TOP 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players in 2010

Forbes has unveiled a list of highest-paid tennis players in the world. Half of the top 10 are men and the half women.

Roger Federer tops the list with whole year’s income of 43 million U.S. dollars while Russia’s Maria Sharapova follows him with earning of 24.5 million U.S. dollars.

The rankings are based on players’ prize money, endorsements, exhibitions and appearance fees over the past 12 months without taxes or agent’s fees deducted.

Below are the highest paid tennis stars and their respective annual earnings. The list also includes a few big sponsors for each players. Source: Forbes

1. Roger Federer: $43 million (Nike, Credit Suisse, Gillette)
2. Maria Sharapova: $24.5 million (Nike, Prince, Tiffany)
3. Rafael Nadal: $21 million (Nike, Kia Motors, Babolat)
4. Serena Williams: $20 million (Nike, Hewlett-Packard, Kraft)
5. Venus Williams: $15 million (Wilson, American Express, Kraft)
6. Andy Roddick: $14 million (Lacoste, SAP, Lagardere)
7. (tie) Novak Djokovic: $10 million (Sergio Tacchini, Head, FitLine)
7. (tie) Andy Murray: $10 million (Adidas, Head, RBS)
9. Ana Ivanovic: $7 million (Adidas, Yonex, Rolex)
10. Jelena Jankovic: $5 million (Anta, Orbit)