Pet camper

This classic Airstream-inspired camper van is made of fiberglass and aluminum stainless steel to let your pooch travel in style. By straightlinedesigns.


Most pets get an annual holiday too!

Most pet owner take their pets on holiday more than once a year, according to a new survey released May 4 — although it means that they stay closer to home. Pet travel specialist surveyed 6,000 pet owners around the world and discovered that 61 percent of pet owners take their pet further than [...]


Fairmont Home to Canine Ambassadors

Hotels are always claiming they offer all the comforts of home — and a little bit more besides. But the people at Fairmont Hotels &Resorts have been taking things a step further by introducing “Canine Ambassadors” at select establishments around the world. If you miss the pampered pooch you had to leave behind on your [...]


Beckham’s bulldog has luxurious flight to LA

According to The Daily Mail, David Beckham has allegedly spent £2,000 ($3,300) flying his pet bulldog puppy to Los Angeles. The British Bulldog puppy was a gift from Victoria and was put on a plane – first-class of course – and flown out to their LA home by a specialist service. The Beckham’s used the [...]


Dog flies business class for $32,000

UK daily the Telegraph reports that an Israeli woman paid the El Al airline USD32,000 to allow her dog to travel with her in business class from Paris to Tel Aviv. The woman, identified by the paper as Rivkah, 60, took up an entire compartment to ferry her, her boxer “Orchuk” and a vet on [...]


Pampered pooches pull on German purse strings

German pooches are getting the royal treatment as owners dish out more than $7 billion each year for pedicures, winter jackets and even wedding dresses for their dogs, the German Kennel Club (VDH) said on Monday. Boutiques are popping up in cities across the country along with many websites that let owners buy posh accessories [...]

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