaped emerald of 52.76 carats and diamonds that amounted to 43.41 carats. Proving that models were able to shine both on and off the runway was Brazilian Adriana Lima. The highlight of her jewelry ensemble was the pair of earrings in 18K white gold. Complementing her green eyes, the earrings feature emeralds (48.08 carats total) as well as diamonds (13.07 carats). Breaking the emerald reign was Lottie Moss, who went with a white light white heat look. She showed off 82.48 carats of diamonds on a white gold necklace along with a pair of earrings with two princess-cut diamonds (6.04 carats).

Bulgari Double Take

Left: Naomi Watts and Sonam Kapoor

Left: Naomi Watts and Sonam Kapoor

We first saw Naomi Watts with a Bulgari high jewelry creation on the opening night of the festival and we see her once again in another creation by the brand during the premiere of Money Monster. Wearing a pair of exclusive Serpenti earrings from the brand’s Mediterranean Eden high jewelry collection, the design plays on the motifs featured in the Serpenti collection of 2016. The hexagonal designs mimic a serpent’s scales as well as the captivating movement of the creature. The other star who shone in Bulgari was Indian actress and model Sonam Kapoor. Known to be a favorite among designers, she brought a touch of flora to the carpet. She chose a necklace from the brand’s High Jewellery Giardini Italiani collection that added that extra touch of whimsical fun to her outfit. The design also showcased the best of Bulgari’s craftsmanship, with 16 brilliant-cut diamonds in the center of each flower in the necklace. Each petal was also studded with pave diamonds.

Chanel Show-StopperChanel-Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-Cannes-Accessories

At the premiere of La Fille Inconnue, Rosie Huntington-Whitely stole the show, in a bright red backless dress. With her hair up in a bun, the British model used it as the perfect opportunity to showcase a pair of diamond earrings from Chanel’s Signature Surpiquée Fine Jewelry collection.

Learn more about our Cannes Film Festival coverage from the Accessories Report, The Yellow Trend, The Best Dressed on Opening Night and Our Red Carpet Queens.

Focus: Fred Allard Bridges Fashion, Art

French artist Fred Allard says, “Art is the way I express my feelings.” Allard’s style is creating art pieces surrounding fashion using different textures, colors and pictures that express his artistic voice. As a result, Allard revolutionizes the way we look at the bag as a fun, characterful and quirky object.

His recent project ‘Vide son bag’, features a series of bag designs that combine the ordinary with luxury: Campbell soup cans with Chanel handbags, Coke cans with Louis Vuitton bags, Chup-a-chup lollipops with Cartier paper bags – resulting in a style that is funky, unique and fresh. The bags of ‘Vide son bag’, fall in three different categories: the IT Bag, the Basket Bag and the Shopping Paper Bag. With each of these types of bag, he questions our way of using them – the shopping bag does not contain luxury articles but is amongst the most practical; the basket bag, an epitome of practicality and function; and the IT bag, authentic high fashion bags that he fills with everyday products to show the place of the luxury in our everyday lives.

With a background in fashion, Allard has a keen sense of textiles and colors and how they shape imprints, iconographies and culture. He is deeply inspired by street art, pop art, and music and finds food for thought in magazines and department stores. He finds value from observing the street, mixing the array of colors and materials from everyday life in his pieces and weaving commonplace objects into his works. The Allard style is an enthusiasm for materials, words and colors. He manifests his style onto his bags, which he seems to treat as sculptures of the humanistic desire for material wealth: the bag is a symbol of the lives we carry with us – it is both an intimate and personal object.

Beyond just the commonplace, at the heart of Allard’s works is the desire to portray the zeitgeist of the modern society: how our consumerist attitudes and need for status symbols blinds the simple joy of living in the ordinary. His works capture the “everyday objects, like uniting two opposites, the contradiction and the mix,” says Allard. By aligning Hello Kitty next to Hermes, he highlights the contradiction by “combining high end shopping bags and filling them in with products that can be bought from the supermarket, a perfect combination which perfectly blends together to create a unique object.”

Allard studio mirrors that of his works – spray cans lying around, graffiti all over the walls, machinery to create his sculptures of bags, as well as his artist tools: sand, boards, buckets, masks, clamps, brushes, hammer, screws. His studio has the same wealth of textures as his bags have colours. It is no wonder that his studio in the south of France is the incubator for his expressive thoughts.

“Luxury becomes popular and what’s popular become precious”, says Allard. ‘Vide son bag’ juxtaposes the ordinary with the luxury to bring out the fun contradiction of everyday living.

*For more information, please visit www.galeries-bartoux.com.

This story first appeared in Art Republik.

Chanel Opens Saint-Tropez Summer Store

You know summer is truly here when French fashion icon Chanel takes up its summer residence at the private mansion La Mistralée in beautiful Saint-Tropez. This year, the Kaiser works his magic (together with his very talented team of interior designers) to transform the pop-up store.


The love affair between Chanel and Saint-Tropez began when the Mademoiselle herself used to sojourn there every summer. Karl Lagerfeld then picked the city as the venue for the house’s cruise collection for 2011, and has returned annually ever since.


Inside, the boutique is an exquisite representation of the revered fashion house. Swathed in the Maison’s iconic shades of black, white, beige and gold, the boutique opens to an entrance hall with wooden panels that swivel to reveal bottles of the iconic Chanel No5 perfume. Monochromatic walls are punctuated by splashes of gold. Clothes and handbags are presented on two rails that run across the room, its minimalist charm a juxtaposition to the avant-garde sculptures and vintage chandelier that lights up the orderly space. The troves of display units and alcoves are now home to the new J12 Mirror and the other watch models.


Outside, the La Mistralée pool shimmers with the light, its golden mosaic tiles reflecting the sun with an intensity that highlights the season’s shoes – the highlight of the pool house.

The Chanel Saint-Tropez boutique will open from 23 April – 5 October 2016.

Focus: Chanel Spring/Summer 2016

The Chanel lady has places to go this Spring/Summer ’16, and we’re taking notes: plenty of tweeds and metallics along with a number of playful aviation-themed accessories. We bring you L’Officiel Singapore’s picks from the collection, to help elevate your wardrobe for the season.Chanel-Tweed-Leather-trolley-bag

Chanel’s Tweed and trolley bag.


Tweed and plexiglas Absolute bag


Resin and metal airplanes brooch


Metal hair grip


Metal bracelet


Leather and PVC sandal


Crackled leather sandal

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Text by Gordon Ng

This story was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.

Chanel Celebrates Havana with Cruise Collection

It was an unusual sight for Cubans as international celebrities and Cuban bigwigs gathered on a quiet street in Havana for the nation’s first international runway show.

Handpicked by Karl Lagerfeld for his Cruise collection presentation, Chanel transformed the Paseo del Prado, a long seaside boulevard into a runway, complete with models clad in Carribean-infused mannish jackets, frothy skirts and sequinned dresses.

13_Cruise 2016-17 collection - Decor pictures by Olivier Saillant

The show is the latest in a stream of international cultural events, as Cuba continues its efforts in opening up diplomatic and commercial relations. “The world is finally opening up to Cuba. Everyone wants to come taste the forbidden fruit. Everyone wants to discover it, savor it, enjoy it, explore it,” said Mariela Castro, the daughter of President Raul Castro and a prominent gay-rights activist on the island.

Meanwhile, other high-profile attendees included Hollywood stars Vin Diesel, who was in town shooting the latest Fast and Furious movie, Tilda Swinton and Geraldine Chaplin. The show ended with the Kaiser’s brief appearance, as ordinary Cubans applauded from outside the tightly guarded venue.

Chanel_Cruise 2016-17 collection_Photocall pictures by Stephane Feugere_Tilda SWINTON

“What a sight. But I would have liked to be closer to the models,” said 52-year-old Mireya Correoso, who told AFP she had never seen so much luxury and showbiz in one place.


This story was written in-house, with the official press release and an AFP story as the source.





Artcurial Auctions Jewelry, Retro Fashion Items

Two collections will go on sale at Paris auction house Artcurial (with its new Hermès Vintage & Fashion Arts department) as a part of its Haute Couture auction on July 4: a collection of haute couture jewelry created for the collections of fashion designers, and items from the catwalk collections of 1980s fashion designer Elisabeth de Senneville. Both collections together provide a good juxtaposition of high elegance and innovative retro fashion.

For those who aren’t exactly sure what the term ‘haute couture jewelry’ means, these were specially crafted jewels made to embellish the collections of the biggest fashion names. The craftsmen worked in close collaboration with fashion houses including Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel and Givenchy to provide small series of jewelry for a handful of wealthy clients. This art form originated in the mid- and late 1930s, before falling out of favor at the end of the 1970s. One hundred such pieces from names such as Roger Jean-Pierre, Maison Gripoix, Roger Scemama and Robert Goossens will appear in the sale.

On the other side, 130 pieces from Elisabeth de Senneville’s archives are set to go under the hammer, with items such as flannelette or brushed cotton garments printed with her “furniture” or “photo story” motifs, as well as sweaters, coats and jackets made from technical fabrics. Her brilliant use of monographing in her pieces is especially notable and even ahead of its time when you consider the proliferation of images resulting from the digital age. The auction celebrates the designer’s avant-garde, artistic and experimental spirit of absolute sincerity.

These two private collections will be accompanied at auction by a selection of Louis Vuitton trunks, Chanel leather goods and haute couture gowns from Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent and Paul Poiret. Before the auction itself, the lots will be exhibited July 1-4, 2016, at Artcurial’s Paris showroom, located at 7 rond-point des Champs-Elysées.

You can check out more information over at Artcurial’s website here.

Focus: Signature de Chanel Jewelry

Chanel’s design formula, if there is one, is really straightforward. It is easy to understand, neither too simple nor too complicated, and often inspired by founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s most cherished influences, such as the camellia, lion and star.

Signature Cocoon 18k white gold necklace with a carved rock crystal, 1.5-carat brilliant-cut diamond and 652 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Signature Cocoon 18k white gold necklace with a carved rock crystal, 1.5-carat brilliant-cut diamond and 652 brilliant-cut diamonds.

In February 1955, the late designer unveiled a handbag, the 2.55, which shared the same spirit. Named after the date of its creation, the 2.55 was crafted from supple leather and expertly quilted all over in a geometric pattern similar to those found on the jackets of boys who worked at horse stables. Chanel discovered that, when stitched, the pattern always kept its shape, allowing her to later use other materials like jersey, lambskin and even fabrics as delicate as silk to give body, solidity and volume to the now iconic accessory.

The Signature de Nacre cuff boasts a mother-of-pearl middle that spanned more than four months to carve. Signature de Nacre 18k white gold cuff with 496 brilliant-cut diamonds and mother-of-pearl.

The Signature de Nacre cuff boasts a mother-of-pearl middle that spanned more than four months to carve. Signature de Nacre 18k white gold cuff with 496 brilliant-cut diamonds and mother-of-pearl.

A modern adaptation of that same pattern is now the star of Chanel’s new high jewelry collection, named Signature de Chanel. There are 48 elaborate pieces designed and handcrafted in the Parisian house’s workshop in Place Vendôme; each is composed of gently curved lines to exude an appeal that is less graphic, but more fluid and sensual.

265 sapphires, each requiring more than an hour to cut and finish, are arranged using an invisible setting technique on the Signature Ultime bracelet. Signature Ultime 18k white gold bracelet with a one-carat brilliant-cut diamond, 265 square-cut sapphires and 221 brilliant-cut diamonds.

265 sapphires, each requiring more than an hour to cut and finish, are arranged using an invisible setting technique on the Signature Ultime bracelet. Signature Ultime 18k white gold bracelet with a one-carat brilliant-cut diamond, 265 square-cut sapphires and 221 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Diamonds are not the only precious gemstones used in the collection. Punctuating the range are also the refined accents of azure sapphires and aquamarines, while grey mother-of-pearl, rock crystal and pearls are laboriously cut, sculpted and arranged over months just to recreate the brand’s famed quilting motif.


Story Credits

Text by Kenny Loh

This story was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.

White-Out: 4 Lightening Cosmetics

It’s that time of the year again, when brands launch their range of whitening products and skincare and we feel that it is only fair that we share our picks for the season. With some help from the team at L’Officiel Singapore, we present you with a few products that you can incorporate into your skincare routine, for that flawless, radiant finish.

Powder PowerLe-Blanc-Whitening-UV-Loose-Powder

In makeup, loose powder has always been the sidekick to its more technology-driven and ingredients-packed compact or liquid counterparts. But not the Chanel Le Blanc UV Protection Whitening Loose Powder SPF50/PA+++ ($82). If you ask the lab folks who produce makeup, they will have you know that it’s always a tough job combining a high SPF with light textures. This formula has a super-generous SPF but also melts easily into skin, leaving a sheer finish and a velvety feel. It also doesn’t lose out on the ingredients list, with pearl light pigments that make your complexion look luminous, as well as a special pearl extract and a licorice extract to brighten up sallow skin tones.

Base instinctsDior-F042332000DiorsnowMakeupBase_F39.psd

Once upon a time, we were happy enough with makeup bases in that one nude or whitish shade. But they have gone all techni-colour now. Cue the Dior Diorsnow Brightening Makeup Base Colour Correction SPF35/PA+++ ($84 each), which come in three hues. Each has a specific purpose: pink for giving dull skin a rosy glow, beige for minimising redness, and blue for perking up a sallow complexion. Of course, the ideal situation would be to own all three shades and use each where it’s needed most.

Wonder stickLe-Blanc-Light-Creator-Whitening-Stick-Concealer-B10

If you’re packing for your next vacay and want to travel “light”, just stash the Chanel Le Blanc Light Creator Whitening Concealer SPF40/PA+++ ($54) in your bag. Why? Primarily, it’s a concealer for dark spots and other flaws like acne marks, thanks to its rich, creamy texture and light-reflecting pigments – the latter being what Chanel calls the “pearl light pigments”. These are supposed to give your complexion a translucent smoothness even as they correct skin imperfections. This concealer stick, available in two shades, also works as a form of skincare, as it has ascorbic glucoside and licorice extract to slow down the formation of dark spots. The generous SPF serves as prevention, since we all know that sun damage can cause spots or make them more visible.

Dynamic duoEstee-Lauder-Crescent-White-Extensions_Product-Shot_Makeup-Collection_Asia-Only_Expiry-November-2017

For your makeup to glide on like a dream, you either have the smoothest skin to begin with. Or you fake it. For the latter scenario, there’s the Estée Lauder Crescent White Brightening Makeup Base SPF30/PA+++ ($89). It has lavender pigments to tone down skin dullness, sallowness and dark spots. And since we all know how dry, flaky skin can make even the best foundation streak, this makeup base is also all about keeping up the moisture levels for hours. This same devotion to keeping your skin well-hydrated is present, too, in the brand’s Crescent White Hydra-Bright Essence Makeup SPF30/PA++ (*$86). It plumps up skin, balances oil levels, and blurs the appearance of fine lines, pores, dark spots and uneven tone. Smart makeup? Definitely on our yes list.

Story Credits

Text by Pearlyn Tham

This story was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.

6 Runway Accessory Trends Maximizing Impact

The fashion runways churn out an impressive number of style stories with their trends and designs. Today we take a closer look at the accessories that don’t need to try too hard to catch your attention — simply because you can’t miss them. Bigger is always better it seems with the looks we’ve seen on the catwalk and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites, which are also the favorites of L’Officiel Singapore, who put together this piece.

Bold & BeautifulBold-And-Beautiful-Max-Impact-LO

Statement necklaces and arm parties have seen their day. With so many designers cutting away garments to reveal necks and shoulders, it only makes sense to draw more attention to these areas via a pair of huge, sweeping shoulder-dusters.Make them the focal accessory by going for interesting details and colour combinations, lots of sparkle, or an arresting sculptural shape.

Chain ReactionChain-Reaction-MAx-Impact-LO

Fashion’s fallen head over heels for this punk-tinged hardware, but given it a decidedly feminine touch. Alexander Wang used gold chains to embellish the dainty mesh bags in his romantic all-white Balenciaga collection. Miuccia Prada used them on retro, ladylike pieces in her rich, tactile collection, while Armani and Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen draped them on the body to offset light, delicate clothes.

The All-ClearThe-All-Clear-Max-Imapct-LO

Plastic truly is fantastic. Designers as varied as Christopher Kane, Simone Rocha, Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and John Galliano at Maison Margiela all offered versions of the transparent stuff plastered on bags, heels, sandals and hats. The most directional pieces, though, came from Jonathan Anderson who used it on garments at his eponymous label and on plastic Puzzle bags, pouches, jewelry and even trousers at Loewe.

Crowning GloryCrowning-Glory-Max-Imapct-LO

If you’re looking to indulge your inner princess fantasies, now is the time to do it. The girls at No 21 wore bands of sparkling stones atop their dreamy white looks. The Rodarte sisters wove medieval-looking gold leaves into their models’ hair, while Dolce and Gabbana crowned their glamorous Italian girls with fruits, crystals and flowers. Not everything was so princess-like though; both Miuccia Prada and Hedi Slimane showed actual tiaras at Miu Miu and Saint Laurent, respectively, but their girls and the clothes had an alluringly rebellious vibe.

Easy BoostEasy-Boost-Max-Imapct-LO

Sandals are a fail-proof summer staple but they’ve now been given a fun fashion twist via luxe materials, bright punchy prints and, most importantly, an elevated standing thanks to a sturdy flatform or a low chunky block heel. We love Fendi’s graphic leather slides, Ferragamo’s strappy ones with pop-coloured soles and those printed Chanel sandals that light up like an airport runway.

White LightWhite-Light-Max-Imapct-LO

For Spring/Summer ’16, designers have chosen to make their biggest statements in white. The effect is clean and chic, but far from minimal. At Balenciaga, Alexander Wang sent out rucksacks, totes and clutches in beautifully delicate silk satin, lace and woven leathers. Phoebe Philo’s white Céline bags were graphic with interesting hardware details while her Chelsea boots had a chunky, mannish appeal. Massimo Giorgetti’s sandals at Emilio Pucci on the other hand were romantically dotted with pearls.

Story Credits

Text by Jeffrey Yan

This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore. 

Chanel La Solution 10 for Delicates

There are dangers aplenty outdoors, especially if you have sensitive skin. Firstly, there are environmental factors such as climate change, pollution and even the use of hard water. Secondly, your skin has to defend itself against mechanical factors, which include reactions to non-invasive aesthetics procedures like microdermabrasion.

Both sets of factors can stress skin as well as damage the topmost barrier, which acts as skin’s primary line of defence, and result in the overproduction of something known as nerve growth factors. Also called NGFs, they stimulate the nerve fibers in your skin, causing flare ups in the form of flaking, redness, roughness, a stinging sensation and that too-familiar feeling of tightness.

As most dermatologists would tell you, skincare products for sensitive skin types should be pared down. The fewer the ingredients, the better. This is why, despite studying hundreds of ingredients, Chanel used only 10 of those in La Solution 10, a face cream the brand calls its first comforting moisturizer. In fact, you’ll find the minimalist list of ingredients – ranging from shea butter extract to vegetal squalane – on the chic pump bottle itself.

Tea remedy

The main ingredient in La Solution 10 is silver needle tea extract. From the buds of this precious white tea, the R&D folks at Chanel derive an extract rich in theanine (an amino acid found in some teas) and polyphenols (an antioxidant). Silver needle tea extract is said to soothe sensitivity and block free radicals, thus preventing unnecessary oxidative stress and strengthening the skin barrier.

La Solution 10 can be used in the morning and evening and as a daily moisturiser or as an ad-hoc treatment for when your skin acts up. Personally, I prefer using the cream every night as its consistency is dense – though not in a greasy way. Its thickness makes my tingly skin feel well protected, but it absorbs quickly, leaving a matte finish. The formula is also unscented, going by my own nose test and the list of ingredients on the bottle. And that’s always good news for skin that doesn’t need all that excess.

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This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore.

Chanel: Dans la Lumière de l’été Makeup Collection

We know we keep talking about how one season is over and another is on its way. We can’t help it that the seasons change. What we can help is guiding you in the right direction. With summer just around the corner (in the northern hemisphere at least) it is time to set those vibrant hues and heavy foundations aside and embrace the natural skin and sunlight drenched make-up line by Chanel. Of course if you live in the tropics, like we do, then summer is your whole year and you ought to give the heavy stuff a miss altogether.

"Les Beiges, Healthy Glow Multi-Color Power" - Duo N°1 - Chanel "Dans la lumière de l'été" collection. © Chanel

“Les Beiges, Healthy Glow Multi-Color Power” – Duo N°1 – Chanel “Dans la lumière de l’été” collection.
© Chanel

The Dans la lumière de l’ été make up collection is set to be rolled out next month and will see a more natural look for the skin, eyes and lips. For summer 2016, Chanel brightens skin for a natural, healthy glow with “Les Beiges, Healthy Glow Multi-Color Power” in two color duos. “Duo N°1” features terracotta and golden sand powders to sculpt contours and brighten the face with highlighting touches. “Duo N°2” features a pink shade and a light beige to sculpt and highlight (€55).

Though the collecton takes its inspiration from nature, the eyes get a bit more love with a satin and shimmer finish. Chanel’s Makeup Creation Studio has crafted a new and exclusive limited-edition version of its classic eyeshadow quad, with “Les 4 Ombres Empreinte du Désert.” This has coppery brown, golden beige, brown and khaki green shades, which can be used alone or together for different effects (€51).

"Les 4 Ombres Empreinte du Désert" eye palette, "Lèvres Scintillantes Sahara" lip gloss and "Le Vernis Turban" nail polish from Chanel's "Dans la lumière de l'été" collection. © Chanel

“Les 4 Ombres Empreinte du Désert” eye palette, “Lèvres Scintillantes Sahara” lip gloss and “Le Vernis Turban” nail polish from Chanel’s “Dans la lumière de l’été” collection.
© Chanel

In captivating shades of emerald and pink coral, are “Stylo Yeux Waterproof” eyeliners for (€25). Chanel also presented a new coppery brown “Mirage” shade of “Le Volume de Chanel Waterproof Mascara,” which can be used alone or as a top coat (€32).Using a new formula, the gloss from the iconic “Lèvres Scintillantes” (€28) is more fluid and hydrating. With the brand new applicator, the six summer shades of pink, red, pomegranate, orange, peach and coral provide a more even finish.

“Le Vernis” nail color adds the finishing touch to Chanel’s summer look, with five eye-catching shades including a pinky red, a green, a chocolate brown color, plus orange and beige. The product’s formulation has also been reworked, and now includes bioceramics to help strengthen nails (€25).

9 Beauty Superstars in Focus

From Chanel to Shu Uemura, these are the beauty products to keep you in a maximally tip-top shape for the occasion. Add them to your basket. Now.


Shiseido Bio-Performance Liftdynamic Serum ($145)

Shiseido labs have discovered that when the structural support system in ageing skin breaks down, sub-derm pockets are left behind beneath the skin’s surface. The result: a loss of firmness, followed by wrinkles and sagging. The Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Serum promises to fill these pockets with the use of rosemary phyto-essence. It also boasts other ingredients like wild thyme, a vitamin E derivative and Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid N to make skin softer, smoother and more hydrated.


YSL Beauté Le Cushion Encre De Peau ($88)

We’ve seen our share of cushion foundations in recent years, but this one’s the most gorgeous by far. And the formula of its debut cushion foundation is said to give a matte yet luminous finish and a touch of freshness on skin. Use it sparingly, dabbing the foundation on areas where you need a little more help, like the reddish corners of your nose or on the chin. Then build up the coverage as you go along or whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up throughout the day. Because we too would find every opportunity to take this stunner out for touch-ups.


Dior Diorshow Maximizer 3D ($53)

An upgrade of its original launched in 2010 and now with the 3D in its moniker, Dior’s lash primer uses an oil-serum with ingredients like fatty acids, vitamin E and a seaweed extract known for its self-repair ability. The formula also has hollow silica beads that don’t weigh your lashes down. Think of it as applying a mask for lashes each time you want to boost their volume – by three times, if you use the Diorshow Maximizer 3D with a Diorshow Designer mascara.


Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Revitalizing Mask Noir ($620)

Ever been dry-brushed at the spa? Here’s the less rustic version of that therapy… for your face: Estée Lauder’s luxury line Re-Nutriv now has a two-step brush-and-mask routine. Massage the brush – specially crafted with the softest, smoothest fibres – on clean, dry skin to re-energise your complexion. Then, apply the mask, which has bamboo charcoal and concentrated levels of black diamond truffle extract to make your complexion look less tired and more youthful. We’ll be saving this power duo for important evenings.


Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo ($49)

Even the most savvy and well-informed among us have to confess: every makeup brand now has so many lipstick types in its stable that we just lose track of the one that has the matte yet hydrating texture, the one that’s good for super-glossy brights and the one that leaves indelible lip marks on him. Chanel has made things easier with its Rouge Coco Stylo, a hybrid formula that gives you all you need in a lippie. It’s intense like a lipstick, shiny like a gloss and comforting like a balm. Really, do you need anything else? In eight shades.


Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF30/PA+++ ($72)

OK, so there are numerous apps out there with a multitude of skin-perfecting filters. But real life still exists. And for that, you’ll need this all-in-one product. Vitamins C and E in this help to nourish and protect your complexion. Additionally, this oil-free tint is said to create a soft-focus effect by using Transparent Blurring Powders that even out your skin tone and blur out imperfections, while giving a natural finish and a velvety feel. And the last bit is something you’ll never get from an Instagram filter. In nine shades.


Tom Ford Black Orchid EDT ($100-$210)

About a decade after the launch of the iconic Black Orchid EDP, Tom Ford fans have something else to obsess about now: the equally sophisticated and seductive EDT. Don’t expect a watered-down version – it’s Tom Ford, after all – as this new variant packs in top notes of black truffle, bergamot and blackcurrant, as well as lotus wood, patchouli, incense, vetiver, vanilla and sandalwood. At its heart is the eponymous Black Orchid, the designer’s idea of the ultimate luxurious ingredient made up of florals and rich fruit accords. And forget the ubiquitous transparent glass bottle. This one’s going into its own matte black flacon. Classy.


Shu Uemura Laque Supreme Shimmer ($42 each)

Laque Supreme is more or less a liquefied lipstick that’s applied like a lipgloss. This year’s Laque Supreme Shimmer is said to use a special shimmer made up of gold and silver powders that are inspired by the making of Japanese lacquerware – it glistens, like a lipgloss, but is more long-lasting and opaque, like a lip stain. The newly designed applicator is a work of art in itself. Slanted at a magic angle, it fits the cupid’s bow and is made of a special material that releases just the right amount of lip product at once. No streaking or clumping here. Brilliant.


Clé de Peau Beauté La Crème ($875 – $1,200)

In its new research, the luxury brand found that, like the brain, the epidermis can process information and, therefore, restore itself to an optimal state of calm even when it is subject to damage from environmental factors. Based on this finding, the iconic La Crème night cream has now been reformulated to include the ingredient theanine, which is said to encourage skin to “reset” itself when it suffers damage caused by previous stressors. Expect bright, moisturised and translucent skin with less sagging and less noticeable nasolabial lines. Now, that’s something all of us think about having 24/7.

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Digital Imaging by Mossy Chew

This article was originally published in L’Officiel Singapore

Hard Lines: 5 Modern Beauty Looks 2016

From an exaggerated graphic eye to an intense, heavy brow, this season’s statement look is geometric, modern and anything but soft.



Water Supreme Finishing Pact SPF 25 PA++ in No.1 Light Beige, Watery Cushion Concealer in No.1 Splendid Cover, Brush Highlighter in Pink Beam, Gel Liquid Liner in Black, Jet Curling Mascara in Black, Silk Intense Lipstick in Beige Chiffon.

Makeup, Peter Khor



Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25/PA++, Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15/PA++, Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense, Ligne Graphique de Chanel Liquid Eyeliner Intensity Definition in 10 Noir, Inimitable Mascara Volume-Length-Curl-Separation in 10 Noir Black, Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in 402 Adrienne.

Makeup, Peter Khor


YSL Beauté

Touche Éclat Blur Perfector, Touche Éclat in 1 Luminous Radiance, Le Cushion Encre de Peau, Terre Saharienne Powder in 10 Terre Ambree, Baby Doll Kiss and Blush in 12 Moca Garçonne, Couture Kajal Eye Pencil Om in 1 Noir Ardent, Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking in 1 Deep Black, Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll in Fetish Black.

Makeup, Rick Yang



Optimal Brightening Concentrate, Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Contour Blush in Paloma, Brow Perfector in Suriname, Eye Paint in Black Valley, Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto, Audacious Mascara.

Makeup, John Lee


Clé de Peau Beauté

Sheer Fluid Veil SPF24 PA++, Radiant Fluid Foundation, Translucent Loose Powder, Bronzing Powder Duo in No.2, Stylo Eyeliner Pencil in 201 Black, Perfect Lash Mascara in No.1, Extra Rich Lipstick in Velvet 309.

Makeup, Rick Yang

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Photography: Alvin Tang
Beauty Direction: Fac3inc
Photography Assistant: Mun Kong
Makeup: Peter Khor, Rick Yang & John Lee/Fac3inc
Hair: Sean Ang/Fac3inc x ARX Salon using Kevin Murphy

This article was originally published in L’Officiel Singapore