The first dimple-less golf ball

If you guys have a golfer on your list, here’s a ball that eliminates hooks and slices. The Caesar Featherie is the first dimple-less golf ball. It would be the perfect gift for ladies or beginners, or someone who just loves the game and wants to try something different. The Caesar Featherie golf ball is … Continued

Luxury Billiard Tables

When the triple world champion decides to build the perfect pool table, you can expect something truly outstanding. And when that champion is also a lover of good design, its likely to be a work of art. Which is exactly what Vincent Facquet has created – the worlds most expensive and most beautiful pool tables. … Continued

Alfred Dunhill’s Christmas Titanium Ski

The appearance on the piste is for many people as important as advanced carving techniques. Having always created accessories for the jet-set travellers, dunhill have joined forces with ski race specialists Speciale to create the ultimate in slope panache and precision. Available in two styles– teak or carbon fibre each with a titanium base, and … Continued

Hublot All Black Skis By Zai

Geneva based luxury watchmaker Hublot has now teamed up with Swiss manufacturer Zai, based in the village Disentis in Graubünden canton Switzerland, for an exclusive ski called the “Hublot All Black.” The Hublot All Black takes inspiration from two concepts that made the “Big Bang” collection a true success story – the black tone on … Continued

The Cost of Unlimited Heli Skiing? $80,000

It may be the most expensive Canadian ski pass on the books this season. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing have launched a new lift pass costing CDN$100,000 ($80,000). The exorbitantly priced Platinum Heli-Skiing Season Pass provides skiers with unlimited vertical access to some of the world’s best powder skiing between Golden and Revelstoke. The pass is accompanied … Continued

Chanel Sport Collection – Sports and haute couture together

Chanel neoprene dumbells $760 Everyone knows Chanel for their purses, make-up, fragrances, skin care and couture, but what you may not know is that famous french fashion house also makes some very luxe sporting equipment and work out gear. Here is a list of items that you would definitely want to own ! Graphite tennis … Continued

Limited edition Lacroix skiing kit

Courchevel ski resort has teamed up with Lacroix to present a pitara full of skiing essentials. This elite set comprises a pair of Courchevel Ski Exclusive, a pair of Lx Smatrack, carbon sticks, leathered gloves, a ski mask and two empty leather pockets. All this is encased in a luxury leather trunk that is exclusively … Continued

Limited Edition Gold Putter

Golf is well known as “a rich man’s sport”. Time and again, opulent blinged golfing gears mushroom up to remind us of the fact. One of them responsible for introducing these luxury goods, is Sayn Design. They have come up with a Gold Putter that is dipped in 24 carat gold. The cherry on the … Continued

The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World

The deepest pool in the world is known as Nemo 33, a recreational scuba diving center located near Brussels, Belgium which opened in 2004. It is filled with 2,500,000 liters of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water maintained at 30 °C (86 °F) and contains several simulated underwater caves at the 10 m depth level.

World’s largest indoor golf centre

The world´s largest indoor golf centre, Indoor Golf Arena, is expected to open its doors in the Netherlands in 2010. The 18,000 m2 centre of excellence for golf will provide state-of-the-art, weather-independent, recreational and professional training facilities. The project is the result of cooperation amongst a number of Dutch companies that are world-leaders in the … Continued

Jaques and Dunhill Pure Black Table Tennis

The former inventor of table tennis Jaques of Londonhave teamed up with the men’s luxury goods company Dunhill to develop a table tennis kit fit for champions, just in time for the Olympic Games in China. The table tennis is crafted of solid wood and savors an all-black cellulose and resin bonded surface for a … Continued

The Chanel Fly-fishing Rod

For many years now Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel have been producing some of the world’s most preposterous and overpriced sporting goods. First there was the Chanel snowboard with trompe l’oeil “quilting”; then $2,5000 Chanel skis. More recently the fashion house has produced a Chanel’s $12,000 bike, a pink Chanel tennis racket complete with tennis balls … Continued

Foosball tables for billionaires

It seems we haven’t shown you the fanciest Foosball table ever made yet : designers are greatly inspired by the luxury foosball table and can’t stop inventing new ones. until we saw the Teckell Collection 2008, exquisite creations made of sparkling crystal, and populated with shiny aluminum players. Teckell Collection foosball tables, created by Adriano … Continued

Daniel Romano Unveils Sculpted Steel Billiard Table

Those of you tired of playing pool on conventional wooden table shall try their luck on this No.6 Sculpted Steel Billiard Table from Carbon Studio. Priced at $27,000, this innovative table is designed and handcrafted developed by Colorado sculptor Daniel Romano. It features a hot rolled steel finish that comes with refined edges, hand structured … Continued

Monarch Billiards’ Robb Report $72,000 Limited Edition

Lovers of contemporary design who nevertheless harbor beneath their streamed lines a fondness for tradition will find this innovative billiard table the perfect postmodern twist on that time-honored centerpiece of the well-appointed game room. A 21st-century interpretation of that centuries-old staple, Monarch Billiards’ Cherry Hill Table is a stunning composition of brushed and polished stainless … Continued

New Georgio Armani Tennis Racquet from Babolat

Babolat, one of the leading manufacturers of tennis products, announces the launch of the new EA7 Emporio Armani tennis racquet, marking the first time that Babolat has entered the world of sport fashion. Babolat developed the exclusive new EA7 tennis racquet for Emporio Armani 7, the sports technology brand of Giorgio Armani. Branded the Emporio … Continued

Beijing’s Water Cube opens

China has officially taken the wrapping off its National Aqautics Center, nicknamed the “Water Cube”, which resembles a gigantic box of bubble-wrap. Designed by a joint Chinese-Australian consortium, the center is one of two iconic structures constructed for the Beijing Olympics this year. It stands alongside the 91,000 seater National Stadium, more affectionately known as … Continued