Get your dog a $100,000 clone

BioArts International will next month hold an online auction to give five wealthy pet owners the opportunity to have their dogs cloned. The successful bidders will be able to make a genetically-identical copy of an existing pet – or create a new puppy from the frozen tissue of a long-dead pet. Bidding is expected to [...]


Video : Pet Incubator

Autoelex’s Luxury Pet House is a one of a kind product. It’s a 7 star hotel for your pet. When your beloved pet is not feeling well just pop it in and you can control the chamber’s humidity, temperature, lighting and ventilation all the way to a speedy recovery.Until now, you could only find this [...]

Ellipse Pet Bed

Simple, elegant and stylish, the Ellipse Pet Bed blends easily into any decor. But, as much as you may visually appreciate it, it has actually been designed with your pet in mind. Ideal for small- to medium-sized dogs (or cats), its shape and faux fur cushion provide the ultimate in comfort for your pet, making [...]


Pawsitively Posh Elegance Fab Imperial Bed

The world has gone to the dogs. Literally. Just have a look at this incredibly posh dog bed from Pawsitively Posh. The Fab Imperial Dog Bed features a handcrafted faux jewel incrusted bed made in soft foam covered with deep royal red velvet and gold velour lining. The 23″ long by 17″ wide will fit [...]

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