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Apple Watch Series 2 by Hermès

Apple Watch Series 2 By Hermès

While the launch of the new iPhone has got many talking, it is the Apple Watch Series 2 by Hermès that has caught our eye. With a range of new styles and colours, the timepiece is the perfect blend of design and sophistication in one. To find out more about the new Apple Watch Series 2 by Hermès, visit Men’s Folio. For our part, we are still of the opinion that Apple has given up on creating the luxury watch for everyone…at least for now. It is item four on our list, if you are in a rush.

5 Highlights From Apple Media Event

Apple knows how to put on a good show— and orchestrate a media circus around it. You, like us, have probably been waiting for the Apple media event in San Francisco even if you care so little about Apple that you think a lightning connector is a kind of lightning rod. You can admit it even if you are an Android lover or if you just love to hate Apple (despite shrinking sales, the iPhone is still the best-selling smartphone in the world). Apart from rolling out the expected new generation of products, CEO Tim Cook is hoping these clever — and perhaps brave— introductions are set to jumpstart growth at the tech company. Here are five key things to note from the announcement, although really we are mainly interested in the Apple Watch, which is why that part has the most meat in this tale…

Water-resistant iPhones

The event saw Apple introduce two new upgraded versions of the flagship smartphone — but still at the same price. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which will be slightly larger, pretty much look the same as the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus. With a powerful processor called the A10 Fusion chip, improved camera technology and even water resistance, it is all set to lord it over other new models in the industry. Seriously, that A10 chip is a big deal, bringing more power to the table, without consuming more power, and calling attention once more to Apple’s proficiency with processors. For the selfie lovers, the new dual cameras will allow for pictures with better quality. The most controversial move, however, is the removal of the headphone jack. There is nothing in its place; the proprietary Apple “lightning” connector will function as a headphone jack, with the help of an adaptor. Apple however isn’t encouraging the use of the lightning connector for this purpose. Instead, Cook, Ive and co are inviting you to cut the cord…

Cutting the Cordairpods-apple

Forgoing the plug-in headsets that usually end up entangled, Apple has introduced a new pair of wireless headphones. Using a new wireless communication chip called the W1, the new AirPods (we recall the days Apple made another product called the AirPort — similar sounding but totally different — but we digress) can detect if a user is listening to music or not, staying ready for action in standby mode. The AirPods connect automatically to all devices linked to a user’s iCloud account. As you can see, the AirPods are tiny so you can expect to lose them frequently. Then again, Apple has never made the best headphones for its own products so this is merely par for the course. Also, they have a company that happens to make headphones, as you may have heard…

Super Mario on iPhonesuper-mario-apple

In collaboration with Nintendo, Apple announced the launch of “Super Mario Run” that was designed for mobile. The iconic game featuring everyone’s favorite plumber will be available on the App Store this year. Alongside SuperMario, Apple announced that users of the Apple Watch will be able to enjoy the popular game Pokémon Go later this month.

Apple Watch Series 2watch_nike_hero-93ec8182802-h0

Speaking of the Apple Watch, the brand will be introducing the upgraded Apple Watch, which boasts a water resistance of up to 50 meters. Fitness junkies will welcome the GPS that allows users to track their workouts without having to bring along a smartphone. Just so you know though, your watch needs to be water resistant to at least 100 meters before you can safely swim with it. Apple will also be introducing new designs in collaboration with Nike that will be targeted at runners. For those favoring something more fashionable, Apple is also working on new styles for its Hermes edition and here is where things get interesting because observers are not buying it. For the record, neither are we.

The Verge — and others — have noticed Apple’s nod in the direction of utility, meaning its dream of conquering the Swiss fine watchmaking business might be over, or at least on hold. Basically, there is only one watch brand that is truly for everyone, middle class and up: Rolex. The Apple watch was meant to be all things to all people, whatever their station, and that was probably foolish — at least for now. Even mighty Rolex did not arrive as the King of Watches overnight, though it was born with a crown. Well, Apple will have to content itself with being the world’s most valuable brand and largest publicly traded corporation (by market capitalization).

iOS 10 Release

The new mobile operating system is aimed at working with the new hardware, on September 13, including upgrades to its maps and news applications. A test version of the software, which helps accelerate Apple’s efforts in home automation, was released earlier this year.

Apple Watch Hermès – Bands Sold Separately

One of the best traits about the Apple Watch is its ridiculously easy-to-swap out band. It seems that specially designed bands, as well as band adapters, have turned into their own kind of market. Easily interchangeable straps have are nothing new so it is not surprising to learn that the Apple Watch Hermès has special edition wristbands to be made available for purchase from Apple and Hermès stores, as well as select luxury retail locations.

The whole package for the watch and strap retails between $1,100 (38mm watch, single tour band) and $1,500 (42mm watch, wide cuff), but the strap alone will go for $340 (single tour), $490 (double tour), or $690 (wide cuff). A range of new colors will also be introduced, with peacock blue, sapphire blue, orange, and white joining denim blue, brown, gray, black, and red.

For more information on the product, you can check out Apple’s site over here.

Apple Watch Hermes

The Apple Watch Hermès is now available

Apple Watch Hermes

After teasing the collaboration last month, Apple has released the Hermès edition of its watches in select stores across North America.

The tie-in adds a touch of French luxury to the latest technological gadgetry. The amped-up version of the Apple Watch features a leather band and sports the Hermès logo on the watch face.

Bands are available as single or double tour, and as a cuff.

The watches are being sold at stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Toronto. Prices start at $1,100.

Apple Watch Hermes Double Tour

Airbnb Apple Watch app

Airbnb creates app for Apple Watch

Airbnb Apple Watch app

 has launched its first smartwatch application, exclusively for the Apple Watch, with features for both guests and renters.

The new app will feature a messaging service to help hosts and guests connect easily and quickly before, during and after a stay.


Hosts with an Apple Watch will be able to receive new booking requests, including traveler name and photo, and requested dates, right on their wrists. They can also read and send messages as well as save pre-recorded responses to quickly communicate with guests.

Users with Passbook can still access Airbnb to receive reservation notifications or booking information.

Apple Watch store France

The Apple Watch is no longer by appointment only

Apple Watch store France

For shoppers hoping to try on the new Apple Watch before buying, the process has just become simpler. Starting this week, instead of making the required appointment and providing personal details, customers can walk into stores and try on the watch, according to 9to5mac.

The new policy will streamline the retail experience for those hoping to purchase the product and offer more hands-on time with the device to a larger range of shoppers.

Since the product came out four months ago, customers have been required to set up an appointment ahead of time and provide their name and Apple ID to store employees.

Customers still have the option of providing their email address and preferred Apple Watches in order for the Apple Online Store to keep their preferences on a wish list for future purchases.

eBay for Apple Watch

eBay launches Apple Watch app

eBay for Apple Watch

Online auction marketplace eBay has announced the release of an app for the Apple Watch, allowing users to stay on top of their bids, purchases and sales on the new smartwatch.

Using the app, buyers and sellers can get overviews of their eBay activity as well as more detailed information via push notifications.

Quick summaries of Notifications, Buying, Selling and Watching are available, as is a comprehensive view of all eBay activity and a seller summary view.

Buyers can perform quick bidding directly from the watch, and voice recognition allows you to dictate responses directly.

Beyonce Apple Watch Edition

Beyonce Has a Gold Apple Watch You Can’t Buy

Beyonce Apple Watch Edition

Beyoncé has uploaded a photo to her blog showing off an unusual version of the Apple Watch Edition, Apple Insider reports.

In place of the standard leather or flouroelastimer strap, it has a link bracelet like the less expensive Apple Watch. Unlike the standard Apple Watch, however, this link bracelet looks like it’s made of gold.

Lagerfeld apple watch

While Apple is supplying Apple Watch to big names in entertainment and fashion, only Beyonce and Lagerfeld are known to have gold link bracelets.

This Apple Watch Edition probably goes for even more than the most expensive Watch, which costs around $17,000!

Apple Watch Sport

A Guided Tour of the Apple Watch [VIDEO]

A little more than two weeks before the Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24, the Cupertino-based company has released a first series of “Guided Tour” videos for its smart watch. Pre-ordering begins April 10.

The videos available on the Apple website allow you to better understand how to receive and respond to messages, but also on how to personalize your screen and even share emotions and “tap” your friends.

There are two ways to order your watch: either by ordering it directly from the Apple website, or by reserving one at an Apple Store.


Apple Watch Sport

Apple hopes to make appointments with every future buyer in order to best determine the precise model that corresponds to his or her needs and to provide a quick how-to tutorial before completing the order.

The first generation of the Apple Watch is available in three model lines: Apple Watch Sport, from $349 to $399, the “classic” Apple Watch, from $549 to $1,100 and Apple Watch Edition, from $10,000 to $17,000.

The Apple Watch Edition model comes in 18-karat gold version with a sapphire crystal display.

Apple Watch store France

London, Paris, Tokyo to get Apple Watch stores

Apple Watch store France

On April 10, Apple will open three dedicated stores-within-stores to sell its premium smartwatch.


The stores, which will be situated in London’s Selfridges, Galaries Lafayette in Paris and Isetan in Tokyo, will be spaces where customers will get the opportunity to get up close with the devices, trying them on and even placing orders ahead of their official launch date.


All three different versions of the Apple Watch will officially go on sale on April 24 in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch: the cheat sheet

Apple Watch Sport

Now that Apple’s first smartwatch is official, here’s everything you need to know about the timepiece and whether or not it’s for you.

What does it do?

On one level, the Apple Watch is a second screen for the iPhone where notifications can appear and be glanced at quickly without fishing a phone out of one’s pocket. Users can ignore alerts or respond to them, either by dictating a message into the watch’s microphone or via a number of pre-written text responses.

However, like the Dick Tracy watch, an Apple Watch will let you talk into your wrist to make a phone call.


There are also some interesting new communicative features that the devices bring, such as being able to share your heart rate as a vibrating alert with another Apple Watch wearer, or to sketch an image on the watch face and send it to the face of another owner’s device.

The device’s screen also responds differently to different levels of touch pressure — Apple calls this force touch and it means that taps and swipes can unlock more functionality and features based on the weight behind the finger doing the touching.

Likewise, the watch has a digital crown for scrolling through text and menus without touching and therefore obscuring the screen.


All Apple Watches also pack some serious health and fitness tracking capabilities, something that Tim Cook is incredibly passionate about.

In the weeks leading up to the official launch he described sitting as the new cancer and said how the watch would remind wearers to stand up and walk around if it felt they’d been sitting for too long.


When the watch goes on sale it will do with a host of third-party apps from some very heavy hitters, from Twitter to BMW. However, there are also a host of integrated apps and features.


Wearers can adopt the watch face to show everything from the time to the phases of the moon, calendar appointments and location data.


The device’s battery will last for 18 hours’ normal use before it will need to be recharged but, if it’s put into ultimate power saving mode where it simply displays the time, Apple says that the watch will go for three days between charges.

All models of the watch are water resistant and can withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, so they’re shower-proof and you can leave your watch on when washing your hands.

On board there is 2GB of space that can be used for storing music and 75MB for storing photos locally — i.e., when not connected to an iPhone.

So with a set of Bluetooth headphones you can go for a jog and leave your phone behind and should have about 200 tracks to listen to and 100 images to look at and help to motivate you during your workout.


When it goes on sale on April 24 it will cost between $349 and $17,000 depending on the edition, bracelet choice and casing and screen size and will initially be available in nine countries — Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US.

The watch is available in three collections — Sport, Watch and Edition — and in two casing and screen sizes to suit male and female wearers.

Sport models start at $349, the Watch collection at $549 and an 18-karat gold alloy Edition ranges from $10,000-$17,000.

Who is it for?

Apple’s biggest fans and, with a pricing system that goes right up to $10,000 and well beyond, those who would have considered buying a luxury Swiss watch if they’d been born in the pre-smartphone age.

It’s also for anyone who owns an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S 6 or 6 Plus as it will not work with older handsets.

Apple will be adding an online Apple Watch configurator to its site in the run up the smartwatch’s official release.


Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch projected to sell 20 million

Apple Watch Sport

Apple has reportedly placed an initial order of 5-6 million examples of the Apple Watch in the run up to its April launch.

However, according to research and analysis company CCS Insights, the first Apple smartwatch could sell four times that amount.

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported that Apple’s Taiwan suppliers have been instructed to produce an initial run of 5-6 million watches, 50% of which will be the aluminum-bodied rubber strap Sport version and a further one-third of which will be the more substantial stainless steel Classic version.

This means that although the price hasn’t been confirmed, and speculation is that it could cost thousands, rather than hundreds of dollars, as many as 1 million 18k gold Apple Watches are also going into production.

CCS Insights is predicting that 2015 will be the year of the smartwatch and is forecasting an eight-fold increase in sales over the next 12 months.

The company believes that 75 million wearable devices in total — including clip-on cameras and health sensors — will be snapped up by consumers and that as many as 20 million of those devices will be Apple Watches.

Data published on Wednesday, February 11 from Canalys shows that only 4.6 million smart band devices shipped globally over the course of 2014 and that of that number just 720,000 were Android Wear smartwatches.

It too is forecasting that shipments and sales are posed for explosive growth once the Apple Watch goes on sale in April.

However, despite the initial excitement, there is a chance that Apple is still searching for its smartwatch’s ‘killer app’ and, according to the Wall Street Journal, the watch initially had an even bigger focus on health, but features such as blood pressure tracking were dropped because they were either too complex, weren’t sufficiently reliable or would have meant that the watch needed to gain FAA approval to go on sale.

As it is, Apple has invited a host of developers currently working on Apple Watch apps into the company to help get them finished and perfectly polished in time for the device’s retail launch.

Gold Apple Watch

Gold Apple Watches will be kept in safes

Gold Apple Watch

Sources claim that pro jewelry-store level strong boxes will be fitted in Apple Stores ahead of the company’s first smartwatch going on public sale.

Speculation is still rife regarding how much exactly Apple’s premium gold-edition smart watch is going to cost.

And this revelation from insiders, who spoke to 9to5 Mac, suggests that the device could well be the most expensive product in Apple’s entire range.

As well as serious safes, fitted out with wireless chargers to keep the watches going, the gold edition of the Apple Watch will also be sold to potential clients differently, with an even bigger focus on individual service, underlining the watch’s premium status and customization options.

The Apple Watch is available in three variants (Watch, Sport’ and Edition) and in two different sizes. Prices in the US will start at $349 but it’s not clear if that price is for the stainless steel Watch edition or for the lightweight anodized aluminum Sport edition.

Apple Watch on display in Paris

The Apple Watch Is on Show at Paris Fashion Week

Apple Watch on display in Paris

, a high-end retailer located near the Louvre, showcased the new Apple watches on Tuesday as part of Paris Fashion Week.

The day started early with a try-on event for fashion VIPs – including Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue editor Anna Wintour – hosted by Jony Ive, Apple’s head of design, and Marc Newson, its newest high-profile design hire.


Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour

Though the smartwatch couldn’t be touched, this one-day showcase at Colette marks the first time that the Apple Watch has been displayed outside of an invite-only event.

Members of the press had the opportunity to see the Watch up close when it was unveiled a few weeks ago, but the experience was not extensive, given the watches on display at the time were not working models.

Apple Watch pop-up

The boutique had devoted its entire window display to the Apple Watch in a display that was inspired by the device’s multiple circle operating system.

No word yet as well if the smart watch will be sold in Colette, although the idea was considered interesting by  representatives.


What Do The Top Watchmakers Think of Apple Watch?

jean claude biver caviar hublot

The Apple Watch looks “too feminine” and its design will not stand the test of time, luxury giant LVMH’s watch guru has told German media.

Jean-Claude Biver, who heads LVMH’s luxury-watch division, said Apple had made some fundamental mistakes designing the Apple Watch.


This watch has no sex appeal. It’s too feminine and looks too much like the smartwatches already on the market,” Biver said in an interview with daily Die Welt.

“To be totally honest, it looks like it was designed by a student in their first trimester,” added Biver who heads up ,  and

Apple Watch

Biver predicted the much-anticipated device, with its square face and curved edges, would soon be outdated.

Luxury always has something timeless, it’s rare and conveys prestige,” he was quoted as saying, adding that the same could not be said for Apple Watch, which is expected to be bought by millions of customers and will likely be beyond repair in a few years’ time.

Biver is not the first watch chief to be dismissive of Apple’s efforts. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek earlier told Swiss media that the world’s biggest watch group was “not nervous” about Apple’s foray into the market.

Apple Watch, which comes in several colours and links to the iPhone, will start at $349 when it is released early next year.

The Apple Watch collection

Apple Unveils the $349 Apple Watch!

The Apple Watch collection

Apple has introduced three collections of the new Apple Watch just after revealing the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

And as expected from any device that was developed under the watchful eyes of Jony Ive, it’s as stylish as it is potentially useful.

But good looks alone do not guarantee a device is going to be any good, so how does it stack up to the competition?


The Apple Watch can track motion, health, fitness and well-being, monitor heart-rate, can be used to make phone calls and send single touch messages, as a replacement for a physical wallet when paying for goods, as an iPhone camera remote control and as a standalone mp3 player.

But all of the features have been carefully and intelligently integrated in a way that makes the device as simple to use as an iPhone.

There are also intelligent touches like a digital crown wheel that can be pushed or turned to navigate the watch face and interface with apps without obscuring it with your fingers and which Apple is hailing as its most revolutionary navigation tool since the click-wheel on the iPod.

Apple Watch

But perhaps most importantly, the company has avoided taking the ‘one-size-fits-all” approach.

The watch is available in three different styles, or ‘collections’ — Watch; Watch Sport; and Watch Edition — and in two different watch face sizes.

Watch comes with a polished or space black finish stainless steel case and a choice of six different straps ranging from stainless steel bracelets to leather bands.

Watch Sport swaps stainless steel for lighter aluminum and a tougher display for those that want to make the most of its activity-tracking capabilities.

Meanwhile the Edition collection is for those that want glamour. The smartwatch is plated in 18-karat gold and owners will be able to choose from six styles each with their own specially designed band.

The Apple Watch is set to go on sale, initially in the US only, in early 2015 and will cost $349.

It is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and the iPhone 6.