"Golden Age" Apple MacBook Air

“Golden Age” is the name of this new, er, product, the world’s first Apple MacBook Air to be fully crystallised with 12,000 “dazzling” Swarovski elements. The reason it looks so darn shiny is that the crystals are specially coated with 24k gold from underneath so that the transparent crystals can reflect the true gold colour. … Continued

Asus and Lamborghini to release iPhone rival

iPod integration has become more and more prevalent in the automotive industry, as automakers offer the compatibility on models ranging from subcompacts up to exotic supercars. But this is taking it a step further: a Lamborghini iPhone. Reports indicate that Asus will unveil a Lamborghini-branded PDA phone to rival Apple’s iPhone at the CeBit tech show … Continued

Amosu Diamond Encrusted iPhone

According to the designer Amosu, “Each phone is handcrafted to perfection using skilled craftsmanship, all diamonds are recyclable, which means they can be removed from one handset and then recast onto another, meaning the customer’s investment continues to shine!” Priced to be daring at $40,000… As part of an added benefit of this diamond iPhone, … Continued

Goldstriker unveils 24ct full gold Apple iPhone 16GB

Goldstriker, the firm that coats your iPods, cellphones in 24-carat gold, have taken wraps off their new 24ct full gold 16GB Apple iPhone. The gorgeous new gold iPhone touts .999 hardened 24ct gold. Gold work is done throughout the phone and 3/4th of the rear reveals a mesmerizing mirror finish. They are currently taking orders … Continued

24ct Gold Plated “Bizarre” iPod nano

If you think you don’t get enough attention already by just sporting around with your iPod nano, then Goldgenie has a solution. They are offering a limited edition 24-carat gold plated iPod nano with 8GB of capacity. It comes with black front face with laser engraved ‘Bizarre’ logo. But, why the heck they named it … Continued