Roberto Cavalli dresses your puppies!

Luxury gadgets for your fashion dog? Italian fashion designer, Roberto Cavalli will launch a new pet-line for your sophisticated puppies. The collection consists of stylish pieces such as jersey or printed fleece t-shirts and velour tracksuits, as well as classic garments such as polo-shirts, sweaters and puffer jackets. Key pieces in the collection are satin-trimmed bathrobe, [...]


Weizhi Unveils Exquisite Jeweled Pet Collection

The latest in the ever-growing line of luxurious pet accessories is the high-profile pet collection from the house of Weizhi, a luxury lifestyle company. Created for those of distinction who adore their dogs, Weizhi’s pet collection includes collars and leashes made from the finest materials, including exotic skins such as snake, ostrich and crocodile. These [...]


Swarovski-studded cat flap

If you always give your pet the finest things, you just can’t ignore this Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat flap. It’s billed as the latest “must have” pet accessory that will brighten up any back door. The only problem is, the Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat flap will set you back £1,000. Its designers say the custom-made entrances will [...]


Diamond Dog New York: jewelry line for pet lovers

I know there are alot of pet lovers on here. Check out this new high end jewelry line for pet lovers: Diamond Dog New York. Diamond Dog New York is a Collection featuring exquisitely designed charms, rings, earrings and chains set in 18k white gold and matte yellow gold. Encrusted with micro-pave’ White, Brown and [...]


Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House

After showing you the luxury doghouse complete with spa and 52-inch plasma TV, we bring you another kennel that brings luxury to your beloved pooch. Designed for uber-rich fashion-conscious pet owners, the Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House is a safe haven for your best friend. For the proper pup that appreciates the finer things, [...]

Dog Cloning

Couple pays $155,000 to clone dog

A couple from Boca Raton, Florida, have this week welcomed the first commercially cloned dog into their home – at the eye-watering cost of $155,000. The Ottos were one of five families to bid and win a BioArts auction for a chance to clone their family dog, according to a BioArts statement. Amazingly the couple [...]

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