Luxury pet hotel to open at Walt Disney World

Pets are soon to get their own hotel alongside their owners’ at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. A new hotel catering to dogs and cats is scheduled to go into operation at the massive theme park on August 27, taking care of cats and dogs while their owners stay in one of the resort’s … Continued

Pet camper

This classic Airstream-inspired camper van is made of fiberglass and aluminum stainless steel to let your pooch travel in style. By straightlinedesigns.

Most pets get an annual holiday too!

Most pet owner take their pets on holiday more than once a year, according to a new survey released May 4 — although it means that they stay closer to home. Pet travel specialist surveyed 6,000 pet owners around the world and discovered that 61 percent of pet owners take their pet further than … Continued

Fairmont Home to Canine Ambassadors

Hotels are always claiming they offer all the comforts of home — and a little bit more besides. But the people at Fairmont Hotels &Resorts have been taking things a step further by introducing “Canine Ambassadors” at select establishments around the world. If you miss the pampered pooch you had to leave behind on your … Continued

Beckham’s bulldog has luxurious flight to LA

According to The Daily Mail, David Beckham has allegedly spent £2,000 ($3,300) flying his pet bulldog puppy to Los Angeles. The British Bulldog puppy was a gift from Victoria and was put on a plane – first-class of course – and flown out to their LA home by a specialist service. The Beckham’s used the … Continued

Dog flies business class for $32,000

UK daily the Telegraph reports that an Israeli woman paid the El Al airline USD32,000 to allow her dog to travel with her in business class from Paris to Tel Aviv. The woman, identified by the paper as Rivkah, 60, took up an entire compartment to ferry her, her boxer “Orchuk” and a vet on … Continued

Pampered pooches pull on German purse strings

German pooches are getting the royal treatment as owners dish out more than $7 billion each year for pedicures, winter jackets and even wedding dresses for their dogs, the German Kennel Club (VDH) said on Monday. Boutiques are popping up in cities across the country along with many websites that let owners buy posh accessories … Continued

The First Hotel For Fish

The latest hotel to open at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport won’t be any comfort to stranded passengers and businessman with canceled stopovers. The new facility that opened last month is built… specifically for goldfish ! Travel agent D-reizen has opened the Goudvissen Hotel so travelers have a safe place to leave their pet fish while they … Continued

Paris Hilton unveils her pet mansion

Paris Hilton has reportedly twittered pictures of her “Mini Doggie Mansion,” which is a miniature version of her own Beverly Hills mansion. The luxurious kennel comes complete with air conditioning, chandeliers, an ornate staircase, doggie wardrobe and miniature versions of her own furniture in a two-story construction overlooking her pool. I have to admit, I … Continued

“Dog is a God” by Marco Morosini

The new God is a Dog collection by Italo Bosa are tailored to host canines from all walks of life. Designed by Marco Morosini, the collection draws its belief from the ancient times, when dogs were considered cult objects. “The Assyrians and Egyptians embalmed them after death; and the Chinese, the Incas and the Mayas … Continued

Thai designer reveals dog tiara

A young Thai jewelry designer has crafted a tiara worth $4.2 million for his pet dog, using precious stones given to him by his mother. Riwin Jirapolsek, who showcased the tiara at a dog show in Bangkok recently, said he wanted to make something special for Kanune, his 15-year-old male Maltese. He took almost two … Continued

Pets now have their own airline

Pet Airways is a new airline launching in May that will fly pets in the main cabin from LA to America’s east coast. “Pawsengers” will be riding in style in their own pet carriers in the planes’ climate-controlled cabins. That means no more cargo. Each flight has a pet attendant on board at all times, … Continued

D Pet Hotels – A Luxury Resort & Spa for the Distinguished Dog

D Pet Hotels is an exclusive resort and spa, in Los Angeles, that offers an unique experience from high-end luxury boarding to amazing relax services, which entice even the most discerning of dogs. There are standard bowWOW suites which include doggie beds and flat screen TVs and there is also the Uber double suite: 22ft … Continued

Roberto Cavalli dresses your puppies!

Luxury gadgets for your fashion dog? Italian fashion designer, Roberto Cavalli will launch a new pet-line for your sophisticated puppies. The collection consists of stylish pieces such as jersey or printed fleece t-shirts and velour tracksuits, as well as classic garments such as polo-shirts, sweaters and puffer jackets. Key pieces in the collection are satin-trimmed bathrobe, … Continued

Weizhi Unveils Exquisite Jeweled Pet Collection

The latest in the ever-growing line of luxurious pet accessories is the high-profile pet collection from the house of Weizhi, a luxury lifestyle company. Created for those of distinction who adore their dogs, Weizhi’s pet collection includes collars and leashes made from the finest materials, including exotic skins such as snake, ostrich and crocodile. These … Continued

Swarovski-studded cat flap

If you always give your pet the finest things, you just can’t ignore this Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat flap. It’s billed as the latest “must have” pet accessory that will brighten up any back door. The only problem is, the Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat flap will set you back £1,000. Its designers say the custom-made entrances will … Continued

Diamond Dog New York: jewelry line for pet lovers

I know there are alot of pet lovers on here. Check out this new high end jewelry line for pet lovers: Diamond Dog New York. Diamond Dog New York is a Collection featuring exquisitely designed charms, rings, earrings and chains set in 18k white gold and matte yellow gold. Encrusted with micro-pave’ White, Brown and … Continued

Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House

After showing you the luxury doghouse complete with spa and 52-inch plasma TV, we bring you another kennel that brings luxury to your beloved pooch. Designed for uber-rich fashion-conscious pet owners, the Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House is a safe haven for your best friend. For the proper pup that appreciates the finer things, … Continued

Couple pays $155,000 to clone dog

A couple from Boca Raton, Florida, have this week welcomed the first commercially cloned dog into their home – at the eye-watering cost of $155,000. The Ottos were one of five families to bid and win a BioArts auction for a chance to clone their family dog, according to a BioArts statement. Amazingly the couple … Continued

Five star luxury for dogs

On December 15 a luxury hotel for dogs is set to open in Freising, near the southern German city of Munich. According to the owners, the “Canis Resort” promises dogs “a feeling of pure luxury” with an “organic feel-good atmosphere.” So-called “Dog Lodges” can house up to five dogs at any one time and have … Continued