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Luxury Concept Cars Pebble Beach 2016 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster

5 Luxury Concept Cars Dominate Pebble Beach

At Pebble Beach this year, there was an impressive display of classic and concept cars that would have kept motoring enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. The Concours d’Elegance was an opportunity to showcase luxury concept cars and limited edition automobiles to the public, and boy did automakers pull out all the stops. We take a look at five of the most impressive luxury concept cars that caught our attention.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6Mercedes-Maybach 6

Clocking in at 6-meters, this all-electric concept car is an awe-inducing spectacle from Mercedes, representing where it thinks the storied Maybach name fits into the global automotive narrative. Fitted with an electric power train deliver 750 horsepower, the car is able to go from 1 to 100 km/h in under four seconds. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 comes on the heels of other concepts presented by the brand and is actually the first indication of what’s to come for Maybach, a marque we love to ogle. Obviously, it is set to pave the way for an upcoming model in the Maybach range.

Fisker Karma


Henrik Fisker’s Fisker Karma cars are no more but the spirit of this marque gets its second wind here. Now christened the Karma Revero, the reborn plug-in hybrid is the first of Karma Automotives, complete with a new management team that focuses on the rather zen philosophy of cause and effect. It has inherited the same good looks as its namesake, and the solar roof is retained, which Karma Automotive boldly claims will generate enough energy to power the car.

BMW 2002 HomageThe BMW 2002 Hommage

Celebrating 100 years is a big deal and BMW is partying in many different ways, not least of which is this homage to one of its most symbolic creations, the 2002 Turbo. First created in 1973, the BMW 2002 was the first-ever road-going sports car that was equipped with a turbo charger. While the initial concept was unveiled at Villa d’Este in Italy earlier this year, Pebble Beach saw the manufacturer present a new version in orange and black — the original colors of the competition car that raced in the 1970s.

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato VolanteAston Martin Vanquish Zagato

British carmaker Aston Martin and Italian coach builder Zagato have dropped the top to present the American public with a convertible version of their Vanquish Zagato coupe. You’ve no doubt seen this dream machine before and it is certainly going into production although it may never reach showrooms anywhere. The production run for the model, which is equipped with a 592 horsepower V12 engine, will be limited to 99 copies.

Lamborghini Centenario RoadsterThe Lamborghini Centenario Roadster

At this year’s Pebble Beach, the Italian brand has opted to present the roadster version of its Centenario coupe. Unveiled earlier this year in Geneva, Switzerland, the Lamborghini Centenario, which marks the centenary of the birth of the founder of the brand, Ferrucio Lamborghini, is the most powerful ever built, with 770 horsepower enabling it to hit 100 km/h in only 2.8 seconds. The production run for the convertible version will be limited to just 20. The regular Centenario is already sold out and we expect the same here.

1955 Jaguar D-Type Pebble Beach Concours 2016

3 Highlights Pebble Beach Concours 2016

With just days until the most important day of the year for classic car enthusiast, we take a look at what visitors can look forward to at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The stream of pre and post war classic cars are all set to captivate visitors on 21 August, the final day of Monterey Car Week and there are several car brands promising to make their presence known at the event. We take a look at three of the car manufacturers who are planning on making their presence known at Pebble Beach.

BMW fetes its centenaryElvis Presley's BMW 507 Pebble Beach

If you’re lucky enough to be going — ticket prices start at $325 — then expect to see an awful lot of BMWs. The German marque is promising the biggest celebration of its centenary outside of Munich.

As well as pristine examples of its greatest road and racing cars of all time, the company will be unveiling a concept-car homage to the 2002, the compact coupe that really established BMW’s performance and premium car credentials in 1966. The Concours will also see the official global unveiling of a painstakingly-restored 1957 BMW 507 roadster that once belonged to Elvis Presley.

Ford GT40s from around the worldPebble-Beach-Ford

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Ford GT40’s historic Le Mans 1-2-3 finish, a result that established Ford as a serious performance car company. In honour of the achievement the concours organisers have managed to convince the owner of every international race-winning GT40 to display their cars at the show.

“We’re honored — and thrilled — to be able to unite all of these historic champions,” said Concours Chairman Sandra Button. “This is an unprecedented gathering — one that has excited every member of our Selection Committee and one that promises to make history in its own right.”

The Lamborghini Miura turns 50

While Ford was beating Ferrari on the track, Lamborghini was beating it on the road. In 1966 it unveiled the Miura and in doing so created the modern supercar. Achingly beautiful and technologically innovative, the Miura continues to resonate with car lovers of all ages today, and will be suitably celebrated at this year’s show in honour of its 50th birthday.

1955 Jaguar D-Type

1955 Jaguar D-Type to be auctioned

Apart from the display from BMW, Ford and Lamborghini, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will also be the venue for five auctions of classic and collector cars. With a Le Mans-winning Jaguar D-Type and the very first Shelby Cobra set to go under the hammer, many are expecting the auctions to set new records for most expensive cars ever sold. Suffice to say, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is one event eagerly anticipated by motor fans and auction lovers alike.

Elvis Presley's restored BMW 507 at Pebble Beach

BMW Celebrates 100 Years at Pebble Beach

BMW has been pulling out all the stops to celebrate its centenary milestone and this will continue at Pebble beach this year. It has already had a Vision Concept car, a concept center in Tokyo, a very special BMW Individual Series 7 and a Festival Night. Now the German automobile company will showcase its biggest gathering of classic, contemporary and concept cars throughout the Monterey Car Week.

In fact, the celebration begins on August 18 at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, where 64 vintage race cars, including 3.0 CSLs, M1 Pro Cars and 328s will be on display. It also sees the unveiling of a concept version of the 2002 coupe, which was not only the first European production car to utilize turbocharging but also put BMW on the map as a desirable brand. “Exactly 50 years ago, the 02 range kick-started an era of success for BMW. This compact coupe is one of the vehicles that made the brand what it is today,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.


The BMW 2002 Hommage alongside the original 2002 Turbo.

The main highlight, however, would have to be the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 21, where the company will show all the cars that made history. This includes the Alexander Calder and Jeff Koons painted Art Cars, as well as its 1937 and 1940 Mille Miglia winners. Fans of vintage Beemers will also delight in knowing that Elvis Presley’s famous 1958 BMW 507 – previously believed to have disappeared for more than 40 years – will be officially unveiled at the event.


Jack Castor (right) hands over the Elvis BMW 507 to BMW Classic at his garage.

The prized vehicle (main image) was rediscovered after its owner, retired space engineer Jack Castor realized the car he possessed since 1968 was of great significance. He then nobly (and reluctantly) agreed to sell the car back to BMW but on the condition that it underwent a complete and accurate restoration. Unfortunately, Castor was not to see the finished version; he passed away in November 2014. As a gesture of appreciation, BMW will present the finished car as both Castor and Elvis’ legacy.

“The opportunity to bring back the BMW 507 owned by the King of Rock’n’Roll to us here in Munich for purposes of restoration in accordance with the wishes of the previous owner, Jack Castor, was a dream come true for all those involved,” said Ulrich Knieps, Head of BMW Group Classic. “This was an exceptionally fascinating project. The outcome is not simply a source of great pride to us. Jack would undoubtedly have been delighted by the outcome.”


BMW is World’s Top Luxury Carmaker

It seems that BMW is leading the rat race of the automotive world, claiming the title of most popular luxury car maker. The Bavarian automaker achieved this with a record combined quarterly sales of 605,534 units for Mini, BMW and Rolls-Royce vehicles. Yes, this is in relation to BMW overall, not just cars bearing the BMW badge.



Having said that, the group record isn’t the only one the German firm shattered in 2016. The first half of the year saw a record 986,557 BMWs being sold, with an increased demand of 31.7 percent for the premium 7 Series. Interest in the X1 compact SUV also rose 61.7 percent, with 94,156 units sold; the larger X3 models saw a 16.6 percent increase in demand, hitting a sales total of 77,486 cars.

New Dawn For Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Like its German counterpart, the ultra-luxurious British marque Rolls-Royce has also achieved new quarterly sales record of 1,133 cars, of which 514 were the new Dawn.

And if these figures are anything to go by, it is that drivers are gearing up to the idea of electric mobility and autonomous driving. Obviously, there is clearly strong demand for high-end vehicles, despite overall sluggishness in the global economy. “Sustainable profitability on this scale provides us with the financial headroom we need to pursue our work on future technologies such as electric mobility and automated driving. For me, there is no ‘either/or’ between the present and the future. The strength of today’s core business is the cornerstone for tomorrow’s success,” Krüger said.

This is especially apparent in select parts of Europe, where charging infrastructure is relatively more developed and government incentives are greatest. In June, 14.9 percent of Beemers sold in the Netherlands were electric or hybrid, while Scandinavia saw 13.2 percent across the same period. Throughout the continent, electrified accounted for 4 percent of the company’s sales.

Battery Upgrade

BMW i3

The impressive figures don’t stop there. Since the i3 received an upgraded battery this July, more than 7,000 orders have been placed (triple the number of reservations when the first-gen i3 was launched). The more efficient battery will increase the range of everyday driving from 130km to 200 km on a single charge.

This corresponding increase in sales suggests the biggest hurdle car firms need to overcome when it comes to getting consumers to move from gasoline-powered cars is ultimately range anxiety – a problem that should be easily solved now that the industry has sharpened its focus on eco-friendliness.

This story is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Read it here: BMW, Produsen Mobil Mewah Teratas di Dunia

Elvis Presley's BMW 507 Pebble Beach

Elvis Presley BMW Unveiled at Pebble Beach

He is best known as the King of Rock n Roll, thanks to his many hits but many also knew Elvis Presley as a lover of cars. This year, The King’s 1957 BMW 507 Series I Roadster will head to Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as part of BMW’s Centennial Display. Fans of the car and the musician will be able to see it unveiled August 21 at Pebble Beach along with other classic BMW creations.

He may have had many first loves but his heart always belonged to the 3.3-liter V8 –powered roadster that was designed by Albert Graf Goertz. Having fallen head-over-heels for the car when he first saw it at the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry in France as it raced, the singer then purchased it in December 1958. Completed in feather white, the car stood out, which led to ardent fans covering the car in phone numbers, lipstick kisses and pledges of devotion.

The singer countered this problem by repainting it bright red — not a subtle shade but it certainly hid those stubborn lipstick stains. Though he sold it in the early 1960s, the car was made popular Stateside thanks to the music legend. With only 254 BMW 507 Series I built, the car commands a high price even without having been owned by ‘The King’.

After coming into possession of the car two years ago, BMW Group Classic started on a ground up restoration of it. The facelift even saw car restored to its original shade of feather white. The car will appear alongside other classics by BMW such as two of its Art Cars, which are basically standard BMW’s painted by artists Alexander Calder and Jeff Koons.

BMW M5 Competition Edition Carbon Black

Big Power: BMW M5 Competition Edition

The standard M5 is a phenomenal piece of automotive engineering. A family sedan that’s equally at home on the Autobahn as it is on the Nurburgring or in the car park of a Scandinavian furniture retailer thanks to a wonderful TwinPower turbo 4.4-liter 560hp V8 under the hood that outputs some 680Nm of torque.

So, to make the Competition Edition (which will be strictly limited to 200 examples) really stand out, BMW’s engineers have been very busy. That engine now delivers 600hp (for those counting, that’s 20hp more than a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2) and 20Nm more torque. That translates to a 0-100km/h time of 3.9 seconds, and because the car will come with a dual-clutch transmission as standard, achieving those times in the real world should be simple.

To make the most of this extra performance in the bends as well as on the straights, BMW has dropped the Competition Edition’s ride height by 10mm, firmed up the springs, dampers and stabilizers, tweaked the Active M differential and reconfigured the power steering so that drivers will find it even easier to corner at speed.

BMW M5 Competition Edition Interior

And the overhauling isn’t restricted to elements under the skin. The Competition Edition sits on special 20-inch twin-spoke alloy wheels with jet black detailing, comes in either a special Carbon Black or Mineral White paint finish (100 examples of each) and the body sports a number of carbon aerodynamic elements such as the rear diffuser.

Inside, there’s full Merino Black leather trim with contrasting white stitching and even the floor mats have been cut from Alcantara. Each edition sports interior badges denoting its number in the 200-model series and other special touches include a 1200-watt Bang & Olufsen sound system as standard, plus a Head Up display and a number of active safety features including Lane Departure Warning. In fact, the only optional extra appears to be carbon ceramic brakes.

The BMW M5 Competition Edition is available to order now, and pries will start at €129,500. And for those that miss out, don’t worry. A brand new 5 Series and M5 derivative are will be coming next year.

BMW M5 Competition Edition Mineral White

BMW 1 Series Sedan Exclusively Sold in China

Unless you’re currently residing in China, you can forget about laying your hands on BMW’s latest 1 Series sedan. Well, by the German automaker’s estimation, only the Chinese market is ready for, and interested in, this extended wheelbase version of the 1 Series.

First revealed in Beijing, the baby four-door – built in conjuction with China’s BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd – is, quite simply put, the love child of Europe’s five-door 1 Series hatchback and the 2 Series coupe. According to BMW, the new car will fuse the best stylistic elements of both, plus incorporate a longer wheelbase for more spacious seating.

BMW 1 Series-china-

Otherwise, the entry-level Beemer is essentially a toned-down iteration of the Concept Compact Sedan and will be based on the front-wheel drive UKL platform, just like the current X1, 2 Series Gran Tourer and its MINI cousin. This means that the car will likely use BMW’s new modular four-cylinder engines. This 1 Series Sedan will also provide a stylistic platform of what you can expect from the 2 Series Gran Coupe, which BMW has been developing for a while now.

BMW Unveils Concept Center in Tokyo Bay

BMW is taking its “the next 100 years” concept very seriously, so what better place to open its latest state-of-the-art experience complex than Japan, a country well-known for its obsession with technology – more specifically the future of technology.

Located in Tokyo Bay, the 27,000 m² space will allow visitors to view the iconic Mini and luxurious BMW models in showrooms, grab a bite at the cafes, view exclusive features at exhibition spaces and even an opportunity to experience Virtual Reality. However, fans of BMW and Mini will revel in the test-driving facility, built to BMW’s own ‘M’ standards. And because we’re talking about Japanese service, you can reserve your car of choice online and even receive full driving training before taking it for a spin.

“Not only can they see a range of our cars in a spectacular static environment, they can also get behind the wheel and experience both brands’ exceptional dynamic capabilities. This is far more than just a new showroom — it’s somewhere for customers and fans to enjoy BMW and Mini in an exciting and engaging way,” said Dr Ian Robertson, BMW AG Management Board Member for Sales and Marketing BMW.

The facility comes after BMW unveiled a series of concept cars from each of its brands – Mini, BMW and Rolls-Royce – where the German automobile firm imagines the revolution of its vehicles by 2116.

BMW Bikes Smash Record, Harley-Davidson Hits Brakes

The news is full of reports of record sales of luxury and performance cars and this bonanza of record sales extends to the motorcycle world too. BMW Motorrad has set yet another half-year sales record, delivering some 80,000+ motorbikes and scooters to customers between January and June this year.

The new BMW motorcycle sales record, 80,754 two-wheelers, is a 3% jump on last year’s six-month total of 78,418, which itself was a new record. This pattern of record-beating quarters following record-beating quarters is all too familiar of course.

“As of June 2016 we were able to set our fourth six-month record in succession,” said Heiner Faust, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing. “Based on this positive development we will now strive to achieve another sales record for the year as a whole.”

European Adventure

The biggest jump in demand has been from European countries, most notably Spain, Italy and France.

As for what people are buying, the company’s GS range Adventure bikes, are the biggest sellers. And with more than 25,500 examples snapped up over the last six months, it means that BMW is still the world’s most popular Adventure bike brand.

“In spite of a much tougher competitive environment, our two top-sellers, the R 1200 GS and GS Adventure, are asserting themselves very impressively on the market.”


Speaking of tough situations, competitor Harley-Davidson finds itself in bit of a jam. The purveyors of fine Hogs experienced modest growth in the first quarter of 2016 after a sales slide in 2015 but now have a more pressing issue to deal with. US safety regulators have announced an investigation into sudden brake failure on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, involving some 430,000 bikes stateside.

Sudden Failures

“Riders report sudden brake system failure occurring without warning,” said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has received 43 complaints.

About 430,000 motorcycles are involved in the probe, the NHTSA said.

Riders complained that the front brake hand lever or the rear brake foot pedal suddenly would not work. One complaint alleged that both brakes failed at the same time, resulting in a low-speed crash into a garage door.

The Harley choppers are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) aimed at boosting driver’s control during sudden braking. The NHTSA said in a statement that owners are “either unaware of or ignore” Harley-Davidson’s directive to change the brake fluid every two years.

The old fluid becomes contaminated by moisture and allegedly corrodes the ABS actuator valves, resulting in the brakes failure to respond.

“While it may be true that the complainants failed to adhere to Harley-Davidson’s two-year brake fluid service interval requirement, the consequent sudden and complete loss of brake(s), without warning, is a concern,” the agency said.

Contacted by AFP, Harley-Davidson said: “We’re aware of and cooperating with NHTSA in its investigation.”

This story was written in-house, based on reports from the AFP

First Fully Autonomous BMW 5 Years Away

BMW is hitting fast forward and has set itself the target of bringing a fully autonomous car to public roads by 2021. At a press conference on Friday at its Munich HQ, the German carmaker revealed that it is partnering with Intel and Mobileye in order to accelerate technological, sensing and machine-learning development alongside the innovations already achieved.

“At the BMW Group we always strive for technological leadership,” said Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG “Following our investment in high definition live map technology at HERE, the combined expertise of Intel, Mobileye and the BMW Group will deliver the next core building block to bring fully automated driving technology to the street.”

Until now, the industry consensus has been that autonomous cars are still a decade away from becoming a reality — that we will move, step by step from individual semi-autonomous features, such as autonomous emergency braking and lane keeping to vehicles that are akin to a robot chauffeur.

“Highly autonomous cars and everything they connect to will require powerful and reliable electronic brains to make them smart enough to navigate traffic and avoid accidents,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. “This partnership between BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye will help us to quickly deliver on our vision to reinvent the driving experience. We bring a broad set of in-vehicle and cloud computing, connectivity, safety and security, and machine-learning assets to this collaboration enabling a truly end to end solution.”

The driving force behind this partnership and its ambitious goals is not the competition, but rather safety. BMW wants to be able to offer the technologies the partnership develops as a package or a platform that others can integrate into their future models.

And the first step towards that platform will be a new prototype car that can deliver level-3 autonomy (known as eyes-off driving) by 2017. It will then morph into a fleet of autonomous cars by 2021 capable of the next two steps — “mind-off” and then “driver-off” autonomy.

“Mobileye is proud to contribute our expertise in sensing, localization, and driver policy to enable fully autonomous driving in this cooperation,” said Mobileye Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO Professor Amnon Shashua. “Today marks an important milestone for the automotive industry as we enter a world of new mobility. [We are] laying the groundwork for the technology of future mobility that enables fully autonomous driving to become a reality within the next few years.”

Second Skin: BMW x Puma X-Cat Disc Shoes

While sportswear brands and car companies have had collaborations, none have produced something as futuristic and ambitious as the new Puma X-Cat Disc running shoe, made in partnership with BMW.

Utilising the concept of Project GINA – a BMW concept car that is crafted from a lightweight man-made fabric instead of the traditional steel or carbon fiber body – the running shoe will use the same waterproof material and replace laces with the Puma Disc system. As it turns out, this shoe is perfect for the lazier ones; tightening or loosening the shoe will be as simple as turning a disc, which works via the shoe’s elastic tendons that connect to a fastener. The result? A sports shoe that acts as your second skin, which we would imagine would be a godsend for professional athletes.

Second Skin: BMW x Puma X-Cat Disc Shoes_article

“The approach was to look at every aspect of making a shoe and to try and reimagine it. Freeing yourself of what is here now can be an enjoyable and rewarding exercise. Typically, it also speeds up change,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.

While the Project GINA car is still a concept in a museum, the good news is the Puma X-Cat Disc will actually become a reality. Its release is slated for July 1 at selected outlets globally.

3 Highlights Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

Full Throttle – The Endless Pursuit of Power: each of the three cars on this list embodies the theme of the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS). In fact, with a theme like that, the four-day long automobile extravaganza is set to be extraordinary – a sort of Glastonbury of auto awesomeness if you will. As this year’s “headline” act, BMW will be the focus of the festival, and this is apparent starting from the sculpture in the grounds dedicated to its automotive accomplishments. We reported on that here, so check that out for more details on BMW-related activities.

Cars as old as 40 years from the German brand’s archives will be on display at avenue ‘M’, and, for our part, the BMW 507 is the car of the moment, even though it was built in 1957. BMW will take this precious two million-dollar car out for a spin around the track with the festival’s founder, Lord March at the wheel. Seriously, that man gets to have entirely too much fun.

“I’m delighted that BMW has chosen to mark its centenary with us,” Lord March told the AFP. “I will be honored to drive one of the rarest, and most beautiful, BMWs ever built to open what promises to be a terrific show.” If you’re one of the lucky ones who are attending the prestigious show, look out for the Vision Next 100, a concept car the company thinks it will be producing in 2116.


Other automobile manufacturers will also be celebrating milestones; Volkswagen will celebrate 40 good years of its hatchback, the Golf GTi and Lamborghini will mark 50 years since the Miura model debuted, news we also covered here. Moving on from the classics, we find a strange contemporary beast lurking in plain sight here: the McLaren P1-GTR (above). Normally a track-only hypercar that is based on the prefectly road-legal P1 model, this particular car has been modified by racing team Lanzante so that it is road-legal once again! It appears here to celebrate the late James Hunt’s F1 championship drive in 1976 for McLaren – it was a memorable one and you can relive it by watching the Ron Howard film Rush. A one-off P1-GTR in Hunt’s colors will be taking over the Hillclimb circuit.

Lamborghini's Restored Miura

Lamborghini’s Restored Miura

Not one to be left out, Japanese automaker Mazda will also unveil a new Icon special edition of its Miata MX-5 droptop sportscar, while Renault will put its new Twingo GT turbocharged city car and the Clio RS16 concept hot hatch to the test. Speaking of tests, we cannot wait to see how the Bugatti Chiron (below) will fare in the hill-climb challenge. The car, though still sporting the engine of the Veyron, reportedly brings approximately 1,500 horses that propel it towards the title of world’s fastest production car…eventually. Goodwood will be the public’s first chance to see the car up close as it races every day of the event, as we reported on earlier. If Bugatti ditches the speed-limiter for this, records will tumble…


Oceania Wins BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship

The inaugural BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship 2016 drew to an exhilarating close that saw team Oceania take home the winning title with a 31⁄2 win.

BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship 2016

Led by Australian Captain Ric McCarthy, the Oceania team fought hard to score two goals under a minute of the game in the first chukka. McCarthy scored an impressive winning goal in the last few minutes of the final chukka. “I’d like to thank the Singapore Polo Club for the work they’ve done and for supplying their ponies to us. To be able to fly out from Australia and be out here on this pitch and have such a great time, it’s amazing and to win the tournament, it was special,” said McCarthy.

BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship 2016

Team Asia didn’t make it an easy feat for team Oceania. Representing the Singapore Polo Club, captain Satinder Garcha and his team played a battle of wits throughout the match – so much so the ball had to be replaced in the second chukka after going out of shape. Team Oceania managed to block several of their attempts at a goal, earning themselves the prestigious title, with team Asia taking the position of runner-up. Team America and Europe battled for the third and fourth placing earlier in the day, the former winning 41⁄2 under the leadership of Captain Francisco Guinazu.

BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship 2016

The best partnership was evident in Ali Reda and his horse Ashhab as he took the Most Valuable Player award while Ashhab was awarded the Best Playing Pony title.

Besides an intense day of beach polo matches the audience also got to enjoy a quartet performance, Miss World Resort fashion show, and even participate in Singapore Polo Club’s Outreach Programme before the night culminated to an end with the after-party. Close to 700 guests and spectators, including His Highness Tunku Idris Iskandar Ismail Abdul Rahman Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, The Temenggong of Johor and Ambassadors from the many embassies in Singapore were in attendance.

BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship 2016

“BMW has a long history with the sport of Polo and it was our pleasure to partner with the Singapore Polo Club to host the first-ever Singapore BMW Beach Polo Championship,” said Axel Pannes, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia. “The two-day event drew a truly international crowd and provided them a unique opportunity to witness one of the oldest sports in action. We look forward to collaborating with the Singapore Polo Club on future activities.”

Rickard Hogberg, President of the Singapore Polo Club also shared that this was the first time the team organized an event out of the grounds of the Club “For the first time, beach polo is being played on the sands of Singapore and I hope this will be a memorable experience not just for our players but also our guests and the public. This is an event which took about 2 months of planning and execution and this expeditious execution would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, partners, guests and staff.”

Concours d’Elegance Dedicated To Pininfarina

Between June 2 and June 5, a special Concours d’Elegance will come to the town of Alassio, Italy celebrating the models and designs of the legendary car studio Pininfarina. This show, in conjunction with the late Senator Sergio Pininfarina’s 90th birthday, is a tribute to the globally recognized brand that he built up from a small automotive design studio. This event will also see some of the rarest and most exotic cars that the brand has offered on show together.

Pininfarina Sergio Concept

Pininfarina Sergio Concept

Two of the unique cars on show include the 1963 Lancia Flaminia Coupé Speciale and the 1947 Bristol 400 (just three survive) – plus a whole host of models stretching from names such as Maserati, Ford, Cadillac, Nash, Fiat, Rolls-Royce, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Volvo and even Hyundai, all of whom have turned to the firm at one point for inspiration. These production cars join hands with some of Pininfarina’s greatest concepts, all on show together. This includes the Ferrari Sergio (built in Sergio Pininfarina’s honor), the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe of 2013 and the H2 Speed hydrogen fuel cell sports car that debuted at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. In short, it is a display of the best out there.

“In the year that my father would have turned 90 years, I thought the most beautiful homage could be a gathering of the cars he has loved most in the city that, together with Torino, has always occupied a special place in his heart, Alassio,” said Paolo Pininfarina. With a jury of Pininfarina family members and international automotive experts – four prize winners will be selected out of the cars competing. These awards include best in show and the Robert M. Lee award for the show’s most elegant car.

Pininfarina H2 Speed

Pininfarina H2 Speed

And while the entrance to the event will be exclusive, the cars competing will be taking to the streets in two separate processions around Alassio through June 3 and 4, allowing all to witness the spectacle on show. The city of Alassio itself has a special “Città di Alassio Award” for the best convertible on display, which it will vote on itself.

BMW M3 Celebrates 30 Years

When the original BMW M3 hit the scene, it completely rocked the notion of what could be done with sport sedans, and set in motion a performance arms race between BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar that continues to this day. Now, 30 years later, a special edition M3 is out to showcase the best the Bavarian automaker has to offer. The BMW M3 30 Years will be limited to 500 examples globally and goes on sale this summer, following hot on heels with another special edition M car – the M4 GTS.

One of the notable changes involves the performance itself. The engine has been tuned up to deliver an extra 19hp, shaving 0.1 seconds off its 0-100km/h time. Making use of this extra power, too, is the reworked Adaptive M Suspension, now with all new dampers, springs, and differential.


Interior changes aim to increase sportiness and comfort (objectives that are often at odds with each other), with special sport seats. The dashboard is finished in carbon fiber, and the seatbelts have been embroidered with the BMW ‘M’ stripes and seats and arm rests are wrapped in a two-color full leather Merino trim. The exterior features recognizably different forged alloy 20-inch wheels, black chrome tailpipe and front grille trim, and exclusive Macao Blue metallic paint.

For our money, despite some wonderful AMG-tuned Mercedes models and some ludicrously potent RS Audis, the BMW M3 and its M4 coupe are still setting the benchmark. They’re just that hard to beat, although we concede that this might be more perception than reality.

Mini Seven Blends Tech and Luxe

Sometimes smaller is better, as the old Volkswagen Beetle advertising campaign “Think Small” back in the 1950s proved. But while that campaign was based more around being economical, the Mini Seven, a new part of the Mini line-up, is set to match smallness with contemporary technology and luxury. The name in question references the Austin Seven model that Mini started production on back in 1959, way before the brand’s acquisition by BMW (probably unthinkable at that time).

Available in diesel and gas versions, the Seven can develop 170hp for the former, and 192hp for the latter. That puts the top speed at 141 or 146 mph respectively, with a 0-100km/h timing of 7.2 or 6.7 respectively. Average fuel consumption goes at 4l or 5.3l, while CO2 emissions go at 106 or 123g/km. Supercar this is not but it sure is cool. The Seven will be available in three- and five-door models with pricing yet to be announced.

Pushing up the features for the Seven, there will be LED headlights and fog lamps, and two-zone automatic air conditioning. There will also be the Mini Visual Boost radio, the Mini navigation system and the Mini Connected in-car infotainment system, ensuring up-to-date digital facilities. To help with driver-navigation, the Mini will come with a special Heads-Up display, driving assistant with cruise control, road sign detection, a collision and pedestrian warning system etc… All these technological functions are melded together and can be controlled via an optional 8.8-inch color screen.

Small, contemporary, and sturdy, the Mini Seven is connoisseurs who want a reminder of the past that is totally wrapped up in the present.

Images courtesy of BMW

BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship 2016

German automobile giant BMW brings the “sport of kings” to the sunny shores of Tanjong Beach, Sentosa this year. We are talking about polo of course, beach polo.

As the first signature equestrian event in Singapore, the inaugural BMW Singapore Beach Polo Championship 2016 promises to be a phenomenal one. The globally renowned event – held from 4th to 5th June 2016 – is jointly organized by the Singapore Polo Club and BMW Asia, in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board.

Image courtesy of Cable Beach Polo.

Image courtesy of Cable Beach Polo.

“Polo has been played in Singapore for many years, with 2016 marking the 130th anniversary of the Singapore Polo Club. We hope Singaporeans will take this rare opportunity to experience the excitement and energy of this great sport.”

Beach Polo-Sandpolo 2011 - Day 2 - 111

The equestrian event will see four teams compete for top honors over the two days. While guests take in this high-octane spectacle, they are indulged with quality catering and free flow of premium beverages, followed by a VIP after-party helmed by internationally-renowned DJs.

Beach Polo

Public spectators can also catch a glimpse of the equine athlete’s gladiatorial action as the event is open for free to the general public.

For VIP tickets, please contact [email protected] Tickets are priced as follows:

4th June , Saturday: S$250 per pax

5th June, Sunday: S$350  per pax

Weekend pass (4th & 5th June, Saturday & Sunday): S$500 per pax Singapore Polo

More information is available here.

Singapore Beach Polo L'Officiel 220mm x 285mm

Future Alternatives: What’s Next For Chinese Cars?

With the Beijing Auto Show ongoing this week, some of the important questions being talked about involve solving some huge problems attached to the idea of transport – such as the issue of pollution, or how to fix China’s road congestion. Electric cars and driverless cars may be the next big thing in the Chinese automobile scene but quite a lot of work is needed to get these measures off on the right track.

Electric Measures

Everyone has a general picture of Chinese smog and air pollution as a big problem but fixing it has always been quite rough. China’s government, though, is turning to electric cars as the key to solving the health crisis. Only one percent of the cars owned by the huge populace are actually electric cars, but that accounts for much. The country already took the number one spot for electric models last year with some 247,000 “zero emission” cars sold — quadruple the number in 2014 — according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. To incentivize drivers, the government is giving up to 55,000 yuan subsidies ($8,500) for each car, and electric cars are even exempt from traffic restrictions in China’s congested major cities.

Yet, while electric cars are more popular worldwide, particularly high-end brands like Tesla, the hefty price tags and restricted driving range means it’s still a niche market. Their evolution has been mainly state-subsidised, as in Norway, which has the world’s highest penetration at 17 percent of new sales in 2015. Still, the sizable market in China tantalizes many manufacturers.

Jean-Francois Belorgey, an expert with consultancy EY, predicted that by 2020, up to 750,000 electric cars will be sold in China every year. “China is perhaps the one place in the world where the automobile industry can achieve the economy of scale needed to bring down costs,” he said. In the meantime, the government is aiming for the loftier goal of at least five million rechargeable cars on the roads by 2020.

Both domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers are already planning their models and releases. One of these, on the domestic front, is market leader BYD, which also makes the Denza brand in a joint venture with Daimler. France’s Renault plans to release its Fluence ZE in China in 2017, and PSA group will be showing a unique C-Elysee electric sedan at the Beijing show that is due next year. Chinese companies have also provided funding for Western firms’ development projects, including Britain’s Aston Martin and the US’s Faraday Future, which sees itself as a possible competitor to Tesla.

Still, this isn’t the end of the problem. Ben Scott, an expert of electric cars with IHS, noted that it was merely “moving the CO2 from the exhaust pipe to a power plant somewhere” and, although it addresses the issue of “the concentration of particles”, it helps way less for the greenhouse effect. As long as power is still generated in carbon-intensive ways, the problem will still stick.

Drive Less

While many people would argue that the joy of the car comes from the control of the ride, the larger and more pragmatic Chinese populace are less particular about that. According to a survey by Roland Berger consultants in 2015, which found 96 percent of Chinese would consider an autonomous vehicle for almost all everyday driving, compared with 58 percent of Americans and Germans. We’ve heard, seen and perhaps experienced the horror stories of the accidents, often captured on Youtube and propagated on social media, and that probably accounts for the appeal – better safety through autonomous technology.

Still, the road has many flaws, especially because of large questions looming about the technology itself. “If you have someone jumping out in front of an autonomous car, does the car have to choose between killing that person, or swerving and crashing and killing the passenger?” asked Robin Zhu, senior analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein. Quite a paradox worthy of Isaac Asimov himself, if you ask me. Yet, Chinese businesses are ready to jump into the fray, taking the same path as companies like Google, BMW, Volvo, and Toyota.

Last week, ahead of the Beijing Auto Show opening on Monday, two self-driving Changan cars made a mountainous 2,000 kilometre (1,200 mile) journey from Chongqing in the southwest to the capital in the country’s first long-distance autonomous vehicle test. Another Chinese Internet giant, LeECO, is also venturing into autonomous technologies, unveiling Wednesday in Beijing an electric car that can park itself and be summoned to its owner’s location via smartphone. And late last year Baidu tested China’s first locally designed driverless vehicle, a modified BMW, with a 30 kilometre ride through the streets of Beijing.

The ready market is also bringing in interested parties from the outside, with top companies aiming to refine their driverless technologies. Swedish manufacturer Volvo, owned by China’s Geely since 2010, this month announced plans to test drive up to 100 of its vehicles on Chinese roads this year. Changan, a partner of Ford, is set to roll out commercial autonomous vehicles for motorways from 2018, while mass production of driverless city cars is projected to begin in 2025. The ultimate prize, notes the analysts, will be when mass transport firms such as taxi-hailing giant Uber, or its Chinese rival Didi, can deploy huge fleets of robot taxis.

On the logistical side of things, analysts are less optimistic. Production costs were still too high to make a robot taxi fleet viable, BCG’s Mosquet said. “There are still many questions to be resolved” before fully autonomous vehicles can be put into public use, said Jeremy Carlson, a senior analyst for HIS, pointing to an inadequate infrastructure and “chaotic traffic situations” on roads shared with cyclists and pedestrians.

In the push towards the future, though, it may be hard to stop moving. The only way to face the various hard-hitting issues within the country is an open mind, and a will for innovation.

BMW Individual 7 Series: Hand-finished Edition

Buckle up because BMW is about you take you on a very extravagant ride. To celebrate its centenary year, the German luxury automaker is building 100 individually numbered and hand-finished 7 series sedans.

The BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS – to give the car its full and somewhat unwieldy name – will be available in two- or four-wheel drive and three engine choices: 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V8, plug-in hybrid, or the wild 6.6-liter TwinPower Turbo V12 with its 610 horses. Actually, the car is offered on a choice of three platforms, which you will have already guessed if you know your Bimmers. These are, in order, the  BMW 740Le iPerformance, 750Li, (both with or without xDrive), and of course the M760Li xDrive. Ok, to be honest, we really don’t like The Next 100 Years name and will join the chorus of voices across the Internet in asking BMW to consider changing it. Aside from being SEO-unfriendly, it is more importantly clunky, confusing and uninspiring. Our house style for example means we have to drop the upper case spelling.

To put it another way, for this very special occasion, BMW went the extra mile and looked to Hamburg-based luxury goods brand Montblanc for a meaningful collaboration. If BMW wants to give the world a hand-finished automobile with such lavish details that require (brand name) outside partners then it should put a little more care into the name. After all, a centennial comes around but once every hundred years.

Anyway, Montblanc is bringing its renowned flair for creating writing instruments to the table with a centennial fountain pen for each prospective Next 100 Years owner, using the same design features, materials and paint finishes that will adorn the customized car.

bmw_individual 7 series_the next 100 years_montblanc pen

Now this car has all the bells and whistles you would expect from BMW – every equipment specification comes standard here – but the feeling behind the whole effort is decidedly old school. Old World even. The car’s interior is blanketed in contrasting black and “Smoke White” fine-grain Merino leather and it of course features remote-controlled parking and other clever innovations.

bmw_individual 7 series_the next 100 years_interior

The car’s exterior is where the Old World quirkiness comes into play because that lovely blue finish you see here is the only one available. It is a special coat for the anniversary and as such is a standard feature. In short, if you are looking for this in salmon pink well, good luck… The forged lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels with a V-spoke design and handcrafted badges are also standard.

The cherry on this very decadent-yet-restrained sundae comes in the form of a plaque denoting the model’s number, between one and 100, on the center console’s cup holder cover so everyone, inside and out, is well aware your vehicle is a limited edition production.

Cruise M: BMW Limited Edition Bicycle

The phenomenal M2 sportscar by BMW has ramped up a huge amount of anticipation, priming car lovers for its imminent arrival. In conjunction with that, a bicycle sporting the same sleek metallic finish of the car will be released as a limited edition at 1,500 examples globally, each costing €1,400. The Cruise M is the miniature version, a toy if you will, to turn to if you would rather not shell out for a big boy’s performance toy like the M2 itself ($53,000 premium price tag – before options, before taxes). Also, the M2 deserves drivers who will both push it and enjoy doing so, which, if you are a 7 series person is probably not you…

Mind you, the Cruise M is a beautiful machine in its own right. While BMW is known mostly for automobiles, they’ve also been in the bicycle business for 60 years already. This expertise shows in the construction of the Cruise M, which is made out of carbon fiber and aluminum for strength without adding weight. The bike also sits on lightweight 28-inch wheels and has a 30 gear system. The frame has been shaped so that the crossbar follows the contour of a motorbike’s fuel tank and each section of the aluminum frame has been welded to make the finished result look like it was moulded out of a single sheet of metal. Every single one built will arrive with a plaque detailing its limited edition status and which of the 1500 examples it is.

Alongside this limited edition, BMW also announced their full Spring 2016 bicycle collection. They’ve added a small frame (160cm) option across their existing range of Cruise and Cruise e-bike models, as well as giving the Cruise e-bike a more potent electric assistance motor that now has a pedal-assisted top speed of 25km/h.

This year marks the company’s 100th anniversary in building cars. This is a nice addition to a brand that is still at the top of its game. Also, bikes are good for you and good for the environment.

Images courtesy of BMW