JamesList Launches Global Luxury Marketplace

Stockholm-based Jameslist.com has just launched the “world’s first truly transparent luxury marketplace”, allowing buyers to find and compare high-end cars, watches, boats, yachts and aircraft from dealers around the world.

The site features some 20,000 listings, including rare watches such as the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona, hard-to-find cars like the Maserati MC12 and Ferrari Superamerica, and magnificent 120+ ft. yachts from Palmer Johnson.

The 350-plus global dealers on JamesList range from high-end custom builders such such as Project Kahn Design to “traditional dealers with exceptional inventory” such as ExecuJet and Lamborghini Stuttgart.

“Given the recent roller-coaster of currency and market fluctuations, we saw an opportunity to give serious buyers the tools they need to find premium goods at the best possible price, regardless of where they are in the world,” says JamesList CEO Noam Perski.

“We have brought together the world’s best dealers, from Alain Class Motors in Dubai to International Yacht Collection in Monaco, to offer international buyers a complete marketplace.”

The site is available in English, German and Russian with more languages to follow. Important functions for international deal making such as currency and unit conversion are built in to the heart of the platform.