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New Mini set to debut on November 18

new mini

The BMW-owned company has chosen the 107th birthday of the iconic car’s creator, Sir Alec Issigonis, as the date for the next Mini’s global debut.

The reveal will take place at the Mini production plant in Oxford and will be followed up with a party in London before the new car heads to Los Angles and Tokyo for its first motor show appearances.

One of the world’s most enduring automotive brands, the Mini has been in production since 1959 and was revolutionary upon its launch.

The first car with a transversely-mounted engine to save space and improve balance, the Mini was nimble, surprisingly spacious and because it had one wheel at every corner, was great fun to drive. As such it was not only a hit with car buyers it also established itself as a serious race and rally car.

Since rescuing the brand some 19 years ago, BMW has done everything it can to recapture that excitement and to align the Mini with innovation and excitement and for the most part it has succeeded.

BMW has confirmed that the car will feature new engines, new chassis technologies, even greater levels of quality and comfort and a host of connected car features.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept

The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé combines all of the engineering know-how and driver-focused technology that has made BMW the company it is today with the design excellence that has made Pininfarina Ferrari’s designer of choice for over 50 years.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept

A long wheelbase two-door, four-seat coupe with a low roofline and a huge V12 engine, the Gran Lusso manages to retain all of the physical design cues and indicators of the current BMW range while at the same time offering something entirely new — a vehicle that could conceivably compete head to head with a Bentley Continental GT or Porsche Panamera in terms of comfort, performance and looks.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept

No performance figures have been released regarding the engine’s output or top speed, but the way that the controls ‘wrap’ around the driver’s seat suggests that if the car did go into production, it would be more than a little sprightly.

bmw gran lusso concept

As well as a driver-focused console, the cabin benefits from the best wood, leather and wool that money can buy — for example, the use of 48,000-year-old Kauri wood, which is sourced from fossilized swamps in New Zealand and which can be cut and polished like fresh timber.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept

Its natural grain has an iridescent quality, meaning that the wood appears to change color as light hits it at different angles. The entire cabin is finished from a single piece of Kauri wood to ensure the grain, grade and color are a prefect match.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept

Added to the fossilized wood is Foglizzo leather in tobacco and black adorning the four seats and an embroidered roof liner of the finest virgin Italian wool.

BMW launches in-car music streaming service

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW and rara.com are partnering to launch Europe’s first direct-to-car music streaming service.

BMW 5-Series owners in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands are now able to stream millions of tracks straight to their cars through the BMW ConnectedDrive system without the need for a smartphone, SIM card or plug-in dongle.

The service, which offers access to 14 million tracks and 200 curated music channels is accessible to owners with the ConnectedDrive Entertianment Option installed in their cars for a yearly flat-rate subscription.

As well as being able to stream new songs across most of the continent, tracks that have already been listened to are stored on the car’s hard drive for repeat listening.

The service, claimed to be the first of its kind outside of North America, is also supported by apps for iOS, Android and Windows for streaming on the go and away from the car.

What makes the service so different is that BMW has negotiated a deal with network provider Vodafone so that the data transfers required for the service, even across international borders, do not result in its users receiving extra charges for roaming.

If the agreement proves successful, there’s every likelihood that other European network providers and car makers could ink similar deals.

The service is available to order Tuesday and will also roll out to Spain in 2014.

BMW ParkNow

BMW invests in intelligent parking systems

BMW ParkNow

A new partnership will allow BMW drivers to find, reserve and pay for parking spaces before they set off on their journey.

The company Thursday announced a partnership with NOW! Innovations, a company that provides mobile payment and billing solutions across a number of countries and that has developed a flexible and easy-to-use billing and payment platform for parking services.

As part of its BMW i Mobility Services arm, the German carmaker has already developed and implemented a service called ParkNow which enables users to find, reserve and even pay for a parking space in advance via either the desktop browser or an iPhone/Android app.

The service also ties in with a device’s or the car’s navigation system to give the driver clear directions to the space in question. Currently designed for off-street parking garages, the system is up and running in San Francisco.

The new partnership will allow BMW to add on-street parking spaces to its existing service and to start to roll out the services beyond the US.


BMW unveils motorcyle tie-up with Indian firm

bmw tvs

German top-of-the-range carmaker BMW, which also makes high-powered motorbikes, announced an agreement with India’s TVS Motor Company on Monday to produce small-engine motorcycles.

“The aim of the cooperation is to join forces to develop and produce motorcycles in the segment below 500 cubic centimetres,” the German group said in a written statement.

Stephan Schaller, who heads BMW’s motorcycle unit, said the group was expanding its product range “to tap into fresh growth potential” amid changing motorcycle markets, demographic developments and environmental demands. Small motorbikes are highly popular in emerging markets such as India.

TVS Motor Company is one of India’s largest motorcycle manufacturers, producing annually two million vehicles and with a turnover of more than $1 billion.

BMW X4 concept

bmw x4

Ahead of its debut at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, German automaker BMW has unveiled its all-new 2013 BMW X4 Sports Activity Vehicle Concept.

The BMW X4 Concept is a smaller and more affordable approach to the bigger and more expensive X6 crossover and is aimed at the US and Chinese markets.

It is anticipated that the BMW X4 Concept will be powered by BMW’s standard turbocharged 2.0L TwinPower four-banger found in the 328i and 528i.

bmw x4 concept

BMW Museum Munich

Rolls-Royce exhibition opens in Munich

Rolls Royce exhibition Munich

Rolls-Royce parent company BMW is staging the first exhibition of its kind at its BMW Museum in Munich to celebrate the British luxury carmaker’s recent resurgence and to honor the 150th birthday of the marque’s founder, Sir Henry Royce.

First Rolls-Royce Exhibition

The display, which covers more than 1000 m2 and which is spread over five floors, tells the Rolls-Royce in incredible detail, starting with the initial meeting between the company’s founders, Sir Henry Royce and the Honourable Charles Stewart Rolls in 1904 and leads right up to the present day.

Rolls-Royce Exhibition

The exhibition is packed with some of the most important cars the company has produced over the past 105 years including the 1926 Rolls-Royce 10EX which was developed to show the capabilities of the company’s engine and chassis technology and which Sir Henry Royce engineered and drove himself.

Rolls Royce exhibition BMW museum

Away from engineering perfection there is also a focus on craftsmanship, coachbuilding and bespoke design, all of which have become synonymous with the brand over its lifetime.

BMW Museum Munich

BMW K2 M ski

BMW and K2 unveil limited-edition luxury skis

BMW K2 M ski

BMW has just released a fresh crop of limited-edition luxury skis, designed in collaboration with K2 Corporation. Among the series of new skis is the new M edition, inspired by the brand’s M line, which means they’re optimized for world-class skiers who traverse double-diamonds, not bunny slopes.

They are a hybrid of camber and rocker, to boost turnability and versatility, and based on K2’s Baseline ski, offering an edge grip that promises to be second to none.

The limited-edition blades aren’t available for purchase, but will be one of the prizes in this year’s BMW xDrive Cup, an informal winter sports competition held at various resorts around the globe.

Skiers and snowboarders can compete against one another on a variety of events and post their own SkiMovies in 10 of the 13 race locations. You can also earn badges in order to be entered into a monthly drawing for a pair of the limited M skis.

BMW also announced its BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride skis designed to match the orange and black color scheme of the brand’s new Concept K2 Powder Ride, an X1 all-wheel-drive “sports activity vehicle” that comes equipped with roof-mounted speakers and a roof rack for skis.

BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride skis

bmw i8 concept spyder

BMW To Sell Electric Models Online‎

bmw i8 concept spyder

A report from Bloomberg says that BMW will sell cars over the Web for the first time as the world’s largest maker of luxury vehicles seeks an inexpensive way to reach more buyers to recoup spending on its electric models.

The BMW i3 and i8 electric and hybrid cars that will launch in 2013, respectively 2014 would be the first to sell directly to customers over the Internet.
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Mini Rocketman Concept London

MINI Rocketman Concept

Mini Rocketman Concept London

BMW announced this past week that its Mini Rocketman Concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 is headed to London for the Olympic Games.

From the end of July to September, the vehicle will be on display in the BMW pavilion near the athletes’ village.

The new Rocketman is a concept that is regarded as a modern interpretation of the old and original Mini car.
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BMW i Park Lane

First BMW i Store Opens in London

BMW i Park Lane

BMW offered a preview Wednesday of what would be on offer at its first i Store. The London space is designed to be a showroom for the carmaker’s new premium brand BMW i, based around electric and hybrid engines.

In the spotlight are electric concept cars like the BMW i3 urban design and the i8 sedan, as well as BMW iPedelec, an electric bicycle concept.
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BMW Brand Store George V Paris

First Ever BMW Brand Store Opens in Paris

BMW Brand Store George V Paris

BMW has opened a flagship store in Paris, set to be the first of an Apple-like network of ‘experience stores’.

The new 800-square-meter store is designed as part-showroom, part-tourist attraction and occupies a central location in one of Paris’s most desirable streets, the Avenue George V.

Among the retail store’s gleaming white walls and large display screens are several BMW models, ranging from sports cars to sedans, which visitors can get close to.
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