Monarch Billiards’ Robb Report $72,000 Limited Edition

Lovers of contemporary design who nevertheless harbor beneath their streamed lines a fondness for tradition will find this innovative billiard table the perfect postmodern twist on that time-honored centerpiece of the well-appointed game room. A 21st-century interpretation of that centuries-old staple, Monarch Billiards’ Cherry Hill Table is a stunning composition of brushed and polished stainless … Continued

New Georgio Armani Tennis Racquet from Babolat

Babolat, one of the leading manufacturers of tennis products, announces the launch of the new EA7 Emporio Armani tennis racquet, marking the first time that Babolat has entered the world of sport fashion. Babolat developed the exclusive new EA7 tennis racquet for Emporio Armani 7, the sports technology brand of Giorgio Armani. Branded the Emporio … Continued

Beijing’s Water Cube opens

China has officially taken the wrapping off its National Aqautics Center, nicknamed the “Water Cube”, which resembles a gigantic box of bubble-wrap. Designed by a joint Chinese-Australian consortium, the center is one of two iconic structures constructed for the Beijing Olympics this year. It stands alongside the 91,000 seater National Stadium, more affectionately known as … Continued